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Entrepreneur dating bangalore

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Ideas seminars, described as "group dating", also allow small groups to discuss potential ideas and business strategies. This one, in Mumbai, drew a crowd with diverse business backgrounds - students with ideas they want to get off the ground, investors, long-time businessmen, and even a doctor who was looking for help with his anti-ageing skincare business. None of the participants at this particular session were women. However, Mr Grover says events in other cities have drawn some female entrepreneurs.

Mr Grover says that while there are plenty of professional networking sites and events which are focused on connecting entrepreneurs in similar areas of interest, there are very few which work across different sectors. Mr Shukla, who started his business 15 years ago, is here as a mentor and says there needs to be more support for today's entrepreneurs. Now, economic progression means more people are creating something larger than themselves," he says.

So how successful are events like this in helping entrepreneurs as they start on their business journeys? For Mr Keria, the event was useful too. As he hastily swapped business cards and shook hands with two other participants, he said he believed he'd found people who could help him get his company off the ground. For others, such as Viraf Tavadia, the event was useful and enjoyable, but didn't yield any prospective partners.

The organisers say they hope to hold more of these events and believe they are an effective way to harness entrepreneurial talent. Like with any good matchmaker, there's nothing more rewarding than being at the start of something big. We have now grown to a small team of travel enthusiasts with a vision to help international travel brands succeed in the Indian market.

We do what we do because we believe travel is among the top industries with immense potential for growth in the coming decade. We are in a position to help international brands understand the vast geography that is India and the socio cultural factors and influences that make this market so different from other countries. We help global travel brands partner with the travel buying community in India through business representation and consulting services.

We also tailor make individual holidays and group experiences. Visit us on www. Payal: I have always wanted to run my own company and create a brand that the world will recognize. In , I was blessed with the right mix of opportunities, partnerships, conversations and most importantly confidence that allowed me to begin.

Payal: In my opinion, being an entrepreneur is the challenge, whether you are a man or a woman. It depends on the environment and how much relevant experience you have, how many opportunities present itself, what your financial position to take a risk is and how many conversations you have that encourage you to just begin.

As a woman, especially when you have a family to take care of, the right support system always helps — but as the world changes it really is not gender specific any more. If you have a dream to create something, the passion and the experience in the field of your choice and have the finances you need in place for at least the first 12 months, go out there and bring your start up to life.

The money will follow the grit and the passion. Keep your family and friends close, because you will need a support system, plan your money well, keep in shape and remember to enjoy life. Because a happy entrepreneur will be a successful one.

You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram. We seek to bring to the house proud audience, objects of art and furniture that is unique and one of a kind at a very affordable price — given the work that goes into each piece. We also upcycle and re-imagine vintage pieces and family heirlooms so that they are relevant for use today. When I was as little as 4yrs old, I would draw houses and home plans. Of course I ignored that creative side to pursue a degree in math and economics and then an MBA.

After working for 14 years in advertising and marketing, I finally decided to take the plunge and do what I always loved doing. The credit does go to my husband who is an Architect. He, I guess saw genuine passion and encouraged me to follow my heart. Deena: Being an entrepreneur is exciting, its learning something new everyday, its infinitely creative when you have to find new ways to make money to pay your rent and salaries every month.

But its definitely worth everything. Being a woman on top of that…phew. It is a challenge but not impossible. Unfortunately in our society today, the woman is still looked to to take care of the home and children.

So its a 24 hr. I have a newfound respect to every working woman out there — She rocks. There are days when I take my baby to work and we have a full day at work and days when I spend time bonding with my dogs and cat with a hot mug of tea. The entrepreneurial journey is an exciting rollercoaster ride. Dive in, take the plunge if you hear it calling out to you!

Priyanka: Nirwaana, is an ecommerce designer jewellery brand founded — end of sold at www. All styles are unique, handcrafted, manufactured in a very limited number thus making it almost exclusive for the purchaser. The designs are contemporary, even the ones made using most traditional or ancient art forms. Most of our styles are on chunkier side nothing over the top though , which could be worn as single pieces, alone, without teaming up as sets, to make a statement.

It might sound a bit crazy, but I have often ended up buying a jewelry piece and back-up jewelry to coordinate with my outfits, for the occasions. The options were typically extreme, between very traditional to ultra mod, completely blingy to totally sober. Priyanka: The only thing a woman gets easier than any man, in a business world, is that first look or a momentary attention, when she enters a boardroom.

And of course a woman entrepreneur does deal with her share of added difficulties. Making people understand that you in for some serious work, why you are doing what you doing, and that you do have a clear vision, to take the venture forward to certain levels, is a bigger task for a woman, as compared to a man entrepreneur.

Most other struggles that one deals with thereafter may not be so different. Work life balance is another big challenge, especially if you are married and have a kid. But as women are born with multitasking skills, one does learn to balance it out eventually. And, if you have a super supportive family, cherry on top! So there might be no exemptions from the basic challenges that an entrepreneur faces. And, be prepared to deal with failures in the process.

Forum is an organisation focusing on the inclusive and holistic wellbeing and development of women. It spans across four verticals:. Health and Wellness: This is the foundation vertical, that focusses on wellness, yoga work and stress management through our innovative interventions. An empowering and developmental journey for women work. The format not only celebrates women for their intellect ,calibre and strength, but also upskills them through sessions on thought leadership, innovative thinking, personal branding etc.

A one of its kind training program that focusses on reflex and response, mind strength and alertness along with basic self defense and combat techniques. Entrepreneur Development: This vertical focusses on grassroot level or ideation level of women entrepreneurship. They are coached, motivated and guide to take forward the first few steps in their entrepreneurial journey. Therefore, the genesis of The H. Forum, to inclusively fill these voids and build a strong and resilient women community.

Dipika: Hurdles are a part and parcel of life as such and more for a woman on an entrepreneurial journey. Right from lack of guidance on giving a structure to passion, to people questioning the significance of your venture, to establishing a revenue model, to people not believing in your offerings yet wanting complimentary interventions, to onboarding vendors who took you for a ride; hurdles have been umpteen.

Yet rising above it all…each time coming out stronger with more learnings has actually been synonymous to a diamond being taken through the grind of cutting and polishing, enabling it to shine its best! There will be times your self confidence will be torn apart, your self belief will be in doubt…sit back for a day, analyse the hurdles, cry out loud if you may…But, Next day get up and get going…ever more resilient than before. Most importantly, believe in The H. Lateral Thinkers, founded in , is a public relations PR company that offers creative, intelligent and efficient solutions for new-age enterprises as well as established brands seeking a strategic approach to their communication mix.

Public Relations is a niche industry. Everyone knows about the existence of the PR industry, but very few actually understand the workings of it. A company often has a lot to communicate to the media and its stakeholders. However, they are usually unable to do so effectively.

That is where we bring in our expertise to create the right kind of visibility for them. The biggest challenge was to find associates who could engage beyond business revenues and share my dream to take the company to new heights. Soon, Sudhakar Rao, a friend and seasoned PR professional, joined the organisation as an equal partner, giving me the strength and support to dream big.

Today, Lateral Thinkers has a strong team of young, dynamic individuals who come from diverse media backgrounds, and are committed to creating meaningful campaigns through effective storytelling. We currently cater to some of the biggest names in the infrastructure, technology, healthcare, and realty space, apart from the assorted list of start-ups that are rewriting the rules of the game.

However, before I knew it, I had spent six years at the organisation. I loved the fact that there was no monotony. It gave me the impetus to start my own firm, and since then, there has been no looking back. Urmila: In the last decade, our society has undergone a paradigm shift, and the rules for women in the professional environment have been rewritten completely.

Globally, an increasing number of women are being encouraged to start their own enterprises. In my opinion, this is the best time for women to explore the world of entrepreneurship. It gives one the freedom to do things from a creative as well as business perspective. The journey has not been easy, but it has been incredibly gratifying. Perhaps, the most challenging part of being a woman entrepreneur is to get people to see you for who you really are and discard all the other labels.

Urmila: The most difficult part of entrepreneurship is taking the plunge. If you believe in your idea, then just go for it, and the rest will work itself out. It is very important to retain your individuality. The secret to success and happiness is to pursue work that inspires you. Achieving work-life balance is not as formidable a task, when your job is not another chore, but a passion — something that engages your mind as well as your heart. You can connect with her on Facebook.

Savitha: Success With Savitha is our global coaching platform that primarily helps budding entrepreneurs launch their brands and strengthen the bottom line of their business as they scale. We also organize coaching and workshops to help aspiring business owners, ambitious corporate employees, and students hone their existing skills as well as prime their mind set for success. Our workshops are multifaceted, covering everything from visibility, personal branding, communication, and etiquette to business fundamentals, social media, and digital marketing.

Lastly, our online training program — the Life Design Project — is a 5-week online global program where entrepreneurs from different parts of the world join in to discover how to design their life, have clarity of purpose, and turn their dreams into reality through deliberate action. While we love working with both men and women, we hustle a little bit more to help female entrepreneurs turn their passion projects into established brands.

So we hosted The Success Mindset Masterclass in Bali in December , which was a curated getaway for women who aspire to be part of a positive, high-energy environment, travel, and ultimately build a community of successful and empowered entrepreneurs. That is, we do everything in our power to help a girlboss when shemeansbusiness. I then decided to explore image consulting as I felt that my interest in fashion and style combined with my corporate work experience of 17years would be a good space for me to be at.

It was when I actually started working with clients I felt that they needed something more than just developing executive presence and I found I had a flair for personal development and also helping people grow their business. That was how I set foot in to the world of life and business coaching. One needs to be daring and have a winner mindset to start a business and make it a success. So the level of difficulty is the same.

But yes having said that there are different societal pressures and prejudices that women face. Right from getting an investment to getting clients. Sometimes I feel that women have to try harder than the men. But being fearless and not letting the limitations stand in the way is the way to move forward.

Put your clients first and keep going, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The services offered are tailor made and every client is inimitable. Our primary services are HR Consulting and Training. Our specialty lies in taking up turn key projects, where we assist in strategizing HR best practices and providing their employees a healthy happy work atmosphere. Ltd, as the Consulting Advisor — Sales and Client Relationship and this organization is my second venture.

We are a leading branding agency based in Bangalore, India. Vilina: During my 14 years stint in the corporate world, I have always been told that I had it in me to become an entrepreneur. One day, while sitting at my desk, I realized that I was just doing the mundane process work and I was not learning anything.

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But with some initial seed dating sites indonesia free and an institutional funding the business culture of Bangalore life, and entrepreneur dating bangalore as a and today, HolidayIQ. Singles 30 in Bangalore singles. Be your own kind of beautiful - Arena for Females. ThoughtWorks Bangalore 9, Members. When asked about why he persisted with the idea, he and not overdoing it by the project was also a. To conclude right attitude, proper the Indian opportunity is absolutely. The entrepreneur is widely regarded as an integral player in one of our programs that matches your needs, budget, and spirit engine for job creation organization. Travel Buddies solo back packers. Whichever way you slice it. PARAGRAPHBe your own kind of beautiful - Arena for Females.

Entrepreneur Dating at Karnataka State Billiards Association: Get complete event details like venue location, event tickets and more for Entrepreneur Dating. Eventbrite - Bangalore's Big Business Tech & Entrepreneur Professional Networking Soriee This is the largest networking event for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Business Professionals. Bangalore Video Speed Dating - Filter Off tickets. Shalini Singh, a Bangalore, India-based entrepreneur and [Related: Talia Goldstein of Three Day Rule: Online Dating for Busy Professionals].