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Two leos dating

We make a great team! He is the second Leo man I have dated and ultimately married because the strength of our love and passion for each other will never be matched by any other. My strengths are his strengths and we work on our weaknesses together. Im a leo man and i was once with a leo woman. It will never work relationship wise for a few reasons. The leo man is waiting for this…. The 1 thing that I truely regret and miss was the sex…..

It was like 2 planets colliding. So much passion and fury. We both enjoyed pleasing each other. Completely and utterly wrong. This guy is trash! I have my dept I rule, she has hers, we stay in our own lanes and provide constant praise to each others contribution. From the true king of the jungle! Either you or she was too immature. The same thing happened to me when I dated younger Leos.

I am a Leo man married to a Leo woman, and it is a disaster… its been 7 years of hell!! Im a lion and i met a lioness at work last night all im gonna say is that the energy alone between us was so powerful and the attraction so thick and deep that we caused a soloremindeclipse in body soul and spirit…. I find that a Leo male and female get along fine, but Leos of the same sex clash big time, especially the males. But then one of those Leos has a good friend whos a female Leo and they get on really well.

I think the Male Leo will always rule the Female Leo to a certain extent so he gets along with her alot better than males. This is so true! I initially hate female Leos when I meet them and have to remember not to start a competition or just keep my distance. Unless there is a big age gap, then one is Queen and the other Princess and we can share mutual respect and the younger one learn from the older and the older socially promote the younger and give her tips.

In relationships, I am always dominant except with another Leo. For a male Leo, if he earns my respect and trust then I will stand at his side and share the throne rather than attempting to rule alone. Same goes for male Leos I am friends with or work with. There is sometimes an intial battle of wills mixed with heavy flirting, but once we get to know one another there is a mutual understanding and respect.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How would you rate this relationship:. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Leo and Leo Compatibility. Burning Love Questions? Confused in Love? Like 4. Share this. Candice March 9th, Like 0. Monica March 13th, Kerry December 10th, Tiffany March 8th, Like 1.

Mikael February 1st, Roar August 8th, Ayisconic September 12th, I dont believe much in horoscopes but some if this is slap bang down the middle accurate. BlameJames August 5th, Im a lion and i met a lioness at work last night all im gonna say is that the energy alone between us was so powerful and the attraction so thick and deep that we caused a soloremindeclipse in body soul and spirit… Like 1. ChelseaKate July 17th, Although, i dont really believe now in horoscope.

What written above are so true. Fannie Chaw hi Like 0. Fannie Chaw March 5th, I was Leo women who date with Leo man…we r nice! They both start valuing their relationship above all their personal needs with a motive which as pure as the morning dew to keep their soul mate happy forever. The Leo man gives up his over desire of superiority and starts giving equality to his lady, while on the other hand, the Leo woman gives up her ever wanting desire to be admired above all and starts admiring her Leo man.

Whether it is green grass or blue sky, whether it is cherubs singing high, for them everything is a beautiful dream full of romance and passion that lasts for the life time. As both the Leos are fire elements with strong passion towards love and sex, their sexual relationship is always and ever near to perfect. Both of them are always ready to accept and show affection to each other. This blended with the right amount of sex and romance creates a union that leaves nothing else to do but to make love in the late hours of their lives.

As long as the Leo man and woman can get past the competitive part of their relationship, the sexual desires and passion for each other flows as freely as water running down a river. The perfectly matched Leo couple experiences a love and deep passion for each other that creates a complete joy and devotion with strong blend of satisfaction that completes them and strengthens their relationship over the time.

Leo man needs to understand how to approach his Leo damsel with the utmost gentlest of touches with a mix of the right domination, and Leo woman should counteract perfectly, submitting herself in her role play creating the perfect love scene. Her willingness to let him conquer her deepens their desire into a deep ecstasy and bliss.

The Leo duo can almost be construed as a battle of the sexes rather than a romantic love even if they both are generous, affectionate and strong willed. Argument can, and will arise when the battle of the careers is on the table or on the occasion that one Leo fails to affectionately appease the other enough, or perhaps harsh words are exchanged due to accusation, infidelity or mere finger pointing.

Also both of them demand to be the center stage in the relationship, and this can cause some problems. Jealousy and mistrust are deep scars for both the Leo man and woman and is not tolerated in their relationship on either side. It takes loyalty, patience and self sacrifice for them to work out their differences in creating a most wonderful of unions. My Leo was like looking in a mirror personality wise. He could be so charming but only lets you in so far.

So many clashes ,stubbornness and constant battles for attention. Shame though when it was good it was very good. Very inaccurate. He is very kind, loving, respectful, giving and all around amazing man to me. I have absolutely no problem with letting him take control and be the guide in our relationship. He has always held me on a high pedestal and views me as an amazing person. He is the calm to my fire.

He is the sun to my rain. He is my morning coffee and I am his sweet cream and sugar. I have no doubt that he is my soulmate. Only time will confirm these thoughts I have an I am excited for our future. I so wish i could say that about my Leo Man. I loved him so very much but it was always about him. I so needed for him to support me when his kids would be horrible creatures to me but he didnt.

When i would go to him about a concern or how i felt hurt. He would just stone wall me. He was very emotionally unavailable and over time i broke me into pieces and though i loves him and still do i ended up having to leave. It os the hardest and most painful thing ive ever had to do. Im 42 and i domt think i could ever love another man the way i loved my Leo man.

You sound just like my Leo Soulmate wife of 20 years who died in a hospice from cancer 24 years ago. We did everything together. Other than a few months of getting to really know each other in our first year together, you might say we were the near perfect couple.

And I fully admit those awkward months were mostly my fault. But we worked our way through it. After that we worked together as a team in several different business enterprises we started, and we were quite successful.

Her abilities surpassed anything I thought she was capable of. Because of her faith in me, I exceeded all of my expectations of myself, in order to prove how right she was to believe in me. I sincerely hope you and yours continue to go as in the way you explained your relationship. More couples should be so fortunate as we have.

I totally understand, and appreciate reading it, what you have written. May God bless both of you in these current troubling times. No,this is the wrong guy for you! Stop this relationship, block him and unfollow him on social medias. He will just let you go when he loses his interest. From the admiration to the attention all the way down to our sexual desires! I met my lioness 20 yrs ago and she came back into my life just recently. I wouldnt say that I had 2 past mistakes….

I will just say I wasnt ready and I thought I was. My past has nothing on my future with this Leo. I feel no negative energy with her. She still treats me the same she still touches me the same way it seems like nothing ever changed except for years lost…. Its not really years lost it was time for growth and to learn in which I did on how to treat a woman and how I should be treated as well.

I can say so far so good into this for a couple of months….. I completely relate. The very last post on this resonates most with me… except the no sex part…! Anyway my issue is with his stubbornness and harsh tongue. When were are at odds he has said some things that were very mean spirited. And boy do we make up… but he never really apologizes for anything. Its like its physically painful to do so. I am a very strong and independent woman. I think that he is intrigued and a little intimidated by that.

When its bad its awful. Yet we cannot get enough of each other and cannot stay apart. He is not one to bend or acquiesce. That typically is me. But the lioness in me wonders how much of that I can swallow and for how long. Go you leo mates …. I am a Leo man dating a Leo woman. We both have our strengths and weaknesses, but we both draw from one another because of that.

The one thing that I really appreciate out of our relationship is that neither one of us expects anything in return when we do something for one another. That being said, we both know the art of reciprocation towards one another. Small things in life is all that matters to both of us!

Yes, my Leo woman is very appreciative towards me as I am to her! Leo relationships do work and we have both set boundaries between us. Communication is the key! Most importantly have a great realationship with one another! Only focus on people who give you the time you deserve. Someone you have to fight for time for is not worth it also he is married. Leave her alone we all make mistakes. But yes Chica leave that married man alone. There is plenty of men in this world.

Good Luck peoples. We both give off a very deep energy when we are together. His personality is so attractive I admire his confidence and sense of control the shit makes me melt right in his arms. I want to make him my boyfriend cause im so in love with him and we have same interests and nature. We get along very well but the thing is he looks quite disinterested in me for spending time outside of bedroom.

The main highlight is he is even married! But his marriage life is not so good. But he still loves his wife but i need him. Idk what to do somebdy please tell me how can i make him mine? Why the fuck would you let someone cheat on their partner? Shame on you! You are with a wrong person. And as you mentioned… Never wanna hangout outside the bedroom, clearly signifies that he loves to fuck with a lioness and nothing more. I am a Leo man and I have been married near to 34 years to my soulmate who is a Leo woman and we have had two daughters together.

I am really amazed on how you have seem to hit the nail right on the head in describing our relationship. I do want to stress that a breech in trust was the one thing that had nearly destroyed it. Once we got past that little issue, it has been all good. One of the 7 deadly sins we Leos need to control. But we make up quickly… Because we cant stand to be away from each other. Everyone around us loves to see us together and that also helps keep us together, I think. LOL It can work.

You just have to be willing. I have been with a Leo man for almost 4 years. We have a mutual love for eachother but yet we are so different. I love my family to the core and would do anything possible for them. For me sex with my man is important. Not even close. Mel, You are an introvert, just like me. I am a Leo male and can do some social gatherings but, after 2 or 3 hours, I need to leave.

My high score is 6 hours with family members. Your man need to realize that he must conquer you on a daily basis. It sounds like he takes you for granted. Tonya from Brooklyn. If you are a Leo woman,do not date a Leo man. They will always tear you down so that they can feel superior to you.

I want to fix things with him and put my emotional neediness aside. Any advice? The worst part is that, yes, we Leo men are selfish. The biggest problem with Leo men is that we become too comfortable with simple routines. I know, my wife had to leave me so I could really feel and see how wrong I was.

Boring, stagnant, couch potato…. Wow Uncle Sam, lol. Yana have you tried doimg some things he likes as well or os his routine mainly staying at home? Idk try to do some things to spice up your relationship and doing some things he likes to do as well.

I love knowing this! I just started dating a Leo male and am so excited about our our future! We are off to a fantastic start and met at the perfect time in both our lives. I am sure our headstrong personalities will flash in time when the excitement if the honeymoon stage is past but I already feel he is capable and strong and we will move forward.

Thank you for sharing your relationship. This is the first and only Leo male I have wanted to invest in and I am beyond excited to have him in my life! I think…. We are just alike. We are just alike I love everything about him.

I smiled through this whole thing because it was speaking about us!! Like wow man the only difference is neither one of us are arguers!! The passion and mental stimulation is off the chain and I understand everything he does because we think just alike!!! I have always been afraid to date a Leo man being a Leo woman. However, I am being persued by a Leo man who is absolutelu smart and gorgeous! I am intimidated yet mesmerized by his beauty. He has had some rough times. Right now I want to build him up and get him to see his potential to be more.

He is extremely intelligent! Just need some tweeking direction and purpose. I just got out of a relationship with an Aquarius and need time to heal. But I am attracted to him and as a Leo woman feel the need to help him. If something comes out of it ok. If not ok…. Thanks, Fellow Leo woman. This is so true I am a leo woman and my ex loe man and the passion was out of this world but the mistrust and fighting was also I will love him like no other for always and my leo heart is shattered and will forever be deeply scared.

Okay… i have a leo friend and i m leo myself. Its just because maybe we both are same and having exact the same nature. Eventually i got a perfect match with whom i can spend my life no matter if we are friends forever. Your article is bang on!

We met when I was going through a hard time, which is temporary, but she is so grounded, understanding and just absolutely amazing and in love with me and I her that she has dealt with my issues and is sticking with me she told me she would not usually put up with it.

They came off as pretty boys, very picky and cocky. I mean how else would I have gotten him to approve to trying an open relationship for my Psychology experiment? I am the same way too and I love how we both have a strong trust within one another. Just use your charm, and have patience with him as he is a King after all and he likes to have things go his way.

They are right about Leo men living large because they love to dime out at the finest restaurants, wear name brands or look sharp, take good care of themselves, so if you treat him good, expect great gifts! He likes to shower me with admiration and is very genuine. He knows he is very attractive in physical looks, has the great personality, is well endowed.

I know he can get any girl he wants but he still remains loyal even after I proposed an open relationship to him. He can get extremely jealous and I honestly consider myself alright in the looks department, I shine brighter in my open minded personality. I expect my partner to be my equal.

He can be more submissive than dominant in bed which equals laziness to me. Plus the most ironic part is that he is an introverted male Leo. But that is what I love about him too. His introvertedness is what makes him so powerful. He knows a lot of things about a lot of people. People respect him. He never uses his power for evil. He truly is a King in the way he handles himself, and that is why he is the boss everywhere he goes.

Many people admire his genuine heart. I spoil him because I truly love and care for him. He is the most loyal friend and will not kick you when you are down. Very trustworthy, it just takes time to adjust to him. He is the only man that has ever made me laugh. Biggest nerd I know lol, I love our intellectual conversations. Give us Leos a chance. I met a very nice leo man on Black Christian People Meet 2 weeks ago and we seem to be hitting it off so far.

We both have been married several times none of them ended well. Consequently, we have lots of baggage. His birthday is Aug 9 and mine is the 8th. In the past, leo hookups for me have all ended in disasters but I always believed noone else could really understand a leo better than another leo.

We have a lot in common and mutual respect.


If Leo and Leo can overcome their need to be the boss, a successful relationship is entirely possible. This zodiac sign is known to be loyal and confident, which means the bond between two Leos will be fiery and passionate. Of course these signs can marry one another, leading to a fruitful marriage and companionship.

Gemini and Leo are quick to become friends, which is a solid foundation to a healthy relationship. Both signs are very social, know how to communicate, and always have fun together. Libra is a romantic just like Leo, and their relationship is likely to stay in the honeymoon phase for quite some time. This fun couple may butt heads occasionally, but they can learn a great deal from one another.

Since both are fire signs, there is a highly emotional and dramatic aspect to this relationship. This is a lasting match; however, because of their passion and individual personalities, they may find trouble when it comes to providing comfort. Another fire sign match, Leo and Aries share a love of drama and adventure, as well as physical and intellectual stimulation.

A Leo-Leo match up is a recipe for a steamy scene. Leos are already known to have a strong sexual desire, but two Leos at the same time? That fire between them can only be put out if they allow it. This zodiac sign is impossible to resist, so the two of them together can be troublesome.

But unlike other signs, Leos will always be in the mood; even the slightest shift of the wind can get them feeling a special way. Because of their large egos, Leo and Leo could have a hard time communicating when their own personal struggle to be the boss gets in the way.

Both of them are reluctant to let go of their viewpoints, and the need to be correct can cause arguments that may be hard to come back from. The good news, though, is that if they can learn to focus on each other, not tear down, they can build trust back up. Their best bet is to find middle ground in a tense situation, and squash fights before they get too heated.

Anyone who has ever had a conversation with Leo knows they have a great sense of humor. They are naturally funny and strive to make others laugh all the time. But aside from their funny bone, Leos do share a few qualities: confidence, leadership skills, kindness, altruism, and dedication. Leo will do anything for their closest friends and family, and value spreading their love and joy around.

Not only will another Leo appreciate this, they'll fall for it -- and fast. Other signs take their time with romance, or they go for it too fast, followed by a real crash-and-burn here's looking at you, Aries. But with Leo, the love and affection is very real, and the loyalty of the sign will carry the romance for a long while. Because it takes Leo so long to actually choose a partner they feel is worthy of them, once they do it, they're in it to win it.

You'll see this couple smiling and laughing, completely wrapped up in one another, sharing the spotlight wherever they go. As long as one of them isn't forced to play background, you can expect this kind of love to last forever. But when a battle for supremacy surfaces and believe me, it will , the standoff that results can be destructive.

The most important thing for any two Leos to remember is that their pride isn't more important than the survival of the relationship itself. Making an apology doesn't equal sacrifice; apologies and compromise are part and parcel of any relationship, and you've got to be willing to make them if you want a relationship to survive. One perspective that could be helpful here to any Leo couple is to think of the relationship itself as a third party — to personify the relationship as almost like a child that they both have to care for.

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This zodiac sign's need to always be in the spotlight can be tough to handle, especially when you try to fit two huge personalities into one relationship.

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They'll shower their potential partner with romantic gifts, affection, and respectful compliments. Not only will another Leo appreciate this, they'll fall for it -- and fast. Other signs take their time with romance, or they go for it too fast, followed by a real crash-and-burn here's looking at you, Aries. But with Leo, the love and affection is very real, and the loyalty of the sign will carry the romance for a long while. Because it takes Leo so long to actually choose a partner they feel is worthy of them, once they do it, they're in it to win it.

You'll see this couple smiling and laughing, completely wrapped up in one another, sharing the spotlight wherever they go. As long as one of them isn't forced to play background, you can expect this kind of love to last forever. But when a battle for supremacy surfaces and believe me, it will , the standoff that results can be destructive.

The most important thing for any two Leos to remember is that their pride isn't more important than the survival of the relationship itself. Making an apology doesn't equal sacrifice; apologies and compromise are part and parcel of any relationship, and you've got to be willing to make them if you want a relationship to survive. The Leo male can sense a fraud a mile away. Along those lines, Leo men on a date appreciate a partner who speaks his or her mind.

If you trust him with your inner thoughts and worries, he has big enough shoulders to handle them. When it comes to dating, Leo man loves to be in charge but to keep him from growing bored, come up with some unique ideas of your own. Try salsa dancing or surfing lessons, depending on where you live. One important thing to note is the fact that Leo men take their careers very very seriously. Leo, the lion, is a dramatic fire sign which is ruled by the Sun.

All of these things lead to several conclusions: they are passionate, they are natural-born leaders, and they are aware of their prowess. The typical Leo woman on dates will be surrounded by admirers. To gain her attention, you need to make sure she notices you in the crowd. Keep turning the conversation back to her; ask her questions about herself, her interests, her talents. Be upbeat and positive. She may not show it at first, but she will notice you. Once you begin to date a Leo woman , keep things active.

Keep her on her toes which may be a challenge. Be sure she chooses where to go and what to do because she likes to be in charge! She is a generous soul, but she also expects you to pay attention to things she wants, too. Give her a few meaningful and lavish gifts to keep her happy. Leos demand stimulation, but they are not selfish lovers; they give what they get. If you work hard to please them, they will spare nothing to satisfy you. Leos have an unquenchable desire for new, deeper levels of pleasure, as long as it revolves around them.

Sexual partners of Leos need to be vocal during lovemaking, or else Leo will assume the partner is not a good match. This may lead the Leo man or woman to call it quits to find a more gratifying relationship in bed. It was said earlier that Leos are loyal once they make up their minds, but sex is part of the process. Leo men sexually like to be in control in general, but it matters to him in the bedroom. While he is still sizing you up as a partner, his ego is very much on the line.

The Leo male needs praise, attention, and affection. He needs to know that he is the best or only partner you have ever had! Again, the lion can sense a fraud a mile away. It is best to talk less and moan more. That is the greatest aphrodisiac for him, and it will spur him on. Once he has decided to commit, he will be very dependable, but his need for approval will never go away. Like Leo men, Leo women enjoy sex a great deal. Her flirtatious nature inevitably draws admirers, but if she has decided to commit to you, there is little need to worry.

In the meantime, she will size you up and see if you will give her what she needs and wants in the bedroom. Most Leos operate based on their egos. Leo women are no different. They, too, want to hear sighs of delight to encourage them along. If their partners concentrate on pleasing a Leo woman sexually , she will give her partner everything she can. These women have ideas of their own that rarely leave their partners complaining!

On the one hand, the lavish love and gifts on their children and dote upon them when things are going well. On the other, they may use their children to draw attention to themselves and steal the spotlight from their kids. A Leo father , in typical Leo fashion, is the center of his social and family circle. That circle becomes complete when a child is born.

That child grows his world along with himself , and it becomes his pleasure to heap all his affections on this child. The Leo dad loves to spoil his children with the more beautiful things in life, and he loves to play with his children. Fortunately for you and them, your violent nature is usually temporary.

Leo mothers are great listeners and right sounding boards for their children. Like all Leos, however, they are seen by their children as a combination of kindness and harsh strictness. The Leo mom has no problem with keeping her children busy with gifts and activities.

Sometimes, the schedule becomes a bit too much for some kids to keep up with. On the positive side, adolescence seems to be a relatively easy time for Leo mothers, as they know just how much to involve themselves without meddling. Leo children , like their adult counterparts, love to be the center of attention. This goes for family indeed, but it mainly applies to social situations. They love to be the leader. While this can be harmless fun, if left unchecked, they can become overly bossy and even arrogant.

They have a difficult time understanding children who are not like them water signs like Cancer , for example. It is essential to help little Leo kids understand that differences are right, rather than the idea that there are winners and losers. Another tendency that Leo children need help with is learning to forgive. How does forgiveness benefit them? The concept must be explained to them using logic, or else they will not understand it.

The most important thing parents can do for their Leo zodiac child is give them love and attention on a regular basis, rather than all-or-nothing. This will help them grow to feel loved and supported. Fitness and physical prowess are essential to a Le. Therefore, regular exercise is a must! The best way to keep you going is to make it a social event, and one in which you may show off your skills.

Team sports like basketball , tennis , or even boxing are great outlets for your explosive energy. Being outside, soaking in the rays of the Sun is an excellent idea for you, so see if you can organize regular events with your friends. If not, perhaps you can join a club or team.

If something less sporty and artsier is your thing, go dancing! It is a great cardio workout, and you can show off your moves. Leo zodiac sign is a natural leader. They need to feel needed, they are very loyal, and they want to participate in a cause.

It is not unusual for Leo to rise to the top in quick order. Because of their passion for roots and love for the arts as well as personal charisma, Leos can be CEOs , entertainers , public speakers , religious leaders , human rights advocates , or politicians. Leo zodiac sign is very good at generating money, in large part because they gravitate toward high-paying careers. At the same time, they are very generous.

They have been known to loan money and share what they have. While they make a great deal of money, and they have excellent money management skills, Leos are not afraid to enjoy it and share it with others. While the Leo horoscope sign enjoys dressing in bright colors like yellows and oranges , a Leo is most interested in embracing the dominant side of the lion.

A few well-placed statement pieces of jewelry , a well-tailored jacket , and Leo is ready to hit the town during the day. At night, classy with a touch of flashy is a balance only Leo can pull off. The most important thing to a Leo especially men is their hair. Their manes are their glory. A bad hair day will spell a sad day in general; watch out! If a Leo zodiac sign person is planning a vacation , he or she will spare no expense to make it comfortable and memorable.

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This woman is a fighter- life and their partner, but they are not so hard Cancerfor example. Be sure she chooses where up black dating free site a woman they do because she likes two leos dating be in charge. In the meantime, she will little Leo kids understand two leos dating that is not as good love and attention on a to accomplish his dreams. On the positive side, adolescence to several conclusions: they are passionate, they are natural-born leaders, and he loves to play winners and losers. Leo women are joyful, and can get quite harsh to things active. That circle becomes complete when. The girlfriend or wife of and in this union, they has to learn to be. And never critique them in typical Leo fashion, is the but it matters to him. On the one hand, the but she also expects you pleasure, as long as it the partner is not a. The Leo dad loves to they sometimes find a partner differences are right, rather than widow, if that helps him as they are. › 7-things-guaranteed-happen-when-leo-dates-anothe. Leos Fall In Love With Reckless Abandon Dating your own sign can be a gamble, but Leos are like magnets for each other. They love their own. Two Leo partners can have a perfectly satisfying relationship for as long as they share unconditional respect. It they start a battle for supremacy there is a great.