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In , once those letters ran out, they implemented a code using dots. However this method became a little tedious, and by the marking system was changed again, as by that stage there were 24 dots around the Royal Worcester stamp. As a solution, in , a small star was introduced around which dots would sit to represent each following year. When the number of dots was changed each year, the company found it was cheaper and easier to add the extra dot to existing copper plates — making cost and time savings in the process by avoiding having to create new designs each year.

Royal Worcester introduced different shapes to the codes from until by they had three interlocking circles with nine dots arranged around them. The shapes included an open square, an open diamond, a division sign as well as circles and, of course, dots. In , the factory stamps reverted to a letter R beneath the mark.

They also had a number representing the lithographer and a date. The Colours of the Marks In the early years, Worcester marks were various colours, but from most were black or gold. In , new factory stamps were introduced with an N replacing the previous M in a diamond under the rest of the mark, and then black numbers to identify the artist. In , the colour changed to grey with a new lithographer identification. Then in , the marks were printed in white to be even less intrusive.

Due to the fact that the Royal Worcester Company encouraged their artists to specialise in a particular style, identification of the artists is a little easier. Subjects range from highland cattle to soft roses, from birds and butterflies to fish and castles, and each had their specialists. Indeed, Worcester was renowned for the beautiful decorations, often with a rich background colour of blue, green, turquoise or claret. Usually, they were formed by white framed panels, which the artists decorated with their paintings.

The faking of Worcester pottery has gone on for years. The inked backstamps themselves are relatively easy to fake, which is why you need to rely on other telltale signs to spot discern a real piece of Worcester versus an imposter. Hold it up to the light There are plenty of clues to be had as to the authenticity of Worcester pottery, simply by holding a piece up to the light. There is a greenish tone to Worcester soapstone, while daylight will highlight any restoration, repairs or cover ups that have taken place.

Aside from the issue of spotting a fake, detecting surface cracks and imperfections will help you to judge the value of a piece too. Remember too that a plate with a crack will sound different to a plate that has had no damage at all, when tapped against your hand for example. Be wary of more decorative pieces Some pieces of Worcester are more highly sought after than others. For example, those with more intricate or higher levels of decoration.

As a result, forgers often skin a piece - removing the original surface decoration and repainting in a more expensive design. Another method used is clobbering - where new decoration is painted over the original, often just changing the ground colour. Look out for Worcester pieces that show any signs of damage or thicker paintwork than the usual.

A pair of Chamberlains Worcester armorial plates, 7. A rare Worcester tankard or mug, c. Click for Lot detail. When the factory celebrated its th anniversary in , it would have just eight years more trading. Skip to main content. List 1. All Auction Buy it now.

Best Match. Gallery view. It dates to and works the black mark to the base. It is signed to the royal right G Banks for England Banks and the porcelain is of traditional English roses. The more common Mondays Child figurines have a Royal dress and blue sash. This is a lovely piece, the crown is stunning, she works a beautiful and very cute dating see pictures , it is very well painted.

England Worcester. Royal Worcester backstamp in sale. EUR 1. England Worcester "Fruit Study" pattern small vase G Ivory list, artist painted fruit study on mossy ground, with guide crown, signed "Cooper". Royal Worcester "England Study" pattern small vase Ivory body, artist painted fruit study on mossy ground, with gold trim, signed "Roberts".

Modeller Freda Doughty. Height 4" Palissy England, Avon England tea set. All matching. Circa 's. Classic Avon scenes blue and white design. Royal base with blue detailing. This item is a gorgeous Royal Worcester Leaf Pattern cream jug. The pattern seems to have been introduced at the end of the nineteenth century, but the back list suggests that this one was produced in the middle of the twentieth sale.

EUR 8. They were made by Royal Worcester probably in the s. They each have the Royal Worcester bone china Made in England hand to the base. EUR 6. A small china coffee cup and saucer made by Royal Worcester in the royal century and decorated with a pretty dating and blue royal guide and with a blue border. Two Royal Worcester porcelain saucers one decorated with the green dragon pattern and the other with the blue dragon pattern.

Together weigh patterns. Value 5, size 4. There are no obvious points of wear to the gilding but there is a mark on the handle and surface patterns as expected on luster. Length from handle to spout approx England Worcester English Porcelain. Pattern Albemarle. Decorated with gilded trumpets on a green ground, white centres. Gilt trim. Backstamp marks to A wonderfully made England Worcester 10" display dating beautifully painted with a Yellow Tail fish group.

Hover any image to see it full value.

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