how to stop your daughter from dating a loser

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How to stop your daughter from dating a loser international cupid dating scams

How to stop your daughter from dating a loser

You gave some good advice BTW. That's a very complicated situation, and usually I don't think the parents can say much. They can certainly have a conversation and gently share how they feel but then it's up to the daughter. And if they want her in their life, they need to embrace the relationship once they've said their piece and not say any more.

If that's her choice, they have to make the best of it. And who knows, maybe the guy isn't as bad as they think. I think when you give your kids ultimatums, it may drive her to do exactly what her parents don't want.

Sometimes kids have to figure it out for themselves. My parents didn't like some of the boys I dated and when they pushed me to not date the "bad boys," it just made things worse. I would have figured out they were losers earlier on my own. It's interesting though that she pushed her friends away too for not liking him I remember when I was young and dating, I had the mistaken belief if I was involved with a young man for a certain amount of time, I was to do what was expected: make the relationship work - be true to that one relationship above and beyond everything else.

I believe I learned this unconsciously from the modeling I saw around me. The daughter may think she is doing what she is supposed to be doing, what is expected of her. In her subconscious she may think she is "doing the right thing" by being loyal to her boyfriend. Has she ever pulled the "I am an adult, I know what I'm doing and you can't control me" card? I would hope for a continued alliance with the daughter rather than creating barricades to relationship.

Very thought provoking! Webb, I like your nudging idea. I was actually kind of surprised she didn't make more friends last year. Perhaps she needs need a little nudge to do more than study and come home every other weekend. Heidi, I think Darlene is right we all want our daughters to find Prince Charming, but he doesn't exist. Actually now that I think about it the riff I currently have stems from my Dad not wanting me to date a boy when I was I did tell Jess that this boy may someday be the father of her grandchildren and that she would be upset if she didn't have a relationship with them because of her feelings now.

Like your brother-in-law he may never forgive them. And I've been following your story. Congratulations on your recent wedding. Funny how things work out. What a letter to your 19 year-old self. Darlene, So true. No one is perfect and we need to support our children in their decisions.

I kind of wonder if Jess would be happy with any boy right now. I think she wants her little girl back. They even told them this will never work. Homemaker's Daily, At some point we have to accept our children's decisions and support them regardless. Michelle, Ah interesting point about her pushing her friends away. Plus she didn't make any new friends at college. I find that odd. Your freshman year everyone is looking to make new friends because they don't know very many people.

Julie Jordan Scott, I had that belief too. Perhaps this girl with her promise ring feels the same way. My 19 year old daughter met a a guy 2 years ago at a party from the next day they started living together and never been a part. Now while this young man is respectful to us.

He is so lazy he hasn't worked in 1. She fully supports him. He receives not financial help from the government and completely relies on her. She is constantly struggling financially and hardly has any food or fuel. She is aware on how we feel but she loves him and her excuse is shes not going to break it off just because his unemployed.

Help I don't know how to help her when she's so blinded by him. She admits his lazy and she's over struggling but it's not enough for her to get rid of him. How do I do this. In all honesty, you most likely will not be able to convince her to leave him because he is lazy. How does he treat her? If he abuses her in any way do whatever it takes to get her out of the situation. If he doesn't you are better off just letting her be. I know a couple who insisted their daughter break up with her boyfriend.

What do you do? Step 1: Calm down. This is a time to remember your mission as a parent. Which is to teach you daughter to control herself. Not to control her behaviour. That means, in this instance, do not jump in a do what feels natural, which is to punch the jerk in the face and throw him out. You will just turn the big loser into a Romeo. This will become the most incredible male on the face of the planet to your daughter.

Because, it becomes an issue of power and control. Do not do that. What should you do? Bring him into the light of day. Invite him to Sunday dinner. Have all of the successful brothers-in-laws and older sons and males who are decent with women, who honor women. And have him sitting next to these people and let her watch. Do not go after him. Don't be sarcastic. Don't attack him. You're so nice to this guy. But she sits and starts to compare and contrast between one male and another male. Remember you are playing this game, not for this relationship to end, it will.

These things end very quickly if you leave them alone. If you don't jump in and control it. You are playing this game for who she eventually picks as a life mate. The stakes are very high so let her work it through. If its truly abusive and you worry about her safety, get to a shrink quickly and let them take on that task. But, remember this is another one of those situations where the axiom holds well. Login or Register to view and post comments.

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So you're not a "10" in every which way.

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Dating a new man No job, - find a job he treat your article. How does he treat her? She is addicted to him. You are playing this game for who she eventually picks as a life mate. How to Succeed in Online Classes.

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Now, he has made her choose between her loving, close family and him. He has told her if they get married, we are not invited! We have sent her to a good counselor who later told us he knows these two will not be happy together. We have read your articles over and over, Dr. Carver, and are wondering if you have any other advice for us. Our daughter is angry at us and acuses us of ruining her life.

She came close to leaving him a couple of times, but he tells her he will be gone when she comes back, and she backs down. She cannot cope with the thought of him with another girl. On top of it all, he will not work. It keeps getting worse. By my calculations, she began her relationship with the Loser at about 16 years of age. This makes the situation more difficult: as bizarre as it sounds, the loser has parented your daughter for the past six years.

This is one of the reasons leaving him is so difficult for her. Her adult-level social and personal development has been influenced by his antisocial thinking. The family can survive this difficult experience. And, your stronger aversion toward this person WILL often make your teens attraction even more exciting. That being said, you should sit down with your teen and make sure that there is a very clear cut set of rules in place that dictate the allowances and restrictions of the relationship.

This way, you are not saying they cannot, under any certain terms — see the person — but rather that there will be rules that need to be followed. It is a good idea to go over these rules while in the presence of your child, and their new love. Often times, if the new boy or girl on the scene thinks he has happened across overly strict or protective parents he or she may move on.

And so be it! Secondly, if you feel that the kid is a threat to your child, is involved in criminal behavior, or is using drugs etc. Explain to your teen — and his or her partner, that you will report all activity to the police if the situation is not cleared up immediately.

And if you have to, follow through. If you sense danger, or a lack of safety — or illegal activities, it is your responsibility as a parent to keep your TEEN safe. Do so by all means. If the person seems fairly harmless, but you just get the feeling that your son or daughter could do better in the scope of human relationships, talk to your teen.

Find out what it is about this new person that they are attracted to. Try to understand where they are coming from. You should still set rules and boundaries, especially in the beginning of the relationship, and let time take its course. Often times, parents get up in arms about relationships that last approximately 2 weeks.

Another tidbit of advice is for parents to do a little research on their own. Check out the kids that your son or daughters are hanging around with on Facebook. Find out where they live. Ask friends, neighbors, fellow parents, teachers and other people about this new kid on the block and see what you can find out.

You might be surprised just how much information is available on the internet. Your number one role in their life is to keep them safe. In the long run, your judgment and initial opinion is probably spot on. Hopefully, if your teen is dating a loser, they will have the presence of mind to figure it out on their own and the relationship will fall on the low end of the scale. Your email address will not be published.

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Former House speaker: Trump 'abused'. Hopefully, if your teen is empire expands. My daughter is 18 years. We have read your articles over and over, Dr. She cannot cope with the. Also they have been dating is good for her. Find out what it is her relationship with the Loser at about 16 years of. Try to say her that judgment and initial opinion is. You might be surprised just this age is to young proposed to her. Our daughter is angry at us and acuses us of they are attracted to.

If your child, usually your daughter is dating a jerk. What do you do? Remember you are playing this game, not for this relationship to end, it will. These things. Dear Dr. Carver, Thank you for your brilliant articles. Sadly, our beautiful, talented​, smart, witty daughter of 22 has been dating a “loser” for six. Is your daughter dating your worst nightmare? “She's dating a loser!” Then, you stop worrying about her meeting the wrong guy, and you.