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Thai friendly dating review dating for a month valentines day

Thai friendly dating review

The website is only better to set up your account, do advanced searches, and manage messages if you have a lot of them. But if you have only a few messages, once you've signed up and already matched with a few Thai singles on the web version, switch to the app to chat. Don't be fooled by the old school design, Thaifriendly is actually pretty good and has a lot more useful functionalities than most dating apps out there.

Of course, you're gonna need the premium membership to take full advantage of it, but the filters that let you sort profiles by education, occupation, interests, and more really help to find the perfect date. On top of that, with premium, you can see who saw your profile, when the person was last active, what they're looking for, and even add private notes on a profile you like for future reference.

In short, it might not be the ultimate dating site, but if you're in Thailand or into Thai girls, and looking for some fun or serious relationships, this app is perfect for both. Thaifriendly is a popular dating app in Thailand. The website claim more than 2 million users in Thailand and around the world. Create a free account on Thaifriendly, search for the perfect date with the filters, send the girl you like, offer to take her on a date.

Thaifriendly connect singles from all over Thailand. To use it, sign up for free, create your profile, browse the profiles on the site and message the girls, guys or ladyboys that you're interested in. Thai girls join Thai dating sites like Thaifriendly to find foreigners interested in Thailand and Thai girls. Instead of normal dating sites that connect all singles, Thaifriendly is for singles looking for a Thai partner.

Based on most reviews, Thaifriendly seems as safe as other dating apps. But as always, don't give too much details about you online and be careful with your credit cards details. Thaifriendly is one of the most popular dating sites in Thailand with over 2. The site is owned, edited, and operated by Oxixo Private Limited, a company registered in Singapore. If you're looking for the best Thai dating apps look at my list and if you want to compare Thaifriendly to other apps you can read my review of ThaiCupid and ThaiFlirting.

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content I couldn't talk about Thai dating sites on this blog without mentioning Thaifriendly. And it's easy to understand why. But you don't take my word for it, you can try it for free and make your own opinion :. Try Thaifriendly for Free. Contents The number one Thai dating site? Browse through all the profiles 2. How to date a girl on Thaifriendly? How does Thaifriendly work? Why do so many Thai women go on Thaifriendly?

Is Thaifriendly safe? More about ThaiFriendly. Useful when you're planning a trip. You can even know if your future date has or want children. Nice if you're looking for more than a casual date. Anyway, enough with the introduction, let's dive into the app. How to get started on Thaifriendly? Thaifriendly Sign Up Creating an account on Thaifriendly is pretty fast and only takes a few minutes.

Choose between signing up with Facebook or your mobile phone follow the 3 steps to get started. Step 1: Add a username, login details, and basic info Step 2: Add more details about yourself Step 3: Pick what you're looking And that's it. Or skip it for now and start to play right away. Sign up on Thaifriendly for Free! Setup your profile After signing up, you can go to your profile and answer questions to give more details about yourself and what you're looking for.

This will help the site to match you with similar profiles. On most dating apps you're always asking the same questions to learn about someone. So grab a drink and take a few minutes to set up your profile properly. Find Dates on Thaifriendly There are 2 ways to search for a date on Thaifriendly. That's pretty complete and great to narrow down the options to find what you really want.

You're looking for someone in Bangkok who's over 1. Use the filters to find just that. Play Search The play search option is similar to other popular dating apps that have the famous swipe function. Based on the filters you put, the app shows you profiles that match what you're looking for. For each profile they show you, you can choose to like, hide, or message directly.

Then it moves on to the next one. That's a more playful way to browse through all the profiles. But I like the fact that they give you both options. Check who's on Thaifriendly. Chat Even if it doesn't look like it a first, Thaifriendly chat is really fast and well built. I was too. But it works just fine. Quite useful when you start to have a ton of messages in your inbox. Message Autopilot Talking about having a ton of messages, here's the mass messaging feature. You can do mass messaging on Thai Friendly!

So by leaving a nice message on her public profile you will make some points but much more important than this is the first private message you send to a girl. Even the average looking Thai girls on Thaifriendly receive dozens of messages every day. There are two key elements in starting a conversation with a Thai girl on Thai Friendly.

First, you should have a decent profile page means at least three pictures uploaded. Dressing up nicely really makes a huge difference in Thailand, if you wear shorts as a Farang everyone thinks you are a tourist and if you wear pants and especially long sleeved shirts you make the impression to actually live here. Instead, a nice write up would include you are interested in the Thai culture and learning the Thai language so you are looking for a friend to study together and you can help with teaching her English.

Thai girls like this kind of approach. The first message you send to a girl on Thaifriendly is the most important one. Take time to read her profile and write her or ask her about something you read in her description. If she writes she likes to travel to interesting places tell her so do you and ask if she has ever been to a foreign country. And if she writes her English is not so good, tell her your Thai is not so good and you can help each other.

Once she has replied to your first message keep it going by asking her about her life, what she likes and what hobbies she has. Once she has given you her messenger contact continue chatting with her for a day or two and then ask her out for a date. Thai Friendly is really a great free tool to arrange dates with Thai girls. And by the way, as opposed to most Western girls, Thai girls do also make the first step on Thaifriendly. However the main restriction is you are allowed to send out only one message every 10 minutes with the free account.

To avoid that and be allowed to send as many messages and as often as you like you need to sign up for a paid membership which costs 25 USD for one month, 50 USD for three months, 70 USD for six months and USD for one year. In my opinion this is the best free website to arrange dates with Thai girls: ThaiFriendly. You can then order the results by showing the most recently active or newest members first.

Her Profile Page Now you can click on one particular girl and you will come to her profile page. Your Profile Page Even the average looking Thai girls on Thaifriendly receive dozens of messages every day.

Arranging The Date Once she has replied to your first message keep it going by asking her about her life, what she likes and what hobbies she has.

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