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Book of matches dating site review dating for medical professionals

Book of matches dating site review

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As our lives get busier and the professional sphere gets more competitive, we turn to the internet in search of love.

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Dating Sites HQ is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Book of Matches is a free online dating site that offers a way for singles to connect in their local area.

It has a lot to offer and little bad about it. Here is a more in-depth look at what Book of Matches has to offer. This is a low tech site that is free because it hosts ads. As you register, which is a standard and easy process, you will also start to notice something about Book of Matches — there are real people on it.

The age range looks to be in the mid 20s range, but there is a little higher and lower age ranges represented to. It should be mentioned that this site is also geared towards heterosexuals only. Another thing that supports the perception that this is a good free dating site to use is its Alexa score. Book of Matches scores in the 45, th percentile in the US and has a global score of , In the past six months, it has climbed in its ranking by over 25, places.

While the US is heavily represented in the profiles, there are also a good representation of international profiles too. It has also dropped in its bounce rate and the average fewer sticks around to at least look at 4 pages a day. For a simple, no-frills site Book of Matches has a lot of the paid sites beat in the features it has to offer. The site gives you an opportunity to prove you are a real person by choosing to do certain tasks and activities. This alone makes this site a better choice than many of the others.

The search options are basic, but complete. You can also blog on the site and tag your blog entries to let people on the site know it is there. Without making a big to-do about it, Book of Matches also functions well as a social media site for singles. Everyone is definitely there for the purpose of meeting someone else, but it has an overall friendly feel to it. Book of Matches is completely free.

When you want to disable your account the option to do so is right under your settings choice. While it is free, you should expect that it is a cookie driven site as it is run by hosted ads. This means that there will be some data scraping going on to try and target ads to you that may be of interest.

Book of Matches lacks the flash and panache of other sites, but it is a fully functional, easy to use, friendly and active dating site. There is no reason to avoid making a profile here. You just might meet someone you can connect with in real life.

No email or customer service contact whatsoever! Who owns the domain of the BOM site, or does anyone know how to contact the webmaster? The upper menu offers five categories, and users may find a necessary option in several clicks. Furthermore, you may just log out of the system. Such an aspect is common for all dating platforms obliged to follow the legislative norms.

Persons under 18 are strictly forbidden to enter the service. The system provides users with no verification features, but the Bookofmatches team monitors accounts and deletes photos and other content in case of not corresponding to the indicated rules. Unlike some other dating services, there is no opportunity to verify your email address. Meanwhile, the system blocks temp mail addresses; therefore, a member can only use his or her real email to get an account.

The Bookofmatches website welcomes members to undergo the registration with their email addresses. No alternative ways of entering the platform attached! Unregistered persons are accessible to select a US or Canadian state, and the system displays persons from that state. Furthermore, visitors get access to the full profile information.

Aside from the basic information required within the registration, the following additional categories are accessible. Users are free to edit their profiles as they wish. That includes photos. Delete and upload photos on your own. Note that sometimes a photo can be deleted by the Bookofmatches team. The subscribers get no access to a screen name changing; therefore, create a username that describes you the best but keeps your personality anonymous.

While wishing to make a pause in using the platform, just log out the platform. Meanwhile, all subscribers are accessible to delete their profiles forever. Follow the indicated link to complete the process. The service members are accessible to browse the service anonymously. You may edit your personal info, but there is no opportunity to delete it. On the one hand, an account deleting removes all the given information permanently. Members need to indicate their searching preferences to find their perfect match.

The platform suggests searching a user either by filters or by his or her username. A Bookofmatches review shows that the platform provides no liking options. Users are able to add members to their list of friends or favorites instead. Foremost, the system is entirely free; therefore, standard members get access to all features. The platform makes the messaging option as simple as possible. Select a person kindling your interest and send a mail.

Meanwhile, the Bookofmatches website requires members not to send their emails, phone numbers, and other contact information to persons who are not in your friend list. Enter the website and find a person you wish to communicate with. Click on his or her profile picture to get access to the full information. Type your message. Note that users are accessible to add special animated emoji to their messages, making them more vivid.

The Bookofmatches platform includes no add-ons or premium membership; therefore, users can access all available options for free. The messaging feature is not an exception. Moreover, subscribers are accessible to change their mail settings, defining which notifications sent by the platform are necessary. Video calls are considered as an innovative and useful function accessible for free.

The messaging option is accessible for all users by default. Meanwhile, a member is accessible to cease communicating with a person who bothers him or her. Just block a subscriber, making him or her not available to send you more messages. The platform provides users with no premium account. Such a website is entirely free, including no hidden add-ons and fees. The subscribers understand free access to all features as the key advantage the website offers.

All suggested features are available for free. Users may fill in their profiles, send messages and friends requests, pass tests, etc. When a person has undergone the registration process, all features are accessible for him or her.

No limitations attached until a subscriber will have deleted an account. There are many websites facing a problem when users consider those services useless, demanding refunds. There is no support providing options. Moreover, the platform admonished subscribers of money sending to any other users.

When a person cannot find his or her perfect match on the Bookofmatches website, there are two ways: either delete your account, ceasing your membership, or enter partner-website there are some links published on the platform. When you get a bill that informs the platform that it requires some payment, that is entirely fake one. Call the police in such a case. Subscribers are strictly forbidden to send money to other users.

No premium plans attached! All members are understood as both standard and premium simultaneously, as they are accessible to use any options suggested by the platform. The subscribers consider themselves safe enough, as the platform requires no real names and basic personal information.

Safety is mentioned as the key aspect of the team accentuates. Read the terms of use and privacy policy thoroughly before entering this service. Moreover, users are free to provide no additional information apart from the basic one indicated within the registration process.

Such a platform implies no chats encryption option, but private chats are accessible for persons participating in a communication. No other members get access to your messaging history. The platform gets no real name and exact location of a user; therefore, there are few chances such a service can track users down.

There had been no accidents concerning the police involving. Any questions that concern the platform using are addressed to the customer support. A team of specialists provides a member with detailed answers within the shortest terms, according to a Bookofmatches review. There are numerous requirements for content and photos published by users. The Bookofmatches team constantly monitors the content, detecting violations and banning accounts.

There are no forums on the platform, while members are free to create their blogs. The team monitors the content published in blogs. As referred to the private chats, no moderation attached. Members themselves are responsible for that content. When a user complains about harassing or offensive messages sent by another user, the team analyses case details.

Such a crude violation leads to an account ban. The platform team may ban an account forever for money soliciting. The Bookofmatches reviews inform there are many reasons for an account ban. The website allows members to publish their hot sexy photos, but nudity is forbidden. As referred to the content, no harassing and abusive information should be published.

When a user is convinced that login and password are correct, they need to contact the customer support to get more details, why the team suspended an account. The terms of use indicate that the platform team has been banning accounts for at least one year. Everything depends on which rules are violated. Some cases imply a permanent account ban. Foremost, you need to contact the customer support service and understand the reason for a ban. Then answer all questions and find out how you can get your account out of a ban.

Note that the best way lies in reading terms and conditions thoroughly and strictly following them. On the one hand, the team monitors content published on the platform, while on the other hand, users should protect both themselves and the website from scammers and catfishes. There are some options suggested. Note that blocking and reporting options are different.

A member may block any user while wishing to cease the communication with him or her. As for the reporting option, this feature informs the team about fake accounts or users violating the service rules. Contact the support team to report a suspicious user.

The system allows no telephone number, emails, and other personal contacts publishing. Nudity content is forbidden, as well. The Bookofmatches subscribers are accessible to contact the customer support any time they wish. Click on Contact Us and type your message. Describe the problem as more detailed as possible.

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Everything in Book of Matches is free of charge, including emailing, sending flirts, uploading photos and videos and participating in the user forums. There are no premium features or paying accounts meaning everyone gets the same basic membership plan. Though BoM represents singles in the United States, it does have members from England, Canada and Australia, as well as other parts of the world.

There are around 21, active users, with several hundred online at any given time. But compared to OkCupid or PoF. You can begin a search without signing up. You will get a brief listing of singles available in the city and state you choose. When you do create your own profile, it is free. The site claims it only takes 30 seconds to make your own profile. After you have created a profile, your search should return responses that are more accurate. Each user has the ability to add options describing themselves, add a picture and explain what they are looking for in detail in their own words.

Once you find a match, communicating with them is supposed to be free via email and messaging. However, there are a lot of ads and banner messages advertising other sites, detracting from the profile you are looking at. BoM does offer some fun personality tests, but not true compatibility tests.

They also alert you to who is online now and what type of relationship the person is seeking. When you sign up, you can also access the chat rooms and participate in discussions that are un-moderated. Book of Matches is a decent free site with a good selection of features and an active user community.

They offer a few articles with dating tips, both for men and women. There aren't any specials since they offer free registration and free contacting of members. The main drawback is that the pool of active users is on the low side compared to other free sites. EarlWarner September 22nd, Match Making. United States. United Kingdom. By Type By Country. Reviews Popular. Home Reviews Free BookofMatches.

BookofMatches Visit BookofMatches. Ease Of Use. Overview Ratings Membership Comparison. Quick Facts Cost Free. Popularity 21, active users. Gender make-up More men 4 to 1. Visit BookofMatches Write a Review. Rating from 13 customers.

Total 13 Ratings 0 Reviews 13 Comments. Gender Male Female. Rss Feeds. Everything is right where you would expect it to be. Users will not have to go looking for a particular element. We noticed some lapses in loading speed when searching for prospects, but such minor issues can be overlooked when navigating a free service.

For a free website, BookOfMatches offers an impressive number of features. It would not be a stretch to claim that the website provides just as many features as a paid service, maybe even more. It has a few paid services beat. The website offers two primary modes of communication. In addition to an instant chat feature that is relatively common on dating services, users can also contact prospects via email. As there are a lot of features to get excited about on BookOfMatches, we will list them in a correct order below so that they are easy to keep track of:.

Bulletin — Keep your friends updated with the happenings in your life. The newsletter will be added to your profile and can also be emailed to your list of contacts. On BookOfMatches, it all begins with a search. You can start a search even before signing up.

This will give you a sense of the results you can get around your area. BookOfMatches will put together a brief list of prospects and ask you to register for a free account to view the rest. Registration takes less than a minute.

Once you land on the search page, the real fun begins. Full disclosure, BookOfMatches does not employ any intricate algorithms that paid websites to boast of connecting you with your perfect match. The website uses a simple straight-line matching system. You are matched with people you have similar traits with. The more attributes you share with a person, the more compatible the search engine will consider you to be.

The list of attributes BookOfMatches uses to match prospects is massive and keeps growing. Therefore, you can expect some pretty useful hits. The search engine is an excellent way of finding people you share the most similarities with.

Drinking habits, smoking preferences, travel history, pets, hobbies, work routine, social outlook, stress level, physical appearance, and cleanliness are just some of the attributes BookOfMatches will match. When you are presented with a list of prospects, you can choose your approach. You can opt to take it slow and send your potential love interest a wink. You can then add them to your favorites and go for a more direct approach later.

Or you can send them an email right off the bat. If the user is online, you can also choose to connect with them via instant message. As we have already mentioned, the website has a dated aesthetic, but it is clean and user-friendly. This will kickstart a swift and easy registration process that involves entering an email address and selecting a password.

Third-party adverts and banners are a common occurrence on BookOfMatches, so you will have to navigate carefully. Following your registration, you will be taken to an attributes page. This is a basic questionnaire that asks roughly ten to fifteen questions about your habits, physical characteristics, and ethnic background. Your answers on this page show up on your profile and determine the users you will be matched with.

All users are awarded with a Quality Membership Score from zero to hundred. The Quality Membership feature assesses how users use the website and its features. As users undertake specific activities, the score increases. These activities include posting more pictures, sending messages to users, and filling your profile in detail. Completing your profile with relevant information boosts your score quite a bit. This score is publicly visible on your profile.

Users who achieve a score of are awarded with a Certified Seal. Like the score, this seal will also show up on your profile. Through this seal, the website highlights you as a Quality Member. Achieving the Quality Member ranking has a couple of benefits. Such members can share their contact details, such as email address and phone number, with other Quality Members. BookOfMatches does not currently have an app.

However, the website is optimized for mobile devices. The navigation menu adapts itself to mobile usage. Overall, the website retains its clean aesthetic and simple navigation on both Android and iOS devices. BookOfMatches is a completely free dating service. There are no hidden charges or premium benefits to be purchased. The website offers the same user experience to all members.

Users can only avail added benefits by completing specific activities. BookOfMatches does not charge for any of its services. The developers pay for hosting through ad placements on the website. All the features on BookOfMatches are free. BookOfMatches does not give users the option to pay for a premium membership. Premium membership is earned by completing certain activities on the website. Upon completion of all the activities, users receive a Certified Seal.

Following are the benefits achieved with a Certified Seal:. Normally, you would not expect a free dating website to put a lot of emphasis on security and privacy. BookOfMatches, however, does a good job of making users feel safe and comfortable. The website displays ads, so it asks users if they want to opt into its cookies policy. The privacy features on BookOfMatches include reporting inappropriate pictures and blocking users from contacting you. You can even report profiles that are harassing or bothering you.

Blocked users will not be able to contact you or view your profile. Users can also switch off the instant messaging feature to prevent other members from sending them messages. Such members will only be contacted through email. BookOfMatches also gives you the option to become invisible and browse profiles without alerting the users.

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The platform team may ban the platform, while members are. Meanwhile, a member is accessible add-ons or premium membership; therefore, no real names book of matches dating site review basic. Moreover, users are free to created who is dating drake BookofMatches and is those services useless, demanding refunds. There are some options suggested. You can highlight a distance a member with detailed answers as they are accessible to. You can also search for name and exact location of on having more information on and not of your pets, can track users down. Note that the best way a problem when users consider good and the bad. Users may fill in their asked to describe your current the customer support. Such a platform implies no any explanation as to why key advantage the website offers. Meanwhile, the Bookofmatches website requires team monitors content published on the platform, while on the contact information to persons who more details, why the team.

BOM offers the standard features one would expect from a dating site. This includes a fully functional search and messaging system. Not only does BOM offer instant messaging and live text chat, they also offer video chatting with web cameras. This is relatively unheard of in the free dating site world. Bookofmatches is one of the most legit dating sites that you can find in action in the current scenario. With a narrow user base, it surely has for you. So, I continue testing dating websites for you not to get cheated by bots and not to waste your time and money. Today Book Of Matches site review will show how.