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Dc dating blogs

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Really bad, like do we do a "do-over" bad, or pretend it never happened bad? Atleast that's been my experience in the past. I guess it was bad mainly because we were friends atleast that's what I'd like to rationalize and aside from the fact that his rocket launched too quick, like waaaayyyyy too quick the chemistry just wasn't there.

We did it three times same night Things aren't THAT awkward though. We've talked since then and text back and forth. Friendship still intact I'll tell you what's awkward though I ran into Klein It was so random and unexpected Like really, I didn't expect it. And get this, 48 hours later He tried to give me a hug. I mean really, what is there to say?

I'll admit, I could have made an effort, but it would have been so forced. DC is soooo small. Note to self: Do not date anyone that lives or works within a 3-block radius of me In Other News: I went on a really bad date a few weeks ago. Like, he had stalker potential. In fact, I think he tried to follow me home, because he let on that he knew what street I turned down after the date He has called and text-stalked me Brian text me out the blue this past weekend Out the blue School has me pretty busy, but I managed to findsome time to hang last week.

And now, I have to finish the semester on a good note Henry , Safe Sex , Vodka Goggles. Disclaimer: Read Part 1 first. Klein: But I got into a fight, with a crazy person last night. Klein: I could have been hurt. We start walking and he awkwardly tries to put his arm around me. He tells me he has a meeting and he will see me later.

Two days go by. I finally call him and ask him to help me with something. At this point I checked out. He takes half of the things I brought to drop them off at my place. Me: are you coming over after dinner Klein: yea Me: so like an hour or so Klein: Yea, I gotta eat, or so. Hence the reason for the text. But I beg to differ. Earlier in the relationship I tried to break up with him twice. And both times he pretended as if it never happened.

I said it. It may come off as being harsh, but the problems we had existed pre-mom. Maybe I could have done it differently, but my frustration with him could not be contained anymore. Labels: Klein. So let me start with a few disclaimers. As usual, I'm drinking. So if something doesn't make since, blame the Yellowtail Shiraz hey, good cheap wine, what can I say.

Disclaimer 2, I haven't had sex in like 2 months I'm scared I'll throw my panties at some random guy on the street anyday now, although I must say, I've been in some hard situations the last month all puns intended , and didn't give in First things first. I remember I told you I was going to tell you about the break-up with Klein. Hopefully to clear up the fact that I'm not a bitch for breaking up with him shortly after his mom passed.

Here goes So in the comments awhile ago, I indicated my rocking, eccentric Aunt passed away shortly after Klein's mom. In fact, we were together when I got the news that she had hours if that to live. So we depart, and on my long drive home, she passes. I call him to let him know. He doesn't answer. Later ends up being the next day or so. I had to call him because his phone was off Well he gets back in town Wednesday but he doesn't tell me, I found out via his sister early Thursday morning, after she sent me a text asking me if I spoke to him.

We talked Thursday evening. I left Friday morning for the funeral. I get back to D. No answer. He comes up to me I didn't notice him or rather see him walk in and asks me to wait for him while he checks out. I wait. Did you get my text from earlier? Him: Yeah, about you making it back? Me: Um Yeah. Him: Yeah, I was gonna call you.

But guess what happened to me last night? Me: I don't care. Before you tell me anything, you haven't even asked me how my flight was, how's my family, how was my trip. In fact, you didn't call me once this whole weekend!!! Ok, sorry guys, I'm getting mad just thinking about the pure fuckery that came out his mouth afterwards.

To be continued H for the last month, and the fact that he's been throwing it at me like a major league pitcher Remember Jason??? If you don't you gotta catch up on him, he's sorta back in the picture as a "friend only". As you can see, I'm in the house Labels: good girl , Jamaica , Jason , Klein , Mr. That wasn't fair Klein Fuck closure. That was the idea, behind the come get your shit movement.

This weekend was crazy. Ok, let me start in order. Friday night vodka got the best of me, and lets just say I ran into some of Klein's co-workers. The next day they told him I was inebriated well in their words fucked up.

He told them I wasn't his gf anymore and that I broke up with him. He calls me to get my side of the story, I blow him off because I was on my way back to Mr. I spent all day Saturday at Mr. H's place.

No sex with Mr. In fact, I couldn't even think about bringing myself to letting him nibble my muffin. I thought about it, but I wasn't turned on by the thought of him. In fact, I was probably dryer than the Sahara desert when thinking about him getting close to my lady parts I left his place around am, Klein calls me at am.

I knew he was going to call. I push silent and go to sleep. Tonight, man I study, eat, nap, Klein comes over for the "pick your stuff up, I don't want it in my house anymore closure event". We talk. We talk about why it wasn't working, we talk about maybe later in life, He apologizes and says he's sorry he wasn't the man I wanted him to be. We talk about us He tells me I was the best gf he ever had We hug for a really long time.

We say stuff that's deep. I tell him he should go, it's late and he's gotta meet his friends. He says he has time. We kiss. He tugs at my skirt, and I tell him no. He tries again. I try to stop him. He gets on his knees, and kisses me. I try to stop him again. He says he wants to. On the floor in my living room, he gives me the best oral conversation ever, and gets up and leaves. Damn fucker.

I was supposed to meet my friends out tonight, I was on my way to Mr. I can't believe he just pulled that Labels: Confessions , Conversation , Klein , Mr. Henry , No Sex. Last Night I gave him the disclaimer twice We leave the t. Guess he was salty about it, because he tried to take shots at me on Facebook But no matter how surprised I am by this, […]. A year ago, I was really scared. Not scared like I was when Shawn was sick, or scared like I was after he died. Not like that. But not unlike that, either.

My dad had left DC at the beginning of the pandemic and I was in lockdown with my kids. In those early days, […]. Holidays Easter Joy Read More. No comments yet. But mostly, I […] Read More. Even as the trees turned pink with flowers and […] Read More. As I was […] Read More.