teenage dating websites under 18

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Teenage dating websites under 18 facebook lesbian dating

Teenage dating websites under 18

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Share Facebook. What are good teenage dating websites under 18? Add Opinion. Longblackveil Xper 6. Anyone notice that this guy is age and looking for under 18 dating sites? I think underage dating sites are sort of a bad idea. First the obvious reason of pedophilia and them being like a giant target for the MANY pedos out there on the Internet. Second, ok most under 18 can't drive, pretty hard to meet in real life for the most part Third, they are in school.

Why do they need a dating site? There are girls and boys everywhere in school. MJas16 Explorer. Honestly I wouldn't trust dating sites unless you actually face time and talk to the person through phone. Try finding someone at school,. Never Skype at all. They can find out where you live by tracking your ip address.

Good luck with all that. I think that the only ones where you are going to find reasonable guys would be on sites where you have to pay money. Those people are serious because they are paying money to find someone. Plus, it is pretty fun. And you're the guy in this pic? Show All Show Less. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Reallio Xper 6. Well there's mylol. Luminifera 83 opinions shared on Dating topic. Xper 5. Dude, if you're older than 18, why do you want to date a teenager?

ToruMatsuda omfg i hadn't even noticed! Why do you want under 18 sites? If you're and trying to date girls younger than 18 you're a pig. And I don't know why people are helping you with this question. So if he's 18 and wants a 17 year old girlfriend, he's a pig? The question's 7 years old- when he posted it, he'd have been himself.

TacosRAwesome 3. A lot of people where I'm from use ask. Puppylove94 Yoda. Hahha there's so many people in high school. Meet someone at school. MrAtticusLebowski Yoda. You can see that right? Yeah you'd get raped in the ass. I guess that is true to a point. RokuroEnmado Xper 2. Hi, RokuroEnmado here. I would like a girl that in the age of 14 or I am from Malaysia, and I hope to get a Chinese girl or a Japanese girl.

Ajalixandra Xper 3. Sick of being single 14 turning 15 soon I love to party am willing to try different things I'm a stoner and hate guys who cheat. Just turned 15 still single :. BCRanger10 opinions shared on Dating topic. Teenagers do not need, nor should they have dating sites. AnoymouslyN24 Xper 3. I think therein a site called mylol. Exclusively for year olds only. Dyldog Xper 3. Hi I'm dyl I'm 14 and I'm looking for a girl friend. I am 14 years old and wanna try a relationship with someone?

I'm 15 and looking for a girlfriend, anyone wanna do it? Mahogany Xper 3. I;m 16 and I will be boyfriend. Don't do online dating. You are like bait for Catholic priests and other pedophiles. Probably not. But not sure. Seems like it would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. Hi I'm 17 years old looking for any females from age in LA I'm tall and love to have fun!

MissSwan Xper 3. It seems strange to me.. Is it for under 18 years only? Stephanie14 Xper 2. You have plenty of time to find the right guy for you. However I agree with the other, Myyearbook and facebook are as good as you can get. J didn't know there were any.. Honestly, you should wait. I don't see why teenagers try so hard to find a relationship You're going to look back and wonder why you didn't enjoy staying single.

You have too many other things to worry about. And yes they are legal but dont know which one is good. Answer Save. Favourite answer. Dating Site For Teenagers Under Dating Websites For Teenagers. This Site Might Help You. RE: Any good dating websites or teenagers under 18? What do you think of the answers?

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