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The right one dating service complaints speed dating penang

The right one dating service complaints

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Ted and Rachel Law deny any wrongdoing, according to court documents. But those who feel they have been wronged by The Right One may eventually have the right to a refund. However, members of Dallas Singles, like Mathieson, are not eligible for a refund under the terms of the class action suit. In another twist, the company has been sold to California business owner, Toros Yetenekian. Yetenekian owns and has owned many matchmaking services in at least three states. With at least a dozen lawsuits filed in Los Angeles County alone, Yetenekian is no stranger to bad press or lawsuits from unhappy clients.

But Baker is quick to point out most of those suits were dismissed and blames legal trouble on the nature of the business. But Baker said he will promise that Dallas and Fort Worth Singles will go to great lengths to find that right match for its members. Still, the claims of Yetenekian's dating club members sound hauntingly familiar. In the Los Angeles Daily News, members complained about exorbitant fees and getting few or no matches.

The same is true in an article in the Ventura County Star. Members must file their paperwork by May 23, Information needed to file the necessary documentation is included at the end the settlement agreement as Exhibit A Have criteria in mind for online dating services. Another key detail: Be sure the service offers a secure payment method.

Internet browsers also display an icon such as a gold padlock to verify that the site is secure. Understand what is meant by a free trial. Since a trial period can mean so many different things on different sites, take the time to read the fine print about this — and if the fine print is hard to find, call the customer service number and ask for specifics. Many consumers complained to the BBB about signing up for a free trial but getting funneled into a paid subscription instead.

Protect your personal e-mail address. For safety and privacy reasons, avoid sharing your personal e-mail address with anyone you meet over the Internet. Ideally the online dating service you use will offer on-site messaging and e-mail services. Never cave in when confronted with high-pressure sales tactics. Read contracts over with care in the privacy of your own home before you agree to spend a dime.

If you encounter high-pressure tactics or pie-in-the-sky promises, walk away. Think about your safety. Reflect on ways to stay safe with the people you meet — and with people you never meet. For example, your online dating profile may remain posted on a Web site for quite a while after your membership has ended. All sorts of people could continue reading up about you and contacting you at that point. As far as dating safety is concerned, find out exactly what the service does to screen for criminals and married people.

This information may not be as easy to get as you might think. Think about your privacy. Tip No. IE 11 is not supported.


Before you even think about taking out your wallet, hop online and see what other customers are saying about their experience with that matchmaking service. Knowing the dating services laws of your state, and if there are any, is an excellent negotiating tactic. Google and ConsumerAffairs. If you only find one or two complaints about a certain company, take them with a grain of salt and let the matchmaker tell you her side of the story.

However, if the service has piled up negative reviews, do not proceed blindly and become another negative online reviewer. Just move on. If you meet with a matchmaker whose promises sounds too good to be true, be very wary.

A good matchmaker will be honest with you about what to expect, and might even be skeptical about what she can do for you. If she tells you she can match you with tons of women just like that, run. Like any other for-profit business, matchmakers want to make money. The trick is to find a personal matchmaker who genuinely cares about you and your future happiness rather than her sales quota.

The best way not to succumb to high pressure sales pitches is to expect them. Do your online research, read through the complaints, and think about how you are going to respond in the same situation. Be ready to hang up the phone or walk out the door. Another trick for avoiding high pressure sales tactics is taking control of the interview. Come prepared with a list of questions on everything from guarantees to contract lengths.

Here are a few sample questions to get your list started:. Pogue, the company's president, denied the accusations and said the former employee was probably just angry about losing work. He said that his company had never paid workers based on commission alone, that the company was selective about clients, and that it defied "common sense" for a company to solicit business from people without financial means.

He said that SinglesPLUS had "hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of members," but refused to give precise figures. After nearly six months of waiting for the company to provide her with the 10 matches she paid for, Moran received a full reimbursement of her money from her credit card company, which ruled in her favor when she disputed the charge from SinglesPLUS.

It was only after Moran received that refund that SinglesPLUS sent her a match, but at that point, she told the company she wanted "no further contact" from them. That's partly because of the terms of a service contract which SinglesPLUS has used in the past, which states that "there are no time limitations set forth or agreed upon by SinglesPLUS," and "referrals will come on an as-available basis.

The contract also contains a clause which says that clients are responsible for half of the service fee if they elect to cancel their subscription within 72 hours, even though Florida state law says that consumers can get a full refund for future services if they cancel within a three-day window.

Holly Salmons, the vice president of the Central Florida Better Business Bureau, said that she was horrified by "the volume of complaints" against SinglesPLUS and "the speed that they started coming" in the past few months. Recently, the Central Florida division of the Better Business Bureau voted to revoke the accreditation of the company's location in Melbourne. The company president, Pogue, said, "Dating is a very emotional topic and most if not all of the complaints that you would have received would be from people that have not completed their service.

Pogue also said that his dissatisfied customers were often those who "want to see a result right away. Stephanie D. McKenzie, the author of a book called "The Business of Dating," said that it can be difficult to navigate the dating service marketplace, but she offered these tips:. Remember that you have options. Sign up for activities that interest you.

If you have any questions or concerns as a consumer, you can contact the Florida Division of Consumer Services. Their primary mandate is to educate consumers, and they also handle consumer complaints. Those who wish to file complaints can do so via the Consumer Services website.

View Comments. Others paint a less positive portrait. Refunds sought After nearly six months of waiting for the company to provide her with the 10 matches she paid for, Moran received a full reimbursement of her money from her credit card company, which ruled in her favor when she disputed the charge from SinglesPLUS.

Accreditation revoked Holly Salmons, the vice president of the Central Florida Better Business Bureau, said that she was horrified by "the volume of complaints" against SinglesPLUS and "the speed that they started coming" in the past few months.

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Prospective clients can call the matchmaker directly, or fill out a short online contact form. Members pay a lump sum up front, and then a monthly fee to access the local singles database. Great Expectations cost varies by client. Which brings us to…. Several lawsuits have been filed against Great Expectations, including those initiated by the states of Arizona , Wisconsin and Washington.

Complaints from consumers included deceptive marketing and business practices and high pressure sales tactics. Wisconsin prevailed, and Great Expectations paid fines and restitution amounting to half a million dollars.

So your experience may vary from what you read in other Great Expectations reviews. But as with any big investment of your time, trust, and money, proceed with caution and examine all your options before making a commitment. You want to hire the best matchmaker you can! There is one potential drawback to signing up with one of the matchmakers that follows the Great Expectations format.

You probably already went down that road before deciding to hire a matchmaking service. So no matter where you live or where you want to meet your soulmate, we can help you make it happen. Click here! VIDA Select is your very own team of matchmakers who are ready to introduce you to your ideal partner. Our team has already made life-long connections for thousands of clients just like you, and we'd love to make you our next success story. Click here to schedule your free consultation with us now.

Are you ready to become our next success story? Schedule your complimentary consultation now by clicking the button below! Skip to content. Great Expectations Dating Service Review. And it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get eHarmony to stop billing you after you have told them you wish to discontinue service. Even after canceling their accounts, former eHarmony customers were dogged by spam from the company. A few months later, I began getting SPAM emails from other companies, which were being sent to the unique email that I used to sign up for eHarmony.

It seems that they sold, shared or somehow released my personal contact information when I cancelled. I now have nearly emails from other companies which were sent to this unique address. Several complainants also claimed that their credit cards were charged by Match.

I dont know how they got my info. Despite being the most popular online dating website, with 3. I want my money refunded. They do not, and while I am not susceptible to such shoddy business practices, I fear that many of my lonely neighbors are.