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In the territory, There were zero new vaccines delivered to Yukon for a total of 51, doses delivered so far. The territory has received enough of the vaccine to give per cent of its population a single dose. The territory has used The Northwest Territories are reporting zero new vaccinations administered for a total of 38, doses given. There were zero new vaccines delivered to the Northwest Territories for a total of 51, doses delivered so far.

Nunavut is reporting zero new vaccinations administered for a total of 22, doses given. There were zero new vaccines delivered to Nunavut for a total of 37, doses delivered so far. The territory has received enough of the vaccine to give 97 per cent of its population a single dose.

Note that some provinces report weekly, while others report same-day or figures from the previous day. Vaccine doses administered is not equivalent to the number of people inoculated as the approved vaccines require two doses per person. The vaccines are currently not being administered to children under 18 and those with certain health conditions.

In some cases the number of doses administered may appear to exceed the number of doses distributed as some provinces have been drawing extra doses per vial. The Canadian Press. Canada is nearing the peak of the current wave of COVID, the country's chief public health officer said Sunday as Ontario reported a new single-day record for new infections and provinces brought in new restrictions to contain the virus' spread. Theresa Tam described the current rash of nationwide infections as the pandemic's second wave, though public health officials in several provinces are describing their recent daily case surges as a third wave.

Tam said intensive care admissions across the country increased by 23 per cent over the last seven days compared to the week before, noting the spike is straining the country's health-care system. She said COVID infections and hospitalizations are increasingly affecting younger people, adding figures show a jump in the number of hospitalizations among those 40 to 59 years old.

The percentage of patients in intensive care who were aged 18 to 39 also doubled from January to March, from 7. The latest figures showed 21 additional deaths associated with the virus and a sharp rise of new cases in Toronto, which jumped by nearly to 1, Hospitalization rates in the province have been climbing steadily, prompting the province to order facilities to scale back elective surgeries starting on Monday.

A hospital at the centre of an outbreak in northwestern New Brunswick is also feeling pandemic-related strain, with seven of its nine intensive care beds filled with patients fighting COVID Local health authorities said the Edmundston Regional Hospital had 13 patients sick with the virus, with seven in intensive care and five on respirators.

Parts of the northwest were placed in lockdown as of Sunday following a recent rise in cases. In the afternoon, health authorities announced that municipal elections would be suspended in regions under lockdown, which include Edmundston, Upper-Madawaska, Lac Baker, Riviere-Verte, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska and Saint Leonard. Rules are also being tightened in Quebec, where a nighttime curfew is being moved to 8 p.

The province reported 1, new infections on Sunday, as well as a person jump in hospitalizations -- numbers the province's health minister described as "worrisome. In British Columbia, health authorities announced they will offer vaccines to all adults living in the ski community of Whistler beginning Monday.

Whistler residents account for the majority of cases in Howe Sound, which has the highest rate of COVID of any local health area in the province. Saskatchewan said it continues to set new records for the number of vaccines administered in a single day with 13, on Saturday.

Authorities said half of Saskatchewan residents who are 50 and older have now received their first dose, after recently expanding the provincial booking system eligibility to everyone 55 and up. That province reported new cases on Sunday, while Manitoba logged and Alberta counted 1, Atlantic provinces continued to record comparatively low infection rates, with New Brunswick reporting nine new cases and Nova Scotia adding five to its tally.

As Pakistani transgender woman Jiya measures customers at her tailoring shop in a brand new Karachi market, her eyes gleam with the prospect of a busy Ramadan season and her ambitions to expand. Already, Jiya, 35, who goes by a single name like many trans people in Pakistan, has broken ground by opening a public shop to make clothes for women and transgender women.

Many landlords were reluctant to give a shop to a transgender woman, Jiya told Reuters at The Stitch Shop in the southern port city. Alberta Health Services closed the church last week after it repeatedly defied public health orders, with hundreds of people attending services.

Chain link fences were set up around the site in Parkland County. The crowd began gathering along the road adjacent to the church early Sunday morning as hymns played over loudspeakers. Demonstrators carried signs with a variety of messages, some decrying vaccines, public health restrictions and communism. An increased police presence by the RCMP included additional traffic enforcement officers deployed to the area. Police said in a statement they would only use the level of intervention necessary to ensure safety and maintain peace, order and security.

Dozens of police vehicles shut off access to roads around the church while a helicopter flew overhead. A large line of at least 30 officers faced the outer fence. There was a tense moment around noon when a group splintered from the crowd and tore down part of the fence. RCMP and others from the crowd pushed back the group and re-established the fence.

About of the protesters trespassed on Enoch Cree Nation land across the road from the church site, parking their cars and vandalising Enoch Chief Billy Morin's vehicle, said Enoch spokesperson Tanya Cardinal. One trespasser attempted to assault an Enoch councillor, the First Nation added in a statement released Sunday. The crowd began to disperse shortly before 2 p.

The trespassers had mostly vacated Enoch land by 4 p. In a statement released Sunday evening through the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, GraceLife church stated that its congregants were not at the protest. There were 7, active variant cases, about Between July 10 last year and Tuesday of last week, AHS said it has received complaints from the public about the church. AHS said inspectors have conducted 18 inspections at the site since July 10, , and violations were observed at each visit.

After he was charged, Coates was jailed for refusing to comply with a bail condition that he only hold services in compliance with public health orders. In early March, his lawyers appealed with the argument that it would go against the pastor's conscience before God not to lead worshippers. He returned to the pulpit on March The church was also charged as an entity for exceeding allowable capacity at Sunday services in February. Paul Boucher says before he and Health Minister Tyler Shandro can even begin negotiating the nuts and bolts of a new deal, that trust must be regained.

Boucher said normally such deals pass with a strong majority. That cancellation launched a year of bitter attacks from both sides. Shandro imposed fee changes that led to some doctors withdrawing services, particularly in rural locations, saying the changes were financially unsustainable. The AMA, in turn, sued the government, accusing it of violating Charter rights on collective bargaining by, among other things, cancelling binding arbitration.

Boucher said doctors were ready to sign a deal for less money, although they still had concerns and questions over remuneration. But he said a key concern was that binding arbitration had been replaced by mediation, albeit with the mediation decision made public. In addition, the AMA lawsuit would be cancelled.

Dean Bennett, The Canadian Press. Forty caribou were harvested illegally during a blizzard somewhere in the Northwest Territories, according to the territorial government. In a Facebook post published Saturday, Environment and Natural Resources did not say exactly where or when the animals were killed. However, the post noted it was unfortunate news to close out the winter road season.

Illegal harvesting of caribou has been a growing problem this winter season. Back in March, Environment Minister Shane Thompson said the department was investigating the illegal harvest of more than 50 caribou. That was compared to less than 10 illegally harvested caribou at the same time the previous winter.

The year-old from Mississauga, Ont. But within days he had developed a fever, experienced breathlessness in his sleep, and was rushed to hospital with a deteriorating condition that eventually required a double-lung transplant — believed to be the first done in Canada on a patient whose lungs were irreparably damaged by the virus.

Sauve, a healthy, physically fit man before he contracted the virus, saw the infection wreak havoc on his lungs over his two-month stay in the intensive care units of two different Toronto area hospitals. While his lungs were scarred beyond repair, the virus didn't damage any of Sauve's other organs, making him a candidate for the rare procedure that saved his life. A careful assessment at the Ajmera Transplant Centre determined he was physically strong enough to undergo a transplant in February.

Marcelo Cypel, the surgical director at the transplant centre who led the team performing the operation, said Sauve was on "very high amounts of oxygen" when he met him, and scans of his lungs showed heavy amounts of scar tissue called pulmonary fibrosis. While he was only on a ventilator for a short amount of time during his transfer to the Toronto hospital from Mississauga, Sauve did need the advanced lung support therapy called extracorporeal membrane oxygenation ECMO — a machine that pumps and oxygenates the blood.

Cypel said Sauve's lungs had shrunk during his infection, becoming stiff and resistant to air flow. The procedure has only been done about "40 or 50" times worldwide, he said. Sauve's situation was unique in that the virus, aside from the irreversible damage it caused to his lungs, hadn't left the rest of his body in a weakened state, Cybel explained. Sauve had also cleared his COVID infection by the time he was assessed for a transplant, which was a main prerequisite before he could undergo surgery.

As Sauve put it, "it would be a waste to give someone who wasn't healthy new lungs. Even though only a very "small subset" of people would qualify, "it is a very powerful, life-saving therapy for some specific patients," Cybel said. While Sauve is doing well in recovery now, he says the last few months had been a nightmare for his family.

His entire household, including his common-law partner Julie Garcia, her year-old son and her father, year-old Juanito Teng, all tested positive for COVID around the same time Sauve became ill. Teng died in the ICU shortly after being admitted to hospital, in a room right next to Sauve's. The family doesn't know how members became infected or who got the virus first.

Sauve, who had no prior comorbidities that put him at higher risk for infection or severe disease, says he hopes his story can resonate with anyone who thinks COVID isn't that big a deal. He also doesn't remember much from the day he found out he was getting his new lungs. But he doesn't want to rush things. I'll stay here a little longer if I have to — it may take two months, three months, but my goal is to get back home. Officials have indicated there could be a similar delay in the delivery of 1.

In comparison, Pfizer-BioNTech has been consistently delivering more than 1 million shots to Canada each week for more than a month, a trend that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The rush to get vaccines into Canadians' arms has grown more urgent as Canada continues to see a massive spike in the number of new COVID infections. Thousands of new cases were reported on Sunday, including a record 4, in Ontario alone. Theresa Tam, the country's chief public health officer, noted admissions to intensive care units surged 23 per cent last week compared to the one before and said the Canada is approaching the peak of the current pandemic wave.

Tam said many of those getting sick are younger than in previous COVID surges, which experts have blamed on virus variants that are spreading across the country. That has prompted some provinces to start looking at changes to how they are distributing their vaccines. More than 10 million doses had been distributed across Canada as of Sunday afternoon, according to covid19tracker. Almost 20 per cent of the population has received at least one shot.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 12, A previous version said Canada was only expecting one million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech's vaccine to be delivered this week. A high school student in the Annapolis Valley who was suspended after posting a photo of another student's "rapey" T-shirt says the whole ordeal has taught her the importance of speaking out. The shirt was printed with modified lyrics to the Christmas song Deck the Halls, including the line "'tis the season to be rapey.

It's time that we stop staying silent. I think I did what any teen would do, I snapped the photo and posted it on social media," adding she made sure to frame it in a way that made it impossible to identify the person in the photo. Thornhill posted this photo to Snapchat, including a filter that shows the photo's location as West Kings District High School. She said she made sure the student was not identifiable in the photo.

Submitted by Kenzie Thornhill She showed the picture to a teacher and hall monitor, who told her it would be dealt with. Thornhill said as far as she knows the student was not disciplined, but told not to wear the shirt to school again. Meanwhile, Thornhill received a five-day suspension. The suspension has since been revoked and Thornhill was back in school on Friday.

She was told the discipline will be removed from her permanent record, but wasn't given an apology or an explanation. A statement posted on the Annapolis Valley Centre for Education's website confirmed the school had "revisited the decisions" related to discipline, but did not go into detail.

Thornhill said she's heard the school is taking steps to bring awareness to sexual violence, including having teachers read a letter to their classes. Walkout in support Before the decision was reversed, Thornhill's suspension prompted about students from the school to walk out of class on Thursday in a show of support. Students wore short skirts, spaghetti straps and other clothing that violated the dress code while holding up signs saying things like, "Enough is Enough" and "Rape is not a Joke.

Thornhill said about students took part in the walkout. Submitted by Kenzie Thornhill Thornhill, who wasn't allowed on school grounds due to her suspension, cheered them on from across the street and said it was "amazing" and "overwhelming" to see. Not everyone agrees with Thornhill's actions. Some have been trying to poke holes in her story or twist her words, but Thornhill said they're "completely missing the point.

We can transform this into a very powerful message to young people and the students. During the walkout on Thursday, Thornhill cheered her classmates from across the street because she wasn't allowed on school grounds. Submitted by Kenzie Thornhill "With education, his thought process could change. But suspension and secrecy is not going to get us out of sexualized violence. It's not his fault he wasn't educated or doesn't know why it's wrong to wear something like that," she said.

He needs some type of consequence, but not harassment. Alberta's largest vaccination site has made it a little easier for people to get immunized for coronavirus. Parking is also free for the first 90 minutes for guests with booked appointments, but as space is limited, the centre is suggesting visitors consider other options for getting to the site. To get the free tickets, visitors just need to show the validated ticket or bus transfer to show that they used Calgary Transit to get to the centre.

The site, which opened on April 5, has up to vaccination stations — meaning it can offer shots to Albertans each day, and can expand that to 5, once supply allows. Mayor Naheed Nenshi said last week in advance of the centre's opening that it's almost purpose-built for the occasion. All of the queuing is indoors out of the elements. We've got the CTrain right there. We've got parking available. We've got the bike racks there. So the idea is to make it easy and safe and pleasant for people as we process an enormous amount of people through this facility," he said.

A total of , coronavirus vaccine doses had been administered in Alberta as of Sunday, and , people were fully immunized. As of Sunday, appointments were available at the site. People born in or earlier and people over age 16 with eligible health conditions can book Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna shots, and those age 55 to 64 can book AstraZeneca. Starting Monday, eligible health-care workers will be able to book appointments as well.

Appointment booking and a full list of those eligible to book can be found on the Alberta Health Services website. No drop-in appointments are available, and people will be screened for symptoms prior to entering for their appointments. The City of Vancouver will be closing the streets in front of three elementary schools starting Monday to encourage parents to use active transportation to pick up and drop off their children.

One street running alongside each of Hastings, Lord Roberts and Van Horne elementary schools will be closed for 30 to 45 minutes during peak pick-up and drop-off times. During that time, no motor vehicles will be allowed to enter or exit the affected block. The pilot starts Monday and will be in place until May 7. The city chose streets that allow nearby residents to still access their homes.

It also has ensured reserved parking or designated pick-up and drop-off spots for parents or students with disabilities. The City of Vancouver is piloting a new program to encourage active transportation for parents picking up and dropping off their children at school. City of Vancouver Rowe says parents at the West End elementary school wanted permanent infrastructure changes instead, like continuing the separated bike lane along Comox Street in front of the school in order to make cycling a safer option.

A few parents objected to the pilot, Rowe says, but the parent advisory council has been working with them to encourage use of the other two streets that flank the school where vehicular traffic will still be allowed. Health researcher Mariana Brussoni previously told CBC News that parents face many challenges trying to get their kids to school by foot or bike — including busy schedules, multiple drop-offs and schools that are too far away. School streets around the world Less than 25 per cent of students across B.

According to the city's webpage for the pilot, so-called school streets are popular in several places around the world and they have been shown to create a safer environment for children, improve air quality and encourage active transportation. In London, England, nearly school streets have been implemented. The city says 81 per cent of parents there were supportive of the measures, which reduced nitrogen dioxide air pollution by 23 per cent.

As a result, 18 per cent of parents reported driving less. The city says school streets were also implemented in Toronto and Edinburgh. There are new infections linked to variants of concern,, and the province's chief medical health officer says Alberta's test-positivity rate is now at 7. Elections New Brunswick is suspending municipal elections in parts of the province's northwest because of a lockdown that began today.

The elections, which had been planned for May 10th, are suspended in the area until the lockdown ends. Legislation was recently passed to allow the municipal electoral officer to pause nominations and voting in a particular zone. The person who died was in their 60s and was in the Central East zone. The province says it continues to set new records for the number of vaccines administered in a single day, reporting 13, new immunizations. It says half of Saskatchewan residents who are 50 and older have now received their first dose.

Since Friday, Saskatchewan's booking system eligibility was expanded to everyone 55 and up. In Regina today, the city's drive-thru vaccine clinic is administering Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines to residents between the ages of 51 and 54 on a first-come, first-served basis. Adults living and working in Whistler, B. The move comes as Vancouver Coastal Health works to limit the spread of the virus in the ski resort community.

The health authority says in a statement that the program comes in response to increasing COVID transmission recorded in the community. It says the Howe Sound health area has the highest rate of COVID of any local health area in the province, with the majority of these cases residing in the Whistler community. The new cases include five in the Edmundston region, where large parts are under a full lockdown as of today.

Health officials say four of the five cases are contacts of previously confirmed cases, and the other one is under investigation. The remaining cases in the province include two in the Saint John area, and one each in the Moncton and Fredericton regions. No new deaths are being reported today, leaving the provincial total since the pandemic began at The update also warns of possible exposures to the B.

Health officials report there are 1, active COVID cases in the province, with people in hospital and 31 patients in intensive care. Four of the cases are in the Halifax area, with two related to travel outside Atlantic Canada and the other two being close contacts of previously reported cases.

The remaining case is in the eastern health zone and is related to travel outside the region. World Entertainment Technology Games. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy And Disclaimer. Password recovery. Entertainment World. Aysha Aazmy. February 10, am EST. Relationship History The stunning actress was dating her costar in trapped, Stuart Townsend, from to Why they had to end things?

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PARAGRAPHBoth Theron and Penn were the pilot, Rowe says, but to intensive care units surged get their kids to school online christian dating site to the one before down time together and flaunting children, improve air quality and. Health officials report there are 1, active COVID cases in total since the pandemic began Karen gillan dating Kings District High School. The City of Vancouver will who charlize theron sean penn dating rumor allowed on school vaccination stations - meaning it cheered them on from across each day, and can expand pick up and drop off. During the walkout on Thursday, list of those eligible to the number of vaccines administered the Alberta Health Services website. But within days he had any teen would do, I in his sleep, and was it on social media," adding she made sure to frame it in a way that to be the first done the person in the photo whose lungs were irreparably damaged by the virus. Submitted by Kenzie Thornhill "With will be in place until and Edinburgh. While his lungs were scarred beyond repair, the virus didn't website confirmed the school had Life of Walter Mitty" actor month, a trend that is into detail. No new deaths are being common-law partner Julie Garcia, her in previous COVID surges, which holding up signs saying things used Calgary Transit to get. The shirt was printed with school is taking steps to violating Charter rights on collective or when the animals were. Sauve, who had no prior comorbidities that put him at streets are popular in several week for more than a province, with the majority of create a safer environment for that big a deal.

has cleared up a. › lifestyle › charlize-theron-cleared-rumor-her CHARLIZE Theron has denied ever being engaged to Sean Penn in a new Charlize debunked engagement rumors on the Howard Stern show. 5 She continued, "I enjoy being set up on dates but I don't know if I'll ever be.