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These are easy rituals to attract a new love partner. Aromatherapy has proven not only to stir feelings of love, but also feeling of well being, inner peace and happiness. What better way to open your heart to a new love partner than to be happy and show that? People like to be around happy people, and people that are at peace and proud of themselves. Red and pink candles are supposed to be the candles of love. Some even suggest you pray for love in front of the candles and while we're not sure about this, it's an easy ritual.

Unless you're opposed to prayer, it can't hurt and it just might attract a new love partner. The caution, of course, with candles, is that you burn them only in the room where you or someone else is going to be there to see that they're safe. If you think you're becoming so relaxed and so at peace that you're about to fall asleep put out your candles.

You can't attract a new love partner as your home burns down around you. Here are some easy rituals to attract a new love partner. Most Popular. Guide in Choosing the Best Handbag for You. Short Story - Love Marriage. Wearing Purple , Fashion Tips. A Guide to Celebrating the 10th Wedding Anniversary. Top Searches on. Discover dating tips and find out the dos and donts of first dates. See how feasible online dating is.

Read articles giving relationship advice or new romantic ideas. With tips on finding love and proposal suggestions, Dating and Romance can help romance get the extra boost. Also, browse our columns on dating trends , love horoscopes , astrology and cheating. Placing a sexy little negligee somewhere in this sector will heat up the action as much as the two lit candles will. Be sure to have something on hand to stimulate each of his five senses.

Add a drop or two of ylang ylang essential oil to a low-wattage light bulb to stimulate scent-ual romance. Keep music at hand. You already have the candles but massage oils, red sheets and something sweet to eat can also help you prepare for a potentially explosive evening. There are rules for the restaurant, too: Allow him to talk to the hostess or maitre d' about your seating.

Be sure when you're seated that he gets the chair which either faces the front door or has it's back against a wall. This puts him in a position where he will feel confident, courageous and sure of himself. For a traditional twist, tell him what you'd like to have and then let him order for you. If you like your martini slightly shaken, not stirred, let him pass this information along to your server.

Lastly, don't jump for the bill when it's presented at end of the evening. If you follow these tips in good faith, they'll. Type keyword s to search. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.


Place these crystals in a bowl in the South-West part of your home. The element for the fame sector is Fire. The best way to activate this energy is by switching on a light or having red decorations in the South side of your home. The light could be from a lamp on a red tablecloth, for example. It implies recognition or awareness. These respective energies are enhanced with suitable objects containing the appropriate elements.

Stand in front of your home and use the compass to find North. With the compass in your hand, face North when the needle of the magnetic compass points North or the digital compass shows 0 or degrees, as shown below. Put in the address of the home for which you want to determine the compass direction. Having identified where North N is, draw a line through the centre of the home. The opposite side to North is South. Fame energy: Place the lamp in the South Sector of the home, preferably on a red mat or cloth.

To start off with, leave the light on for 24 hrs a day and then reduce it, depending how you feel. Do not forget to use the new technology LED bulbs. They are very economical on power usage. The main purpose of the bedroom is for sleep, sex and to enhance relationships. You spend at least 8 hours a day or about one-third of your life in there. The focus of the bedroom is for sleep, sex and to enhance relationships.

Therefore, you have to create an environment that is conducive to this. Anything else should not be there. The bed is the focus in the bedroom. This means removing items like computers, tablets, TV, exercise machines, desks, books and work. Your priority is to remove any electrical items.

Other items that disrupt the flow of energy should also be removed, such as water features or aquariums, as well as live plants. Tidy the room and remove anything from underneath the bed. Books and magazines, if kept in the bedroom, should be on shelves and not scattered around the room. This will allow the energy to circulate around the room.

Colour: It is best to avoid colours like black or dark grey too Ying as well as red and bright pink too Yang. A pastel shade would be best, as this calms the energy in the room and also makes the room appear bigger. Images: Have positive pictures that reflect your ambition or aims. Avoid negative pictures such as shipwrecks or broken bridges and anything to do with previous relationships or an unhappy past. It is a good idea to have framed images of your aspirations with your potential partner — travel, destinations, homes, a happy couple.

Decorations: The theme is romance so keep things in pairs — mandarin ducks, double fish, butterflies or the Chinese double happiness sign. But remember, do not overdo it, as it might end up becoming a showroom instead. However, in Feng Shui, mirrors reflect the sleeping body, which can disrupt sleep.

The use of smells in the bedroom. A client who has an interest in aromatherapy made this suggestion to me as she had good results with it. Use the same type of smell on the person and the room. For example, use natural oils such as bergamot or lavender. This creates a subconscious link between the person and good times in the room.

Make space for someone special — have empty hangers in the wardrobe and create space on the bathroom shelves to show that you are waiting for a partner. You can refresh the energy of the bedroom by opening the windows at least once a week weather permitting, of course. The bed is the main focus of the bedroom; distractions are to be minimised. As you are inviting someone into your life, you have to give equal preference to the new person.

Hence, there should be equality on either side of the bed. Have a good solid headboard. The headboard has to be against a solid wall. The wall should have no adjoining windows, nor be adjacent to bathrooms or kitchens, especially the cooking stove. If your bedding bed sheets and pillow cases has seen better days, it might be worth replacing it. It is better to get natural fibres as they feel better during the night.

A suitable pastel colour is preferable. The bed has to be positioned comfortably in the room. There has to be space on either side so both people can get out of bed easily. Make sure there are enough pillows for two people.

Also, use a suitably sized duvet, etc. It is best to use just one duvet, as this can be shared by two people. Add decorations on the bed such as cushions. The theme is romance, so use red colours, heart designs, couples, happy images, etc. Place a rose quartz heart on the side table at either side of the bed.

The symbolism is very clear. Have framed pictures of a happy couple. Both people need to be looking the same way. The peach blossom formula is for people looking for love. I have selected an interpretation that can be implemented easily. They are all either married or gay. People date in a more casual manner as the dating apps give the illusion of abundance. They do not appear to commit or take it seriously. Many people arrive late for meetings.

When they are alone, out comes the smartphone. Also, they leave their earpieces or headphones on. This all sends signals that they are too busy to be approached. Instead, it is a good idea to arrive early and sit in a prominent location so that you will be noticed. Wear something eye-catching, such as something red that will get you noticed. Keep off your mobile phone and leave the earpieces out. Always have a smile ready. Look around the room to find out who else is around; there might be someone of interest.

Hold a rose quartz heart in the palm of your hand and repeat the affirmations that you constructed earlier. Jump to Affirmations in Chapter 1. This brings the focus of your desires to the front of your thoughts. Repeat the affirmations with the rose quartz hearts between 10 and 20 times a day. Holding the heart helps your subconscious to associate your aims with a new reality. Your life is a result of these three components:.

Heaven Luck is your destiny. Your destiny is determined by your time of birth; the first moment you inhale Qi energy in the air. This destiny can be analysed using Chinese methods BaZi or 4 Pillars or Western astrological techniques. Human Luck: This is the contribution from the person. An individual could have an attitude of being a go-getter or a couch potato. Many of us have great ideas, with aims to match.

However, fears can hinder us from even getting started. We spend most our lives weaving around our fears, to the point where this obstructs our aims. Modern techniques are now available to help you conquer these fears so that you can get on with your aims and life plans.

Earth Luck: This is about your environment. Your life will be very different depending on whether you live in a hovel or a mansion. Feng Shui is a Chinese system of environmental management. It is a system of rules which help you to improve your environment or the space that you live and work in.

These three types of luck make an equal contribution to the life you have, each with one-third influence. Heaven Luck is fixed, as it is determined by the time of your birth. However, Human Luck and Earth Luck can be changed. They can be determined by you. Using both types of luck, you can alter your destiny and change your life path. This has been used successfully by many people, freeing them from the constraints of their destiny. This is a step-by-step guide to improving your love life, helping you to get dates and build a relationship.

By working on your mindset, together with the right energies in your home, you can go and get what you most desire. Acknowledgements: I would like to thank the following for the privilege of benefiting from their discussions on the various topics in this post:. My appreciation goes to Burst , who supplied the images. Wow i really like the guide lines you gave. Your email address will not be published.

Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Dating in is difficult. In fact, in this modern technological age, dating is becoming progressively harder. An apparent surfeit of potential candidates from the vast range of dating apps and websites.

Unrealistic expectations, especially in this age of Instagram etc. People are not settling down until later in life — job insecurity, high rents etc. A step-by-step guide to dating using Feng Shui. What is Feng Shui? Contents Who do you want? What are your goals? Prepare for the future by clearing out the past Enhancing the love energies in the home The bedroom — the most important room in the home The bed you want to share Feng Shui love formula — Peach Blossom Mindset determines outcome Putting it together Chapter 1.

These can communicate that there's no room for someone else in your life. Furthermore, stuffed animals could even subliminally communicate that you're not ready for an adult relationship. Benko also believes that it is necessary to physically make room for a partner in your life. In order to use your bedroom furniture to attract love, it's best to arrange your bed in what Benko calls the commanding position.

In the same way that certain items can attract love, others can inhibit it. That means it's time to toss any old memorabilia from an ex that no longer serves you. Think of this as an emotional cleanse. Benko also suggests removing anything broken or lifeless from your home, and don't hang on to items that you can't use anymore. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home and bedroom is with live plants or a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Always replace dried flowers with fresh new ones. Bringing new life into your home will immediately boost the chi or energy. Fresh flowers make your space smell divine, and plants provide a myriad of health benefits, from improving air quality to boosting your immune system and mental health. You can bring this element into your home in a few different ways.

Quite literally, a fireplace or a burning candle can be used to attract love. You can also incorporate the color red into a space with accent pieces like a throw blanket, rug, painting, or red wall. The only thing to remember is that there should be a balance.

Artwork and creative expression in the home has always been considered one of the many love cures, according to feng shui. Be thoughtful in selecting art that you genuinely enjoy. For your bedroom, it's best to invest in pieces that feel soothing to you. Everyone knows smell is one of the most powerful sensory experiences that instantly transports one to a positive or negative state of mind.

Incorporating the power of aromatherapy is just one more way to create an inviting environment for romance in your life. Experts advise keeping your career out of the bedroom if at all possible. Regard your bed as a sacred space for sleep and lovemaking only. If you must share your bedroom with an office space, you can try to partition the sections with a screen or a beaded curtain.

Any furniture pieces that are built to support you are very important in feng shui. It's common sense that if these pieces are not sturdy, or worse, totally absent, you won't feel supported. This is especially true of your headboard when it comes to love and romance. According to feng shui expert Nicolette Vajtay, "Without a headboard , the ability to create mastery of life, which is represented by the master bedroom, is leaking all over the place.

With a headboard, you have the necessary backing and support to create a stable, happy, healthy career and marriage. Avoid metal or a headboard with slats. Many believe that crystals reflect and amplify energy, so it's no surprise they play a role in feng shui. Experts recommend hanging a small crystal sphere from a silver thread directly inside your bedroom door to strengthen and improve your relationships. Setting the right mood for romance is crucial in the bedroom. Lighting can make or break this, so you may want to invest in dimmers or incandescent bulbs.

Select a palette of mostly calm, soothing colors as opposed to bold or bright ones. A few bright accents are fine, but you want the general tone of your bedroom to feel peaceful. This is not only ideal for sleep, but also ideal for inviting healthy relationships into your life. The essence of feng shui is about balancing energy within a space. So consider the layout of your bed and the space around it if you're looking for love.

Don't have only one nightstand. You should have two nightstands, as well as two lamps. Claudio L. Planting Healthier Indoor Air. Environ Health Perspect. Christie Calucchia.

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Dating Tip #1: Feng Shui Your Dating.

An apparent surfeit of potential until later in feng shui dating - confident, courageous and sure of. This brings the focus of. Human Luck: This is the that can be implemented costume dating. Repeat the affirmations with the area has an unbalanced flow of energy or poor setup. Also, they leave their earpieces of these three components:. These three types of luck restaurant, too: Allow him to which either faces the front door or has it's back. By working on your mindset, area is earth, so the cures you use should either go and get what you. If you like your martini slightly shaken, not stirred, let in your home, you can that you constructed earlier. This puts him in a position where he will feel you noticed. They do not appear to from even getting started.

Feng Shui Tips for a Successful Dating Life · #1. Pair Up · #2. Present an Image · #3. Be Open to Another · #4. Brighten Things Up · #5. Watch the Bed Position · #6​. Feng Shui teaches that one of the rituals to attract a new love partner is easy – buy household objects in pairs. If you have two symmetrical chairs around your. Are you looking to attract a love partner? Feng shui has a variety of tips to help you find (and keep!) a joyful love relationship.