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Ferske Nye Profiler. She is greatly loved and will be greatly missed. Doctor Fredrick Balls was the attending physician. You cannot make this stuff up! Are You kidding Me? Three full hours of rocking Paul McCartney Music, and a total of 39 classic songs! It was fantastic and killer at Safeco field on in Seattle. Amazing night! This is a picture from the actual concert in Seattle right at the beginning! But we got stuck in traffic for 2 and a half hours. They started the slide show just after 8pm that had remixed versions of Wings and Paul McCartney tunes with cool images from His career.

This went on for up to 45 minutes so I went and got My souvenirs! A T-shirt, back stage pass, and 3 Tour key chains! Absolutely phenomenal. Paul did great for a 71 year old legend. He totally held His own and then some way off the charts. I love that song and hold sentimental place in My heart for it. Outstanding tribute for "Sir Paul" on The Mariners score board! The show ruled! It was off the charts and then some.

I loved this show! It blew Us all right out of our seat! You make! I got home at 2 am! What a night of terrific music from a true Living Legend! I always love to see Merle Haggard Live! Today was no exception! This was My first trip to The Snoqualme Casino. My friend Robert Small decided to ride a long and keep me company.

So I left Olympia at Note to self. Next time I split for Snoqualme leave 4pm instead! It was a long 67 mile haul and I missed the exit and wasted a lot of time back tracking and asking directions. But in the end I had about 15 minutes to spare and never missed a single song! It was an adventure, so I would have it no other way! Here is the Casino in Snoqualme….

Here we come Hag! It was a family affair. They had altogether a drummer, bass player, Fiddle Player, Hot piano Player, acoustic guitarist, Two Family singers think I counted an 8 pieces all together. This is a killer cd! I was wondering what he would open with, and what songs he would play.

I found out soon enough. Unfortunately there was Huge Giant Man already about 6 foot 5, with a black Stetson hat that made him well over 7 feet tall sitting right in front of Me! I had to sort of cock my neck and peer around that Dude all damn night! Oh well, Merle still was fantastic, and how could He not be? Here is the set. I wrote them all down on my ticket envelope!

I am wearing My cool concert T-shirt and showing my sticker! Here is Merle and Friend, on a recent stop from this very tour! Local Boy Made Good! Merle famously never gives any encores. The show was a short Hour and 15 minutes of Merle. Total Hour and and Half! But here is the evidence that he does no curtain call, These are the lyrics to the great song Footlights, but He did not sing it tonight.

He did last October when He played in Selton though. It was a lot better than this show, because it was closer and it had Kris Kristofferson in the band! I throw my old guitar across the stage And watch my bass man takes the ball And the crowd goes nearly wild To see my guitar nearly fall. Note: Eric Turnbow may be reached at: Email: etcosmic yahoo. I have one word for today! For 3 Decades now Merle has been my al time favouritism country music performer!

This will be at least My 8th time to see Him, but feels more like 9! I did research it though! Go Merle! I am ready to enjoy another night of killer tunes! The actual ticket from the actual show! Very cool. Even Elvis digs it! The actual ticket from the actual show of course! I left , and it ended up being a mistake. Leave at 4pm next time! I was on traffic literally for 2 full hours.

From Olympia to Seattle. I made 2 more mistakes. So I kept driving making my way through the back streets we usually walk. But time was ticking away. It was already I had been on the road for just about 2 hours. But this was just mere blocks from the venue, Right around and the corner.

I had no choice if I was to be on time. Coming out of the tunnel from I5 exit No time for cocktails. I basically went in and went to my seat. So much better than Tacoma. I had to turn my neck all night, When the pig came floating by I was only abut 20 feet away from it! The lead guitarist was G.

He is awesome at that. And this show had so many visuals and theatrical triumphs. It was absolutely stunning. And the sound was just perfect! You could actually feel the thunder of the helicopters and the stereophonic surround sound of the bullets in the machine guns. Totally cool! I was lucky enough to have seen this show already on The show had totally evolved and gotten way better!

My seats were better, as reflected by the price, but Rodger had tweaked this show to perfection. This performance was substantially better sounding and visually uplifting. It just worked perfect in every aspect! His band was amazing as well! They were tight and right on the money! A shot of the show in Portland just a few days before the Seattle show! The Wall Live —81 , released in During the show the road crew literally builds an entire wall right before your eyes. Pretty soon the band is totally blockaded from site and all you see it this huge projection.

Rodger Waters stays in the limelight for all but 2 songs I would say. What an amazing spectacle of a killer show this was! I sat next to a European Dude named Alex who is a web site designer. We made friends and even went for a beer together at the 25 minute intermission. But the line was too long and I had to skip it. After the show, My new friend Alex and I went to the souvenir shop together where I bought a key chain and a button pack. I gave him my info and I hope He sends me and email.

Alex paid the same as I did for His ticket, and He got it early, so it seems that I paid the right price for this seat, which was a very good location for this killer show! Note the reflection of my camera lens on the left! After the concert, and the purchase of my souvenirs, I ended up going out the wrong door and was on the other side of the Arena.

But this happened to Me once before and I remembered and was able simply walk around the huge building and find the trucks. I was parked just across the street from these trucks. It was an easy find. But when I got on the right road, I hot a detour sign. So I followed the detours and finally got to Seahawks and Mariners land. I got on the free-way where we always do.

I am happy to say they never waited on me there so I spent no money! So that was fun. But I get 33 MPG so that was kind of minimal maybe? Especially for such a mind blowing and amazing experience that I will never forget! Synced up! This was a visually stunning part in the show! Note: Professor Turnbow may be reached at: Email: etcosmic yahoo. I am looking for a perspective job.

Digital D. Maintained the equipment; managed; subcontracted employees for the service. Provided Costumer service; purchased advertising; built business sales by bringing in customers. This was a 7 day a week job for my company.

State of WA. I had 72 seconds of screen time and this movie went on to be the second highest grossing National documentary film of all time. I attended the Seattle film premier and met the producers of the film including the director Michael Moore. This project created a lot of internet buzz, and I was featured in many articles and videos, and radio spots all around the world. This greatly raised my profile.

I was involved in the writing, editing, layout, and printing. Eric and Josh went to Kiss on This is the late Ro Helke, who was my best friend of a life time! The Great Chuck West ….. Class of Capital High School Reunion in ! Many Friends! Old Friends since Kindergarten! Lance Campbell and Bruce Bassett! Beautiful school mate Julie in The Office Tavern. Some great friends from the old days!

The Raging River Band! Alan Benner…. Friends since Bill Endersby…. We met in , and He is great guitarist! Chris Ward and His Band. Friends for over 2 Decades! Doug Bremner…. Friends since 5th Grade Boston Harbour.

This is John Trendal from England. Pictured Here with awesome Jamie Klontz Heroes lounge in ! Playing music with Rene Edmont in Spring We were at the top of the Space Needle! Evan Ogden, Olympia Friendly! My Fantastic Facebook Friends of ! More Facebook friends from ! Fellow Karaoke Hosts Gator and Julie! Since ! Elvis Impersonator and Friend George Lahew! Glen the Gardener! Amazing Kids, Jamie and Joshua Dobbs! This would be my great friend Jim Austin back in ! This is Friend Robert Small in August of Ruby Jean Roberts is one special Friend I have known since !

Adam, Jamie, and Garrick Klontz in Seattle ! Friend Janis Smith in the Summer of Johnny Lewis and His Swing Band. Guitarist Johnny Lewis. Computer genius Frank Davies in The great Lawyer So-Kiem. Lee Holmes and wife Kathleen! Bob Zilk with Merlin in Wedding bells for Lee and Lori Phillips is September ! The great Randy Linder and Band! The Great Turnbow friend Mady Lund ….. Turnbow friends Marc and Mady Lund in My Friend Marcella in ! Maia Glover and Son.

Merle and Bev Thompson, friends since ! My Friend Mike McDuff! The Great Vern Morgus in ! This is My friend Lorinda Lassich. The great Nisquali Pauli Braget! Karaoke Kind and wizz Kid! Teno Martinez in ! Paul Thompson in ! Jam on Boys! Extraordinary Musician Phil Barnett! Beautiful Rebecca Cruise. Grade school Girl friend crush!

The Great Rene and Carole Edmondt in The Great Bob Zilk! Bud light anyone???? Lori and Jim Howdeshell with Shirley and the Gang in ! The Great Tim S. South Bay Pub. Here is Tiffany in ! The Thompson Family.

Eric jamming with The Great Gretchen Christopher The Reverend Lee Phillips. Fantastic Guitarist Rolf Johnson! The good days! Friend Miriam Gash Mirror Image from Eric with friend Marc Simon in Israel I met Paul Living Water Church in ! Bill, from Music we all miss Him! This is My friend John Z. McCauley , and his wife Heroes Lounge. Chris Ward Fans or Groupies? Denise Cobb and Cheri Deckert!

The great Lori Leonard Phillips! Friends and Family Friends Ashlyn and Denise Cobb. Mark Hopkins has known Me since I was 13! What a great Friend! Friend and Nephew Jesse Peil in Janis Smith in Shelton Elvis crooner John Swales with His wife Linda. This is My friend Ray Gillespie in My stylish Friend Roxanne! This is April Small. She is My friend and sometimes Neighbour.

My friend Brittany, pictured here The Viking on My friend, singer Carole Kapeliela, pictured here in This is Diana. This is a crazy group of Karaoke Viking Friends from My friend Dr. Hipp did surgery on me in that saved My Life! Friend Dr. Carole Bucker, diagnosed Me and saved my life in My friend Helen is a cool chick! Kris Lockrem is a great friend and Sound man!

Jack is a talented entertainer and a lot of fun! Kendall is a good friend to have! Melissa is a talented and fun girl! Kim is an Interesting Lady. I have always had a lot of respect for Guitarist Rolf Johnson! Marc Morris has been a Family friend for Decades! DJ Scott Davis is a friend and colleague.

Beautiful Sheila Hendricks Roy was My sisters best friend, and mine! Shirley Driggers is a cool broad and great friend to have! Tammi Westby is a good egg. Tim Prezzwitz and Eric in the cowboy mode in Tom Wasnock is one cool dude! Fun duet partner as well! One cool Dude! My Friend Wendy from Yelm can really sing a song or two!

Dear friends and family,I deeply regret that I cannot be there, in the flesh, to honor the life of this great lady. If I had some magic pixie dust to eliminate the miles and academic commitments, I would be standing before you with a slide show of at least photos taken of or inspired by the lovely spirit Virginia Demaris. Instead, I am challenged offer to my respects in words or less.

On the other hand, I doubt that there is any way I could truly demonstrate in words or actions the quantity and quality of love that I will forever feel for this woman, for ours was a relationship that evolved over the course of 50 years. She was my Aunt Virginia, and from my earliest memories stood as a beacon of matriarchal wisdom, generational family solidarity, and spiritual integrity.

In the early days, she helped tame the tree-climbing tomboy in me with cookie-baking sessions, delicate lacy garments, and the secrets of social grace. In those days, I held her in awe, as the world she represented was so far afield from my free and blissful Utopian and Bohemian existence out on the Fish Trap. Yet she managed her many challenges and responsibilities with a quiet strength and dignity, and these were qualities that earned my utmost respect and became standards for my own evolving identity.

Still, at times I worried that her polite reserve might mean that she was not as happy as she deserved to be. So in moments when that familiar wicked twinkle would begin to shine in her eyes and she would burst forth with some outrageously humorous comment, I found reassurance that all was right in the universe. With apologies for blowing my word limit, I must share one particular moment that stands out in time, back in the year , I think.

It was a particularly sunny day and my plans had shifted such that I had nearly the whole day to myself. Westport had always been a sacred space for us, as our families had met there for annual camping trips beginning when I was around 4 or 5 years old. The ocean had always seemed to bring out the free spirited libertine in both of us. Then we would begin performing the ritual of roaming the shore in search of natural treasures, sharing our discoveries with childlike delight and challenging one another to find things evermore beautiful than the last.

Although my lovely Aunt was coming to the end of her time in the mortal coil, her attention less focused, her words less fluid, and her limbs less strong and sturdy, she came alive that day. We slipped right into our zone of quietude and spent several splendid sun-drenched hours simply rolling with the wind and collecting agates in the surf. The turgid breezes kept the heat at bay, and seemed to offer extra doses of vitality as she surprised me with stamina comparable to my own.

To my utter delight, her competitive spirit was kindled as well and she put me to shame — yet again — with her masterful agate-hunting skills, all the while insisting in her customary generosity that I take home the spoils. Brother and Sister!

Virginia and Avaton in ! But perhaps my favorite moment, was a comment she made as we neared the end of our trek. We were on our way back to my car, strolling arm in arm, and at times shoulder to shoulder trudging together up through the sand dunes and crab grass. It was actually quite a ways, slow-going and difficult.

We were both tired after a day of full exuberance and she was, after all, now quite delicate. But we both still basked in the bliss of the day. The sun was sinking behind us casting those long, lovely afternoon shadows that often marked the end of the most savoury summer adventures. Up until that moment we had been reverently silent, simply being with one another, and enjoying the mutual support — hers in the quiet trust of my steady hand and physical balance, and mine deriving from the entire legacy of this dear woman now fully living within me.

And then, as the car came within view and the real world beckoned, there must have been a wicked gleam in her eye that I missed due to my intense focus upon navigating the safest path for my precious cargo. And as it turned out, that would be her last visit to the ocean while in the mortal coil. Now that she is gone, I hope her spirit can soar wherever it may be.

I do know, however, that I carry part of it within me, as I would not be the person I am today without having known the truly lovely and amazing Virginia Demaris. And as part of her legacy, I aspire to embody the transformation and unconditional love we shared, to approach each relationship and live each day as if it might be my last — with all the spiritual spontaneity, honour, and integrity that that implies.

So who are your top 25 artists? That is a tricky question. There are just so many. But we could take a stab at it perhaps! Wow, This is great idea. As an all pro DJ it is all about having the right cut for the right occasion such as a wedding or toga party. This will be a very useful tool for me. Thank you, and what a great idea. That is also a lot of hard work and time consumption.

Job well done! I like so much stuff that a top list would be a tough duty. I would have to pick almost all of the Beatles albums for one thing! So I am going to do this my own way. I prefer to mention Bands and not albums, but touch on my favourite work within the artist catalogue.

Thanks again for this idea and opportunity. I love music! I also enjoy being online. Quite the hobby for me I must say. I love that one, but I love ALL of them baby! I am into the art and poetic lyrics. I know al ot more but this is just item number one!

I have to say his solo work is some of my all time favourite stuff. I dig that album. I really miss Linda a whole lot. He did not need to go there. But Paul is definitely my favourite Beatles. Just my opinion,. His song-writing is almost UN-matched. His body of work is terrifying, and still growing. I like it all.

I am in awe of his talent for creating words and music. Bob is just so great. I wish he still had his melody together when he plays live though. The records sound a lot better. I love it all. Innovative and great. I like the country acoustic sounding Neil way more than grunge Crazy Horse Neil.

Speaks to me a lot more. My favourite tour was Neil Solo all the way talking to the audience and playing his classic Martin and Gibson guitars. That is Neil in his best form, for me anyway. Let me just mention Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young here as well!

Or even just CSN as a three some. Great stuff! I learned all his guitar licks when I was in high school. The one with the female boobs on it. I copied all those licks and learned the guitar that way. Wow they are way at the top, in the top five. I just overlooked them! Their spacey experimental music is just my cup of tea. Sentimental and touching.

Concept albums and great music. Great group. Also in my top five. That was one hell of a band! They still hold up today. Long live Led! Petty all night. What a great writer and Rock Icon. I like everything he did. I love his attitude. Incredible work. What a band! Awe inspiring. Elvis was way cool. His bass player Jerry Sheff was a monster, and Ronnie Tutt the drummers drummer.

Quite a catalogue. I am a huge fan! I have sentimental memories attached to these albums. Great band. I love Stevie Nicks. She is my favourite female rocker. This chemistry in this group works well. Rolling Stones.

Especially the acoustic guitars. I love the harmony in this group. They are classics. It is like a concept album. There is a lot of great tracks. Too many to list. That Duane Allman and his slide guitar! I am hooked. That Southern music has a rocking kick and influenced my bass and guitar playing tremendously. I know he is old and country, but man, Merle is my favourite good old boy. Just great. He has lived his music and as far as country goes, he is the best for me.

Man I love the classic band before the plane crash. I grew up with that group, and still listen to the street survivors to this day. They just made the hall of fame last week! About time! Americas Rolling Stones, but way hotter, live at least. They rock. They are real comrades of rock. The songs are right on.

The chemistry and song writing was really spot on. No doubt. All their music was fantastic come to think of it. I love it. Great rocking band. Great songs. Sad to say 2 are dead now. Their music will live on for eons. Great jam band, and great music catalog. I have always been a huge fan. They are unusual and just great.

I gotta get a girlie here. I just love it. Ravi Shankar is her dad so she has a Beatles connection as well. Love the Piano Man. He has such a great volume of work that stands out. Sir Elton. Go dude. A lot of people do not know him well, but he speaks to me. Nice acoustic and mellow songs. His deep voice singing straight from the heart. Check that album out. This is just the tip of the ice berg, Top 25 for now.

There is much much more. I assure you. This is fun. Thanks for indulging me. So there I was just hanging out with Mick Jagger of all people watching John perform, as plain as day. They said they were going to tour the States soon, but John was a wee bit rusty and wanted to go out alone first to get His chops back! John walked up to us at the bar, and aid that He really did not want to go on tour and that Mick could very well just take His place!

Way to to Johhny! I loved this dream! By Eric Turnbow. Lets enjoy! A candid conversation with the reclusive couple about their years together and their surprisingly frank views on life with and without the Beatles. To describe the turbulent history of the Beatles, or the musical and cultural mileposts charted by John Lennon, would be an exercise in the obvious. Much of the world knows that Lennon was the guiding spirit of the Beatles, who were themselves among the most popular and profound influences of the Sixties, before breaking up bitterly in In , the Lennons became unavailable to the press, and though much speculation has been printed, they emerged to dispel the rumors — and to cut a new album — only a couple of months ago.

The Lennons decided to speak with Playboy in the longest interview they have ever granted. John and I represent the world. There was an excellent chance this interview would never take place. I supplied the info: December 23, three P. Thank my lucky stars. The call came in and the interview was tentatively on. Ono is one of the most misunderstood women in the public eye. Her mysterious image is based on some accurate and some warped accounts of her philosophies and her art statements, and on the fact that she never smiles.

So as I removed my shoes before treading on her fragile carpet — those were the instructions — I wondered what the next test might be. Between interruptions from her two male assistants busy screening the constant flow of phone calls, Yoko gave me the once-over. She finally explained that the stars had, indeed, said it was right — very right, in fact. Who was I to argue? So the next day, I found myself sitting across a couple of cups of cappuccino from John Lennon. Within the first hour of the interview, Lennon put every one of my preconceived ideas about him to rest.

He was far more open and candid and witty than I had any right to expect. He was prepared, once Yoko had given the initial go-ahead, to frankly talk about everything. Explode was more like it. If his sessions in primal-scream therapy were his emotional and intellectual release ten years ago, this interview was his more recent vent. After a week of conversations with Lennon and Ono separately as well as together, we had apparently established some sort of rapport, which was confirmed early one morning.

Will you help me out? Lennon told his driver to slow to a crawl as we approached the studio and instructed me to lead the way inside, after making sure the path was safe. When the elevator doors finally closed, he let out a nervous sigh and somehow the ludicrousness of the morning dawned on him. He broke out laughing. As the interview progressed, the complicated and misunderstood relationship between Lennon and Ono emerged as the primary factor in both of their lives.

The enigma called Yoko Ono became accessible as the hard exterior broke down — such as the morning when she let out a hiccup right in the middle of a heavy discourse on capitalism. Nonplused by her hiccup, Ono giggled. With that giggle, she became vulnerable and cute and shy — not at all the creature that came from the Orient to brainwash John Lennon. Ono was born in in Tokyo, where her parents were bankers and socialites. In , her family moved to Scarsdale, New York. She attended Sarah Lawrence College.

In , Yoko was married for the first time, to Toshi Ichiyanagi, a musician. They were divorced in and later that year, she married Tony Cox, who fathered her daughter, Kyoko. She and Cox were divorced in , two years before she married Lennon. The Lennon half of the couple was born in October His father left home before John was born to become a seaman and his mother, incapable of caring for the boy, turned John over to his aunt and uncle when he was four and a half. They lived several blocks away from his mother in Liverpool, England.

The following year, the two formed their first band, the Nurk Twins. In , John formed the Quarrymen, named after his high school. In , the Quarrymen disbanded but later regrouped as Johnny and the Moondogs and then the Silver Beatles. Pete Best was signed on as drummer and the Silver Beatles left England for Hamburg, where they played eight hours a night at the Indra Club.

The Silver Beatles became the Beatles and, by , when they returned to England, the band had become the talk of Liverpool. In , John married Cynthia Powell and they had a son, Julian. John and Cynthia were divorced in What have you been doing? After I made the loaves, I felt like I had conquered something.

I had been under obligation or contract from the time I was 22 until well into my 30s. After all those years, it was all I knew. I was boxed in. My contract was the physical manifestation of being in prison. ONO: John was like an artist who is very good at drawing circles. He sticks to that and it becomes his label. He has a gallery to promote that. And the next year, he will do triangles or something. When you continue doing the same thing for ten years, you get a prize for having done it.

I had become a craftsman and I could have continued being a craftsman. I respect craftsmen, but I am not interested in becoming one. But I had lost the initial freedom of the artist by becoming enslaved to the image of what the artist is supposed to do. A lot of artists kill themselves because of it, whether it is through drink, like Dylan Thomas, or through insanity, like Van Gogh, or through V. How were you able to see a way out?

I can bullshit myself and everybody around. It took constant reinforcement. Walking away is much harder than carrying on. On demand and on schedule, I had turned out records from to Time for golf. ONO: I handled the business: old business — Apple, Maclen [the Beatles' record company and publishing company, respectively] and new investments.

It was either another case of asking some daddy to come solve our business or having one of us do it. Those lawyers were getting a quarter of a million dollars a year to sit around a table and eat salmon at the Plaza. Every lawyer had a lawyer. Each Beatle had four or five people working. So we felt we had to look after that side of the business and get rid of it and deal with it before we could start dealing with our own life.

And the only one of us who has the talent or the ability to deal with it on that level is Yoko. ONO: I learned. The law is not a mystery to me anymore. Politicians are not a mystery to me. At first, my own accountant and my own lawyer could not deal with the fact that I was telling them what to do.

ONO: A lawyer would send a letter to the directors, but instead of sending it to me, he would send it to John or send it to my lawyer. I am a director, too. But they have to stand it, because she is who represents us. Recently, she made it possible for us to earn a large sum of money that benefited all of them and they fought and fought not to let her do it, because it was her idea and she was a woman and she was not a professional.

We feel like doing it and we have something to say. It was hard for us to work together then. We think either people have forgotten or they have grown up by now, so we can make a second foray into that place where she and I are together, making music — simply that. First you become a recluse, then you talk selectively to the press because you have a new album coming out.

People always said John and Yoko would do anything for the publicity. I just stopped talking to the press. It got to be pretty funny.