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Interfaith dating jewish

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Even the Maccabia sports games attract more girls than boys. The implications of the gender gap in Judaism are great and extend far beyond the teen years. Synagogue membership and attendance are higher for women. Interfaith marriage is about 20 percent lower for Jewish women than Jewish men. Personal religiosity, home rituals, participation in adult education, and other indicators of commitment to Jewish life tend to be higher for women than men.

Second, it allows our community to grow in strength and numbers, thus creating a critical mass of people to sustain our institutions, traditions and values. Third, the impact of this kind of sanctioned intermarriage on the Jewish gene pool is positive, thus lowering the chances for couples to face impossibly painful decisions about abortion of fetuses that would be born with Tay-Sachs or other debilitating genetic diseases.

I would rather dance at the interfaith wedding of my Jewish female friends who will raise Jewish children than continue to cling to an outdated communal expectation that perpetuates loneliness, lacks compassion and is bad Jewish public policy. For more information of interfaith dating, visit our partner Interfaithfamily. Modern Israel. Interfaith families struggle to be true to the religions of both parents during the winter holiday season.

Interfaith families should ask the rabbi about synagogue policies and honestly examine both parents' attachments to Judaism. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you. Join Our Newsletter Empower your Jewish discovery, daily. Sign Up. I work with couples where one partner is Jewish and the other is not. I can help you work out your relationship, negotiate your religious concerns and I am available via Face Time.

There is an hourly fee to be paid at service. Visit the Consultations page to learn more about scheduling a private consultation. I can also help you find a workshop to attend wherever you live. We still remember the experience fondly. Find guidance and support through the complexities of an interfaith relationship.

Learn through the stories of couples who have confronted similar struggles how to:. My work has enabled me to develop an innovative interfaith wedding ceremony where couples and their families feel included and respected.