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Frequent Basic. Search for user. Pictures Profiles Blogs. I had never seen so much money. Once struggling to recruit, Ma now employs more than people worldwide. As its success turns heads, many rivals have emerged. There were dozens of gay dating apps in China at the peak time, but many were short-lived. Zank, Blued's chief competitor, was shut down by Chinese regulators in A popular lesbian dating app, Rela, was temporarily removed from the Android and Apple app stores in to undergo an "important adjustment in services.

China was rated a joint 66th out of countries on Spartacus' gay travel index, and regulators have an inconsistent attitude toward the LGBTQ community. In December, a body of the National People's Congress, the country's highest lawmaking institution, took a step toward accepting homosexuality by publicly acknowledging petitions to legalize same-sex marriage.

But this year a court ruled in favor of a publisher who used homophobic terms in a textbook, arguing that its classification of homosexuality as a "psychosexual disorder" was due to "cognitive dissonance" rather than "factual error. Ma said government scrutiny is a challenge facing LGBT-focused businesses.

But instead of confronting Chinese regulators, he has chosen to embrace them. To gain allies, Ma told regulators about his struggle as a closeted cop trying to come to terms with his sexuality. He has also invited government officials from all levels to visit the company's headquarters in downtown Beijing, where a photo of Ma shaking hands with Premier Li Keqiang hangs on the wall.

BlueCity has teamed up with public health officials to promote sexual education for gay men, and Ma is recognized for helping control and prevent sexually transmitted diseases and HIV transmission. But coping with Chinese regulators also means imposing a heavy hand on the flow of information.

The company has deployed artificial intelligence technology to monitor user-uploaded content and filter out anything related to politics, pornography or other sensitive topics. Some in-house censors -- one-fifth of its workforce -- review the filtered content item by item. Unders are not allowed to register for the app, and Blued runs AI on users' conversations to detect rule breakers.

But the fact that J. Some users complained about Blued's tight control over content, saying it hampers free expression. But Ma has defended his policy. Disputes aside, Blued has attracted 54 million registered users. While the app made its name with location-based dating, it has evolved into a do-it-all platform, offering services ranging from arranging HIV testing to finding surrogates for same-sex couples who hope to have children.

Its reward is a slice of a multibillion-dollar market. For now, BlueCity remains unprofitable. It reported a net loss of 3. Ma dismissed concerns over the plunge and urged investors to focus on the long-term prospects. He also attributed the company's loss largely to his decision to prioritize market expansion. Like many social networking platforms in China, BlueCity has piggybacked on the rise of online celebrities. Whenever a viewer purchases a digital gift on Blued for his favorite streamer, the platform operator takes a cut.

The company generated Compared to other Chinese social networking platforms, BlueCity has to work less hard for viewers' attention. As its business model has been proved at home, BlueCity aims to replicate its success elsewhere. The company has eight operations outside mainland China, and international users make up half of its 6. In India, Blued's all-time downloads are nearly triple those of Grindr, according to app tracker Sensor Tower.

In Vietnam, Blued has been installed 2. But Blued is also at risk of becoming a victim of its own success. In India, for instance, hundreds of Chinese apps have been banned on national security grounds as tensions between Beijing and Delhi have intensified following a military clash on a disputed border. For apps like Blued with access to sensitive user information, "geopolitical tensions pose a major challenge," Pei warned. Indeed, this year Chinese gaming company Beijing Kunlun Tech was forced to divest Grindr because Washington feared that American users would be exposed to potential blackmail from Beijing.

Ken, a year-old office worker in Hong Kong, shares that fear. He surfs Grindr while staying in the former British colony, but whenever he travels to mainland China, he cannot help but browse on Blued. Sign up to our newsletters to get our best stories delivered straight to your inbox. Stay ahead with our exclusives on Asia ; the most dynamic market in the world.

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Meet a Beautiful, Genuine Vietnamese Lady. Review Your Matches Now! Fridae is the place for you to find Asia gay personals and is renowned as the place for Asian gay dating. Upload a few photos, tell everyone about yourself and​. J.L., now 22, still logs onto Blued once a week. And he is one of many doing so. With million monthly active users, Blued is by far the most.