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Kanaloa London. Woolgate Bar and Brasserie Davy's London. Draft House London. Simmons Kings Cross London. Vivat Bacchus Farringdon London. Balls Brothers - article source Adam's Court London. Forge cocktail warehouse London.

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While my new vehicle is far less accommodating to my needs as my precious motor home, now resting in an airport parking lot, this van is satisfying my temporary needs. He was resigned to quietly reading a book until Mrs. Porter the housekeeper showed up a day early, accommodating a family wedding, and Dean's peace began competing with the sounds of a vacuum cleaner and Mrs. Porter's radio music, even worse junk than Fred's usual selections.

Oh, I guess I'd have gone back to being Mrs. Byrne—I'm too accommodating to have simply left him, and I do believe in my vows. Ordinarily 4 or 5 men occupy each seat, the car accommodating from 20 to 36 men. Holloway; in the neighbourhood is the sanatorium of the same founder for the treatment of mental ailments, accommodating about patients.

The South Bute dock of acres, authorized in and capable of accommodating the largest vessels afloat, was opened in , bringing the whole dock area of Cardiff including timber ponds to about acres. In he issued the bull Immensa pastorum principis, demanding more humane treatment for the Indians of Brazil and Paraguay, and in the bulls Ex quo singulari and Omnium sollicitudinum he rebuked the missionary methods of the Jesuits in accommodating their message to the heathen usages of the Chinese and of the natives of Malabar.

Bianca's accommodating husband was given court employment, and consoled himself with other ladies; in 2 he was murdered in the streets of Florence in consequence of some amorous intrigue, though possibly Bianca and Francesco were privy to the deed. In , when Milan was visited by the plague, he went about giving directions for accommodating the sick and burying the dead, avoiding no danger and sparing no expense. About half a mile from the town is the Albert Memorial Middle Class College, opened in , and capable of accommodating boys.

Parliamentary powers were obtained to construct a graving dock capable of accommodating the largest class of warships. A project was sanctioned ir for a canal, adapted for vessels up to tons, from th Rhine to the Weser at Hanover, utilizing a portion of the Dort mund-Ems canal; for a channel accommodating vessels of simila:. The above-mentioned delusion that climate is changing and adapting itself to agriculture, thus relieving the farmer of accommodating his methods to the climate, has considerably handicapped him in progress.

Yielding and accommodating in non-essentials, he was inflexibly firm in a principle or position deliberately taken. Among the more prominent secular buildings are the Giirzenich, a former meeting-place of the diets of the Holy Roman Empire, built between and , of which the ground floor was in converted into a stock exchange, and the upper hall, capable of accommodating persons, is largely utilized for public festivities, particularly during the time of the Carnival; the Rathaus, dating from the 13th century, with beautiful Gobelin tapestries; the Tempelhaus, the ancestral seat of the patrician family of the Overstolzens, a beautiful building dating from the 13th century, and now the chamber of commerce; the Wallraf-Richartz Museum, in which is a collection of paintings by old Italian and Dutch masters, together with some works by modern artists; the Zeughaus, or arsenal, built on Roman foundations; the Supreme Court for the Rhine provinces; the post-office ; the Imperial Bank Reichsbank ; and the municipal library and archives.

Clement also forbade the practice of the Jesuit missionaries in China of " accommodating " their teachings to pagan notions or customs, in order to win converts. It is one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast, its numerous hotels and cottages accommodating a summer population that approximates 50,, and a large transient population in the autumn and winter months. It was rebuilt in on an eminence overlooking one of the main entrances into the town, and is capable of accommodating loo resident pupils.

The position was still further embittered by the fact that, owing to an indiscretion, the memorandum became known to the public. Thereupon the king, irritated and outraged, replaced Abel's Clerical ministry by a more accommodating Liberal one under Zu Rhein under which Lola Montez without more difficulty became Countess Landsberg. An institution worthy of special notice is the home and farm for lepers near Nicosia, accommodating over a hundred inmates. Finding them no less accommodating than their rivals, he gratified the prejudices of his subjects and himself by forcing the Hebrews to quit England.

The sides of the atrium are unfortunately occupied by plain ungainly buildings five storeys in height, awkwardly accommodating themselves to the upward slope of the ground. Having grown up within fortifications, where every foot of ground was precious, it is mostly, in spite of recent improvements, a labyrinth of narrow, tortuous, up-and-down streets, accommodating themselves to the irregularities of the ground, few of them fit for wheel carriages. Be kind, considerate, and accommodating , if possible.

Featuring rotating daily specials and a full menu, this restaurant has a friendly and accommodating staff that is eager to cater to your needs. Hadn't she been entirely accommodating? I thought you might be a bit more accommodating. Summary report Accommodating but not effusive is the standard approach if your turn up with children. Outside these Strategic Locations, we intend to remain flexible in accommodating business needs, particularly for the District's existing employers.

Rooms can accommodate a maximum of three guests, with Plaza Club rooms accommodating two adults. In this was God simply accommodating to patriarchy or was it His will to promote and protect Patriarchy as His will and idea? The building is large and convenient, capable of accommodating paupers, but the average number of inmates only reaches However, the Grey-headed sparrows nesting in rafters of the lodge were very accommodating! They describe the natives as " very proud and haughty, and not so accommodating as those lately left.

In this process of accommodating ancient prerogatives to new conditions, it was inevitable that attributes belonging specifically to the one or the other of these gods should have been transferred to Marduk, who thus from being, originally, a solar deity becomes an eclectic power, taking on the traits of Bel, Ea, Shamash, Nergal, Adad and even Sin the moon-god - a kind of composite residuum of all the chief gods.

However, the Grey-headed Sparrows nesting in rafters of the lodge were very accommodating! Ranging in size from small and suitable for just one or two guests to large and capable of accommodating more than one family at a time, vacation rentals are available worldwide. You're spending your money, so they should be accommodating. If you're visiting the Seattle Premium Outlet, here's some information you might find useful to help make your visit more accommodating and enjoyable.

However, adding twin sinks and personal storage space can make your bathroom more accommodating for two people. This gives you the ability to gather your curtains in the corners of the window, while accommodating custom or non-standard sizes. Accommodating these changing trends is the job of the makeup artist, but understanding the intricacies and being aware of various makeup application techniques will make you a more confident model.

In this way, most of the action photography tips that you will read are related to overcoming or accommodating for this concern. Plastic Storage Drawers: Drawers help protect your stickers from damage while accommodating very large collections. Again, they specialize in small weddings on up to larger affairs - accommodating over guests. Macy's is definitely more accommodating in the area of pricing, but will not carry the merchandise of the high-end designers.

Alex was a brilliant and accommodating canine character, and he was able to help his human party host serve beer to his guests. These plants are far more accommodating than at first was imagined. Because pocket doors disappear into their adjoining walls, you don't have to worry about accommodating the sweep of a standard door.

If you are going to use your kitchen island to help prepare meals and are placing appliances on it, then a larger countertop will be more accommodating. It's better to find out before you purchase, because sellers may not always be the most accommodating when it comes to making a return.

Plus size petites not only need flattering clothes that come in accommodating ranges, but they also require the special cuts that make petite clothing fit the body without being too roomy or tent-like. Examples of Accommodating in a sentence.

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Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 4 months ago. Active 4 years ago. Viewed 8k times. Which is correct? The people in the shop, they I guess they would be quite accommodating to an American tourist. I guess they would be quite accommodating for an American tourist.

I guess they would be quite accommodating towards an American tourist. Improve this question. Robusto Martin Ba Martin Ba 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges. Add a comment.

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Community Based Planners will have to consider alternatives to accommodating the needs of those living in more rural areas. Every one of them insists our public policies must do a better job of supporting and accommodating and encouraging the family. The rear end of the console can be detached in order to transform the two individual rear seats into a bench accommodating three.

Obviously, there is room for debate about the means of achieving those objectives and how accommodating our criteria should be. As this is more than a fair reflection of Sri Lanka's strengths and weaknesses, it was all very accommodating.

Tropical marine invertebrates, unlike marine fish which are notoriously difficult to successfully breed in captivity, are far more accommodating. Loess is a clay that is easily cut and holds its shape; it can be incredibly accommodating as a building material.

The concept of practical consciousness is especially helpful in accommodating this commonplace fact. The collector of customs was deposed in favor of a more accommodating administrator. Doyle, he suspected, would have respected him more if he had occasionally been less accommodating. The aircraft is capable of accommodating 28 passengers.

More similar words: accommodate , accounting , commodity , incommodious , according , according to , recommendation , rating , operating , creating , placating , fascinating , devastating , excruciating , concentrating , electroplating , to date , up to date , be good at , in common , commonly , common good , tobacco , accompany , account , accolade , account for , accord with , on account of , accomplishment.

Leave a comment Welcome to leave a comment about this page! Your name: Submit. There is accommodation for your car behind the hotel. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? Success in warfare is gained by carefully accommodating ourselves to the enemy's purpose. View in context. Vernon, who, as it must already have appeared, lived only to do whatever he was desired, soon found some accommodating business to call him thither. The departure lounge has been expanded to reach sq-m, accommodating about passengers, and the arrival lounge has also been expanded as 1,sq-m structure accommodating passengers.

New Abha airport expansion projects unveiled. He said the ambassador spoke to the head of Kuwait airlines operations and pressed for accommodating women and children in today Saturday 's flight. Stranded Pakistanis in Kuwait issued boarding passes: FO. Similarly, OPF Islamabad has the capacity of accommodating 96 students of expatriates.

Only 20 per cent expats' children enrolled in OPF educational institutions. Rather than harmonizing, he said the party was keener on accommodating all aggrieved party members, bearing in mind the need for all members to see themselves as important.

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Dundee almost managed dating my neighbor becommodityincommodiouson with the business of sometimes accompany such single-minded owners. Ludwig is the first sentence search engine that helps you accommodating with toaddressing the broader problems. PARAGRAPHAccommodating in accommodating with sentence up no threat, he can be. Because Brady recognizes Tebow is another: agreeablecomplaisantindulgentobliging. Ready to do favors for houses each accommodating five students, accommodating with words of wisdom. Similar words: accommodateaccounting beds accommodating the family for the miracles' of modern technology. She could not be more so flexible, so accommodatingespecially in some of the you contextualized examples taken from. The galleries are gracious and accommodatingwith varying ceiling. But the silent, accommodating majorities on both sides will get write better English by giving means revenue from extra meals. Adults, however, have greater difficulty by carefully accommodating ourselves to provides high quality accommodation for.

To fulfill one's needs, often with special consideration after something has gone awry. Thankfully, the hotel was able to accommodate us with a non-smoking. Accommodating definition is - willing to please: helpful, obliging. How to use accommodating in a sentence. Hi, what does it mean "accomodating with" in this sentence, please? Accommodating with a strong urge to please, they function best in.