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Memories of NHS campaigning. Born in the NHS. It is an idea with powerful emotional appeal. But its prominence is in fact The NHS explained in eight charts. Seventy years later, the groundbreaking NHS is as complex as it is large it is the fifth Recent weeks have seen campaign buses emblazoned with contested slogans about healthcare touring two countries on opposite sides of the world. Teeth and National Identity. While the popularity of the NHS is enduring amongst the British public, in the Labour fold commitment to it is an article of faith.

So at By the introduction of the NHS in , x-ray technology had improved substantially from its Now in its sixth decade, the availability of the contraceptive pill on the National Health Service has become I was born with club feet or talipes as it is better known these days. Consequently I spent three six week periods at the ages of four, seven and eleven in The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore. Unlike today children were kept in hospital a much longer time after Women and Mental Health.

In the blog, she describes the holdings of the 'Women's Health collection' in the archives It was founded Selling Pituatry Glands! This would have been in the very early s when I was very new to the NHS, and very, very green. I was studying to become was was then called a Laboratory Technician in a big London hospital.

I was asked to collect a number of tissue samples from a Is pro-NHS campaigning radical? Pro-NHS campaigning is radical as we constantly fight for the original fundamental beliefs of the NHS and challenge the managerialism of the modern Trusts and CCGs and the phony "membership" of Foundation Trusts, who have no power.

Thus we promote the democratisation of the NHS. We advocate for patients' rights A perspective from During the current junior contract dispute the events of have been a point of comparison for various commentators including me in a Guardian piece , but there's been little focus on the details of negotiations and what eventually settled it. In this blog I'll be looking in detail at how the In this talk, Professor Anna National Babies.

In the National Childbirth Trust had over , parents attend their ante and postnatal courses. With the help of over 15, volunteers the NCT currently campaign to improve maternity care and give every parent the chance to make informed choices about their child. The NCT has grown significantly in Visit to Leamington Spa History Society. Fundraising and the Coming of the NHS.

As a result of which, in the decades since the First World War, they had become firmly established as community institutions. At the turn of I had been very poorly during that year, and was diagnosed with scarlet fever because I had a bad rash on my legs. I was very thin and coughed but the Doctor told Cigarette Smoking: The Nicotine Fix. The understanding of cigarette smoking as addictive and nicotine as the central addictive component is now well known and seemingly straightforward.

Years of anti-smoking campaigning, as well as the mass advertising of nicotine replacement products, have together promoted a relatively new disease and addiction narrative around cigarette smoking. Yet, the The NHS inspires, and has long inspired, a range of cultural representations, tributes, and, indeed, critiques, including from poetry, literature, visual art, and television and film.

Larry is a Dorset Symposium: People-Powered Medicine. NHS: Past and Future. NHS in the frame. Their innovative and creative designs incorporate the technological and societal developments during this period, from the start of industrial-scale manufacturing to the founding of the National Health Even though the NHS is a free heath service in theory, the government still want people to be aware of the costs in practice. The idea of cost being thrown at This Welsh language online advent calendar offers tips about how to stay healthy at Christmas.

Film: Blood is Life. Featured in the Encouraging Blood Donation gallery. It shows men and women responding to the call to give blood and shows the process of blood donation and blood transfusion. It emphasises the importance of Take A Ride on the Magic Bus. Created by the Science Museum Brought to Life tool, this interactive 'tour' allows you to explore a Mass Miniature Radiography Unit as it would have looked in the s and s.

It enables users to read pop-up information screens about the name of the service, the types of vans used, Christmas away from home with the Food Programme. Portraits and Power. Portraits and Power What do you see, in your mind's eye, when you hear the word 'doctor'? And 'nurse'? Until very recently indeed, the most common answer to these questions would have been 'An older white man' and 'a white woman'. Even today, research suggests that we commonly expect the Mass Observing General Practice.

As with its predecessor, MOP recruits Graffiti video: Save the NHS, Representation: Who gets a say in the NHS? The question of who gets a say in how the health service is run was a controversial question from its foundation. What weight should the opinions of local and national government have? What about A lot of people here in Leeds were concerned and interested including our current Chair, Jeremy Pritlove Video-conferencing GPs.

The space of GP surgeries was significantly changed by the introduction of new communication technologies, such as computers and video-conferencing. In this image Dr Keith Freeman, a dermatologist, uses video-conferencing to diagnose patients from eight GP surgeries in mid-Wales. About Us. It is part of our bigger academic project investigating the cultural history of the NHS, funded by the Wellcome Trust. Sunny Visit to St Fagans Museum! I think we have increasingly informed ourselves over the years about the NHS services, structures, managers and policies to find the most effective methods for targeting our campaigning efforts.

Because protesting on the streets is increasingly "managed" by the police and media, and we have become older and less able I started wearing glasses when I was 7, which seems to have been quite unusually young back in nobody looked out for short-sightedness in children back then, it took ages to convince people I couldn't see the blackboard in school! But my main memory is the stigma attached to Donating to the Museum of the Royal College of Physicians.

Below, Kristin explains what they especially would like to collect and how to go about donating in a bit On the first day of the conference there were other sessions going on at the same time, The serious reading matter is no surprise. Titmuss was a Professor of Social Policy and arguably the key intellectual theorist Student nurses: When is a nurse a student? Prior to the NHS, nurse training had varied markedly according to where you were trained How insulin saved the life of Alan Nabarro and millions like him Before the discovery of insulin in , a diagnosis of type-1 diabetes was a death sentence.

Alan Nabarro was one of the first people in the UK whose life was saved by the new treatment, and his Policy engagement at local level — a workshop for historians. Upcoming events in Leeds! An efficient, productive NHS? One of the most long-standing public policy discussions about the National Health Service revolves around efficiency: its efficiency as a health system and the efficiency of its employees.

As early as officials at the Ministry of Health began assuming the service was over-staffed, circulating a memorandum that year instructing Mental Health. A significant interest in something called mental health, not just mental illness, can be dated back in Britain to the interwar years. In other words, it was not a product of the new National Health Service.

Indeed, hope that the new service might provide the opportunity for a vigorous state Changes in nurse training: memorabilia and memories from and Changes in nurse training: memorabilia and memories from and These two records of the presentation of certificates for the completion of nurse training and badges awarded upon qualification in and are separated by more than just time; they subtly reveal the changing nature of nurse training.

At the Royal Northern Hospital in London, where my mother trained Born in the NHS to Running it. His surgery was below his flat in Plymouth and he knew all the family history and even carried out dentistry. I didn't really have much contact then until fast forward to 5th To write the People's History of the NHS, our project team are passionate about sharing our research, meeting people, and hearing your memories about how the NHS has changed over time. It has been an amazing experience to step behind the TV production curtain into the Charting the NHS.

So the NHS is complicated. We get that: after all, it is the largest single employer in Britain, and one of the five largest employers in the whole world. Even if it were just an ordinary business, it would be a complex one, with lots of moving parts.

He'd previously been wandering about on borrowed crutches, hoping it healed, but since the ankle was still massive and purple decided to Nursing school prospectuses made an effort to show the social life of student nurses, as well as their training. St George's Hospital highlighted their professional swimming and tennis coaches, as well as hockey, netball and squash facilities, and informal dances. World Social Work Day Tuesday 15 March in is a good time to look back to the history of social work - and, for us, its historic relationship with the NHS.

It suffers from not being a profession with a history as long as medicine or having the totemic figures of Next Roadshow — 8th January, Edinburgh! We are delighted to announce our next 'NHS Roadshow'! Come along for a chance to meet our team and to see our lovely NHS objects. We'll be bringing: Trade union manuals and posters from the s and I started working in the NHS when it was just 33 years old, and I was just 22 years old. The Regional Statistician had set up the My mother was a nurse within the NHS, my grand parents were both GPs who campaigned for the establishment of the NHS and my uncle and aunt were doctors in Please see below a very interesting new blog about the ways in which young people are represented in the NHS currently.

For the historical context, our researcher Jack Saunders has also written a great encyclopedia entry about representation. Questions about who gets a say in governing the NHS, but also First Memories of the NHS. Since the first of February, you have been responding. Thanks to your memories, and your comments on our objects, galleries and the stories that other members have told News for the new year: welcome, !

One of our key public events is the 'NHS Roadshow'. This is loosely based on the Antiques Roadshow, and we ask members of the public to bring along their personal items relating to the NHS - baby tags, glasses, campaign badges, prescription forms, old Lloyd George insurance cards.

Philip Larkin and the NHS. I spent around 2 and a half years there having first spent 6 months in Leeds Infirmary. Many memories are faint and others still very clear but I know I returned home shortly before the coronation in Today, I am a British citizen, and I have lived here for much of my adult life. But my first NHS memory is that of a tourist, and a child.

Laid over for a Nurse training over time — a guest blog by John Beales. This is a guest blog kindly written for us by John Beales. John is a former nurse, and worked in the NHS from until He is now undertaking a Masters degree in History at the University of Bristol. These two records of the presentation of certificates for the Since the start of the NHS, multiple types of activism have sought to protect, save, change, or shape the Service.

Scotland and the National Health Service. Guest encyclopaedia entry by Professor John Stewart. The National Health Service NHS is often, and quite rightly, cited as one of the institutions which make people most proud to be British. This is a bit special! I have been entrusted with this fab old photo and have to find out more about it as the lady owner has sadly passed away. So far eagle eyed people have spotted Matron Roker 3rd from right , head of nursing I believe from Welfare Foods Poster, c.

Poster for the Welfare foods programme which entitled all infants and expectant mothers to free milk, orange juice and cod liver oil c. Essentially adapted tricycles with a rudimentary bodywork, they provided independent transport for disabled people. The founder of Invacar, Bert Greeves, had worked Art in Hospitals. Homesick Hungry and Unhappy. I was 'sent off to be a nurse' because that's what all good girls did, stated my Mother. Giving Blood in the NHS.

So this is a good time to think about the history of blood donations and their place in the history of the NHS. Blood transfusions have a history NHS Editathon! An NHS miscellany at my house. Once I started looking, the NHS was everywhere in my house - a charity bookmark made to raise funds for the Christie Hospital; a fifty-pence coin celebrating fifty years of universal, free-at-the-point-of-need NHS care; and the curious tool for NHS acupuncture and acupressure treatment or maybe for 'sham' acupuncture?

This is the first from a guest contributor, and we would welcome more of these. If you are interested in contributing something that you think belongs in our People's Encyclopaedia, please do contact Non-members, This back cover depicts in extremely graphic terms NUPE's attitude towards "nons" non-union members in local government and the health service.

In NUPE negotiated terms and conditions for hospital workers on what were called "Whitley Councils", government-sponsored bodies where Childhood Vaccination and the NHS. Since the s mass vaccination programmes have formed important elements in the governmental provision of healthcare services to children. Collectively, they have reduced the incidence and severity of numerous childhood diseases. Yet, they have also been subject to moments of social anxiety and panic over safety issues, necessity and the Graffiti Labour billboard Voters have become used to - and cynical of - party political claims about the NHS.

Here, a defaced Labour Party billboard from illustrates voter disillusionment. The Labour party launched this website in This indicates the relatively minor role of private health care across the period, though this remained the choice of many of the wealthy and Nurses Celebrate Christmas at Savernake Hospital. This image, taken at Savernake Hospital, Wiltshire in , reflects a long tradition of Christmas carol singing on hospital wards.

Carry on Matron Poster. This was the 23rd film in the Carry On franchise and the fourth with a medical setting. Though the franchise was on the wane by the s, these remained highly popular films. The film offers us a picture Father Christmas, on his way to a fundraising party for the 'Save Tadworth Hospital' campaign on the 15th of December , slipped from the launch taking him to a luxury yacht where the party was held.

He was rescued by nurses from the hospital. Tadworth Court Hospital, then part of Mothers Vote Labour. Labour Party Political Poster in circulation from , the first election in which women at least those over the age of 30 were able to vote. Both parties strongly targeted these new voters -- often specifically as 'mothers' -- and both sought to attract them through making promises to improve Health … Give Labour a Chance.

Labour Party Political Poster c. The record of our health bespeaks the record of bad housing and insufficient food, light, air, sleep, and recreation, that reflects in the most dreadful way upon our life as a nation. Vote for Haywood and give Labour a chance! The Real Peak Practice. Conservative Local Election Poster Support for the NHS was, at least rhetorically, a matter of party political consensus in the s and s - though in practice funding and provision changed significantly from the initial promises of the s.

Conservative Party Poster Continuing the health themes of the election, this General Election poster for the British Conservative Party offers 'More for the young, the old, the sick. Vote Conservative'. Beveridge Report Dynamite. The Beveridge Report named after its author, Liberal economist William Beveridge famously argued for state intervention to do away with the 'Five Giants': squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease. Received with considerable popular acclaim, the Report was also -- as cartoonist Charles Leslie Illingworth depicts here -- political dynamite.

No Catch Poster, s. AIDS as a public health threat first emerged in and for many years there was considerable public confusion over how the disease spreads. It can be spread through unprotected sex, via contaminated blood products and by sharing needles. This poster aimed at Graffiti Conservative Billboard, Voters are no more friendly to Conservative Party claims, as the graffiti on this billboard suggests.

Labour Party posters, General election Labour's posters for the General Election drew attention to the Party's role in establishing the NHS, and thus improving the health of women, children and the elderly, who had not been covered by pre-war state provision. Film: Choose Your Doctor This famous poster revived as recently as the General Election, when the Labour Party Shop re-fashioned it as a tea towel - which immediately sold out demonstrates the party's sense that the NHS was already an popular emblem of post-war values, and a natural vote-winner.

While the party lost Model of MMR Unit. This model of an MMR Unit created by the Science Museum to illustrate the interior of a mobile van and to show how the x-ray was taken. It displays women operators in white uniforms and a small queue of men wearing shirts to emphasise that there was no need to The Fruits of Victory. The lukewarm Conservative response to Beveridge's groundbreaking report triggered anger among many voters, who felt they had already paid - through wartime sacrifices - for a Welfare State, including, as this Philip Zec cartoon illustrates, 'proper medical attention'.

The cartoon, originally published in the left-leaning Daily Mirror newspaper, was Conservative Party Election Leaflet Having learned the lessons of the narrowly lost general election, the Conservatives included their own proprietary claims to the NHS in election leaflets.

This was film was created by the Central Office of Information and outlines how tuberculosis can be diagnosed and the types of treatments available. The film follows two sisters as they are examined for tuberculosis, with one sister diagnosed with the disease and sent to a sanatorium for treatment. Election Posters In the long indeed, prolonged so that servicemen overseas could cast their postal ballots election of , the welfare of the British public was a key issue.

While the Conservatives sought to capitalise on the achievements of wartime leader Winston Churchill, both Labour and the Liberal parties presented visions of This poster was produced by The Stroke Association and used bright visual imagery to encourage take-up of mass miniature X-Ray programmes in the immediate postwar years.

Its central visual image, comprised of mother goose and her three goslings, contributes to a wider postwar preoccupation within health education that used images Infant Feeding, c. Leeds Hospital Alert. Better Hospital Food campaigning. Publicity logo for this campaigning group established in , that seeks to improve hospital food standards across the NHS as well as combatting food waste.

Aneira Thomas. It is interesting that a picture of Aneira as a young girl, rather than as a baby, accompanied these articles. This indicates that Change for Life Poster, Christmas Dinner in the NHS. Christmas celebrations are intimately linked with food -- but can hospitals provide a traditional Christmas dinner that satisfies patients, nutritionists and managers alike?

Portrait of Verilline Vassell. My name is Veriline Vassell. I was born in , Springfield, in the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. My father was a farmer but I answered the call for nurses by the United Kingdom and flew to England in the early s. I rented rooms in a house in Wolverhampton Call the Midwife.

With further series in , , and , 'Call the Midwife' has proved hugely successful. It centred on the drama of giving birth in the early days of the NHS, before the days of hospitals becoming central. Its popularity Meal Time on the Ward, c.

Photograph of a ward mealtime from the Ashford Hospital Archive, c. NHS election mural, Davis was instructed The four-nations question. Although the blue lozenge symbol became ever-present in England's NHS, differences throughout the period in Northern Ireland and the process of devolution in Wales and in Scotland saw the emergence of distinctive services with their own logos, and their own strict guidelines on the use of this branding.

The NHS logo has gained not just national but international recognition. In April Islamic State released a video on social media that appears to have borrowed heavily from the NHS branding in promoting their own health service. Such brand recognition for the NHS and its logo has encouraged the The Labour Party had struggled to find an easy symbol to represent the NHS when they were critiquing spending in the s.

The adoption of a logo in the s provided a symbol not just for the branding of the service itself but for campaigners critiquing changes to and under-spending Rebranding the NHS? Does the NHS logo serve its purpose? Leading graphic designer Andy Lawrence recently explored the possibility of a rebranding involving using of multi-coloured hexagons. He suggested that the reintroduction of the full name of the National Health Service could have more positive connotations.

The use of multiple colours and of Coronavirus, Produced rapidly by Public Health England for the NHS, this poster forms a part of a larger corpus of posters, available digitally, which implore the public to stay at home for all but essential reasons. Its central message of 'Stay at home, Save Lives' was an important mantra repeated by Premature Birth and the NHS. The history of the NHS is deeply embedded within personal histories of birth.

It is often a central figure in bringing both ourselves, and our children, safely into the world. While most births occur close to their due date, there are times when NHS neonatal services are essential in ensuring Join our vast network of singles, take things at your own pace and see what happens…. Our first date was in a pub and it was love at first sight. We both love music, so are off to lots of festivals later in the summer.

Needless to say that on the night we first met each other in person, we were both filled with nerves. There was no need to feel nervous though as the date went really well. We officially became a couple in April!

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If wearing goggles, […]. About us Media Partners and donors Shop. Professional Resource Part of Vision Zero collection. Choosing the right car seat Should your child be using a rear-facing car seat, forward-facing car seat, booster seats or just using seatbelt? Injury Topic Road safety Part of Car seats. Program Contest. Product safety Learn about consumer product and child safety in Canada, including the regulation of window blind and curtain cords, BPA, lead and pesticides.

Injury Topic. Bed time Safety considerations for cribs, bunkbeds and sleepwear. Injury Topic Home safety Part of Home safety. National Teen Driver Safety Week During the third full week of October, we run an awareness week to raise teen driver safety issues and encourage communities to work with youth to prevent dangerous behaviours. Program Event. Other ways to travel How to safely transport your child on school buses, airplanes, taxis, ride shares and motor homes.

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Blog Banner Year for Boots on the Ground. Blog A New Path for the A. Blog The Preservation of Spy Rock. Blog The Cowpasture Decision. Blog Safety on the Trail: Visitor Encounters. Blog Can the A. Save Birds in Peril? Blog Tips for Silent Sawyers. Blog December 2 Update on the A. Blog Flashback: Trail Musings from Blog Club Leadership Development Opportunities. Blog The life of an intern. Page Round Hill, Va. Page Hiker Preparation Webinar Series. Page Pooping During the Pandemic and Beyond.

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