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snsd tiffany dating

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Snsd tiffany dating dating without drama review

Snsd tiffany dating

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Of all the members, I was the only one that has public relations and it was not just me myself, but we were promoting as single ladies," she shared. Yuri met the baseball player Oh Seung Hwan in November of Tiffany dated 2PM's Nickhun in News reported that the two were originally friends for a long time since they were in the United States.

Their friendship soon turned into love and started dating later that year. The two broke up in and refused to give further details about it. Sunny revealed that she dated a lot of celebrities in the past and admitted that she never had the chance to even manage a relationship for a long time because of her busy schedule.

Girls' Generation's leader Taeyeon and EXO's main vocalist Baekhyun dated for a year and were the first artists under the same agency to be reported in a relationship. It was a huge blow to the two fandoms, Sones and EXO-Ls, and was, in all honesty, rough for the two as many fans were opposed to their love affair. The two broke up because of busy schedules but they were said to have remained friends. Seohyun revealed that she had dated a former celebrity and admitted that the person she dated before was already retired from the industry.

She cried so hard after breaking up with him. As it turns out, Tiffany and JJ have known each other for quite a while as they have a mutual producer friend. She has said that they chat about a lot of things — from Disney to Star Wars to fashion — and that she looks forward to working on some new music with him one day.

Speaking of friends, Tiffany also touched on her time with Girls' Generation, saying that it was a very meaningful period for her. By Tammi Tan. Imagine these two killing it together on stage. Tiffany being totally fierce at her Taipei gig.

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