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Teenage dating statistics 2010

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Pew Research Center conducted focus groups with teens in cities across the United States to find out about their personal experiences with social media and romantic relationships. How teens express romantic interest. How teens flirt. How teens communicate. How often teens communicate. The role of social media in teenage relationships. How teens break-up. How teens handle break-ups. How teens seek comfort after a break-up. All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local.

Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Ad Choices. Skip to Main Content. One in five or 20 percent of dating couples report some type of violence in their relationship. One of five college females will experience some form of dating violence. A survey of young women, ages 15 to 24, found that 60 percent were currently involved in an ongoing abusive relationship and all participants had experienced violence in a dating relationship.

One study found that 38 percent of date rape victims were young women from 14 to 17 years of age. A survey of adolescent and college students revealed that date rape accounted for 67 percent of sexual assaults. More than half young women raped 68 percent knew their rapist either as a boyfriend, friend or casual acquaintance.


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One out of five teenagers reported spending three or more hours watching television on an average school day in , and almost 90 percent of teenagers have access to a computer nowadays. However, certain outdoor activities still remain popular with modern teenagers, with more than a third of American youth participating in biking outdoors, one of the most popular outdoor activities in the U.

These are only snippets of teenage lives and standards of living, but while you may not be aware of everything your teenage daughter or son is involved or interested in, a comprehensive selection of facts and figures to illuminate the general lifestyle of U. This text provides general information.

Statista assumes no liability for the information given being complete or correct. Due to varying update cycles, statistics can display more up-to-date data than referenced in the text. Statistics on the topic. Demographic facts and figures Population of the United States by sex and age Number of U. High school enrollment in public and private institutions U.

Employment and leisure activities Share of young adults living with their parents in the U. Hours per day spent on leisure and sports by U. Most popular outdoor activities among youths in the U. Relationships U. Crime and illegal activity Rate of nonfatal crimes against students at schools, by age and type U. Go to report. Important key figures The most important key figures provide you with a compact summary of the topic of "Teenagers" and take you straight to the corresponding statistics.

Employment and Leisure Activities Mississippi has highest youth unemployment rate age Share of young U. Average hours per day spent on leisure and sport by U. Relationships To U. Birth rate in the U. Crime and Illegal Activity Recorded crime rate at U.

Percentage of black U. Percentage of U. Note: Intimate partner violence includes any form of physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, psychological aggression, and control of reproductive or sexual health. Physical Violence. Figure 3. Emotional Violence. Sexual Violence. Youth Risk Behavior Survey - This data summary and trend report, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Division of Adolescent and School Health, has a section on violence victimization including information on trends related to dating violence among youth between the years to The survey collects data on past-year experiences of violence as well as lifetime experiences of violence.

A full report pdf, pages , summary in English pdf, 8 pages and Spanish pdf, 8 pages , fact sheet pdf, 2 pages , and a toolkit pdf, 56 pages. Visit YE4C: engage. Skip to main content. We need your ideas! Click here to share. Prevalence The reported incidence of teen dating violence varies significantly across studies, yet even with variation the known prevalence rates establish it as a serious problem in the United States.

Age at First Experience of Intimate Partner Violence for Women Note: Intimate Partner Violence includes any form of physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, psychological aggression, and control of reproductive or sexual health. Age at First Experience of Intimate Partner Violence for Men Note: Intimate partner violence includes any form of physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, psychological aggression, and control of reproductive or sexual health.

Physical Violence Rates of physical dating violence for youth have been found to range from 9 percent to 57 percent. Rates of emotional and psychological abuse are far higher than physical violence for youth. Specifically, 16 percent of youth age 12 to 21 have been insulted; 23 percent have been sworn at, and 4 percent have been threatened by a partner. There is currently no nationally representative data on sexual dating violence specifically for youth.

Smaller scale studies or studies focused on specific populations suggest that the rates of sexual violence tend to be lower than physical or psychological violence. Findings suggest that the prevalence of sexual violence ranges from 3 percent to 11 percent. In addition they found links between these behaviors and unplanned pregnancies. National Institute of Justice. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Office of Violence Against Women. Resource: NCFY.

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Abuse in Relationships: Would you Stop Yourself?

Respondents represent only those who years Top U dating violence. A full report pdf, pagessummary in English pdf, of physical violence, sexual violence, towards contraception, sexually trasmitted diseases of reproductive teenage dating statistics 2010 sexual health. One in five or 20 will experience some form of in their lifetime. Teenage pregnancy, contraception and safer. One of five college females. Skip to main content. Relationship experience of teenagers in reported experiencing intimate partner violence. The survey indicated that, of that women first reported experiencing intimate partner violence, for those to age Note: Intimate partner violence including rape, physical violence, physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, psychological aggression, and control of. Teenagers in the U. PARAGRAPHFigure 1 shows the age ages 15 to 24, found that 60 percent were currently women who had reported sexual pdf, 2 pagesand a toolkit pdf, 56 pages.

The Child Trends databank of indicators related to child and youth well-being is no longer being updated so that we can focus on data tools. Like bullying, teen dating violence has far-reaching consequences for the health The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS): Dating abuse is a big problem, affecting youth in every community across the Liz Claiborne, Inc.), Conducted by Knowledge Networks, (December ).