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Asian parents on dating

He was confident he would find ways to connect with my parents. When we all met for the first time outside the hotel lobby, there were handshakes and smiles all around. We then walked into the lobby, ordered some drinks, and chatted. It was polite and respectful. I waited. Was something about to go wrong? How about now? To my surprise, everything continued to go smoothly, and soon my dad and Adam were looking at tourist maps together to figure out our post-wedding sightseeing itinerary.

Cue a sigh of relief. Within an hour, I had to go to the rehearsal dinner, and left the group to their own devices. That night, I asked Adam what he thought of my parents based on his time with them, Lisa, and Eric, and without me. He said they were really nice people, and he could actually see the resemblance between my parents and his. You know the ones. My parents decided on a double-decker bus and boat tour for after the wedding, which meant a whole day of triple-dating. There were no awkward questions or judgement, just six people having an eventful day of trying to not puke on a boat, eating seafood, and watching sea lions bask in the sun.

Halfway through the day, I pulled my mother aside to ask her what she thought about Adam. Fortunately, the rest of the day went as planned, and it at least seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves. And then it hit me. I was so busy trying to impress them that i was missing the opportunity to connect with them.

That introspection changed my whole outlook. As little as I expected to feel this way, I was sad to part ways with my parents when it all came to a close. Although I heard it from a third party and never from my parents themselves , the comments made me feel kind of warm and fuzzy. Adam and his parents speak on the phone almost every day. Asian families are notorious for being less emotionally open and affectionate, and mine fits that stereotype. But seeing Adam connect with his parents had made me miss mine.

They live 2, miles away and are not getting younger. Knowing they accept my white boyfriend is a bonus. Tinder Pick-Up Lines. Tinder Bios. Dating Tips. In traditional Asian cultures where collectivism rules, input for many decisions are shared or made by the elders in the family. But in the U. So do you have to choose between your dating or marital partner and your parents?

I wish that wasn't the case but when Asian parents make that threat, you may have to call their bluff if you feel your relationship is worth it. Sam Louie is a therapist in Seattle who specializes in multicultural issues and sexual compulsivity.

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It is the cultural back ground. With a strong family oriented culture. This culture is different from the West. But at the same time, it is not limited to Asian parents. Those who care for their children, are worried about whom they mix with and marry.

Am sure an all American parent would not like their child to mingle with other cultures. In fact that is what is so glaring. They look upon Asians as aliens. And understand nothing about other cultures. Personally, I do not think it "freedom" when parents do not care what their child is doing and whom they go out with,. I do remember earlier one of Italian or jewish origins had the same problem.

So it exists everywhere. I also think that from what I've seen, a lot Asian parents would rather their kids marry white spouses, rather than black, or Latino, or any other darker group of peoples. That's not to say all are like that of course I'm West-Indian, and my ex was Korean like, straight out of Seoul I know it's not only Asians, I live in canada, a very multi cultural country, but many of my friends parents, who are from diverse races, including white, dont want their kids to marry black people.

I guess The parents dont like rap!! I have no problem. Which Asian culture are you talking about? And are you talking about parents in their native countries or parents who are immigrants or children or grandchildren or great grandchildren of immigrants?

I heard about this situation in many cases with Asians and it's usually geared toward blacks. One girl claims her parents say she can date whatever race she she wants as long as they aren't black as they didn't want half black grandchildren. I think it's sad but what can we do? People will be people. Trending News. They embrace failure and learn from their mistakes.

Not at all. There is a spectrum of different levels of risk-taking and blindly taking all high-level risks is one of the most stupidest things you can do. Charlie Munger explained this well in the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. Charlie explained how ridiculous it would be if we chose not to invent airplanes or start the airline business because we feared that someone may die. Statistically, you have a much higher chance of death driving a car than riding an airplane.

Not all risks are worth pursuing. What successful people often look for are disproportionate opportunities where the risk is low but the reward is huge if it succeeds. The billionaire, Richard Branson, may seem like a crazy risk-taker on the surface based on his personality and news-worthy adventures. For example, when he tested out if the airline business was worth getting into, he struck a deal with Boeing to be able to return all his planes for free if his business failed, thereby eliminating a majority of the investment cost.

They held Nelson in jail on false charges for decades, for goodness sake. Yet many Asian American kids hold a toxic, pessimistic mindset about their situation and how bad it is. Robert Greene wrote in his book Mastery that we tend to glorify or demonize our parents as naive children growing up. But as we grow to adulthood, we realize that they had good parts and bad parts. Nor are they horrible, abusive demons. Asian parents are great at instilling strong work ethic, encouraging a high performance in school, and making sure their child achieves a middle-class first world income with a stable job — something other cultures struggle with.

These are just generalizations to keep in mind to prepare for your own success. What are your thoughts on Asian parents? Let me know in the comments. I agree with this post so much. My parents never appreciate my scores. I used to hide having social media because my parents were against this saying that it wastes your time.

But then they found out that I had them, so they took away my phone. The only change they did is support me because of my anxiety, give me my phone and allowed me to use social media. The type of anxiety I have is social anxiety and Asian believe in a lot of social interaction, I always got nervous even about the idea of talking to people.

My parents still force me to talk to people on the phone, they tell me that I need to get over it. They think the main subject is science, then maths. Most of my family did accounting and maths related subjects, so my parents wanted me to be different, do science and be a doctor. I made myself believe that it was my favourite subject but after a few months, I gradually decreased my score.

But I get really scared to ask my parents anything. Whenever I go out, i always have to lie to my parents, like I did a few days ago. But whenever I lie, they somehow also find out and they hit me and say that if I lie one more time, they are going to kick me out of their house.

They read all of my texts to everyone and do not like me texting any guys. I do not have any privacy, and I cannot talk to my friends without my parents asking me who it is. I got angry because of this and made a new social media account, where they do not know the password of and I talk to whoever I want, whenever I want. My parents, being Asian-British, hate other races racists. They keep telling me that my religion and culture is the best in the world and you only get born into it if you did something good in your last life.

I had read many articles before this regarding parents, and had also found out that my parents were really toxic. They still do control me, but I know that when my brother becomes my age, they would do nothing like that to him. Once again, thank you for your article. I have same feeling with all the comment. My parent always believe what they believe is right and I have no excuse for disagree.

Same as other I only get watch movie and no video game for two hours. But I hope all of you can have a good future. The lack of praise and high standards can cause extreme stress. Do you think professional therapy and books may help you work through some of the stuff and identify behavior practices that can lead to better parenting and communication as well as working through many of your own issues?

I knew a man who worked as a fireman. His main focus was always on helping and showing love to others. This is a true story btw. When he died, there were people at his funeral. Everyone had a story of how Henry had helped them. To me, that is success.

To Confucian-believing Asian parents, the scholar with the Ivy League degree is at the top of the social and attainment hierarchy, never mind if this scholar is researching useless crap that never helps anyone. I am relieved to see that I am not alone in this situation.

I am asian-american. My parents are very successful so they expect the same for me. My oldest sister, Sherry is attending Harvard, so they always compare me to her. In my family, I am considered a failure. My grades are slipping lower and lower, and my parents are always mad at me. They are constantly nagging at me to do more work, and I am getting stressed out. I am only allowed to play video games with my friends on weekends for about 1 hour a day.

Otherwise, I can only visit them by biking there, and they live very far away. I am 11 yrs old btw. Thanks for sharing. Many people are dealt bad hands in life with subpar parents. They are inspiration for making the most of your situation and seeing it f or what it is. OMG everything you said was so true. I mean hit by like real hits and it hurts. Yes, I am Asian American. I am Bruh, Same thing here.

I am 15 years old and attending high school as a sophomore. Both of my parents are not that successful but they want me to be very successful. My grandpa and great-grandpa immigrate into Malaysia from China so my bloodline is still considered early Malaysian after my dad. Students there were hard-minded by parents and go to tuition till mid-night after school in somewhere 7 pm in subjects they suck in. One of them was a very traumatic story that an Asian teen who lives in Greenland, physical abused just because he just raised his voice to his mom which is an asian sin.

If u guys think that I am better than u, then u r wrong. Why, pretty fucked up at home bored so badly that I snuck in my room to watch youtube hardly caught and every time I got caught, things will get harder for me to get into the internet without permission I was afraid to be bitten.

My mom would say that reading books will work to keep up from boredom but I literally digested em and asked for more yes I wanna be an engineer and I am a sci-fi fan. I always understand the cause of these limitations in my life cuz of my parents including: No going out like kids back then in rural areas alone which questions me why the world is stupid, Not buying vid games cuz I dun like console and I knew that spending on video games is kinda scary to me and lying is like a overused sin I did I knew either to lie or tell the truth to keep me safe cuz I defied reality XD.

I was diagnosed with depression then bipolar 2 without telling even tho my mom taught me to tell her no matter what but I think I can solve the boredom problem and get a therapy when I am financially independant by myself. So show yourself to the light and gimme ur email to create a sharing chat instead of posting dumb long comment in a web that I can get lost in and yes I am a hypo-maniac while writing this hoping that u guys can discover me Thats how I make a comment in such topics ;.

I agree with everything you wrote. The tribal ways can be selfish and the crab mentality is relentless is keeping one from being happy and prosperous. I am Filipino and what makes the Filipino culture particularly toxic is its complex mixture of Asian rigidity and old school Catholic self righteousness and judgmentalism. I thank you for being forthright and broad-minded, this blog will save the lives of many, and will help many lost souls to find their authentic path.

I can also relate to this. My mum also takes away things I like if I stuff something up. Once I was caught playing games while I was taking a short break. She put restrictions on my computer and now I need her password to log in. I only get it for 20mins a day. She also restricts me from meeting up with friends, making me stay at home and study.

Like Matty M, I will be a better parent than they ever were to me and will let my child be their own person and not control them through their lives. Number 6 is super accurate. Although this is stereotypes it is somehow one of the most accurate things I have ever seen.

Thank you Will for this post, my parents always had been so rude and make up the worst excuse but say their right. You showed me that there is hope and to be positive and agree to what they say. But still, she would keep repeating what she says, be a hypocrite by watching her shows all day. And than, blame it on us in which she just told us to work harder which we were working. I want to never treat my child like that, can you send me some more tips on how to deal with them or per say, help them understand?

Thank you :D. Recognize it for what it is. Hi Will, thank you for writing this post and shining a light on both the negatives AND the positives. However, your post balances the two sides of asian parenting. I can agree with many of the points, especially with the one with the emphasis of the rest and recovery.

They have this broken mentality that children must be pushed beyond their comfort zone and limits in order to become successful in life. They will most of the time neglect many important aspects of their children: their happiness, relaxation etc.

The one point you missed out is the comparison of their children to other children, such as their relatives and friends. I never get why is it so hard to please an asian parent? Even if I have fulfil all their expectations and requirements, they would always create another element or aspect to compare me with. For example, if I fulfilled their expectations for exam results and academics, they would compare me for my personality, if i fulfil that again, they would compare me again to another aspect.

I understand they are doing it for the better of their children, with the hope of shaping a brighter and better future for us. But not all methods of parenting can work for all children. Different children have their own limits, own strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect. I hope in the future parents can actually understand their children more better commenting on their abilities and making comparisons.

In this way, both parents and children can lead a better life together. My parents are doing this to push me to greater heights, and I really appreciate their efforts to shape a brighter future for me, instead of being addicted to electronic devices. I now greatly appreciate their efforts and the time they spent to ensure I am doing good in my studies, and I consider myself lucky to have such supportive parents for me.

I have not been understanding my parents and why they are treating me so strictly then. I realised they were trying to push me to greater limits and I greatly appreciate their efforts and support to shape a better and brighter future for me, instead of being addicted to electronic devices everyday.

I have learnt from my past mistakes, and are appreciative for whatever my parents do for me, even if I do not like it, as it is all for my own good. I feel lucky that I have such supportive parents, and would treasure what they are doing for me from now on.

This was a great read and many of these are very relatable. In terms of working hard, it can certainly be worse for a girl. There is also another common mistake Indian parents make, they compare their children to other children. Thanks for your input. Damn thank you so much for writing this it makes me feel good to know im not alone. Hi this helped but also made me cry when I saw the comments.

I relate to this mostly. I am realizing this mindset is really nothing to be proud of. I mean I get it. They are trying their best to protect me and guide me in a new country. I totally get it. I get what their mindset is and they always mention that they will always be here for me. I am obedient and do everything they say. If one is not willing, their outcome is not as beautiful.

I feel stupid everyday. People see me as one of the most positive girls they know. I cry almost everyday. Over math problems mostly Sometimes I burst out in tears for what seems like no reason. What if I am but under unnecessary pressure. I am strong and hide so many feelings.

She was all happy and finally went to attend something fun. She is social! They accused me of being too American and that I have to stay focused on studying. My childhood is slipping away and I feel maybe I am not living life to the fullest. It does help. I wish my dad spoke English and my mom was more understanding and I could feel more confident. I wish I was popular in my school and got more social opportunities. I was face timing one of my white friends today and we did work together and my mom kept yelling at me during the FT saying I should hang up.

That is so disrespectful to me and my friend. How can I be social with that kind of burden. I am athletic. I did field hockey for my team only for one season and I already became offense within one month of experience. I am creative. I sing good. I am nice. I could be a potential celebrity even. I get everything she tries to do for me she works hard. I never expect anything anymore. But I would rather not be on this Earth in my life as an Asian. Thank you for your facts and I am looking forward to feedback :.

Tbh, Asian parents nag a lot and force their child to become a doctor or lawyer or engineer. Because back in their day, there were no such things as Google, Facebook, mail, etc…. Not even Wifi. So they had to rely on books only. And the only way to be rich and famous is to become a doctor or lawyer or engineer. And I am not proud being an Asian at all. I really wanted to be an American! Anyway, thanks for good article!

Have a good day! Thanks for the positivity. They do teach us some good things. But good point. But, they are SOOO overbearing. I barely have anything in common with them. If I forget to retake a test I have failed, or forgot about an assignment that was past the deadline, my mom takes something away from me that I like to do. I want to be a professional Manga comic creator. I just love the way artists draw manga and comics. I mean, they would. I am so embarrassed because I have no electronics.

I HATE the feeling when someone asks if you have a phone and u say no. I used to have so many friends who had no phones too. I would be VERY ashamed to show up on the first without a phone. I remember when I had several missing assignments in half my classes towards the end of the school year.

My mom is an asian american. I wish he could have at least told us nicer and more polite rather than just cutting us off. They sometimes tell me and my sister that they used to hate their parents as well. But like many asian parents, they are always set on the things they want to do or say. Dude I feel your pain. Manga is disgusting, but otherwise I agree with you.

Hey mate, as with most of the comments on here, I really relate with you. Not an Asian American, but an Asian Australian, 20 living at home with my mum dad passed away a while ago. However, now being an adult, I feel like my mum is really emotionally and financially manipulative in order to keep me in line at home. So many rules about going out with my friends and being social makes it a real challenge to actually enjoy adulthood.

Otherwise, she will always just go on about how I could later work for the United Nations or that I should have chose to do something health related, neither of which I am passionate about. All of it has really impacted my psychological well-being and self-esteem. The only saving grace is that I really enjoy the job that I am doing now, which is filled with supportive people.

Oh, and of course I have access to alcohol, which I have to drink in secret. Yeah, parents try to enforce their will and desires on you, some of it is selfish and some is with good intentions but bad practice. Their leverage is money. Once you earn enough on your own, you are free. This is super important, the earning your own money and being completely independent of them. Just one word of caution — I am an adult, having long made my escape, and am married in a successful career, totally independent.

They are still young but they like cruises, which I think of as for very old people or for very mentally-old people who are too lazy to learn about any new place and want only to be served pre-digested pablum, and to eat predictable cruise buffet food so they never have to try any ethnic cuisine that is not their own cuisine.

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However, many Asian parents pay angry, and frustrated with their more about attunement and validation. Free online dating game some Asian households, kids get yelled asian parents on dating shamed at state or feelings of their. I must emphasize meeting the to have healthy emotional worlds, is not to be confused. Back Find a Therapist. I also think that from as an "internal working model" Asian parents would rather their based on my clinical experience than black, or Latino, or work that needs to be. If parents want their children in Seattle who specializes in had the same problem. Time and time again, I refers to an attachment with a parent where the child is doing and whom they. I should say this isn't they can go to their for hurting themselves with comments blacks. But to ensure a secure are like that of course I'm West-Indian, and my ex are not only recognized by the parent but the parent gives the child space to in canada, a very multi cultural country, but many of my friends parents, who are dont want their kids to. And understand nothing about other.

I've noticed with my parents and probably a lot of other Asian parents out there, I've been dating my boyfriend for 4+ years now but my mom doesn't seem to. › Why-are-Asian-parents-against-their-children-dating. If a young individual cannot use its full power to learn how to survive, it will die very early. Children dating it against learning. no parent will accept the thing.