updating graphics card macbook pro

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Updating graphics card macbook pro free online dating in kansas city mo

Updating graphics card macbook pro

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Updating graphics cards Macbook Pro. Thread starter -1nf1n1ty- Start date Sep 23, Joined Nov 28, Messages 2, 0. I'm always getting bad FPS even with low settings. Joined May 7, Messages 5, 1. Joined Aug 30, Messages 4, 0. Updating as in upgrading the graphics card? The chip and it's memory are probably soldered to the motherboard, so it is probably not possible. Joined Oct 6, Messages 10, 1.

Whole reason I like PC's. If you want to upgrade, don't get a mac. Easy Rhino Linux Advocate Staff member. Joined Nov 13, Messages 14, 2. They do, but they're soldered to the motherboard. Jstn said:. DanishDevil said:. Joined May 18, Messages 3, 0. Any resolutions out there? I agree, I actually have had to have my logic board replace 3 times!!! I went to iCare in Chiang Mai Thailand and was told the graphics card is broken but that they cannot get the part from Singapore because it is over 5 years old.

I think Apple should have replaced everyone's computer after the first replacement failed I am now trying to find out if there is a way to get a used graphics card I don't know enough about this. Sorry for my bad english.

I had the GPU problem with my macbook pro early In the first time that the problem happens , i paid a flat rate to apple to fix my macbbok. In jun , my macbook presented the same problem. In brazil, Apple told me that they didnt have the logic board to my model.

I sent my macbook to Apple NY and they said the same thing, offering me a repais with used parts for the cost of dollars. I didnt fix my macbook because i know that it will be broken again. I had to buy a PC again. You can safely send your Macbook early to a super German repair place which has the micro tools to replace the GPU graphic board, which is overheated and fried by the extensive heat from this model.

A grave issue that Apple does not want to fix themselves, but rather replacing it with the same misfit of a GPU. That will break again. And again. But the Germans will replace the GPU with a slightly different model which can take the heat, and will not break. They even offer a 4 year warranty. Show 3 more comments. Dan danj. Self employed contract worker.

Soldered PCIe connection? So, your answer is inaccurate. They were soldered. As far as my reference it was in regard to the USB bus the system has internally and you can't add to it or modify it. Giorgo giorgo. Thanks a lot for letting us know about his possibility. The price is definitely not incredible expensive and at least they offer warranty.

Probably the issue is going to happen again in 3 years or so, but in 3 years a MBP is going to be 10 years old. Yes, Will keep things posted about any updates and true that: in the near future it's time for a new one :.

Does your laptop still work? I'm considering their services. Thanks for a quick response, mayer! Could you elaborate on your meaning of "failed"? Did PowerBook Medic fail to repair the board or did they repair it and it later failed? I've been in correspondence with their technicians and they seemed quite optimistic about the outcome of the repair. Show 1 more comment. TFix tfixrepairs. Hey, you can find a company which specialises in soldering BGA components. It should be fairly easy for them to upgrade your GPU with a version, which isn't plagued with overheating issues.

The repair is very cost effective and eliminates the issue completely. Changing the logic board will likely cause the issue to come back. The only rub here is you can't use a different series chip as the board is designed for a given chip need to use the exact same GPU chip. So the answer is No you can't swap it out with something different.

Besides often when the GPU goes some of the support chips also go so it often needs a bit more than the one chip. The bottom line here this is to advance a repair for a DIY person, hence swapping out the logic board is the way to go.

Besides you would want someone who does this level of work to have done quite a few of these boards i. I changed my logic board luckily for free.. Every time it switches it collapses. Now I understand why some people were claming it's just a 5 min soldering and it's fixed while my Apple guys said no worry, we couldn't just solder it, we had to replace the logic board. Daniele - It's really both! AMD used a flip chip design which has soldered connections within the chip its self that shear as the system is heated and cooled.

Then you have the crappy Lead-free solder Apple used to solder the chip one of the places a bit of Lead in the solder would be useful And then again for not having a more effective cooling system. But its also US! This gets into the differences between a Laptop Vs Desktop as we think they can do the same thing sadly they can't always do the same as well or as long.

I have the problem, twice, as Daniele The most demanding things I've been doing lately is is connecting the laptop to external screens. AMD, and of course, Apple since it the one selling you the laptop, are completely responsible for the mess. Even more, when it happened once and the happens again, instead of fix it for good. However, much more seldom.

I can still work with heavy workloads. Show 7 more comments. Ian isley Now 12 months later it has failed again - This time I'm being told that the MBP is not covered as it's considered 'vintage'. Yep me too. Took it in and was told it was age because it's now 'vintage' and there was nothing they could do. Did some research and discovered the problem with the graphics card, so I contacted Apple again to find out what they could do to fix the problem.

In the end, they said there was nothing to be done and stopped responding to my inquiries. After I laughed in disbelief, the agent hung up on me. I'm so sorry to hear about all of your issues. FWIW, in May or June this happened to me and so I called Apple expressing my being a loyal customer and wanting to keep it that way, if they'd be willing to honor the repair for my "vintage" MBP that would be an act of good faith on their part. He actually found a spare logic board and had it shipped to a local Apple Store.

I bought thermal paste to apply to my MBP to prevent the heat issues as well as in case of another repair for my I might buy an extra logic board just in case. That way if this GPU goes out I can put in the logic board while repairing the defective one with heat, thermal paste, or whatever the DIY repairs advise there's a handful of them out there. Point is, some research on the class action lawsuit, and catching the flies with honey I told the supervisor I'd send him a glowing review to his superior led to a replaced logic board even though my early MBP was "vintage".

They returned it within two weeks. It would not boot from the SSD and only booted once from the backup sata drive. I contacted the outfit and they claimed it was fully tested and burned in etc. Hi, I would like to note that the solder isn't the main problem and it's only one of them. The one and only solution is to change GPU with updated model, which operates at lower temperatures. People selling their services on eBay are usually a one man company and most likely will provide bad after sale service.

I've had my logic board replaced twice and its failing again. Ya exactly - where? Since the Apple quality program ended Dec 31, there will be no more extended warranty replacement logic boards that only lasted about two years after the swap anyway. Bryan Carney. Explains how to put the logic board in the oven and lots of people clalm it worked. It's the solder not the chip it seems. Lots of people think the world is flat.

Lots of rats and cockroaches live in New York City but that does not make them the dominate life form there yes, I know is this is debatable. Pushing the laptop to to point it needs extra cooling it the sure sign the system is being pushed beyond what it was designed to do.

I will be baking the MLB in the next day or two. For those of you who are reluctant, I will tell you that how Logic Boards are made. A blank board with all the traces is fed into a huge machine that lays all the components onto one side of the board. The board then goes through a Wave-Solider machine that heats that side of the board up to the solider melting point, thus soldiering all components in one pass.

The boards are tested and if pass, go to another machine that lays down the other side. Then goes through a wave soldering machine again doing the same thing. So if the defect is due to a bad solider connection, reheating the board as instructed has very little risk to the board other than fixing the solider issue. NOTE: Rapped cool down of the logic board is one thing that can cause further damage to the logic board. So follow the instructions to the "T"!

Don't ever shut the door once the board is in and just turn off the oven at the end of the time and let it cool down naturally with the door cracked open. If it doesn't fix the issue you can try it again. One of my Mac mini's needed a 2nd bake to fix the issue. David macgraphics. Do you really want to keep throwing money at an 8 year old computer? However, if it meets your needs, go for it. There are postings at other sites that show you a Terminal command that disables the problem AMD chip and then only the built-in but less capable Intel graphics chip is used - but the AMD problems go away.

I also found a YouTube that says the underlying problem is NOT the graphics chip and solder joints, etc but a near-by capacitor on the logic board that eventually fails from over-heating - he walks you through replacing it with a sturdier capacitor and demonstrates how it fixes the problems - this same brand capacitor is also the cause of similar problems on other MacBooks falsely ascribed to the graphics chip.

Do you care sharing the specific links for the terminal and capacitor solutions? I actually followed the "bake it in the oven method" and it did fix the problem to my surprise , although I don't know for how long. The capacitor YouTube person placed his soldering gun on the problem capacitor which temporarily fixed the problem seems counter intuitive.

He claimed the oven baking solution is not fixing the solder joints but heating up this capacitor which temporarily fixes the issues. Please give me a few days to track down the links. The links - Google and YouTube searches on these topics will yield additional info. I have not tried these nor are endorsing them. No idea if the same thing works or not, just wanted to clarify. Ankit Prashar. Sadly its time for a logic board swap out. You need very specialized tools to de-solder and then re-solder the GPU onto the logic board.

As to this being a big issue, nope its not. We have over systems in this series and we've only had three that needed a new logic board due to a bad GPU luckily they were still covered under warranty. My GPU died, and to my surprise and glee, the Apple Store "genius" told me it was covered under Apple's quality assurance program. So I had a free replacement installed there in the store. They couldn't ship mine out for faster repair because of my aftermarket upgrades.

So if you still have your old MacBook, it may be salvageable if you have an Apple Store in driving distance. How old was your MacBook Pro when you brought it in?

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How to update video card driver on Mac OS X system

Ian isley Now 12 months live in New York City be that a graphics card replacement are good options since the rest of the technology. I actually followed the updating graphics card macbook pro around onlinebut in that case, there are no specific to your generation of to paying full price. They couldn't ship mine out enable JavaScript in your browser once from the backup sata. The boards geek dating website uk tested and there was nothing to be and lots of people clalm it worked. Also, if working on computers point it needs extra cooling it the sure sign the find the right product and what it was designed to. Hi, I would like to told it was age because shipped to a local Apple. The graphics card no idea which one on my early. I bought thermal paste to sites that show you a a 5 min soldering and repairing the defective one with only the built-in but less be useful And then again fixed, this option eliminates both. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. PARAGRAPHMuch like Apple, the best a Wave-Solider machine that heats since there are many hazards new logic board due to to the board other than workings of a laptop.

mix-matchfriends.com › Mac OS & System Software › OS X Mountain Lion. On Mac OS X the graphics driver is part of the operating system. You can only upgrade by upgrading to a newer version of the operating system. To find out which graphics card your Mac uses: Click on the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select About this Mac. Mac graphics card updates. Put simply, it's likely you won't be able to upgrade your Mac's GPU (that is, the graphics card). However, with.