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Tank dating simulator

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All News. Syndicated News. Official Announcements. Happy Summer Sale from Yo Boys. Where Poppies Grow is on Kickstarter! Step into the shoes of a young soldier stationed in the trenches, who is unwittingly thrust into a leadership position despite his inexperience. After a pivotal and devastating loss, he wakes up on the battlefield to fine that his comrades are nowhere to be seen.

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Further the existential crisis that is your life of nothing but playing parody dating games and eating tendies. You heard that right, all of you helicopter fikkers lovers! We're publishing Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator! Click that link and smash the like button like a T smashing against the iron wall of German Krupp Steel! Five Hours Left to Pledge for "Stay! You know the drill fam, everyone who pledges to the Collective will receive an increase to their food ration Support Our Next Project!

Democratic People's Republic of Korea! Steam Trading Cards Added! We're happy to bring Steam trading cards, badges, icons, and backgrounds to Panzermadels today! Have fun collecting all profile backgrounds that will lead to friends and family questioning your life choices! Panzermadels Now Supports Mac Systems. Some things just shouldn't be parodied especially in such a cheap way , it's just I mean, seriously? Nazi video material? I can't believe such things are sold here on Steam View artwork.

View screenshots. Karma Shroud. What are you missing? A detailed look into the unknown, true story of Panzermodels: Tank Dating Simulator. For every question in this game answered, two more appear. I want to take this time with you to explain a theory I have, that might change everything you thought you knew about this intelligent piece of modern literature. View all guides. Quiet Life. View videos. How to get pics of tanks. Fish in a barrel. The Sakura series were an awful stain on the market, we don't need more "visual novels" on the steam market.

Paying money for softcore is stupid as well, if you guys really want porn just look for it on google Panzer IV vs. Tiger 1. Who is best tank? Bill Wungus. What was the target audience? Maybe I shouldn't ask.