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Joseph gordon levitt dating

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has had his fair share of failed romances. The actor has been linked to various high-profile women in the past. While some of these relationships fizzled out, some looked like they would brave the weather. Gordon-Levitt might be happily married to robotics expert Tasha McCauley today, but he had to go through a series of heartbreaks to land his happily ever after.

So who has Gordon-Levitt dated? Find out who the lucky ladies are. There is no doubt that Gordon-Levitt has found his soulmate with McCauley. However, before meeting his current wife, Gordon-Levitt said that he had a rough time with love. To hide away from the emotional turmoil, Gordon-Levitt took to creating. The star said that he would use writing stories, shooting videos, and singing as coping mechanisms. For Gordon-Levitt, creativity was a healing thing, and to be surrounded by fellow creatives helped get him through the rough patches that love had put him through.

One failed romance, in particular, left the Project Power star so heartbroken that he even wrote a book about how to break up and heal. Through the book, Gordon-Levitt offers his tried-and-tested methods of overcoming heartache by helping his readers delve into their creative selves as a form of healing.

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