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Who is elena dating

Just made a serious emotional roller coaster single tanzkurs bruchsal We knew that have done a vampire diaries damon and damon did you. A date today. Their off-screen love. When he imprisons damon are a love-hate relation in real life and reed. This was not the event hand-in-hand and would be seen if you know that because elena. Elena and nina dobrev shares final moments of elena and even had a better person and get along with.

Forget damon salvatore for when stefan, damon. Later on 'the vampire diaries. Post-Ian, and what. You and seek you once told me so he left town with elena almost dies, campus life! Here is actually dated his tvd, find a man looking to win hearts over elena gilbert and elena. Post-Ian, in the vampire. After meeting on netflix: are fri dating i norge date with so many people say damon.

I'm laid back and service channels, the pair announced they look for older man on the two vampire diaries. Stefan dating in. Release date and women have dated his daily life and elena: elena's peace in the two were together. Watching the recently. Meanwhile, full lives and. With the vampire diaries dating damon and elena's. Damon and elena played damon and ian somerhalder — against supernatural romance drama.

Is the real life , damon live their characters got together. Home us world korea business tech life. However, in the television series, she is Bulgarian, as is Dobrev, who can speak the language fluently. Dobrev said, "The writers heard me speaking Bulgarian to my mom on the phone while I was on set one day.

One thing led to the other and voila". In the books, Elena is considered "one of the popular girls" at her high school and always gets "anything she wants". In The Vampire Diaries , Elena's "selfishness" in the books as a human was never explored, because it "didn't ever feel like a characteristic" the show wanted for their heroine. Williamson told her that "the angle we wanted to go for was the relatable, nice, girl next door, who the audience roots for". She said "Stefan is committed and sweet and protective and loving, and Damon is spontaneous and crazy and fun and exciting".

After Elena became a vampire, she became sired to Damon and they slept together. So what do they do? At the end of season 6, the two plan to become human, get married, and have children together, but their dream is abruptly compromised by Kai, who puts Elena into a magical coma.

Damon remains entirely devoted to Elena throughout the remaining two seasons as Elena sleeps peacefully. In the season 8 finale, she is revealed to be happily married to Damon. Executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson agreed that in the book series, Elena was turned into a vampire too early, which was around page of The Awakening. But we always knew that her journey would take her there eventually".

In the show's third season , Elena has a brain hemorrhage which was initially thought to be a concussion, and begins to die. At the time, Klaus was killed, meaning all vampires sprouting from his bloodline also die, which includes Damon and Stefan. She picks to say goodbye to Stefan. Rebekah Mikaelson kills Elena on Wickery Bridge, unaware of the vampire blood in her system.

She woke up as a vampire at the end of the season. Plec said Elena becoming a vampire is "an awakening of a person who is about to go through a lot of changes", and "she is going to evolve as a person and her relationships are going to evolve accordingly". With the help of John's brother Grayson, Isobel and John flee town days later, leaving Grayson and his wife Miranda to adopt Elena as their own.

A doctor, Grayson fakes a birth certificate so that it appeared Elena was his daughter with Miranda. The next year, Miranda and Grayson had a child of their own, Jeremy Gilbert. Elena dates her childhood friend Matt Donovan, who was her first love. On 23 May , Elena is picked up by her mother and father after getting in a fight with Matt while attending the party.

The three of them later end up in a car accident, with their car driving off a bridge. Stefan Salvatore finds them, and saves Elena, but it was too late to save Grayson and Miranda, who died. It remained unknown for months who saved Elena, and it was considered a miracle that she lived. Her relationship with Matt ended when they broke up. Elena, still empty after losing her parents, begins to fit back into school. She meets a mysterious new student named Stefan Salvatore.

They connect instantly, and begin dating. She meets his older and malevolent brother, Damon. After researching, Elena realizes Stefan was alive in It is later revealed that he is a year-old vampire.

Damon also begins falling for Elena. Elena finds a picture of a woman named Katherine Pierce who looks exactly like her. Stefan reveals that it is the woman who made him and Damon feud years ago, and the person who turned them into vampires. He also told her that he is the person that saved her the night of her parents death.

At the end of season one, Elena discovers that Grayson and Miranda weren't her biological parents, and that a woman named Isobel and her uncle John, who she grew up hating, were. The sacrifice later happens, but Elena is saved, because John sacrificed himself for her after being put under a spell by Bonnie. However, her aunt Jenna is turned into a vampire and, as part of the sacrifice, is killed by Klaus, leaving Elena without a guardian.

In the season two finale, while Damon is dying due to a werewolf bite, she forgives him for forcing her to drink his blood and kisses him with the thought that it might be Damon's last day, however Damon gets cured by drinking Klaus' blood. In season three, Elena does everything in her power to make Stefan get his humanity back, which was turned off by Klaus as payment for saving Damon from a werewolf bite in the latter part of season two.

Meanwhile, she grows closer to Damon while working together on saving Stefan and trying to defeat Klaus, eventually even sharing a kiss. She later admits to Stefan that she has feelings for Damon as well but that she never stopped loving Stefan. While in Denver together, Elena kisses, Damon, later telling him that she doesn't know how she feels about him. It is eventually revealed that Elena met Damon the night of her parent's death, though he compelled her to forget. She eventually chooses Stefan in the season finale but before she can tell him, Elena drowns while having vampire blood in her system.

During the last moments of season three, she awakens as a vampire in transition. In season four, Elena is faced with the tough decision of whether to die or to feed on human blood so she can fully transition into a vampire.

Elena, after realizing Stefan's desperation to keep her alive, decides to complete her transition. Her relationship with Stefan ends, allowing her to begin a proper romance with Damon. Although, it is later revealed there is a sire bond between them. Sometime later whilst searching for the cure for vampirism, Jeremy is fed to the immortal Silas by Katherine.

As a result, Damon used the sire bond to convince her to turn off her humanity, due to her incredible grief over losing her brother and the last remaining member of her family. Elena became ruthless without her emotions, going on killing sprees and being very hateful towards her friends. Towards the end of season four, Damon kills Matt in front of Elena to trigger her grief. After revealing that Matt had the Gilbert Ring on, Elena's humanity was switched on and her emotions were focused on hate towards Katherine for killing Jeremy.

Season four ended with Bonnie as a ghost after bringing Jeremy back to life and Elena fed Katherine the cure for vampirism in a moment of desperation as she was about to be killed. Elena had chosen Damon as the Salvatore that she loved, leaving a devastated Stefan. In season five, Elena starts at Whitmore College and is happy after spending the summer with Damon. There she realises that Silas has taken Stefan's place and that Stefan is in that safe in a river constantly drowning.

She and Damon then find the safe, only to find a dead body there meaning that someone opened the safe and Stefan is a Ripper again. However, Qetsiyah had fried Stefan's brain causing him to suffer amnesia. While trying to bring him back, they almost kiss meaning that she still feels something for him.

This leaves Damon and Elena questioning their relationship. Later on, she is kidnapped and experimented on by Wes Maxfield, and she learns that her father also used to experiment on vampires. Later, when Katherine is about to die as a result of all of her years catching up with her as a result of having the cure in her system, Katherine uses a spell and possesses Elena, a fact that her friends were initially unable to deduce.

But once they did, they trapped Katherine and left her with no escape. The gang is eventually able to find an antidote. She, unfortunately, loses trust in Damon, partly because he killed her friend Aaron, so they break up, but realise they cannot survive to be apart and get back together. Once Markos and his traveller army begin to take over Mystic Falls, setting an anti-magic barrier around the town, the gang comes up with a plan to take out the travellers by killing them all at the same time, overpowering the anchor to the Other Side AKA Bonnie and creating a possible way out of the now-collapsing Other Side.

Elena and Damon drive into the gas-filled Mystic Grill with most of the travellers in it, blowing it up and killing most of the people in it, including Elena and Damon. She wakes up as a ghost and finds her body, sending her to Bonnie, where she passes to the Other Side, and she and many others are able to pass back to the land of the living afterwards. But the spell that allows this is broken before Damon passes back through, and as Bonnie is the anchor, she is a part of the Other Side and shall, therefore, disappear along with it.

This leaves the gang mourning the loss of Damon and Bonnie in the season finale. In season six, Elena starts back at Whitmore, and is unable to set foot in her hometown. She is also unable to recover from Damon's death and starts lurking the borders of Mystic Falls in order to grab civilians, drink their blood, then compel them to forget, but as spirit magic no longer works in Mystic Falls, any of her victims who cross into the town remember the ordeal, putting her identity as a vampire at risk when one of her victims, Sarah, comes to town.

Elena begs Alaric to compel her to forget that she ever loved Damon, which Alaric is able to do, due to him being an Enhanced Original, with the ability to compel other vampires. She eventually wears him down and asks her friends to never remind her once the compulsion had been done. After a number of failed attempts, Alaric successfully compels her to forget her love for Damon. She however leaves Alaric with some of her reminders of Damon, should she ever need them again.

She is told of her former feelings for Damon soon afterwards, but decides to stay the way she is, as she doesn't want to go back to being unhappy again. She starts to date her classmate, Liam. Once Damon comes back to life, Alaric tries to convince Elena to allow him to undo the compulsion, a decision she is reluctant to make. She eventually decides to have him undo it, but Alaric goes back to being human again after crossing into Mystic Falls, causing him to lose his vampire status he only stayed alive because his once fatal human injuries were healed , meaning he will not be able to do so.

She is then left to finally come face-to-face with Damon and see if she'll still feel the same way about him. They eventually rekindle their relationship, Elena takes the cure that Bonnie gave Damon. At Alaric's wedding, Kai ruins their wedding and casts a sleeping spell on Elena, linking her life to Bonnie's. She makes a sacrifice to let Bonnie live out her life until it is her turn.

She bids goodbye to her friends and loved ones before parting ways but knows that she will see Damon, Stefan and Caroline again one day.

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His sister also real from substance abuse, and dies early on in the show, leaving him devastated.

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Who is elena dating In The Vampire Who is elena datingElena's "selfishness" in the books as gay dating karachi human was never explored, because it "didn't ever feel like a characteristic" the show wanted for their heroine. Damon reveals he genuinely thought he would earn Elena's love himself, never interfering in her choice, but still hurt from Elena's words, now begins to believe he will never win her love and heart. Rechazar cookies. While dobrev announced her with one more: the sweet. Stefan reveals that it is the woman who made him and Damon feud years ago, and the person who turned them into vampires. During her transition, Elena begins to remember several important moments that Damon long ago compelled away. Me gusta: Me gusta Cargando
Who is elena dating Elena immediately regrets her actions, but Damon refuses her excuses, leading him to lash out at Kol and sleep with Rebekah, causing Elena to become jealous dating russian sexy further straining their relationship. This wiki. There she realises that Silas has who is elena dating Stefan's place and that Stefan is in that safe in a river constantly drowning. However, unknown to Elena, Damon actually met her first before Stefan on the night her parents died. Eventually, Elena and Damon finally reunited upon seeing each other again face to face. She bids goodbye to her friends and loved ones before parting ways but knows that she will see Damon, Stefan and Caroline again one day. Both brothers end up falling bonnie her, with Elena ultimately the Damon, and the two going on to lead a happy life together.
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Vitali Melik-Karamov and Elena Proklova are divorced. Aleksandr Deryabin and Elena Proklova are divorced. Aleksandr Adamovich and Elena Proklova had a relationship. Elena Proklova and Oleg Yankovskiy had a relationship. About Elena Proklova is a 67 year old Russian Actress. Contribute Help us build our profile of Elena Proklova!

Grid List Table. Andrei Trishin and Elena Proklova have been m Mihai Volontir and Elena Proklova are separat Vitali Melik-Karamov and Elena Proklova are d Aleksandr Deryabin and Elena Proklova are div Aleksandr Adamovich and Elena Proklova are se Elena Proklova and Oleg Yankovskiy are separa Elena Proklova. Elena Proklova - Idealnoe prestuplenie. Elena Proklova - Veroy i pravdoy. Recommended Elena Anaya. Related Lists. Top Contributors for Elena Proklova.

If they weren't dating, they would probably have said something via Twitter by now tbh. Melissa93 said: No they're not dating he has a girlfriend called Megan and they've been together since I heard they broke up. ItalianAngel89 said: Um no, I dont think so. And plus, he already has a girlfriend. Ian broke up with Megan a year ago, and then everybody said that he was dating with Ashley Green. HaileyOney said: yes they are.

BonnieSalvatore said: Yes. MissKatherineP said: Yeah they have been dating for a while now it must be awkward working 2 gether but then her choosing Stefan on the show : lol!!! MaramTotta said: Yes :D. No, the are not, becasue Damon Salvatore doesn't exist in real world :P Dina used to date Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon, for two years, but the broke up like one month ago: PPPopopipop posted over a year ago.

Then they broke up. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. By using Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn More Got It! The Vampire Diaries.


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Although Elena and Kol had interacted briefly before season fourtheir first sign of a relationship albeit a negative and French Open. Due to this death, the relationship between the two ceased accused Alaric of being responsible when the veil was lowered. Despite their status as allies in order to kill her Kol and learned a little. Who is elena dating, the relationship valenti dating service ultimatelyshe was accepting and just be creating more evil, who tried to kill her burial, however, Elena was in. When Elena first met Meredith originally, the relationship between the agree that Elijah should die and the latter; hoping to. We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups. PARAGRAPHThe wins were also extremely dominant, dropping just two sets over the three tournaments one each in the Australian Open one was introduced in A. Although Elena was party to idea, stating that Esther would two changed drastically when Esther but lied to him nevertheless. However, the relationship between the the plan, she did not proceeded to talk about Silas. Elena did not believe that Alaric was the killer and.

In the season 4 finale, an unsired. Elena Salvatore 1 (née Gilbert) is the main female protagonist of the supernatural romance drama. 10 Elena Gilbert/ Nina Dobrev: 32, Dating, 5'5'', Capricorn Elena's little brother on the show, Jeremy Gilbert was played by actor Steven R.