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Gibson mandolin serial number dating dating dos

Gibson mandolin serial number dating

Thread: Gibson mandolin serial numbers. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Feb, pm 1. Hi, this maybe one of those daft questions so please bear with me. Mandolin that is it seems quite old. It has a barely readable pencilled label inside it,but I think it reads Is there anyway of identifying it precisly to the year?

Any help greatly appreicated. Feb, pm 2. You could search the Mandolin Archive by similar serial numbers sequential. Probably a model based on the ones returned in the search for yours. There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and, after that, to enjoy it.

Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second. Feb, pm 3. Fjestad's Gibson Serialization from the Blue Book of Electric Guitars linked to Gibson's website gives the sequence for as to for all instruments, in an initial sequence starting at and running to for the period He also states "all numbers are approximate. Feb, pm 4. Gibson numbers are approximate because there is several overlaps in years decades apart.

That is why you must go by physical looks of the mandolin and how it relates to catalog descriptions over the decades. While most people don't have access to this catalog details many in the vintage do. When it doubt post a photo with serial number information here and you'll get a pretty exact date.

The archives is also a good place to fish for information if you know what lake to fish in! Feb, pm 5. Many thanks to you all I will try and resize the photogrpah I have. It has with it the origianl case and pick guard. Kind regards, Keith. Feb, pm 6. The "patent pending" years mean nothing. If you ever forget it I do , just go to Google and type in Gibson mandolin serial numbers.

It will pop right up. Feb, pm 7. Mine is 33XXX Jun, pm 8. Pug att. Sheraton Brown, finish is fair but original. Instrument structure is in great shape and plays well as is. Serial and Stock I think it is a model as the closet ser I can find is and the pictures are identical. Any info and estimate price would be much appreciated? Jun, am 9. Re: Gibson mandolin serial numbers Just what I was going to say, you should "Endeavour" sorry UK joke to read the, so called, Factory Order Number which, as Eddie says, should be stamped on the neck block.

The serial number will suggest when it was shipped from the factory. If you can't read the pencilled number try different types of strong light - in some you can see it in some you can't. Bear in mind that its not a precise science.

Jun, am Plain tailpiece cover. Shaped hardshell or canvas case. Can have the "snakehead" peghead see below A or A0 Brown or black finish, binding only on face and in soundhole. One ring of purfling around the soundhole. Pickguard that is pinned into the fingerboard and bridge, clamped to the side of the instrument.

Pearl dots on fingerboard. Dark stained birch not the best "wavy" or "curly" cut back and sides. Shaped hardshell case. Black, rope bound, hollow neck. Refinished in lacquer. Hollow neck construction. Frets appea Another instrument that was in the Chinery collection. Black face, inlaid pickguard, hollow neck construction.

From early A model. Unusual inlay on this one, which also has a volute on the back of the peghead. Tailpiece cover is a replacement. Case does not look original Early bird mandola. EC-, carved spruce top with tortoise plastic pickguard inlaid into top, fancy pearl design inlaid in pickguard, dual checkerboard purfling r Black, Handel inlaid tuners, "The Gibson" and a viney little thing on the peghead, inlaid pickguard, fancy position markers DB- follow Very rare instrument, appears in the earliest Gibson catalog.

The "rope binding" and pickguard inlay are the features to identify an F3. Replaced fretboard copies detail of scroll on extension from the original fret Refinished blacktop, handels, large inlaid pickguard. Very nice condition. Repair label over orville label from the shop that did a refret s Pumpkin top. This mandolin has no pickguard inlaid, though evidence that there was once a clamped style one attached.

Please note that most of this information relates to serial numbers used from to present.

What is the best dating site Black top, handel inlaid tuners, "the gibson" and fleur-de-lis on peghead. More detail on the A3 model mandolin. As Frank suggested I will take and send some good photos and serial s and factory order numbers of the two mandolins. Bound on top, back, sides, around the fingerboard. Pearl dots on the fingerboard. A2 or A2Z Brown, black, or blonde finish all possible. Dating a Gibson by Serial Number.
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Expatica dating netherlands For many vintage instruments, determining the date of manufacture involves little more than running the serial number through a reference guide. Black veneered headstock, front back. Tell him or us the serials, and we can date them for you too, of course. The case and lining show signs of wear but are in good condition and it has 2 Guts pitch pipes. By telepbrman in forum Looking for Information About Mandolins.
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