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Ncis mcgee and abby dating

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He is worried about her and tells her to go home and get some sleep since she hasn't slept in two days. McGee is lying underneath Abby's desk trying to rewire her computer's hotbox while she sits in her desk chair. The two flirt a bit as Gibbs enters the room, demanding to know what McGee is up to.

While McGee stutters, Abby calmly tells Gibbs about the computer problem and he leaves the lab much to McGee's relief. He notes that if he said that, Gibbs would punch him while Abby notes that's the advantage of being her. She threatens him and voices her jealousy by making smart alec comments while Cluxton is in the lab. Later on Abby is happy to find out that P. Cluxton is a lesbian and her and McGee are just friends. Just before Abby's computer gets hacked she mentions that the dead guy was cute, making McGee jealous.

Her computer then gets hacked and McGee tries to help her stop it but since the virus is moving too fast he can't get it to stop either. Finally Gibbs walks in and pulls the plug on her computer. They plug the computer back in and turn it on, finding out the hacker is the FBI. Later, Abby and McGee are in her lab going through evidence when Abby notes that McGee appears to be more interested in her than the work to which he stutters that he is.

Abby calls him out by pointing out that what she's looking at is up on the TV screen. McGee and Abby are working on evidence in her lab when Abby offers McGee to help her go through the pornographic side of the internet. Due to the nature of the subject, the conversation takes on sexual undertones hinting at the continued sexual relationship.

After Abby shows the rest of the team a sexual website with a profile she had just made. Kate and Tony comment on it and McGee rushes to deny it for Abby before Abby has a chance to deny it herself and explain that she made it so that she could access the suspect and the victim's pages.

She then goes undercover at the website company, turning a hidden camera to herself and asking if McGee is there. When he replies that he is, the two begin flirting. McGee tells Gibbs that Abby is swamped and gets himself assigned to help her and Tony makes a smart alec remark about McGee being alone with Abby. When McGee stops by Abby's lab he brings her a Caf-Pow and they have a lengthy conversation about crappy jobs and Abby finds a piece of code hidden in the evidence.

Later, as McGee is conversing with another Navy computer geek he mentions that Abby is the one that found the code and gets defensive when the Navy geek asks if Abby is hot. The Geek is persistent and McGee tells him that he can't work and talk at the same time. Later, in the lab, the subject of Viagra for women has come up and McGee ends up putting his foot in his mouth by the end of the conversation.

Towards the end of this episode, McGee is upset about not finding the computer code and Abby comments that he is too trusting before kissing his head to make him feel better. Abby wins the bet. Later in the episode, McGee gets severe poison ivy everywhere and ends up looking a lot like Two-Face from Batman. Abby jokes around and tells him to use calamine lotion or wear a mask and tries to make him feel better by saying the same thing happened to Tony during his first year.

McGee asks her how he looks and Abby replies that he is the fairest of the land. While the group is discussing the case Tony says that the suspect went to bed with one woman and woke up with another. Abby remarks that it happens to girls, too and sets up a scenario of a guy who pretends to be dark and mysterious but actually turns out to be an average Joe.

McGee says he used to work at a bank and Abby responds that he doesn't disappoint her. The group looks shocked at the information before McGee changes the subject back to the case. Later, Abby and Palmer accidentally get super glued together and Abby drags Palmer across Autopsy trying to get unstuck.

McGee walks in to see Palmer's hands gripped tightly around Abby's wrists and notices Abby looks distressed. Abby sends McGee to get band-aids and acetone to get the pair unstuck. It is revealed that McGee was the only one from the team that went to Abby's birthday party with her friends. While Abby is pulling slugs out of a sedan she teases McGee, who is standing behind her, to quit staring at her butt.

She then drops the playful teasing and looks disturbed when she realizes how close McGee came to dying, noting that if the terrorist didn't shoot at him and make him move, Ari's shot would have killed him. McGee is sad that Abby finds it sweet that McGee wants to protect her, but doesn't realize that he would have done it with or without Gibbs' orders. McGee spends the whole episode assigned as Abby's protection.

At the end of the episode, while walking single-file to put roses on Kate's casket, Abby is behind McGee; suggesting they sat next to each other during the funeral. Abby is in her lab and McGee is ignoring her. In an attempt to get his attention, Abby jokes about having twins and Gibbs being the father, though he keeps ignoring her until she complains to Tony who slaps McGee and tells him to stop ignoring Abby because she is sensitive.

McGee apologizes, Abby smiles at him and they get into a lengthy conversation while geek-speaking. Abby tells McGee she is impressed by him and his computer skills. Probie is the first episode in which McGee kills a person, leaving him visibly distressed. Abby goes to great lengths to relieve that distress, such as setting up an aromatherapy room for him, to his disgust. Throughout the episode, Abby is the only one that succeeds in calming McGee in any way.

Abby is bummed out that Gibbs forgot about her birthday, an event he usually remembers. She tries discussing it with McGee, however, the two end up having two different conversations. Abby thanks McGee for caring about her feelings and likes that McGee got all worked up for her even though he was talking about the unsub.

Abby hugs him and McGee returns the hug before Gibbs enters and asks if they are done playing grab-ass or if he needs to send McGee to a weather station in the Arctic. While in Abby's lab, Abby smells almonds which is a precursor to Cyanide Gas.

McGee is quick to literally drag Abby out of the lab and hit the emergency switch. He orders her not to open the door for anyone, yet Abby does and her stalker chases her through the apartment. At first, Ziva flinched whenever Abby would hug her given that she did not know why Abby did so, but eventually she came to accept Abby's hugs without any trouble.

Later in the episode " Gone ", the two bonded more when Ziva took in a teenaged girl who witnessed her father's murder and best friend's kidnapping as they both tried to help the girl feel at ease throughout the ongoing investigation. After Ziva's father was gunned down in " Shabbat Shalom ", Abby was shown baking cookies in an attempt to help her feel better. Abby's relationship with Tony is a friendly one, with the two making friendly, nonhostile jibes at each other, and squabbling about various topics, such as movies and personal possessions.

Abby is perhaps the only member of the NCIS cast who displays a love and knowledge of movies that even comes close to matching Tony's. In "Twilight", after Tony narrowly avoids being part of an explosion on his first day back from sick leave after getting pneumonic plague, she runs at him and hugs him so hard he nearly falls over. In the episode, "Frame-Up", she almost single-handedly unravels the forensic evidence used to frame Tony of murder to clear his name, then subdues the killer — her assistant Chip Sterling — when he threatens her with a knife.

In "Reunion", after Tony, McGee, and Gibbs rescue Ziva from Somalia , Abby starts with a rant criticizing Ziva for her continuing mistrust of Tony, which, in trademarked Abby fashion, ends with her saying how worried she was about Ziva, and hugging her. This then sparks a confrontation between Tony and Ziva that causes their relationship to be restored to normal.

Tony would sometimes join Abby in her lab and act like Gibbs when he was absent. When Abby was in a coma, Tony was shown to be very worried about her, to the point he did not call McGee by any last name joke. She had a relationship with McGee which she stated that she would like to keep casual during season one. Although the relationship ended late in the same season, they both have exhibited jealousy when someone of the opposite sex pays attention to the other.

After finding out Abby sleeps in a coffin, he said, "You told me it was a box sofa," indicating he has at least stayed over. The implications went farther when he added, "I can't believe I slept in a coffin," and she impishly replied, "Not just slept. Their flirtation became less prominent in later seasons, and TV Guide Senior Critic Matt Roush suggested this was due to the producers' apprehension about using romance within the series to an excess.

Abby is called Abigail by Ducky, who addresses her by her full first name often. Though in the episode "Faking It", he thanked her and called her by using the name "Abby" instead of "Abigail". In the NCIS: Los Angeles episode "Random on Purpose", Abby, having been previously seen on video conference or talking to someone from her lab in Washington, DC, arrived in Los Angeles to meet the Office of Special Projects OSP team as she informed them she was investigating a serial killer called the Phantom who had murdered 15 people all over the country and had also left no DNA or even physical evidence at the scenes.

Abby was later kidnapped by the Phantom, later revealed to be a law firm receptionist named Tom Smith, who sought to kill her to keep his identity a secret, as he hoped to go around killing more people, having developed something of a taste for it. To date, Abby has not returned to Los Angeles nor has she reappeared in any video-conference calls which strongly suggests that her appearances in season one were just one-offs.

During the first season of NCIS , Ross Warneke from The Age wrote of the character, "Her role is pivotal in the show because, as with so many crime series these days, the forensics laboratory is the scene of much of the action. Perrette's only shortcoming is her diction.

Am I the only one who has difficulty understanding her? Later in the show's run, reception continued to be mostly positive, with some critics regarding her as "easily the most outgoing and affectionate member of the group". Coville from Cracked criticized the choice to describe Abby's age as "late twenties" in her guest appearance on NCIS: Los Angeles , finding it unbelievable for someone who "has still somehow picked up a PhD in chemistry, bachelor's degrees in sociology, criminology, and psychology, and good knowledge of hacking and computer forensic science".

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