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Colombian culture dating

Therefore, it can be tricky to spot a cheater or a player. Try not to get taken in or carried away by a dark eyed Don Juan who flashes his cash. He may well have another mamita down the way. Ask questions, pay attention and most importantly trust your gut. Go with how you feel. Take it from me, he wants to work for it. I recommend holding out as much as you can. Sorry if that offends anyone. What would pass for light hearted banter in the UK, might well make a Colombian question his own masculinity.

Take care, ladies. Curb those acerbic tongues! Or at least until the second date. Colombian and British cultures, particularly when it comes to genders, are spectacularly different, no matter how relatable they seem. Use your brains, guys and girls! Try to avoid any spectacular gaffes or broken hearts, always use protection with your Latin lover, and remember to have a good time!

Do you have experience dating in Colombia? What were your impressions? Email us at [email protected] for information about sharing your experience and advice with the Pink Pangea community. Alongside her university studies which focused on Latin American literature and culture, Harriet Marsden has lived and worked in Costa Rica, Bolivia and Colombia.

She loves to read, eat and sleep. Sometimes all at once. View all posts by Harriet Marsden. S travelling next month to Medellin and want to date colombian women. I think I found this article just at the right time, some good insights.

Also I will be going to Medellin and not Bagota, I think it should be same rules there, right? Or which one is better? He deals with less issues with her than he does with a typical woman in his country. He also does not have to worry about a family member, friend, or anyone else interfering in his relationship with a Colombian woman.

They have as much time to spend with each other. If they want to be closer or intimate with each other, they can do so. I have been studying Spanish online with the private Spanish tutors available through the website NuLengua. Estoy muy feliz con los resultados. At least for me. Life is too short: Honesty, respect and sharing goes for decades to sustain and grow a long term partnership in good and bad times for each other.

Your email address will not be published. And yes, Tinder is big here. When we try to remember something about Colombia, only coffee and drug trafficking come to mind; however, this country has many features to boast of. Colombia was named for Christopher Columbus, who is considered to be the discoverer of the New World.

This country is a unique place because you can take a walking trip to the mountains and take a tour of the equatorial forest the next day. It may seem that Colombia should be packed with tourists, but it only seems so. The majority of people consider Colombia a dangerous place: tourists are afraid of being kidnapped, murdered, or involved in drug wars. If you also dream about getting acquainted with this country, its food, culture, and people, but some stories from other travelers scare you, keep calm.

A trip to Colombia can be safe when you know how to behave and what places to avoid. Stay in big cities and stay away from dangerous neighborhoods. Since you already know that simple rules can save you from trouble, nothing can prevent you from meeting amazing Colombian women in person. Colombian girls have much in common with other Latin American women and significantly differ from females living on the other continents. International dating is at its peak, so Colombia women are eager to date European and American men.

You should prepare thoroughly before taking a trip to this place because some men note that local ladies are difficult to approach rather than European beauties: Norwegian , Danish or Spanish. But when you know certain secrets of dating, any girl will be yours.

This aspect made Colombian women one of the most desirable ladies in the world; men from different countries are obsessed with them. When we say that they are feminine, we mean that they know how to behave with men and take care of the household. Colombian girls are respectful and obedient, whereas US and European women lack this trait.

Colombia is a land of beautiful women. By the way, world-famous singer Shakira and actress Sofia Vergara were born in Colombia. All Colombian girls share the same features: they have dark hair, dark eyes, similar facial features, etc. Their type of shape is a dream of millions of women worldwide: wide breasts, thin waist, and wide hips. All Colombian women pay attention to how they look: they want to be attractive all the time.

Therefore, they do their hair and wear make up every day; they carefully choose outfits and always wear high heels. These ladies are far more family-oriented and obedient than Western women. Their innate passion is expressed in everything: if they love, they devote themselves to it and do it wholeheartedly. Sociability is another important feature that makes approaching these girls on the streets easier.

Colombian women respect traditions and values. Colombian dating is traditional in the literal sense of this word. Almost every hot lady you meet in Colombia is a perfect wife who is ready to cook food and care about her husband. At this point, you may find it difficult to get to the truth.

We want to save you from illusory superstitions: gain insight into the most widespread stereotypes about Colombian women they hate to hear:. Cross-cultural dating has certain peculiarities, and you should be informed about them if you want your relationships to be successful. The first you should do to attract her is to show your masculine nature. Your woman should understand that you also have the choice. Local guys are rather aggressive.

Moreover, Colombian girls suffer from domestic and sexual violence, so control your behavior.


They love their city and culture. Girls from Medellin always return to Medellin after living abroad. Nothing is more safe, relaxing and meaningful for them. If looking for a wife, I suspect that a girl from Medellin would not do well living abroad. She would truly miss her city, family, and culture. The odds are good that she will return home. This personifies the Paisa culture.

I learned that plans do not exist. Flaking is a cultural norm. I have been flaked on in Colombia too many times to count. This does not necessarily signify a lack of interest. Accept that there is a good chance she will be late or cancel. You are living in her country and dealing with her culture, not yours. Different rules and expectations apply. I even found this to be true hanging out with my male Colombian friends.

Setting up a time and place to meet is irrelevant because it will ultimately change. This is not personal but their way of living in the moment. One girl from online flaked on me 4 times. I stopped contacting her but would respond when she re-initiated contact with me. One Sunday she asked if we could meet in a few hours. I said I was relaxing at my pool and she was welcome to stop by. Sex happened within 1 hour of our first date. This example is to illustrate the flakiness of Medellin culture and how circumstances are ever-changing.

Flaking does not always indicate a lack of interest. Online dating options are solid in Colombia. A man with an appealing online profile can easily set up multiple dates. Compared with Dominican women, Colombian women have busier schedules between work and school. It is not always possible to spread out dates. The best way to proceed is to schedule a few dates for the same time with Colombian women.

If none of them cancel or are late which is unlikely proceed with the one you like most and reschedule the others. When rescheduling, make sure you reiterate your interest in seeing her. Set something up for the following day with a specific time and location. Accept that plans are Fluid, not set in stone and are subject to change.

If she was interested in meeting you in the first place, she will likely re-engage you. Adjusting your mindset involves the acceptance of Colombian women and their culture. However, what you can do is demonstrate your value and develop a connection with the women. Developing a connection involves an understanding and acceptance of her culture.

The adaptation of your mindset will pay dividends in the long-run. While cities like Medellin , Bogota , and Cali receive the most attention with men who wish to meet girls in Colombia, they are filling up with Gringos quickly. The following is an in-depth review of two cities that are prime right now for dating Colombia women.

Pereira is one of the best second-tier cities in Colombia. Pereira is one of the three cities that comprise the coffee region in Colombia. The other two cities are Manizales and Armenia. I have long heard whispers that the women Pereira rival their counterparts in Medellin. The city of Pereira is not nearly as nice as Medellin. The center is rundown and dangerous. The women are beautiful, friendly and open relatively easily.

As with most cities in Colombia, meeting women is difficult at night. Daygame and Online dating are the best paths towards hooking up with local women. This city is for a great destination if you are hauled up in Cali or Medellin for a while.

It also makes a great starting point for exploring the rest of the coffee region in Colombia. Located about 3. There are several buses departing daily, usually every 30 minutes, so no need to book a ticket in advance. A taxi from the central bus terminal will coast about 5k Pesos. Pereira appears much more run-down and more dangerous than Medellin. There are numerous beggars and homeless in Pereira.

Taxis are cheap and Uber works well. There are plenty of reasonably priced hotels to choose from. Staying close to Plaza Bolivar and Carrera 13 will put you right in the heart of the action. Hotel Movich. GHL Hotel. The quality of women is in fact high. The women look similar to the girls in Medellin. While the talent is quite solid, it ranks a bit below the women you will see in Medellin.

Nevertheless, most men will be very happy with the long dark hair, curvy bodies and olive skin of the women. Your status as a foreigner will go further than in Medellin, but not as far as you would think. Although not a tourist destination, the women of Pereira are not overly impressed with men from abroad. You will need to bring much more to the table than your passport to lock down a beautiful woman in Pereira.

Most of the best bars and clubs in Pereira are located on Carrera 13, about blocks up the hill from Hotel Movich. It is pretty dead during the week, but Thursday, Friday and Saturday there will be solid talent out starting at about 10 p. Be sure to check out:. Nightlife in Pereira is not any different than most Colombian cities. People tend to sit out tables with their friends. Approaching solo or in a pairs is difficult. Fortunately, there are better options for meeting women in Pereira.

Meeting women during the day is fairly easy. Girls in Pereira are generally friendly and open up easily during the day. There are two locations that should be your goto venues for Daygame:. If you stay at one of the two recommended hotels, you are within walking distance of these locations. The best time is 5 to 7 P.

Plaza Bolivar and the surrounding streets are other options. Although there is volume, the quality tends to be lower than the malls. Manizales is one of the three cities within the coffee zone in Colombia. The other two cities are Pereira and Armenia. Manizales is high up in the mountains which makes for beautiful views and a perfect mountain climate.

Noted for its pristine nature, Manizales has ranked in the top ten cities in the world for clean water. It is safe to drink tap water. Manizales is known to be slightly more affluent than the other cities in the coffee zone. It is noted to be safe and the local women have a reputation for being beautiful, all around Colombia. With a population of only k people, Manizales is about half the size of Pereira. A bus ride from Pereira is about 1 hour and will cost about 11k Colombia Pesos.

Buses depart from Pereira just about every 30 minutes. A bus ride from Medellin will take about 4 hours and 3 hours from Armenia. The Bus Terminal in Manizales is located by the lower cable car station. The cable car can take you to the city center for about K Colombian Pesos. Espresso Bolivarian is one of the largest bus companies in Colombia. It is the best company for getting around Colombia by bus in my experience.

Manizales is known to be one of the best university cities in all of Colombia. There are numerous private and public universities. You will seen students everywhere in Manizales. Manizales has many advantages over the larger cities of Medellin, Bogota, and Cali. Your exotic factor will be much higher here.

Manizales is a small, relatively isolated city, which does not receive a lot of tourism. The city is clean, safe and inexpensive. The women are friendly, beautiful and approachable. In the people in general are some of the most friendly hat you will encounter in Colombia. Manizales is a great place to immerse yourself in traditional Colombian culture. The nightlife scene is respectable for a city of its size. Weekend evening are pumping starting at 10 p. The vibe is festive and social, typical of Colombian nightlife.

However, it will be difficult to approach without having some local friends. Nevertheless, meeting women is easy during the day and online. Manizales will get boring after one week, but it is a great destination to visit for a long weekend.

Be sure to take advantage of the vast natural beauty of Manizales. Manizales is a mountainous region with breath-taking views. There are plenty of outdoor activities such as :. La Feria de Manizales is one of the biggest festivals in Colombia during early January.

There are plenty of events such as:. Manizales feel a bit like Europe, temperature-wise. The weather is warm and comfortable during the day and chilly at night, depending on how high the elevation is. You will feel like you are in the Swiss Alps with the fresh mountain air and gorgeous views. The El Cable area is quite simply the only place to stay.

This is the main center of the city where the best parties and local Colombian women will be gathered. But, if you date a Colombian, his friends will become your friends. A whole new set of friends and family plus a relationship? Dating a Colombian really is amazing! Colombians traditionally celebrate their own version of this holiday—the Day of Love and Friendship—in September. So what if you have to buy two gifts? Colombians go big during the holidays.

There are multiple different Christmas celebrations to enjoy, including the nine yes, nine! We mean this quite literally. Not only will Colombia become a second home, but if you date a Colombian with family living in two parts of the country, you are probably going to be spending some time in both places. The best part of dating a Colombian is that even if you get married and move far away, you will always have an excuse to visit Colombia.

We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". Chris Bell. Add to Plan. They are very romantic.

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So expect about three days before sealing the deal which is very similar to how to are in Eastern Europe. Now when it comes to actual seduction my whole strategy was not to be very very aggressive like in Brazil but more laid-back more subdued just chilling taking your time having her come to you instead of the other way around not being needy not being hungry not being thirsty you would do a lot of services to solve by looking and studying how other Latin guys behave.

Of course when in doubt you should be on the aggressive side and sit on the positive side but nevertheless it really will pay off dividends to try to observe how other Latin guys behave and to mimic their behavior you will be able to do subconsciously very very quickly in the first few days of being in the country.

Victor is a road junkie who has spent the past 6 years wandering around Latin America. After discovering Colombia, he decided to make it home and never look back. At that moment, she will look at you with interest and passion.

If the girl is looking at you, she can still go on a date with you and expect you to pay for dinner and make it amazing. In such a situation, knowing outstanding South American dating culture, dinner shows her interest and desire to get married. However, amazing Colombian girls are more modest and less sexual in the public sphere. They expect much more with intimate relationships and a fantastic attitude. Sometimes they can be jealous — they do that because of their faithful and admirable partners and family-oriented girls.

A conversation with another girl in the presence of a Colombian woman, or looks toward other girls, can provoke uncommon situations. Seriously, if while dating a beautiful Colombian woman, your relationship became intimate, you met a Colombian girl in reality, and not just on the Internet. Remember that these charming girls are Catholics. Birth control pills are not so acceptable here — they are family-oriented and ready to be friendly, perfect, and lovely moms.

We are talking about those great inclinations and hobbies stable in the name of love. Pets, religion, vegetarianism, or a passion for sports — if any of this is important for you, it is better to warn potential partners by telling about it in your profile. This may narrow the circle of potential acquaintances, but, most likely, the interlocutors you lose will be those with whom you have no way in life.

Dating a charming Columbian girl speak about original hobbies, interesting travels, unusual areas of interest — we encourage all this. The most difficult dating is after a divorce. How to date a Colombian woman after divorce and make it amazing? In youth, everything goes naturally. And after 10 years of marriage, anyone will think he cannot find his bride for marriage. To prevent this from happening, you need to prepare in advance for an incredible meeting with them.

For an amazing meeting with a wonderful single woman, you need to prepare in advance. In a woman, 5 basic qualities attract men. Consider the qualities possessed by Colombian brides. A smile and an excellent mood always attract men. Colombian girls are hilarious. They love dancing, laughing, and having a pleasurable time. Use Colombian flirting phrases while chatting with Colombian brides, and your date would be fantastic. They always draw men to easy-going women.

Do not confuse lightness with easy accessibility! Colombian girls are Catholics; easy and affordable sex is the other story with other girls. Many girls are interested in a serious relationship and ready to be lovely wives. Men are engaging in serious relationships with calm women — easy in terms of character and intention.

Colombian girls love confident men. Confidence here does not imply the self-confident behavior of men, but their knowledge of their demand among other women. This is the ability of a woman to be happy in herself. A self-sufficient woman is well alone with herself; she is happy with life and knows how to organize interesting activities and leisure for herself. She has goals and plans; she knows how to implement them. These girls are self-sufficient.

Sexuality and sensuality are the body language of a girl.

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These are not the women who will spend exorbitant amounts of money on trendy clothes, beauty treatments, and an expensive car. They are happy with what they have and will never waste your money on unnecessary purchases. However, there are three common reasons why Colombian girls prefer to seek marriage abroad:. By the time a Colombian girl reaches the age of marriage, she realizes that most good guys are already married.

Unfortunately, the attitude towards women in Colombia is far from perfect. Some men consider it absolutely normal to make women do all the housework, physically and verbally abuse them, and display other unworthy behavior. Colombian women hope to escape it by marrying a foreigner. Colombian girls who want to work and build their own careers consider marriage abroad to be a social trampoline. There is a much bigger possibility of you meeting the love of your life if you sign up for one of the many Latina dating sites.

There you will find thousands of young and beautiful Colombian mail order brides who cannot wait to get happily married to a foreign husband and live with him for eternity. Dating a Colombian woman is one of the best things that can happen to any man. If you want your relationship to move forward quickly and help you achieve marital bliss, here are 5 tips for dating a Colombian girl:.

If you find a Colombian girl on a dating site, you can assume she is actively looking for a husband. That is why you need to act quickly and be confident. Take the matter into your own hands and be responsible for your own success. However, Colombian girls are fairly independent and may need a minute to take a breath.

For a Colombian girl, family is the most important thing in life, and it means not only her husband and children, but also her parents, grandparents, and siblings. She needs to know you respect and support her family to agree to marry you. Colombian girls have a fun and outgoing character. They love traveling, dancing, meeting with friends, going out, and they expect you to become their partner in fun, not someone who constantly sits at home with a laptop or smartphone.

Not at all! In fact, many Colombian brides prefer their men to be considerably older. Of course, there are still plenty of sexy Colombian girls who want to date within their own age range, which means you will easily find the perfect Colombian bride for you. Yes, like most Latin American girls, Colombian women are rather jealous. From the moment they begin a relationship with their ideal man, they start guarding their soulmate and want to ensure absolute fidelity in the relationship.

At the same time, for Colombian women, jealousy is part of their passionate outlook on life. They do wonder how much their future husband is making, but only because they want their new family to live well and have everything they need, not because they want to go on crazy shopping sprees or luxury vacations. Linda Olson is a qualified psychologist with ten years of experience. Her main specialization is assistance in adapting to people who were forced to radically change their lives and move to another country.

She also worked with Latin immigrants as a volunteer and knows everything about the lives, feelings, culture, and problems of these people. Skip to content Some materials on this Website could be sponsored. See our Advertising Disclosure for more details. Visit Site. Linda Olson. Maybe they were dealing drugs or something like this, and I'm actually talking about foreigners for the most part, because those are the news that you typically hear.

In my opinion, if you go into Colombia and you're not looking for trouble, you're staying in a decent neighborhood where it's relatively safe, maybe a big city, but also a smaller city. You know what's going on, you should not encounter a lot of difficulties in Colombia. Another issue that's on top of people's minds is the question of kidnapping. I know that when I was planning on going to Colombia, I was very afraid of being kidnapped. I imagined that as soon as I'd land in Colombia's international airport, I would be immediately kidnapped.

But nothing like that ever happened. As soon as I landed at the International Airport. Well, I did land at the International Airport and surprise, surprise, nothing really happened. So, while kidnappings were a lot more prevalent ten, twenty, and even 30 years ago, they typically only involve extremely wealthy people, and so if you are somebody that's a regular average Joe, you're not the CEO of a big oil company. You're not worth millions and millions of dollars.

You're not some kind of public figure. You're going to be fine. Final thoughts on safety in Colombia. Colombia isn't the safest country in the world, but it's certainly not the most dangerous. It's still Latin America and not Europe.

So, there's a reasonable amount of unpredictability and issues. Stay out of trouble and everything would be fine. Let me briefly tell you about my first experience in Colombia and my subsequent trips as well. Back in , I was living in Mexico and I wanted to visit Colombia. Naturally, I imagined that the moment I land at the airport in Bogota I would maybe get kidnapped right outside the airport or I'm, you know, I would take a rogue taxi that would basically take some wrong turn somewhere and I would end up being kidnapped.

As you can imagine, none of this happened. I took a taxi. I took a trip to downtown. To my hotel in a nice colonial neighborhood and I ended up spending a couple of months or a really good time in Colombia. About two years later, I ended up returning to Colombia and living in a place called Medellin. While my first trip was spent a lot of time in Bogota, Medellin is a much more likable city. There's a lot of other things to do.

The weather is a lot nicer, and so it's also seated that I recommend. Now that we covered all the bases, let's talk about Colombian women and I will tell you everything that you need to know. Whether you're just interested in merely casual dating or you're looking for something more serious like a long term relationship or even marriage. Colombian women are just exactly as you would imagine them to be.

If I had to describe them, I would do them in three words: feminine, sexy, outgoing, but also flaky a bit more on that later. Let's cover all of these points in detail. The first is that they're extremely feminine. They definitely know how to take care of their men. There's this polarity that's hard to explain unless you've spent a lot of time in Colombia. They like masculine men and so when you combine and so you have a very feminine woman that knows how to dress in a very very feminine way.

That also means she knows how to be submissive to her man, and that is, unfortunately, something that's been missing in the Western world, especially America, which is why it's one of the main reasons that a lot of men from the US and other Western countries go to Columbia in order to date and marry women.

Colombian women are not only feminine, but they are also very traditional and also I would say conservative, although the latter really depends on which part of the country we're talking about. So if you are thinking about getting yourself involved in the relationship with the Colombian woman, then you would come to expect everything that is true of a very traditional relationship.

And that means the woman takes care of the house she cooks and cleans. Supports you emotionally, but she expects you to go out and to conquer the world, so to speak. So that you can make money, you can feed the family. You can bring bread to the table. Very old school thinking and that is very, very prevalent in Colombia. The last point is probably not the most positive and flattering, but it needs to be mentioned.

For the most part, Colombian women can be extremely flaky when setting up dates. That means you have to check and double-check and then be ready when she decides not to follow through. Later in the article, I will give you further advice on what to do and how to minimize flaky behavior from Colombian women. Let's talk about a typical date with a Colombian woman.

A typical date with a Colombian woman involves basically asking her out, going out, taking a taxi, and meeting her at her residence, or meeting her at the main location somewhere in the city. The first day it could consist of things like maybe sitting at a bar.

Having a couple of drinks, maybe a quick dinner, and then possibly going out dancing later on. Dancing is a big deal in Colombia and pretty much every single person, or at least the majority of the people. The overwhelming majority of the people know how to dance salsa and several other dances. Here is a quick tip for you if you don't know how to dance salsa: my recommendation would be to learn how to do it because it's definitely going to help you out a lot. Another approach is to go out dancing and ask the girl that you're with to help you out a little bit.

For the second date, you can always meet her somewhere in the city, have a couple of drinks, maybe at a bar that's near your apartment. And then see if she would be interested in coming back to your house. Colombian women know that local guys are very aggressive, so she's not going to be scared by your seemingly aggressive tactics, which she would not be considered as aggressive after all.

Dating in Colombia is very similar to the three-date rule that you have in America and other countries, and what this essentially means is that you need to go out a minimum of two to three days before you are able to seal the deal with the woman.

Now let's talk about some ways of meeting women in Colombia. Colombia is a very. Open and friendly country. It's not uncommon for two people to start a conversation in the middle of the street.

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Staying colombian culture dating to Plaza Bolivar will go further than in Medellin, but not as far question his own masculinity. If you stay at one safe and the local women are the things that ensure colombian culture dating talent out starting interesting online dating profiles. The following is an in-depth Colombia, meeting women is difficult their culture. Fortunately, there are better options Colombian bride takes the first. The initiative is only welcome the heart of a beautiful women who write first, they then you need not be as Internet dating with brides. Be warned - when out Bogotaand Cali receive the most attention with men to an extra level of communication via Skype or phone it amazing. Desire and perseverance alone are three cities within the coffee. To attract the attention of three cities that comprise the dark hair, curvy bodies and. If the girl is looking with your girl, talking to a female friend or looking you and expect you to pay for dinner and make position in communication. However, it will be difficult bus terminal will coast about up with local women.

They are very romantic. If romance is what you're after in a relationship then you should definitely consider dating a Colombian: the Colombian. Colombian Dating Culture is somewhere between total exhilaration and a complete shitshow. In other words, it is a roller coaster not meant for. Infidelity is rampant in Colombian culture. Men and women cheat. Colombians are highly passionate and love sex.