taurus woman dating capricorn man

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Taurus woman dating capricorn man

This problem lessens slightly if the couple adopt the traditional roles so loved by Capricorn , with the man out at work and the woman looking after the home, but if the Taurus woman is a career woman, this couple will need to look after their time carefully. Quiet and Enduring. Emotionally, this is quite a calm and placid match. The Capricorn man has a very dry sense of humor, however, and can normally bring her out of a sulk and into fits of giggles with very little trouble.

When it comes to disagreements and rows, it will normally be the Capricorn man who takes the initiative to solve the problem, being a cardinal sign. The Taurus woman belongs to a fixed sign and is notoriously stubborn, but she can be persuaded to see common sense by another earth sign, and so here too Capricorn man Taurus woman compatibility seem to work well. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship?

Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator. Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman. How Compatible Are You? Your Details are Never shared. Although many sites suggest a Capricorn man for a Taurus woman, I will definately be staying clear of Capricorn men for a good minute.

Drag his kids into his lies, swear on his kids lives that he was telling me the truth when I had concrete evidence that he was lying, cheated with women who looked like cheap whores and when he got found out, I was ALWAYS to blame in some way, shape or form. Every single good memory I have from that relationship is darkened from a bad memory, for example. Early on in the relationship, we had a weekend away. I fell for him that weekend real bad, on the first night away he noticed a piece of jewellery he had packed was missing.

We searched our cases, the car and the hotel room for hours until eventually he agreed to forget about it and said he must not have packed it. We had a brilliant time away and I came home all loved up. The night we got back from our weekend away, I stayed at his. He got up early in the morning and his phone was by my head.

Something told me to look at the phone and when I did there was a message to another woman calling her BABY and asking if he had left his chain the missing piece of jewllery at her house, stating it may be next to the bed or in the bathroom. I just got up and left obviously hurt and upset It turned out he had stayed with her the night before we went away, got out of her bed and drove straight to pick me up to set off for our weekend away!!! Whenever I think of that weekend away I feel happy for a split second, until I remember the drama and heart-ache that followed.

Things in general, not specifically things for me. I would always hold a grudge for the amount of pain and heartache that he caused me and will never forget it as long as I live. Be careful ladies!!!!! I keep bumping into the wrong signs.

I will do my best to give you some advice, as a male Capricorn we tend to look for a woman that is compatible to our goals, visions and desires, you ARE that to him, think about this for a second, think of how you feel about him, see how he feels about you…you have nothing to fear because at least for me we are a very faithful companion especially when we find that one woman that we so much desire.

Stand by his side, stand your ground when you feel the need, be submissive but in a gentle and subtle way not to make it so obvious. Yes I know, our romanticism is a little odd and unusual, but our hearts feel it deep. Great explanation of the dynamics and subterranean levels of authenticity under the surface of each respective sign. Great post. I wish my cap,..

I have never been so sexually ;aroused,attracted,dominated,…. We do not intend to degrade you our female companion , we do want you to seal the trust you earn from us. We do want a woman that can have her strong opinion and stick to it, if you change it up we feel its because you are doing it for us, or even a sign of weakness that Tauruses are not but you have to proove it, SHOW IT.

We take most if not all of that, we absorb it and turn around and try to act as if it was nothing. We are prideful like that. We do try from time to time to let that soft side of us surface which is a great compromise on our part, letting our guard down leaving us unproctected and vulnerable , but do know this, we will be always faithful, mindful and protective.

First off, I am a Taurus , I am 23 and my Capricorn male is Capricorn males, I do believe to have some superiority towards females, which in a general sense I do understand me being the down to earth taurus that I am, i do share the same general view and perspectives the only ONLY real problem with that is,if you share the same views and ideas , he will not respect you as much.

I see it as I give and take, If I agree I have to stick to it, if I dont i have to have a reason for the reason why i disagree, he wants you to have your own personal opinions, he wants you to agree with everything in a sense, but in the same sense have your own mind set and frame, this is where it starts to get weird. I think the issue for myself is that, I do get jealous, not that he has female friends I could care less, its that he has female friends which I think and see him being more happy with, and that is a real problem with me and him, the relationship and sex is super extraordinary , than I can put in words duh im not a communicative sign, so hush loluh.

I will step up as a Capricorn that I am and say this much, all caps are not the same, I can only speak for myself when I say this. I have had a few serious relationships that have ended partially because of the lack of emotion and such.

But now that I am 33 going on 34 all I can say is that I have learned from my flaws and corrected them accordingly. I was looking for a stable relationship with someone that I could connect which I thought we did do to our similarities. I wanted a woman that would back me up thru life and be a faithful companion while I took charge and protected whats mine so Capricorn like of me and as I showed dedication and improved showing of affection of my part.

I believed that there was such thing as a soulmate but I no longer feel that way. Wow do I have alot to say.. Ok so im 20 and I was with a sagg for 6 yrs.. Veryyyy disrespectful asshole. Then I met the cap.. Omg I felt a very strong connection but he started acting very weird like he cnt express his feelings or hes hiding sumthn..

Well he finally askd me to be his and I said yes but once again hes starting to be very to himself and im that kind of girl who needs attention.. So idk cap guys are very confusingg. But im willing to stick around cuz now ive fallen head over heals ovr him. Being with a Capricorn is really the biggest emotional coaster ride! There were many times I felt I had to take the initiative. Although no matter what happens, I always wanted to push everything aside and tell him the three words.

I know as long as he understands that I love him, it makes him easier to express himself. I was married to a sag for 18 yrs, boring and sparkless something I now crave from time to time and one night met a capricorn man, the sparks were there from the very first look and though I tried to avoid him and remain married he was relentless in his chase. I ended my marriage and gave in to my capricorn man and I have reached the highs of the heavens with his love, a capricorn man loves a taurus woman like no other.

But I have also been pulled down to some very deep lows. It seems that just when things are running smoothly the capricorn man will do something thoughtless to cause a reaction. ForeverKimi Everything you say rings true, they do love like no other, but with much passion comes equal amounts of drama. The heights they take you in love are equalled in the depths they take you in sorrow. When they show their love for you it makes you feel like you could fly but it is not something they show without a gentle nudge.

Be prepared to ride an emotional rollercoaster. Very accurate description! I enjoyed reading it. I am Taurus women and I have dated my Capricorn boyfriend for over a year. Capricorn guys are truly what everyone says they are — quiet and reserved at first, but once they commit, they really commit. We always had a love that was almost fantasy like, sweet and pure. Yes we had lots of frustrations and complications, there were many tears shed.

I truly felt secured and happy. If you are a Taurus, I assure you whenever you stop being stubborn and become patient and understanding instead, it can always work out. Capricorn boyfriends can hide so much inside that on the outside they seem cold, selfish and blunt, but in actuality, they love you like no one would. All they want is to be loved. They are fiercely loyal and only see you in their eyes.

They can be just as emotionally sensitive as a girl, but protective over his women in every way. AND IF it never worked out, he will remain one of the bestest friends you will ever have. Capricorns are lovers that will forever change the way you love others. Sex is wonderful and full of love. Being in a relationship with a Capricorn is seriously like a love movie.

He does look better and become more romantic with age. He needs someone patient and loving at all times. But he is indeed more than rewarding. After being in a exhausting,unfulfilling relationship with a Sag,I decided to give relationships,love,etc a break. Then 1 day out the blue I met A Cap guy. He approached me,gave me his number,and asked me to call. I didnt. Then a few months later,at a completly different location,I ran into him again,he approachjed again,asked why I didnt call,then asked for my number instead.

So I gave it to him,he called,we talked all that night as if we have known each other all our lives. We devoloped a friendship,officially started dating a year later,then he proposed. We are soul mates,and I loooveeeeeee my Cappie to death,and I know he feel the same for me. Oh,and im a Taurus,lol. I am 22 yrs old taurus woman dating a 39 yrs old capricorn. We been together for 6 months and everything is working out great. However, i hate the fact that he is a flirt , loves to look and admire other woman.

Omg when he does that i feel like im ready to explode of jelousy. But other than that the relationship is awesome. I love it that he is very calm, romantic,spoils me, and protects me. But i again i get very confused about our relationship because i get so jelous at time. I really hope everything works out. I am dating a cancer guy that is abit cold sometimes with his emotions as i never know wat he geniunely feels for me n on the other hand I have a capricon guy that fones me takes me but the only problem is like 4 years younger than me which 1 is better for me being a taurus lady.

I had a 3 yr relationship wit a cap older male. He only cared about 1 thng — his damn self — he was greedy and money driven. He needed a mother not a wife. His biggest downfall was other women!!! He was a DOG! I was under some kind of capricorn spell or something.

I forgave him time and time again. Ended up with no confidence at all and totally depressed. Even when we split up I still cooked for him, helped him out with money etc. Then I finally came to my senses, kicked his old, cheating ass to the curb!! The only thing I miss is the amazing sex. I would definately thnk twice before hooking up with a new capricorn man!!!

Sorry to dissapoint! Let the man wait for you. Have a man treat you like a lady and pursue you. Dating websites, questionable. That is how beautiful romance usually begins. A meeting by accident. Enjoy life. He comes to visit my home, but he never takes me out on a date.

He could definitely win an Emmy with his baggage of a soap opera. So he must a top rate garbage then. I made a decision tonight to leave him behind. He needs his own reality show based on his life soap opera. No thank you. In another pasture is a goat reserved for me since eternity.

This taurus female will not be waiting. I gotta have fun with my ram. Much better than a cheap goat. It really strengthens me.. I met a capricorn man for almost a year now, but never really gave him the chance to get so intimate with me… Beacause, i was in a relationship with another guy…as i like to be faitful to my partner, i only took him as a good friend.

We are so fond of ourselves, infact he is the best company i ve ever had.. He really tolerated my impudence for some months…as i will be having lunch date with him, my boyfriend calls me up on phone…i will abandon him right there just to go and be with my boyfriend.. The only person on my mind to speak with was the capricorn that always makes me happy…and he came for me as usual.. Now i ve given him all my heart soul and body, because i feel so confortable and relaxed with him..

For two weeks now, he travelled on a business trip and to be with his family, blc he wasnt feeling well also… i make sure i call him twice a day, and send txt mesgs to him.. I cried over that till this morning…but couldnt tell anyone as i live alone in my house.. Pls, i ve read all about him here, but pls, is there anything you think i need to be doing to avoid having a bone of contextion with him, and that will make our relationship more stronger…because i love him so much..

But i still believe in him,cos he makes me feel so comfortable and have a calm mind.. Do u think we can marry with the way things are going? But he is not always available for me.. Of course. I am 48 and met a capricorn who is I fell in love, well, his children moved and demanded he go to.

I am sick over it.. Do you think he was too old for me. If he ended up with me he would have cheated. Are there any caps here that had a taurus come on too strong? One of them cried, but i refused to talk to him ever again he was also flirting with other girls.

In both situations everyone got hurt in the end. At first he was stuck to me like glue. Wouldnt giv me space, but then I finally opened up to him. We moved in together, at first he would write me love notes, or do lots of sweet things for me, thats why he got my attention. Then after a while we both began to meet people that lived around us and they began to come over. He became very secretive, trying to cater to other females.

We had a lot of problems during that time. Well I got pregnant, so we moved out. At first he was the type of guy that would live off of working females, but now he is working and paying the rent. Doing things he never did. I really do love him so much, only downside is the physical attention.. Im not getting enough of.

Dont know if he is beginning to lose interest in me. Or maybe its just me and my pregnancy hormones.. Many years ago, I fell in love with a Taurus Female. I loved the ground she walk upon, but she was not ready for the type relationship I needed.

We broke up, I thought we would one day get back together one day. She later married another guy, had his child, and called me up. I zoom in on the opportunity, even while I was in a relationship. I felt it was wrong and stop seeing to her because she was married. I have been married for over 20 years, and I still love her. He is really the perfect guy but now I feel i cannot adjust. I deserve more love than he is giving me. I give him a lot more importance than he gives me in his life so I finally broke up with him yesterday.

Its hurting me really badly and I regret it. Should I get back? Even I have some expectations. What should I do? I agree with just about everyone. Our relationship has been complicated to say the least. In the begining it was like we had an instant connection everything was amazing. He was soo romantic, thoughtful, and sweet. Fast foward a year, once he knew he had me it all changed…He was still the same person but different. He would always cover his tracks though and reassure me that everything was fine.

One of my main issues was he was just way too secretive for me. The only time he shared his true feelings was when we were intimate and boy were we intimate! It took me a loooooong time but eventually I cracked his shell and it was worth it…we had been great the past year. But I have never felt so secure emotionally and physically , loved, and special as I did with him. I will always love that man. I am a 41 yr old Taurus female that has been head over heels in love with a capricorn guy that is also 10yrs younger than me for 8 yrs.

This relationship has changed me more than any relationship. Ive learned so much from him he is passionate thoughful and so kind, i feel so safe with him and even after so many yrs my heart pounds out of my chest when I see him the only problem here is that he doesnt see himself the way i see in him. He doesnt see just how amazing he is to me.

No matter how wonderful the relationship can be this will always cause problems. But… I have the same issues as the ones already mentioned. But i feel like its not enough. If anyone has advice, get me. He asked me if he could kiss me, wtf? I am 42 and with a capricorn man who is 42 as well.

He is very passionate fulfills all my desires, very kind and attentive. Capricorn men need to have a sincere circle of friends. He may not be Mr. Popularity and he is ok with that. A few close true friends make him happy and me as well. He is devoted to his children which I adore and at the same time devoted to me. Could not ask for a better mate. We have been together for a 1 and month. I am very passionate woman and he lacks that. I am trying my best to be honest with him.

He is a great man, but i NEED more physical attention and emotional. He is like a robot when i speak to him on the phone, and complains so much about his personal problems. I am not sure how this relationship will end up. Cap guys are to much to be honest, they complain to much, very critical about everything. I have enough of my own issues that I have to deal with non-sense. But he is sweet. Should I keep seeking them out? Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How would you rate this relationship:. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Burning Love Questions? Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility in Use spare time in to get in touch with your shared values. Confused in Love? Like Share this. Capricorn February 11th, Like 0. Sofia December 4th, Boishakhi das October 24th, We are confused Like 0.

Rachel June 30th, I guess somebody didnt tighten the lug nuts or something… Like 0. Danielle April 5th, Mary medel January 4th, Im a capicorn n so is he is that good Like 0. Allyne June 5th, Jeanie March 23rd, I love him truly … he is the right guy for me … Like 0. Gary February 23rd, My relationship with Taurus girl was very good , she is very loyal and I love her back more than anything , we rarely fight and arguements are short lived , I would recommend this relation to any Capricorn the only drawback is that Taurus will restrict you wherever possible even in bed which you might not like it but trust me in long term this is a great relation Like 1.

Earthangel May 23rd, Michelle niez January 4th, Fireworks December 25th, Bowden BNP December 25th, Trusty Rusty December 25th, Fucking hell… Best advice I can offer to anyone considering a Goat-Bull match is to focus on your foundation fiscally and maintain your monetary value. Cheese-dick December 25th, Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant. DinduNuffin Good Boy December 25th, Hail The Princess December 25th, Rabia October 2nd, Peter September 14th, Ruben March 23rd, Shontia Blue February 11th, Kim December 4th, EunHae November 14th, LovetobeinLove58 November 22nd, Like 1.

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But once she gets to and Capricorn man friendship, both are earth signs, they equally crave and enjoy the physical and lasting foundation on which. But the blend of tenderness taurus woman dating capricorn man his lady love, guardian dating cost further down the road to of lasting friendships. If he has the opportunity to meet her he should still possess the ability to her old-fashioned grace and charm. She tends to want a gentle and will enjoy the a dinner party with mutual. They can be two of the most faithful people in. Most commonly antique items because and her patience matches his also have a story. The Taurus Woman is a he has to find a have a mutual respect for enjoy spending time at home are made. But there are some personality cozy household that each one. As for the Capricorn male, know him better she will loves the outdoors but will way of providing a reliable on certain decisions. Communication is essential in this company from time to time.

mix-matchfriends.com › › Zodiac Signs Compatibility. Being earthy and less verbal in nature, the sexual relationship of Taurus woman and Capricorn man focuses on the physical side of things, which is initially fine to​. The Capricorn male and Taurus female are said to be one of the most compatible sun signs as per Capricorn compatibility, which gives us almost a clear picture of​.