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Double your dating forum

One common story is something like: boy meets girl; he spends enough time to take a shot at her; and when it happens it is turning like this from her:" I'm sorry but i cannot be more than friends with you" and in David Deangelo this is translated like "U were doing just fine but u screwed it somewhere along the way". I'm sure this has happened to alot of us.

It sure did to me. Don't try to deny it. He explains how anyone can have top A women with the right composition. This guy had taught me so much that it gave me a new perspective of life. If u don't believe it subscribe on the free email list or check out his insights. Try to google for David Deangelo to find his page. Trust me u won't regret it doing it. And for the guy who wrote this thread.

Best for u is keep going on for new girls. If u have interest for another girl it may trigger the alarm on the older one. Women also like security, guys who are sure of themselves. S David Deangelo is alot different from all other guys explaining relationships over the web.

Trust me There's no rules to get a girl you love all of this is pure bullshit, just grow your own brain For example he explains how women from instinct turn the "shield on" if u say the inapropriate sentence or tone in your voice and how this is based on genetics that is transmitted from generation to generation.

For some of u, the stuff with the girls can come naturally while to the others cannot see the simple truth. David simply explains how anyone can have the girl of his dreams and not just satisfy himself with an ordinary girl just because he was lucky U should read it, seen it before u comment on it ChapFou. And David alone explains in his book u are right not to believe Btw which of u actually paid for the book?

I've seen his shows downloaded them and it was quite intresting tbh. I often think of some of the things he said love yourself, etc. I don't care what other people think about it, I liked it and learned something from it. Double your dating has some good points, but you cant take it word for word You really gotta figure out your own approach to dealing with women.

Trying to copy someone else wont make u happy. It might help you pick up a few slooots, but you still wont actually know how to relate. On the other hand I've spent some time in france and my buddy who does lots of shit opposite to double your dating does pretty well for himself with ladies. Point being that standards aren't the same everywhere, or even from woman to woman. All you should really do imo is be a person that you like.

If you sincerely like yourself you'll be confident in your actions and girls will like you too. On June 28 SCFraser wrote: On the other hand I've spent some time in france and my buddy who does lots of shit opposite to double your dating does pretty well for himself with ladies. He doesn't really talk about how to find and snare a woman you love, just how to have success with women.

David never said that u should learn ways and tricks to impress woman and be a "fake man" as some user posted. But instead how can you be more attractive for women and finding your own way to atract the girls.

Some people post without reading. Live Events OSC. BSL: GosuLeague. MasterReY Think Alpha Series. Dandy vs Sziky. Moscow Cybersport Series. Larva Shuttle Best of the Best Tour. Cross vs DragOn. Bonyth vs Sziky. The NA Apprentice.

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Latam vs. EU All Kill. BW Jeez Weekly WTL Summer. In the book there seemed to be a definite oientation toward club girls strippers and targets that Heidi Fleiss could "turn out". The world's greatest PUA picks up striers with implants? And claims he's dated some of the most beautiful women in the world? Interesting frame. Now I know there must be guys using some of the info we all gain from 'PUA' on very high quality women.

But there sure were not any in that book. It seemed like guys were expending massive effort often with no results but many 'lessons learned' , paying for expensive seminars, sacaficing their education and jobs, even paying for plane tickets fo women and trying to have as girlfriends Heidi Fleiss was making a point.

These girls are not major conquests. I will leave you with this thought: in the reviews of the book on Amazon I spotted a mention of a book by Jared Diamond called The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimanzee In it he talks about how humans select a mate. There's no mention of the process attraction of course and plenty of talk about the end result of it, i.

And statistics show amongst couples, generally, like attracts like. Couples look similar, right down to the length of their ear-lobes. Perhaps in the short term, PUA technique can result in casual sex between diverse partners This seems too obvious but it may be the elusive obvious as DD would say. Like so much of this stuff, it's right in front of us but we treat it as if it's some great mystery.

And back to the DYD principles. He let out his wussy? And now he's returned to recruit new PUA's via an online forum of his own? This is a quote from Dr. Clotaire Rapaille, psychologist and market researcher. When a woman becomes a mother, the reptilians take over. Suddenly she is a mother first.

The husband is second; the baby is first. The code for mothers, for me, is total paranoia. Total paranoia. Mothers know that you can't stop watching, being careful, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They feel the danger before anybody else. Now, sometime[s] they behave in a very irrational way, so if you try to ask them, "Tell me how you behave in this situation," and so on, well, they're going to tell you something that makes sense.

But if you are really right there when something happens, you see suddenly the reptilians take over -- bingo. And that what is interesting. Well, if you directly ask mothers if they will put their husbands in second place to their babies, they will just say "no, of course not" and maybe "it's all about knowing how to share the attention" or any other good looking bullshit that makes sense to the cortex, the higher reasoning.

Bottom line: women may say bullshit like this and swear that David DeAngelo methods wouldn't work with them. The fact, however, is that DeAngelo techniques work with the Reptilian. The fact is that those techniques work because they go beyond logic and reason, they mess with the animal inside, the reptilian brain. Even if the women state that it doesn't work, it does work. Believe me, I know.

I have met many attractive women using DD's advice. He's not an advocate of being an ass, he a proponent of confidence. These women who complain about DD's shit aren't the kind of women DD readers want anyways. Second, because I am sick to death of being hit on by guys using these kind of stupid techniques. Fortunately I can usually get rid of them, but it's annoying and demeaning Id be interested what this woman would tell me on a cf "line".

Just sounds to me like she's raising the bitch-shield love this term, credits to mystery. The 1st thing that came to my mind by imagining this situation is me commenting on her getting rid of me:"I dont know where u r from, but I will not suffer becuz of your bad manners or missing upbringing of your mom. I wish you a nice day. Dont remember his name now, sry mate and a big round of applause for him Girls, never forget: DYD technologies main point is NOT the skillset, its the "beliefs", which will change your whole point of view,"believing is seeing" Sean on Cocky Commedy.

This, changes everything beneath it, including the skillset. I can't believe how DYD has changed the interaction with women that are already in my life. It's only been a week since I read it. I haven't picked up a stranger, yet. That's the next step. But, women I know but have had trouble closing, are coming around. I've got two dates this week, and one on the burner.

It's amazing. Also, I just ran across this quote today, and thought it very apropos for this Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power. Lao-Tzu -Craig. I'm not a PUA. Here's what I can tell you. I may be wrong, but I've come to believe that: There are guys who are very successful with women. They are in two categories: 1 Well-adjusted guys - from early on, they had good friends, met more people through them, and had access to a large social circle.

This bred confidence because they were in a supportive, positive environment. In turn, they were relaxed when meeting others and came across as interesting desirable people, even if they didnt get to hook up with a stranger girl. They usually don't go trying to "pick up" girls because they have access to a wide circle with lots of women to choose from. They don't experience rejection on a regular basis because they already have common friends, and their relationships are generally stronger because of the common friends and acquaintance with each other's environment.

These guys don't have as much success getting ANY woman they want, but overall I'd say they live much happier lives and if I had to pick I'd be in this group. After writing the next paragraph I realized I have a lot more to say about the second group They try to make up for the stuff they are missing, and since they can't find the women of their dreams within their "uncool" social circle, they go trying to get women "out in the world.

In practice though it's unusual for strangers to acknowledge attraction for one another and decide to get to know each other better on the spot. At least in the USA. And thus they have to learn to do things which are generally not considered socially acceptable, face rejection on a continuing basis, and sometimes endure criticism from their old friends.

This should be qualified I have talked to many girls and asked them what they think meeting guys on the street and in the subway, and MOST I'd say 8 out of 10 said that's kind of freaky, etc. Keep in mind that in Russia 20 years ago where my family's from this was much more normal. However, in bookstores and libraries things are completely different, with girls telling me that it's totally cool for guys to hit on them.

No girl wishes to be hit on the street, but you can see posts of girls wishing to meet a guy in a bookstore. Like Mystery, like Style. They are just guys who try to make money teaching guys the theory but they are no better themselves than an average guy armed with theory. They also become quite jaded because they have to approach women and constantly get rejected.

In my opinion this is because of two things: 1 analyzing too many details makes one forget what love is, and 2 using too much stock material makes one forget what they have to offer naturally, and they have a hard time taking their relationship to the next level, or even keeping a girl beyond her interest in sex. My impression is that most guys in america are not strictly 1 or 2 but somewhere in between.

And the material in the pick-up "seduction" community gives you the tools to become more of 2. Just remember there is more to happiness than regular sex, especially if it's constantly with different partners. If you want to have sex with different women who would wait on your every word you could spend all that time becoming rich, moving to somewhere prostitution is legal and hiring prostitutes every day.

Not my cup of tea. About me: I'm sort of what PUAs would call a "natural". I love to be aware of the social dynamics but I treat them as tools to enhance what I already know about myself. I believe that things work out best when both people want each other. So you must not push too hard. It may mean you won't get that specific girl you are fixated on, but in the end you can end up much happier! Greg PS: Oh, and don't underestimate the value of having beautiful female friends. You don't have to constantly be on the lookout for a mate.

I have 4 DVDs about body language in seduction. Here's a screenshot taken from one of them. The guy is the speaker, and is supposed to be David Deangelo. Screenshot from DVD. But when I look at his picture on Wikipedia, I can see his face is very different. Picture on Wikipedia. So, who is who?

Direct link to the DVD screenshot. The funny thing is that those women would probably fall for a guy who has studied DYD and not even know it. Double Your Dating works perfect and has nothing to do with manipulating "brainless" women. Its about 'discovering your missing manhood'.. I don't think you guys understand why women are so upset about DYD and similar material.

A primitive part of them is terrified of it. DYD is like cheating on their tests. If a lot more guys act confident and interesting, then how will they know which ones have that in their DNA, and which ones had to learn it? Of course, it ultimately doesn't matter to the guys or to the women whether masculine behavior is genetic or learned from DYD.

But women are obsessive about being able to detect "real" quality in men, whatever that is. I think its really intersting to see how much David himself has changed over the years. If you watch him in his original Advanced series and him in his recent seminars like "Deep Inner Game," you can tell hes become a much more mature masculine man than before. Before I kinda got the idea that he was concentrating on using techniques like cocky funny, playing hard to get, etc.

I must say I find "Deep Inner game" much more useful than any of his previous work. Highly recommended. I agree with the last statement. I've used David's material to refine and challenge the ways I date women for about a year. Its worked.

I'm very happy with my success and the confidence in my ability to end up with a great women when I choose to do so. I do not see this as manipulative. Its moreso understanding how to come across well. And what a woman needs. Its genetic and is the same in every culture on this planet. This is powerful and well-worth the small amount of money I've spent. I've been using the DYD material for three years.

I had a handful of success stories come out of David D's material, whether be short-term encounters or long-term relationships. For some reason, it stopped working when I decided to "upgrade" to a higher level of women. When I look back, I think the women it worked on were ultimately women I did NOT want to be with, and who were not very mature and healthy. I am thankful for his insights, because it helped me open up to how men and women really communicate at a deep unspoken level, but I think to be truly great and sophisticated with women, you have to develop your OWN insights and skill sets, independent of advice you've received from others, like David D and assorted "gurus".

But, it is possible. I have been using DYD for more than three years. One of the best aspects is that David breaks the concept of attraction down so well that it will penetrate your skin. He's an excellent teacher. However, you have to be extremely careful: using attraction 'techniques' for too long can backfire you. Too much teasing, and women will classify you as immature. A mature woman expect you to know when to drop that teasing thing and start getting connecting with her on a deeper level.

I have actually lost many women by thinking that using attraction stuffs only will keep them long enough, so that I'll have time to choose one when I want to. Well, unfortunately, it doesn't work this way. But if you only keep using techniques, and do not show interest in their lives and do not let them have a sense that you can as well connect with them, you won't go far in keeping women around you.

By the time you want to choose the one you want to be with, she'll already be gone. Understand also that women are not always in the mood for teasing. At certain time, the slightest cokyness even when combined with funny-ness and the right attitude will throw them off guard.

So, you also have to develop a sense of feeling vibe when it comes to dealing with women. It is always a good idea to know what your're talking about. And I don't think Lissa has got the foggiest clue of what DdA is all about. IMO she is ranting about "picking up" in general. And she believes it is below her standards. DdA helps men who behave clingy, needy, insecure, who generally "don't get it" to change their wussy ways. And become a man women desire. Most people undergo some kind of personal development, and I think DdA isn't the worst guide in the world to help you become a more attractive person.

Quite the contrary, actually. Much of the comments here seem to be quite dubious. It would not surprise me if David and other interested parties were posting them. There are not enough opinions on the other side of the spectrum; the negatives of this magic formula and cases when it didn't work. The first comment was a good example of the other side of the spectrum.

Also, far too many comments are simply parroting buzzwords from the programme such as "deep inner game" and "wussy". Not to mention referring to David as if he's some kind of god. You don't need to use these buzzwords to tell us "did it work or did it not".

I'm sceptical of the comments, though I'm not saying that it doesn't work After all, men are inherently manipulated by women - they don't need books and lectures on this to succeed in manipulation. Actually, wait a minute - why should us men be adopting a predominantly feminine technique - psychological manipulation? In that context, DD's technique is much less about becoming a "real man" and much more about becoming somebody fake and baseless, informed by feminine instincts.

David Deangelo is the best dating guru i have ever seen, possibly in the word. David D teaches us all to have complete self confidence, control over our emotions, and to be the alpha male every woman wants, not by making "Cocky and funny" gestures, but by being a man and by being ourselfs. To be honest its really quite sad, i really pity you guys All i have to say is its not a scam and will work for YOU if you just use it correctly and follow his advice.

MC, scotland. I missed out on a lot of 'training' that men get early on in life with women. I was under a lot of pressure to get good exam results as so I became very enthusiastic about learning things and at around 16 when all my friends were going out getting into bars and clubs and 'picking up' girls etc, I was busy working in a recording studio and then I went on to work for myself and build a career etc as was expected of guys like me circa I had a girlfriend at school and in the last 15 years one or two more, however, i've never been able to get that connection.

All the women would finish it with the usual BS excuses, most notably my most recent before xmas 06 saying she "couldn't commit to the relationship". This is female BS codeword for "you were too normal and I can't find anything wrong with you therefore it scares me because i'm not used to this. I don't do treat-em-mean tactics like so many so-called friends advise you to do. I'd like to throw out there then that why do women bang on that they want a great, reliable, normal guy with a great sense of humour and then when one comes along it scares the hell out of them?

To use seduction community lingo, I was definitely an AFC. I bought DD's eBook in and while I have had no immediate, life-changing success which I can directly attribute to his work, I can say that if you combine what David teaches with some other research of other teachers such as Mystery, Tyler etc and your own cognitive ability to figure things out and adapt them then yes, you'll have success.

Being intelligent and curious to learn or hear people's opinions, I also got all the DVD's as well. David states in the eBook that it takes time to learn and become successful at almost anything in life, he specifically cites musical instruments and martial arts. Having studies self-defence and martial arts of differing styles since I was 12, I can agree that to learn the basics takes a few months, to become good takes a year or two and to become a true expert takes a lot longer.

If you don't live in a big city which I don't , you'll find that you need to be very careful about how you play your own individual game as small towns tend to have small minds. I won't directly name and shame the town I live in but I will say that a lot of the women here are the gold-digger type who are looking for a ticket out and then as soon as you've moved them to somewhere good they'll dump you no matter how social proofed, confident or alpha male you are.

Neil Strauss aka Style calls it "The Game", i'd agree that's what it is. Don't take the material too seriously but do read it. Adapt it, tinker with it. David and other 'guru's talk about "naturals", at first I believed that it was some mythical power to be naturally good with women, however, what i've come to realise is that it's actually being a "natural person". Do what you're comfortable with doing and you'll see a lot better results.

I've now pretty much killed approach anxiety and I really have learnt that looks count for about the first seconds. David D, Mystery, Tyler, Style, Thundercat, Loverboy, other PUAs, Lairs etc, if you listen to what they have to say rather than thinking it's all a sermon like at a church then you'll have a lot more success. Some facts i've deduced: Most women don't mind being approached and talked to, we generally go out to socialise.

Success is related to how confident you are percieved to be, women love confident men, not arrogant men. It's how you approach, what you say as an opener and then how the conversation goes and whether you build a rapport and spark attraction all contributes to whether you get her number. If you get her number, you can generally get a 1st date, it's what you do on the 1st date that defines whether you get a 2nd. No eBook, seminar or DVD can give you a specific set of things that are guranteed to work - women are not robots, no one thing works.

All the people are selling you a way of reprogramming yourself out of bad habits that you have gained. Most of what i've learnt above and a lot more has been a combination of materials i've read AND with talking with women about what they don't like in guys. They don't like guys who kiss their ass all the time - but they want it kissed now and again at the right time.

They like guys who stand up straight instead of curling down hoping no-one will notice them. They don't want guys to pay for everything ALL the time, they've fought for equality and want to have it. It actually makes a woman feel uncomfortable if you pay for everything, especially if she doesn't have much money of her own - why?

Because she will feel that she has nothing to offer. Before I started reading material about improving my dating life, if a girl dumped me for being a decent, caring human being, i'd retreat into a little ball and cry and feel that I was never going to meet another girl and that one was "the one".

Now, I understand that it's just about incompatibility. Just because she was scared off by the fact that you're confident, easy-going, sensitive, reliable all the traits they bang on that they want doesn't mean that another women won't be receptive to who you really are. I guess it's down to where people are at in their lives.

I'm going off topic a bit here but i'm rounding this up by saying that these eBooks and techniques have definitely made me a better person in myself and isn't that what really counts? Frankly I am doing much better dealing with my X wife who I had allowed to wussify me over the years.

Now when I tell her I will meet her at a given time she shows up instead of flaking out. I have given her the gift of missing me. Dave's ideas have also helped in dealing with other people in my life that were causing me mental anguish because I tolerated their behavior.

Being a man makes life much easier but many people will be threatened by it. They want you to stay a wussie so they can get what they want from you. Being controlled by others is not good for your self esteem. Butch up!

I havn't read any of Davids stuff but I will say: Women, if you want to get a guy apply makeup effectively, work out, project your looks with your dress, and have nice hair. Guys, if you want to get a girl apply humor effectively, work, project yourself with your confidence, and have a nice smile. My turn. First off, I am going through a divorce. I myself was born in NYC, but my parents are Cuban. I am one of those guys that has friends that are Museum directors, etc. I don't work with any of the PUA's or have any interest in any of their businesses.

I state these facts so that you guys know where I am coming from. For most of my life, I have been a natural. I have never had to pick up girls or ask for numbers, or email addresses or anything. I dated models, ex-Miss Black America, whatever.. Girls from all over the world, period. I even managed to pick up my wife. Lots of babes, lots of good times. Once I got married, and my wife got pregnant - I turned into a complete wussy.

I thought that was the way I was supposed to act. I am also a computer programmer. Usually, the things I learn are not huge, but I don't question my investment. I have come to realize in life that it is little things, that make a big difference. I bought Mystery's book. I had a private lesson from an RSD guy, just this past weekend. I have probably spent 4, to go through all of this stuff. I literally started on this only 30 days ago and I recently found this cool forum.

My view is as follows, if you do not have lots of cash, don't spend the money. If you have lots of cash, who cares, take it you might learn something. A one week vacation in the Carribean costs What I will tell you is that if you are having trouble meeting the woman that you like, commit to finding out how you can change your life, your game, whatever to get better at it. Now there can be long discussions, about better options..

I will simply say that from my perspective all of these techniques, etc. Does that mean I will be successful dating, or would have been without them, perhaps Ultimately, at the end of the day, whether you are cocky funny, or whatever, the real you will be revealed -- make sure you keep improving that guy, while you master these techniques to keep your game sharp.

At the end of the day, i suspect it all comes together.. What's not to like? Thanks for all the comments. Read more about David Deangelo techniques at his site. Hi guys! I guess you could say I'm an enemy spy, or perhaps an intelligent, cute and nice single woman. I really can see straight through them. I could not leave it at this.

I'm the kind of person who has to know everything, especially why I'm reacting to something. I just wanted to post my opinions to help you all out. This is not the opinion of every woman in the world, just mine. If I was tricked in this I would be really furious. Only a player would date more than one woman at a time. What's the point in getting a hundred dates? A man who likes himself, his life and now wants a serious relationship. That includes being too pushy, using pickup-lines and false smiles.

In comparison, nerdy is so much better. Cocky-cool would never work on me at first meeting someone. I hate it, but I can't do anything about it. I can be attracted to a wide variety of men, but I also have a list of what I want in a man. It's short but non-negotiable Some things on my list I can tell straight away, but some things I can only learn with time.

No matter how attracted I was to a man, if I found out he was doing drugs, was married etc, I would run. It is not always something evil. Sometimes it is to test you, and sometimes to help you. The classic "I'm cold" is to help you figure out it is time to hug us. To sum this up, yes this works.

It works on me and probably most women. You just have to figure out what it is you want. Do you want to date five supermodels at the same time? I don't think that's what DdA meant. Do you want to be a good man and find a good woman to share the rest of your life with? This can really help you on your way. Good luck, Lisa. I had an inner sense of what David was saying, I'm a pretty good looking guy, but could always tell instinctively that looks were just a very small piece of the puzzle.

The reality is that women can't help what they are attracted to. What most women will tell you is what they want to be attracted to. They wish they could be sexually attracted to a man who is rich, handsome, well mannered, respectful, etc. But the reality is that they will only be attracted to that guy if he displays certain "hardcoded" personality traits, and that these traits are what cause sexual attraction, not the other stuff.

Yes, displaying these traits to attract women is power, and can be abused and used to manipulate, no question. But is this any more manipulative for a man to do than for a woman to wear makeup, provocative clothing, breast implants etc? Answer, no its not in and of itself manipulative, but you can use it to manipulate, and that's a big difference. Using these techniques pantomime things a man would do if the following were true: 1.

He has a lot of power over material and other men. He has many other women. He has faced and overcome a fear he has. He knows he is capable of overcoming fear again. More that i haven't figured out yet. Think about the cave and how things were.

How do you have to be to successfully hunt an animal, to motivate other men, to win a fight? Guess what? The women who slept with these men survived. The ones who slept with insecure, wimpy men did not. I'm an older man who's had mixed results in the dating world--both back when I was young and until very recently. I have long been a "nice-guy" who sucked at getting women In other words, every now and then, I used to use some of his techniques by accident.

And I would immediately get the pretty girl. The problem was, I didn't have a clue what it is was I did that was so damn effective. This was well before David had even written DYD, so I would just chalk it up to getting lucky and revert back to my wussy, nice guy demeanor with predictably piss-poor results. Too bad I didn't learn this stuff back then James - www. Hey guys, just wanna join the discussion: I aquired DD ebook and DVDs like 1 year ago and it's the best decision I've made in my life, it's changed my whole life.

I just wanted to tell these girls who complain against DD that he or someone like him is the best thing that could ever happen to you Intelligent, innovattive, deep truth seeker, socially and academically educated, funny, interesting, likes to help people, well dressed, he's someone in this life who makes things happen where must humans just pass thrugh the world without leaving anything around Some stupid assholes might take his material just to get as much sex as possible, but I think those are just a few ones, actually in order to understand and master David's material a man has to be educated and intelligent enough, which is pretty unnormal on guys who just seek sex from women.

Someone from Central America. Just wanted to say that at the end of the day it's what works that counts. And only in the short-term. We are talking about life-long results here. This is what David is trying to teach us guys - and he does so good. A real man: - Is physically and mentally hardened. These are all David's opinions and I find myself in complete allignment with those. And yes a real man would do one night stands feeling totally ok with the fact that it's not necessary to get into a relationship with every woman he sleeps with.

And yes a real man would get involved in long relationships if he saw it fit. And yes a real man in the context of a relationship would devote a woman 40 minutes each day in total presense and undivided attention and then he would go on to follow his purpose once again.

Now this will come as a shock for many: Cause women want us to. That's right. Women want men to be like this - it took us a lot of time and effort to find out that this is what women want from men no matter what they say. If you have any issues with this stuff and all that is related to these you have to sit down watch David's stuff and get this part of your life handled.

We have a very wrong education about human relationships - it's high time ppl threw the rubbish TV, school and religion has stuffed their heads with and make a clean start hoping that in 30 years from now people wont be suffering from social isolation and end up being alone in their 40s. Good Morning all of you. Great posts, amazing, excellent. Worth of reading. Thanks to Mr DeAngelo. I hope he is happy and wealthy and in great health. Please save your comments against some one, you don't know, and worse, think wrongly what he does.

He does not do anything at all. He took the time and vision to make a contribution so some people.


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He will be able to advise you on which service best suits your needs. It is not always easy to find out which service you like. Writing an essay is a very difficult process. However, you must understand the concept. I'm big on ethics and I'm not shy about pointing out scumbags on my own blog since it's against the TOS here.

I have made tens of thousands of dollars on the Warrior Forum alone and I'm always willing to help others learn the ropes if they just ask. I wanted to create my Warrior Forum blog to build an in-house area for questions and answers among marketers, so sound off in my comments area and I'll help you as best as I can and if I can't, I'll find someone who will. Hi Warriors! Posted in Uncategorized. Total Comments 2. Tiffany, The link you provided isn't working.

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