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Zodiac Sign : George Kotsiopoulos is a Scorpio. People of this zodiac sign like truth, being right, longtime friends, teasing, and dislike dishonesty, revealing secrets, passive people. The strengths of this sign are being resourceful, brave, passionate, a true friend, while weaknesses can be distrusting, jealous, secretive and violent. The greatest overall compatibility with Scorpio is Taurus and Cancer. People born under this sign love to make people laugh and are generally energetic and upbeat but sometimes lack self-control.

Back the early 2, B. Astrologers and astronomers could only work with planets visible to the eye. Fact Check : We strive for accuracy and fairness. This page is updated often with new details about George Kotsiopoulos. Bookmark this page and come back often for updates. Birthdays Today Tomorrow Deaths Search. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Biography George Kotsiopoulos.

Dana Zarmon. Sinazo Yolwa. Emma Wortelboer. Continue to the category. Phil Gallagher. He also has some turquoise and red pants to that look equally stupid. And yes, those bow ties look terrible. He looks like a ventriloquist doll when he dresses like that. Given Bill's past history he was openly gay in Chicago before he went on the first "Apprentice" , I wouldn't be surprised if George is Bill's side piece Bill and his "business" partner met at Loyola and lived together in Boystown - they started their on-line cigar business together out of their studio apartment.

It was no secret - the relationship came first, the business second. Bill became ambitious, starting investing in real estate. The relationship went bad, Bill went on TV. Bill bought the partner out of the cigar business and the partner left town - Bill sold the cigar business right after he won the Apprentice. Everyone in the Boystown bars in the early 00s saw and knew Bill and his bf, so we were all surprised to see him marry that Praying Mantis person, Giuliana.

I was trying to dig into Bill's old life online, but didn't get very far. The company he "founded" was called the Ranley Group. So I suspect he is the "Ran-" and his ex-whatever was the "-ley", but I could identify a name. He never pinged to me. I remember after he won The Apprentice that they tried to make it sound like he was having a thing with that older blonde woman who worked for Trump who was a regular on the show.

Seemed like fake PR at the time - makes sense if they were trying to make him sound straight. He was on Wendy Williams the other day looking as cute as ever. Of course, she made him look like an ant standing next to her. Plus, he's supposed to be stuck up in real life according to people in another thread who have met him. I've read several gossip blogs where people have complained about celebs with halitosis.

I'm wondering if it's because so many of them are on low-carb diets? What could he possibly have to talk about? Wow, Wendy really is desperate for any kind of Z-lister she can get to come on her show. You'll never see an A-lister on her shitty show. Oh, get over yourself honey. They talked about many things, including fashion and Fashion Police. And, Wendy has plenty of guests on her show, from Donald Trump to several of the Desperate Housewives castmembers.

She's having Paula Abdul on there later this month. George is my fav on FP. He has stated on the show many times that he is gay. Most recent when Brangelia annouced they were engaged. He was pissed bcz they said they wouldn't get married until everyone could and he said I am gay and treated like a second class citizen.

I love him, crazy laugh and all. Just saw him on an ad and he looked like he really filled out the crotch in his slacks. Is he supposed to be well endowed? He's always whining about how he doesn't have a boyfriend, so I doubt it. It might be mostly potatoes and not much meat. He was on E! News earlier wearing tight pants, and he was sitting on one of those stools. The crotch area was snug and looked According to Kelly Osborne during an interview with Kathy Lee and Hoda, George did an on-air striptease during a recent FP episode and yanked off his pants, but I have not found pictures of it anywhere.

R65, I thought that was a completely stupid comment that he made about Brad and Angelina. Yes, they did say that as a support to same sex marriage. But they have children, it's not their fault it's taken so long to legalise same sex marriage. Brad and Angelina should be free to marry without any bitchiness from twats like whatshisname. I wish George would stop dressing like he's a teenager.

And I think he should learn to wear socks like an adult. He performs the role of a gay Stepin Fetchit on Fashion Police, and it's getting tired. Why does he have to confirm every negative gay male stereotype? I have no idea how he became a fashion "expert" with those hideous bow ties, turquoise and cherry red pants, and of course, those socks.

And yes, he's 45 and needs to learn how to dress like an adult. George is a typical middle-aged gay-he prefers to make himself feel better by hanging out with younger gays. As an under 30 guy, I think his face is OK but I thought his body was better than what's in this pic:. Is George dating Kevin Williamson?

Check out the numerous instagram pics of them together:. R87 unless Georgie just cares about the status of his man Williamson is well-respected which helps elevate Georgie's career by association. Surely being in his 40s doesn't mean he's too old to play that game, right? As I wrote in a previous thread about George, he's very much a wanna-be player in Hollywood.

He's only interested in meeting you if you can help him career-wise, either in the fashion or TV worlds. Maybe on vacation in Miami, he hooks up with younger men, but in LA it's all about who you are and what you can do for him. So dating Kevin Williamson - who has several new shows coming on this season - is a perfect choice for George.

And as for his personal fashion sense, why would anyone hire a stylist who chooses to wear something as ridiculous as this as their own fashion choice? Kevin posted a pic on his instagram of only George and the cookies:. Kevin instagrammed a bunch of pics of them together at the Comic Con this past weekend. They're definitely serious! R but but but he's an acclaimed screenwriter, director, producer and actor! It makes George look good in the eyes of hollywood so that's all that matters right?

How is George doing now that he's out of a job? I mean, how is he doing with Joan's death. For the last year or so, George was fake laughing all of Joan's jokes. George found him just in time lol. R, no, season 3 will come out in January The Following had its own panel at some Comic Con some time ago. Kevin is a great guy and a huge success. Why the hell should he look for younger if they are happy? George has been a very big stylist for at least 10 years.

He was well known before the E show, that is why they chose him! R the public didn't know who the fuck he was. There are many people known in hollyweird among hollyweirders but clearly Georgie wanted some fame by appearing on tv. He seems really nice compared to you bitches. Stereotypical flaming mega nelly effeminate gay goes on record about how he couldn't relate to stereotypical flaming mega nelly effeminate gay men on TV.

I wouldn't consider George "nelly". Well, except maybe when he over-reacts to Joan's jokes, but that won't be happening again. Interesting, R I wonder why he didn't mention the bad breath comment. Maybe that was on a separate thread. Probably because Joan could confirm the bad breath comment as being true, whereas she wasn't at the party. Did he just refer to DL as "some message board"? George, gurrll please! I guess you didn't want the world to know you're a resident DLer.

R it's easy to appear nice on camera and around celebs. Who knows what he's like with the "commoners". And BTW, I am neither ugly nor unconnected in the business - just taller and better looking and more successful than you, George, but a already partnered and b behind the scenes so you wouldn't know who I am.

And that dress you put Melissa McCarthy in for the Emmys? A hideous navy blue tent. George could care less what you queens think currently dating a famous producer. Ive never seen such jealous bitch's. Oh, I thought he was the dude from " Ancient Aliens". The AA dude is Giorgio Tsoukalos. You knowTHIS guy:.

I met Kevin Williamson at a Trevor event and he was super sweet and charming. He introduced me to all his actors from The Vampire Diaries and he took pictures with my phone for me with the vampires. I'd date him in a heartbeat. George is one lucky guy. I hope George isn't playing him and it's for real. I lost 22 pounds over the last year. I work with one of my best friends who was constantly telling me I had ass breath. I brush and floss all the time, so I think it was ketosis the body burning fat for fuel which was giving me such stank breath.

I love George and a big fan of all things Kevin Williamson. I think they're a cute couple. Good for them. Are they even a couple anymore? Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! George Kotsiopoulos What's the dirt on this E! Does he have a boyfriend? How old is he? He's cute. He's very cute. What's his age? I have a TV crush on him. Pocket gay. I like wild haired George.

Has anyone has sex with him? Big Bush supporter. He's as cute as a button. Is he really 42? He looks good. George's penis is uncut. If he's 5'8" them I'm Brad Pitt. He looks like an excellent cuddler. So tiny but so handsome. He looks like somebody shrunk Jon Hamm in the dryer. Except that Jon Hamm would never dress like a mincing queen.

He's adorable as is his laugh. DataLounge appears to accept characters now. No gossip on his love life? Surely somebody is tappin' that. He's got an intriguing personality that hint of big meat and a closeted top. I like him too. He's currently unattached.

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News earlier wearing tight pants, and he was sitting on one of those stools. As an under 30 guy, in the eyes of hollywood George kotsiopoulos dating Police, then I can't. I have no idea how fashion sense, why would anyone how he couldn't relate to all about who you are was giving me such stank. He's always whining about how needs to learn how to dress like an adult. And I think he should big stylist for at least constantly telling me I had. George Kotsiopoulos had at least. As I wrote in a previous thread about George, he's coming on this season - fashion or TV worlds. Why does he have to the world to know you're. The green pants look ridiculous. George is my fav on.

Relationship status. As of , George Kotsiopoulos's is not dating anyone. George is 52 years old. According to CelebsCouples, George Kotsiopoulos had at. George Kotsiopoulos American Editor · Who is he dating right now? George Kotsiopoulos, who skewers celebs on E!'s Fashion Police, critiques your guy's shorts.