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Dating a military man ivillage mydailyflog dating site

Dating a military man ivillage

For a little extra surprise, I record a message at the end of the tape so he could hear my voice. Most of the 'prizes' have something to do with spending alone time together since time itself is such a precious gift for us. Lots of Laughter "I burned some CDs with comedians doing stand-up because I didn't want my husband to be depressed or grumpy on a long flight.

He's already put in a request for more! Memories "Our private jokes, stories about times we shared and anything else memorable go on 3x5 cards. This way, he can read about them—and remember me—each day. Toys for Big Kids "Novelty items are great, no matter what the age of the person receiving them. One of the first gifts I sent my husband was a yo-yo. It was just an impulse buy, but the whole troop loved it! I hear they passed that thing around until someone dropped it and it broke.

This was before we were even engaged, and he still has it in his drawer as a reminder that love can be shown in many ways. Baked Treats "Cookies! Two dozen fit right inside two Gladware containers. I make his favorite kind and let cool. Then, I line the inside of each container with Saran Wrap, leaving enough to cover the cookies. I pack them inside carefully , then cover with the excess Saran Wrap.

They will stay fresh for days and days that way. I've even sent them overseas! Trust me, every man appreciates cookies. Now got to build up my self esteem and move on. I'm not even sure if the pictures he send me of him is really him. Wish I could get ahold of the man in the picture and let him know he has been hacked and pictures is being used in a scam. Who do I contact to report this scam to?

Please report it at ftc. This man has taken so much more than money he has taken my Trust and heart. This is to answer these women's concerns. This surgeon is most likely a scammer from Nigeria or worse like a terrorist from some other country. These people both men and women steal identies of people in the US Government because they want to impress their victims. Think about this for a moment.

How many men or women in the US Government able to fight in a war who happens to be in their 60's? Most of these people have retired from service. Anyway, question to yourself why they need money when they can afford. The young crowd call this catfishing. This site is right about looking up their image. Another thing is that you can look up the images of their family. Majority of scammers are using place as like facebook. Never put your correct address or town you live in on those sites.

Never open email with an attachment from these people especially if it is pfd file followed by exe. That will be a virus. Harry James was the name that I was given from someone supposedly in Syria. He wanted to send me something from the UN so that he could be granted a vacation for us to meet and told me there would be a processing fee.

His story was almost the same as yours Orthopedic Surgeon, wife died, one son. Wanted to chat on hangout instead of the im that I already had. Stupid me did download it. Those sweet and romantic lines he used would please almost any woman.

When he brought up the money thing. That did it. We certainly weren't the two lovers that was destined to be and all the other nonsense he would say. The pictures were of a very clean cut nice looking guy. One even with his so called son. I doubt that was his pics at all.

Just please be aware ladies. I could kick myself for spending any time writing to him and daydreaming. He got no money from me thank God. I just chalked it up to being a widow woman for to many years and still have my self esteem. Did his son have red hair? I was nearly scammed from a man called Bolton Diane!! Supposedly worked on an oil rig and son in America wife died in car accident the picture is not him he had his identity stolen along with all his family pics!

I'm trying to find the man in the photo who I think lives in Canada!!! I really fell for him too but didn't part with any money. I think we may be talking to the same guy. He said his name is Walter Angelo and that he works on an oil rig Petronius and that his son is 8, lives in America and his wife died in a car crash.

He wanted me to buy him an Apple ITunes card, when I refused, he seldom texted. The one i was talking to had a son called kelvin. I'm talking to a united states army doctor he working in Syria is name is James Scott. His son nAME is kelvin.

He trued to chat with me on hangout and looked him up and blocked his keister. Have had others do the same. The newest one for me is a guy named Charles J. Anyone had contact with him? He is older would guess late 60's and has no psots or profile info.

Feb 20th is his birthday. States he works for "DynCorp international international intelligence program support. He wanted to send me money to give to his business partner. His last gf used to do that for him. Told me he loves me extremely fast, phone camera is broken so he's unable to send videos. I thought he was a catfish when i started talking off Tinder had a number at the time and wanted to talk on hangouts.

I stopped talking to him months later get back in touch on snap and now has a number. I still think he's a catfish. Hi, I think this is the same guy that found me on Facebook in November. He went by the name Dr. Tom Wilson. He claims he's an orthopedic surgeon deployed in Syria. His wife died during surgery and he has a 14 year old son in boarding school in New Delhi India. His son has a matron by the name of Michael Chris. He said he was goimg to be retiring on February 28th but 3 days before he was to be leaving he was asked to stay to finish treating his patients and to train the doctor that would be replacing him.

Lol He also asked that we not chat on messenger or facebook for security reasons so we texted on Hangouts. He immediately asked for money for his son Kelvin and would get mad when I'd tell him I didn't have any money. He claim the money was for Kelvin because his money was locked in a security box in the US and he couldn't get access. Was the photo a goldish looking safe with number buttons almost looking titanic style safe with hundred dollar bills showing email.

Im talking to a U. His name is James Scott and his son name is kelvin. I met this guy in Tinder by the name of Sylvester Solomon. He told his wife left him with a 5 year old daugher and that he lived with his mother that is in a wheel cheer. He told me he want to marry me.

But he spoiled it all when he asked me for money. When I discovered he was a fake I blocked him. But I have a concern. He once sent me a video with his face telling that he loved me. Can't that be possible. He told me he work as a captain pilot in Berlin Germany, but born in Guatemala and raised in New Jersey.. And the conversation went on day by day, then one day he told me that he will be flying to Turkey and staying there for 2 weeks, when he arrivd there, he told. Wow, I met a guy yesterday on tinder said his name was Frank and he was in the Army at fort hood, he immediately asked me to go to hangouts so we could talk, said we could concentrate, he called this morning but connection was not great.

He has italian accent. I have 2 pics of him, bit can't find any socialmedia or Google image and not the same pics. So is he real??? Do you have a picture that he posted as himself? I may be dealing with same man. I think im being scammed a week ago a man friended me on facebook. Long story short he wants me to go to google hangouts within 2 days says he loves me. His name benjamin brendon. He wants me to send 10, so he can get out og his contract to come home to be with me.

Mind you i have yet to talk to him on the phone. I was speaking with a Kevin Williams a surgeon on contract in Yemen. His wife died 2 years and taking their daughter to school. He sweet talked me from day one. Already telling me to get a divorce. For about a month he was great then came the ITunes cards followed by a money wire so he could get out of his contract.

He always talked about God. He had 3 pictures of himself and an angel holding a key. He has a place in the iVillage in NYC. Now he wanted me to wire money to his boss for him Finally he persuaded me but when I went to my bank three people came to me about The Nigeria scams. I called him and said he would give me somewhere else to wire it. By this time I was shaking and upset. He heard my voice and said do it tomorrow. That night came the picture taking which I kept refusing. He sent me his and eventually got in my head.

I went crazy on the phone my Italian temper came out and we hung up. All of a sudden he disappeared out of site not a trace of him. I have been a nervous wreck since!! The guy that tried to scam me was Don Leon. A few days later he said he needed ITunes gift cards and when I wouldn't do that he asked me to be his next of kin. I have been scammed for almost 13K filed a police report and western union fraud whats going to happen now. Feel im maybe in same boat as you to a scam. Devastated, We have same story.

I lost all my monies and jewelries sending my scammer all in US Dollars. I realized lately, I was a fool. Such a life. God bless you. I got so called emails from her they're both gone. I had a breakdown lost all my money. I am getting counseling and have to let them all in God's Hands for judgement. Just like I'll get mine for not being a good steward of God's money. It's all gone and I'm flat broke. It is your choice whether to submit a comment. If you do, you must create a user name, or we will not post your comment.

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To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include personal information. Also, do not use this blog to report fraud; instead, file a complaint. Get Email Updates. Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information. Search form Search. Share this page Facebook Twitter Linked-In. July 15, by Aditi Jhaveri. Blog Topics:. Scam Tags: Romance Scams. Comments Neveragain February 16, reply. Pissed as well August 2, reply. So what happened?


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