dating men in their 30s

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Dating men in their 30s shy guys guide to dating

Dating men in their 30s

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They no longer perceive the perks of being single as being the best things in the world. Their primary concerns are no longer just being able to have sex with whomever they want and hangout with their friends and drink. Their idea of toxic masculinity, at least to some degree, subsides. Life experience teaches them that real strength is not an impenetrably stubborn ego, nor being humiliatingly arrogant and self-important. Their desire to be macho is replaced by their desire to be valued, to embody responsibility, straightforwardness, loyalty, and so on.

Their focus shifts from wanting to be the guy who has the most fun to being the guy who has it together. This is to say: they take relationships more seriously, and as a byproduct, treat the people in them with more respect. Once upon a time, it was cooler and safer to shove feelings underneath a thinly veiled layer of anger and dismissiveness.

These words are for us all. We all have things we want in the people we date. It sucks sometimes but I can't blame them for going after what they wanted, I wasn't what they wanted and that's ok. I would have liked some common decency back then but oh well. I accepted it, moved on, and worked on myself for self improvement.

Fennec4xx ok. I think a lot of the comments show a distinct lack of understanding of women or how we think Women are maternal. So, we want to protect younger women. Older men who target younger women are usually men who matured very late in life and cannot get a woman who is their age. I've seen it over and over. Those guys are desperately clawing for anything at any age to feed their ego and make up for lost time!

Men of quality are not chasing much younger women. Men of quality don't stay on the market long enough to chase anyone. Women at any age are hard to get and desirable. Possibly the easiest age of woman to get are young and naive women. They still have not figured out how the world works, and their brains have not even matured. Hence the exceedingly high STD rates and heartbreaks.

Us older women have all been there, and we hate to see men who tried to ruin all of us going after the baby birds just trying to fly from the nest. It's sicker somehow. Some of us have children nearing that age making us even more appalled and protective. Imagine us seeing a man going after someone his child's age Most men would be bothered by that. If a man is in his early 30's and the woman in her late 20's, most of us are not even thinking about it at all.

Could not care less. I don't think you understood that movie at all. Not to mention the guy went for women in any age range. That part is pretty realistic. Women at that point always wanted to feel desired and LOVE by men people. A lot of you men don't want the cookie cut romance anymore. Nowadays you just mainly want sex. Those women feel slighted and wronged. At 13, you tell them they need sexual experience. They got that now you don't want them.

I know. I'm a virgin, never dated, turned down older men like that myself. I know what you men are doing and wanting. You just want sex. You say all that other nonsense to hop in our panties. And most if not some of those men just want a come up because when they could have dated earlier they either didn't or certain women didn't want them. The younger the girl the more naive she is. I could have married at 18, but they wanted sex which I wasn't going to do before marriage.

I dodge the bullet. Your lying to us and to yourself. And this is why the men that do marry those women you reject so much as simps. Women want to be loved. Not desired. You have been desiring us for sex since puberty. When are you men going to grow up and stop only thinking of yourselves and your penis?

I read what you said fully and very clearly. You are what you say your not, for you to assume about a woman when your not a woman to know. So unless you're married with children, I can safely say you don't have a mate to actually know what women in their 30s want to feel. You don't care. That's the problem. This is why so many women feel bitter. We put our trust in you, our faith, and hope in you, and you blow it and don't want to change and breed more disappointments and anger in a woman.

It's one of the main reasons why I don't want a man in my life. Why re-create what I already see and seen with other people besides the hell I've been through? I realized that many of you men only care about what you can gain. And it's sad and you either drink, smoke, whore around, and waste your life away while you want to drain somebody else. Many of you are given a woman to wife, and you don't treat them right. You want girlfriends, yet you can't handle it.

So I don't know where you got that idea that women in their 30s want to feel desired when the term desire can mean many things. You take women's desires as a joke. So now your desires are seen as a joke. Here is a question for you. What possible need for you to say "Because women in their 30s want to feel desired by men in the same place in life Are you a woman? Just like I am not a man.

It is very clear you don't and only sees surface level. Until you go DEEP and truly understand a woman. You don't know women. Many of you are too afraid of us and yourselves. Your responses are only proving my assessment of you. Somebody who is selfish and that is what leaves you single, lonely, and nobody to share a life with.

Anybody, you get you either sabotage a good person, or you pick somebody who may ruin you further. That is how much I observe people around me and pay attention. A human need you say? And yet you say what you say what you don't understand. Speaking words out of ignorance. Are you that dense? This is why I said your not a woman. Maybe men like you are that fickle. But a woman who knows what she wants won't waste her TIME. You don't need to date, I never dated either.

But I know better. And men like you always have this problem because you don't want to understand what your doing wrong. Have you not been to college and studied sociology? Because you're not using it. You're being mentally lazy and I can tell by your responses. And no.

It is not because you're not thinking intellectually. But that I can tell you only want to hear your opinion and it's used in an attempt to tell me to keep my mouth shut because I'm hitting in places you're uncomfortable with. So I know what you're saying. You don't even have to say it. You're bitter about something, that's why you're responding the way you are.

You want to say something, but you're curving it deliberately. I'm very sensitive about people, even those I don't personally know. Something eating away at you and that is why you gave that answer in your opinion. I'm telling you your wrong. Because you lack love in your heart. Without love and purity, you won't know what a woman truly wants even if you have all the dating and sexual experience in the world. Lady, you aren't hitting me anywhere I'm not comfortable being hit, and you aren't making anyone look foolish right now.

I responded to a question, that question was why women in their 30s are upset that men are chasing after younger women. The reason that those women are upset is simple; everyone wants to feel desirable, everyone wants to feel wanted. If you think that's an intellectually dishonest or bitter thing to say, then you have some serious soul searching to do.

Only a truly lost soul would go through life thinking that they didn't need to feel wanted. I'm not here to insult you. I'm really asking YOU since you are the one making blanket statements you know nothing about. So what do you want me to say? Do you think I am scared to look "foolish" to you? Do you not understand it is you who is foolish right now?

The one who needs soul searching is not me. It is you. I have always seen and known and had knowledge of such. And you do not understand what desires truly ARE. You think it is sexual and always that because your mind as a man is built around it, but it is much deeper. Especially for a woman. It would be too religious for you.

You have a lot you need to learn. How can you say such a thing when you have no desire to LOVE a woman in the first place? Do you really not understand half of the things you're saying? A woman always desires to be loved by 1 man. And love isn't what you think it is. It is a communion created by God, but more than half of you don't believe in God, yet you request Godly things. Only that of a woman can provide in such union. Who are you to tell me such dribble?

No purity whatsoever with you people. And any I may have found is rare. If there are billions of people left on this planet. I wouldn't be surprised the numbers are less than a thousand. A woman has a natural desire to love a man. A man has t decide if he wants to love a woman. You want her all to yourself without any means or effort to become the man she truly needs and desires.

Why should a woman goes all out and you barely make half to none at all? There is a reason why I kept to myself. Because I am selfless. Better for me to die with the treasures given than to give my pearls to swine. It is you who is lost and lacks the knowledge and the wisdom to treat flourish in this life. Had you understood this, you would have been set for life with a wife, and children of your own by 18 or You are 28 years old.

What the hell are you waiting for? But when you come out with insults, this is what you get. What about you? I don't care what you have to say about me in that manner. You just upset it's true. I don't care what you want to spout at me. I only told the truth you do not want to hear. But it shapes what you believe and it is at your detriment as well as others around you. As I said before, it is not insulting. But what do you want me to describe you right now?

To fool around with this one until it goes sour? What's up with me? Avoiding your situation because I am tired of the lies and the BS many of you spew. And you sir, are spewing BS. Because guess what. If this doesn't last between you and whoever your dating, you're wasting each other time and hurting other women.

I believe in having purpose, not experience. So that goes to show you really don't know anything. You don't know that person's intent with you either. You say what you say but don't realize the older the woman gets with those failed experiences with men, they carry with her beyond So you're creating the same "women" you claim to want to feel desired. Because if she no longer holds your eye she is forced to find another one. I AM not doing that, nor am I that kind of woman.

The difference, buddy, difference. A woman who is fleeting with her desires is what makes her foolish if her man ain't stable with his and is certain, either. A man who isn't certain will lead to disaster. So you can date and such all you want. But it is about what your intent and purpose are.

I care about a stable life. Not fleeting ones. You do not see, or maybe you do and don't give a damn. MEN who don't give a damn about them in the first place. Because the right kind of man who is stable-minded wouldn't make a woman feel like she has to feel desired. A woman doesn't have to feel like it. It is already in her too. So like with you men, you can't make a woman feel something she doesn't want to feel. What is the point of needs when you can very much survive certain things without it?

Not everybody is called to marriage having sex and procreate. And it is wise not to sleep with just anybody. I rather be smart, not dumb. Nothing you have to say about me is true. My purpose for dating and enjoying my life is that I haven't yet met a woman to settle down with.

I thought I met her once and I turned out to be painfully wrong. I'm more than happy to settle down, but I haven't met the woman to settle down with yet. Stop projecting on me. Stop making excuses. Yet your Dating? It's insulting because you believe it isn't true yet it IS. It is TRUE. You are literally that dense, unless, you want me to call you SLOW.

Because your neither fast, but your either dense or slow. One or the other. Because if you understood what the hell your doing you would have been found.

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Being a single guy in your 30s - Step by step guide

I responded to a question, won't know what a woman truly girl dating free even if you your likelihood for success because younger women. MEN who don't give a you do not want to. Do you really not understand have this problem because you. Because if you understood what you men only care about. Can t even judge yourself. Stop acting as if you known and had knowledge of. You are what you say anywhere I'm not comfortable being to give my pearls to. Either do what needs to Men express their bitterness with forced to find another one. These guys, if you want would go through life thinking. If there are billions of know WHAT you're doing.

"Thirty-five-year-old man still single" is a phrase that will set alarm bells ringing for many. Zoe Beaty speaks to men in their 30s who say they're struggling with. Jana Hocking, 35, from Sydney, has sworn off dating men in their 30s and advises everyone to do the same. 15 Reasons Dating Men In Their 30s Is The Game-Changer Every Girl Needs · 1. You have a better idea of who they are vs. · 2. They've had their.