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Apart from that, there are few more not so important limitations, like a limited number of super likes and similar. If you want to unlock some of the special features and remove certain limitations, you will need to choose between the two premium plans: Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. What they give you is, amongst other things, one quite useful feature if you are into international dating, which is Tinder Passport. It allows you to change your desired location, meaning that you will be able to browse and like girls from all around the world.

This can help you meet some pretty Turkish girls and learn more about Turkish dating culture, which could prove quite useful if you decide to really visit Turkey some day and hook up with hot Turkish girls. Ever since the time of the great Byzantine Empire, the city of Constantinopole, now called Istanbul, has been considered as one of the best cities in the world because it has always been the center of world commerce and wealth.

It has always been very important, not just economy-wise, but also military-wise, due to its perfect strategic location. Istanbul is a city that is also called the bridge between the eastern and western worlds since it lays on both the European and Asian continent. Apart from that, it is the city with the highest population, not just in Turkey, but also in the entire European continent, with around 15 million residents. Therefore, you will be able to find a lot of sexy Turkish girls to hook up with, so let me tell you what are the most common places to pick up girls during the day and night alike.

Depending on the education level, there are a lot of girls who can speak English very well, but there are also those who are completely clueless. What makes things a bit easier is the fact that Istanbul is an extremely popular tourist location, meaning that girls from Istanbul are kind of used to dealing with foreigners, so you will have quite a high chance to meet a woman who can, to some extent, speak English quite well. As in any other traditional country, picking up girls during the daytime in Istanbul can be a bit challenging because most women will be busy with their jobs or daily tasks, such as going to the market, called bazaar here, or taking care of children.

However, there are some places that you can visit, where you might be able to pick up some pretty Turkish girls, such as shopping malls, large tourist streets and extremely popular Istanbul markets. When it comes to the nightlife, you can probably guess that it is not quite the same as in the western countries, due to Turks being completely different religions and having different social values.

However, since Istanbul is not just a Turkish city, but has always been the city of many cultures, there are a lot of tourists, which means that there are a lot of clubs and bars for them to stay. You can use this to your advantage and meet some beautiful Turkish girls. You just need to know where to look. One of the most popular streets, where you can find a lot of good nightclubs and bars, where you can meet some girls is Istiklal Street, but apart from that, you can also visit some of the other areas of the city, such as:.

However, with all this comes a little bit of a warning. During your night hunt, you might stumble upon some girls who would ask you if you would like to join them for a drink. Then, after a couple of drinks, they would ask you if you could pay and when you do, the bill would be so high, sometimes up to several hundred euros.

Of course, no one is crazy enough to pay that much, but there will also be several quite big and strong bouncers, who would make you pay one way or another. Therefore, you have to be very careful and not fall for this trick. However, if you do, make sure to try to talk your way out first, without having to pay.

There you have it, folks! The general traveling guide to hooking up in Istanbul. Even though Istanbul is the largest and the most populous city in Turkey, the capital of the country is Ankara, which can be considered as a pretty large metropolitan city, with about 5 million people living in it.

That along with the economic and infrastructural importance of the city is what makes it pretty attractive for tourists, and there are a lot of them there. That means that women from Ankara are more or less used to dealing with people from other countries, which will increase your chances of successfully hooking up with some good-looking girls. As in Istanbul, there are different types of girls in Ankara too.

You may find some who are educated and fluent in English, but you may also stumble upon some who are not like that at all. But, being the capital of the country and popular tourist attraction, I doubt you will have problems to find some pretty girls for yourself. Now, when it comes to meeting the girls and picking them up, you may find that to be a bit more difficult than in Istanbul, but it is definitely possible. It is the case because of the traditional values that Turkish people still value and respect, so their families are much more protective of their women than in some other European countries.

Also, a lot of women will be busy doing their own thing during the day, so it may be a bit harder to find some who would join you on your adventure. However, if you decide to do it, the first thing to remember is that you need to show respect when you approach Turkish girls. That means that dirty talk is off-limits because she may see that as an insult and that could get you into real trouble, which is what you are trying to avoid.

Lastly, there are some girls who are more liberal than others. They are easily spotted because they usually wear westerner clothes, such as jeans, shirts and similar. What you want to do is approach this type of girls, since they will be more open to casual hook up, than other women in Turkey.

Some of the best places to meet single Turkish girls in Ankara are shopping malls, theatres, and operas. The most popular of those places are:. When it comes to meeting hot Turkish girls during the night, I will tell you that you will have a much higher chance to do so, than during the day.

Therefore, make sure to visit some of the best bars and clubs in Ankara and find yourself some pretty Turkish girls for a casual hook up. Some of the best clubs are:. The third-largest city in Turkey is Izmir, with close to 3 million people living there on the metropolitan area which is around square miles large, with the urban area being about square miles.

Izmir is also the second-largest city that lays on Aegean sea, while also being one of the oldest, if not the oldest city in the Mediterranean basin. Throughout history, Izmir has been ruled by a lot of nations and rulers, such as Lydians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans and Ottomans. Because of this, there are a lot of tourists coming here every year, as well as a quite large number of archeologists. However, since the city is less popular than Ankara and Istanbul, women in Izmir are a bit more traditional and you could say that they are quite shy when it comes to meeting new people.

But with the right approach, you may easily pick up some hot Turkish women in Izmir and hook up with them. Some of the best places to meet Turkish girls in Izmir is to visit the largest shopping centers, streets, and bazaars, such as:. As for the nighttime, your chances to meet girls will be significantly higher during the night than during the day. There are several quite famous night clubs and bars where you can meet some pretty girls, such as:.

So, if you are interested in hooking up with beautiful Turkish girls in Izmir, make sure to visit some of these places and try your luck. As stated above, Turkish girls are quite beautiful. They are not just handsome, but they also have a very pretty face, which is what makes them so desirable. Therefore, if you like pretty girls with good bodies, who also look very modest and humble, then dating a Turkish woman is definitely your thing.

Because Turkish girls are raised in traditional families, they learned to respect the man in the house, so they will always respect you and try to pamper you, so you would feel good. So, in case you ever wanted to be a sultan, you simply need to conquer the heart of pretty Turkish girls and your wish will be granted. Being raised in traditional families also taught Turkish girls how to be loyal and not to cheat on their husbands. Living in big traditional families does have its benefits, to be fair, since it teaches Turkish girls how to do some housework and also how to cook well.

So, if you decide that dating Turkish women are your thing, then you will be happy to know that they are excellent cooks, meaning that your belly will always be full. Apart from just being pretty and knowing how to take care of the household and cook, Turkish girls are also very smart and most educated. That means that you will always have something to talk about, which is very important in every relationship.

Even though they give a lot of attention themselves, Turkish girls also like to be at the center of your attention, so they will always try to make yourself see them as special. Sometimes, that type of attitude can be annoying because if you are tired or simply not in the mood to do something she wants, it may lead to a lengthy argument, which is not fun at all.

As stated above, Turkish girls are raised to follow some, what we westerners would say, old traditions, which can make it hard for you to hook up with them. They are not easy, so it is often really hard to get them into bed, which some people may find quite boring and that could completely put them off.

All those old traditions come from the large family and values it holds and tries to maintain from generation to generation. So, before you even think about sex, you will have to meet her parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and much more, which can often be really tiring and you will feel like you are being tested, which is completely true, to be honest. As a final thing in the guide, I would like to give you several tips for dating a Turkish woman, which could help you in your quest to hook up with some sexy Turkish girls.

Turkish women are always trying to be happy and to smile to strangers, so it is only natural that you should try to do the same. That would show them that you could also be very polite, as well as being interested in them, by laughing at her jokes and being quite respectful overall. Therefore, before your first date, make sure to get your hair combed, dress some nice clothes, casual or formal, depending on where your first date is and make sure to look and smell good.

That will definitely leave a positive effect on Turkish girls and make it easier for you to hook up with them and eventually get them into bed. One of the most important things about women is that there are only a few women who like men who are silent and not so talkative. Therefore, in order for you to successfully flirt with Turkish girls, you will have to be talkative and tell some interesting stories that might interest your date.

Alongside being talkative, you will also need to be funny and make hot Turkish women laugh at your jokes if you want them to be interested in you. Just make sure to avoid any religious jokes and such because Turks are quite religious people. Dating Turkish women means that you will meet a lot of their family members, so you will have to be prepared for it.

The most important thing to remember here is to always show respect to their elders and siblings, no matter how annoying you may think they are. That way, you will show her that you are prepared to make some sacrifices for her, just to make her and her family happy. Every woman loves men who are confident and who have self-respect and respect for other people, which is also the case when it comes to Turkish girls. In the Turkish dating culture, it is common that men pay the bill in restaurants or bars, which comes from their traditional values.

Therefore, if you want to show how much of a man you are in front of Turkish girls, you will have to try not to be cheap and pay for drinks or dinner. Unlike most girls from other countries, Turkish girls like capable and educated men, with whom they can have mutual topics to talk about. So, if you are smart, educated and capable, you will have a higher chance of hooking up with some pretty Turkish girls. Another very useful tip I will give you when it comes to enchanting Turkish girls is to always act like a gentleman.

Make some nice gestures, such as open the doors for her, offer her your jacket if it is cold, or things like that, and she will definitely fall for you in a matter of hours. One really good way to impress local foreign girls is to learn their language, which is especially important if they cannot speak English very well. So, if you want to charm your Turkish girlfriend, learn a bit of the Turkish language.

It will probably get her off-guard and make her more interested in you and show her that you are really interested in her since you made some effort to learn a bit of her language. This is mostly my preference, so if you have someone else to add or you agree with my choices, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Not completely Turkish, this actress is born to the Turkish and German parents, and truth to be told, she picked up the beauty from the Turkish side. She is fluent in English, German and Turkish, which is pretty useful in her profession. Apart from that, she has worked as a model, actress, and a windsurfer.

She also has a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, so she is not just about beauty, but brains as well. Hazal Kaya was born on October 1. She is the most known for her roles in TV series Genco and the latest one Bizim Hikaye from , which is considered to be a Turkish version of Shameless. Meeting and dating a popular face in real life is a thrill to look out for.

Here are some familiar faces with sexy bodies on Instagram that you may run into on your trip to turkey. That was everything I wanted to tell you about Turkish women folks! If you liked this guide and you intend to use it to hook up with some hot Turkish girls, make sure to post a comment below and let me know if you were successful.

However, you can enjoy the extra benefit of making use of the ultimate guide to dating women to reduce trial and error before meeting the love of your life. Post 9 of 11 in the Asian Women Series. Post Content. Nur Bilen. About The Author. They are fond of bright stylish clothes and expressive makeup.

They regularly experiment with different cosmetics and images. A typical girl from this country has qualitative makeup done not only for a party or a celebration but in her everyday life. Speaking about the character, it is also rather expressive. These women are not the type of persons who are always complaining. They are very cheerful and open-minded. They try to stay positive even in difficult life situations.

Modern Turkish ladies are open to new acquaintances. They like to chat and have fun. They make friends easily and spend a lot of time outdoors in companies. They like to invite guests and organize parties. Though they are rather unapproachable, it is a big wheel to get a hot Turkish girl. These women are very good in bed with their husbands.

Here are the common features of the wives from this country. Turkish ladies have kind hearts. They always support and encourage their husbands in difficult times. A husband of such a woman can always be sure that his wife will understand and comfort him. They respect their own choices. If a Turkish bride has chosen you as a husband, you can be certain that you will never be changed for another man.

She will not provoke jealousness in you. They are good housewives. They have great housekeeping skills. They know how to create a comfortable and cozy family atmosphere. There is nothing better for this type of ladies than having a big celebration. They never miss any opportunity.

They organize parties on holidays and often invite guests at the weekend. Turkish girls know how to get along with children since childhood. Many of them have younger sisters or brothers whom they take care of. So, by the time they become adult women, they already have skills in dealing with children. Turkish wives often want to have 2 or 3 kids. So, if you dream about a big family such a woman is a good match for you. If a Turkish wife loves, this feeling completely seizes her.

And she shows her amour at every opportunity. She really adores her darling husband. You can easily get acquainted with a Turkish woman while having a trip to this country. People are very friendly and talkative there. But it can be difficult to start a relationship with a girl whom you got to know while traveling. This is because they show a suspicious attitude toward dating tourists.

Women believe that foreigners who visit their country are not aimed at a serious relationship. So, the better place for getting acquainted with a future wife is the Internet. There are a lot of websites that allow finding a Turkish mail order bride.

Ladies are more trusting there because they see your serious intentions at once. If you want just to sign the documents and start living together a Turkish bride is not your type. These women like celebrations. And the wedding should be the greatest of them in the whole life. So, you should do your best to organize a grand party for you and her, and numerous guests.


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There are a lot of Turkish mail order brides tries to find successful men. While many sexy Turkish women are interested in merely dating, a large portion of. Turkey dating guide advises how to pick up Turkish girls and how to hookup with local women in Turkey. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot. Dating a Turkish woman is no different. In order to hook up with hot Turkish women, you will have to familiarize yourself with Turkish dating culture. If you are​.