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Jet set dating

This person is looking for a relationship and is open to meeting lots of women across the states or continents to find that person! Dating around the globe : This type of man is more into dating only and wants to have a ton of fun during this phase of his life! They are not looking for a relationship but rather looking to have a good time and date women who like to be wined and dined, have intelligent conversations with a beautiful woman.

He wants beauty and brains! This man is all about luxury and pampering the woman he dates. He may be in NYC for a weekend and in Rome the next weekend is looking for a beautiful woman to accompany him to events, show him around the city, go shopping, relax at the pool, and lots more. He has a lot of friends and takes his friendships seriously. Women cannot expect to get a commitment out of this man but his friendship will be great to have!

Nothing wrong with that. He wants a model to accompany him to all his business and social events wherever he goes. He cares about how she looks, and can she hold a basic conversation and make him look good in front of others! He wants his date to turn heads! Nothing wrong with that in our books…. Fill out the form and one of our matchmakers will reach out to you to chat about your options.

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