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Featherweight sewing machine dating

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A K was added to the badge when the machines were made in the UK from to You would think that an all-metal sewing machine would weigh a ton. Most of them do but not the Singer Featherweight. That means there is a deeper meaning to the name than you may have thought. Singer was experimenting with aluminum when it made the featherweight machine. The total weight came to about 11 pounds. Yes, you read that right.

This lightweight extended to the k which was supposed to be made for the European market. Despite is lightweight, the featherweight sewing machine listed in approx. At 18 by 14 by 12 inches overall. That may not be the correct size for all the different and models made by Singer.

Because the company made countless changes over the years on production it stands to reason that the machine changed sizes during those decades. Some people compare the Featherweight to the classic Chevy. Size did not matter when the machine was considered a masterpiece in engineering. That was what the featherweight was, a masterpiece showing that sewing machines can be beautiful pieces of machinery that will last a long time.

Most likely, the Singer company had a division that handled the painting chores when they produced their Featherweight sewing machines. They could have contracted the job out but painting 10, or more every year would be a giant task for any painting contractor that had a shop outside of the Singer manufacturing plants.

But if you want to upgrade the look on your classic Featherweight machine, you can go to just about any painting company that handles repainting old machines. There is a lot of work involved with repainting and not just everyone wants to do that kind of detailed work. Your best bet would be to check with some sewing machine repair shops and see who they recommend. You could do a local internet search to find a company near you but as we have said, the sky is the limit on who can paint your sewing machine.

The current value will range and is very subjective. It will depend on who the owner is, and emotional ties can bring the price up quite high. That is a good question. If your sewing machine has a specialty badge then you just need to look on it to find the date of your sewing machine within a year or so.

The Singer centennial badge was on their s for 3 years. We cannot reproduce the exact chart here but there are 3 you can use to date your featherweight. They are all found on this website. But we can say that if your featherweight is not listed there are 3 reasons for why that takes place. Those reasons are also listed on that website and just above the chart.

Dating your Singer Featherweight is not going to be hard because Singer kept excellent records and the machines were made at the right time in history. The serial numbers for both the and are found on the bottom of the machine. Sometimes they were placed inside the bottom tray or underneath it. Generally, they will be found next to the bottom tray. The serial numbers start with 2 letters then have 6 digits following those letters. If the first letter was an A, then it was made in New Jersey.

If it had an E then it was made in Scotland and if the first letter was a J it was made in Canada. The problem you are going to run into when you start checking serial numbers is that they did not go in order from year to year. This problem was done in all 3 locations. Needles for your featherweight sewing machine should not be that hard to find. That is the easy part as the and do not accept the needle in the traditional manner.

When facing your machine the flat part of the needle needs to face left. You may end up breaking the needle or having the machine stitch badly. The difference in the two positions is minute but large enough to make a world of difference. Like any masterpiece, it doesn't take much to ruin the performance of the machine when you make minute errors like slipping the needle in wrong.

Here is the good news. There are many places that you can buy a Singer featherweight sewing machine. The bad news is that you may have a tough time deciding where you want to make your purchase. These are very popular machines that hold their value so expect to pay a nice fee when you want to make a purchase. Then you can go to Craigslist or some other internet classified website to find more models for sale. Check the following chart for the possibilities of finding Close search.

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