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Richie and sybil dating

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You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The newly-married couple said they lean on each other for emotional support in their careers. Cute: Ariel and Eliza first met in in a Los Angeles nightclub and moved in together in In love: The couple said that navigating their individual challenges together has bonded them.

Ladensohn said. Talented: Ariel is a writer on the upcoming Hulu comedy series 'Solar Opposites'. The pair first discussed marriage after around eight years of dating, with Eliza proposing during a spa getaway in The New York Times reports that their wedding was attended by stars including Naomi Shihab Nye, 67, and the singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge, 58, and her wife, actor and producer Linda Wallem.

Ariel said in her vows to Eliza: 'In the song Nature Boy, Nat King Cole sings the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and to be loved in returned. Aerial's father is Cybill's first husband Bruce Oppenheim. The former couple married in but divorced just three years later. A past life: Aerial's father is Cybill's first husband Bruce Oppenheim. The former couple married in but divorced just three years later pictured: the former couple in Cybill, 69, most recently starred in film Being Rose, about a dying woman who finds love in her final days.

Her hit s show saw her star as a twice-divorced actress in her 40s, who had never gotten her big break. The earned Shepherd two Golden Globes and was nominated for 12 Emmys during its run. The actress also starred in comedy-drama Moonlighting alongside fellow Hollywood star Bruce Willis until The gang: Cybill's eponymous s show saw her star as a twice-divorced actress in her 40s, who had never gotten her big break. It was nominated for 12 Emmys during its run.

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Couple's bombshell Oprah interview aired while he was in hospital Kim Kardashian posts adorable photos with North, seven, while both wearing Yeezy shoes amid Kanye divorce How athletic Prince Philip excelled at everything from cricket to sailing and achieved international standard in polo and carriage driving - the sport he brought to Britain and continued into his 90s Hugh Hefner's widow Crystal takes a side in the Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison feud which has reignited over recent sex confessions Philip the joker Prince!

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Although I enjoyed Greggo He's told of his demons himself. Greggo doomed them, but relationships at work make some uncomfortable, and others jealous. Hope Ritchie and Sybil enjoy a long marriage full of happiness.

Hope Greggo gets help. Miss you all. Richie, Call me B-Man I appreciate you tell us a portion of your side of the story. All of us Fan fan's knew Greggo was a screw loose, but I would venture to say a lot of us thought that Greggo's extreme persona was part of the act. Both of you were so polar opposites, in it's own weird sick way it created good radio because it was something we had never heard, unbeknownst to us it was genuine.

When someone displays mannerisms and behavior that Greggo showed on March 22, that is a cry for help. That person is trying to inflict harm to themselves and to another, and it's usually men who want to fight to release anger and who want to get beaten up to punish themselves. Drugs create a lose lose for everyone, and the PD cut ties before upper management might get fired by someone in New York. It sucks, but good luck. Do you really believe that bullshit?

If that's the case, Greggo's been balling for years. Oh, and you forgot the part about addiction being a disease and addicts not held accountable for their actions, blah, blah, blah. Poor Ritchie The only reason I listened to Greggo was because he was a carwreck waiting to happen. He never had great sports knowledge, never had a redeeming personality, he was just the spectacle that you couldn't stop watching because you knew any second the implosion was about to occur.

I concur. My favorite Greggo was at the end of the Hardline run. Absolute chaos. Although I pray for the wheels to come off whenever I listen. Is it really an on-air downward spiral if nobody actually heard the show? I hate to hear Greggo is back on drugs. Seems like he needs to get some help. Good job kicking him when he's down though Ritchie, you self serving douche. When he's down? See, he dragged me down with him. We're parallel fool. Just what I expected.

Its never Richie richs fault. You are not a good friend, you are a user. Greggo is the only reason you had the show as long as you did. You have no personality. You are an A1 grade jerk off. Hopefully karma will kick you in the face jerk. Hope your girl realizes what an a-hole you are before she gets married to you. Plus you're really old. I laugh when someone uses ratings as an excuse to end a show. The Rage was replaced by Ben and Skin who have never drew ratings, even when they were on the Ticket.

The deal with Williams. I have a son who is a recovering drug addict and he played on his families wanting to believe. When your whole life is a lie, then it becomes easy to lie about things that don't matter. I truly wish you the best and I have always felt writing is your best asset.

Oh, and work on that Pizza and Beer thing for Dallas. Especially the Toll Road and Keller Springs area. Richie, thanks for sharing the story. Greggo definitely seemed half a beat off understatement of the century! KERA just doesn't fill the void. I don't doubt Greggo's misdeeds, but this sounds a lot like it's entirely driven by your own desire to ignore the obvious: you're not that good on the radio. Sybil is even worse.

Question: would a radio pro who is serious about building an audience among men in Texas frequently mock gun rights advocates in social media? Speaking your mind may be admirable or brave on a personal level, but it's completely unprofessional when it serves to stigmatize you in the minds of many potential listeners, to the detriment of your station and its advertisers.

That you were too dumb or too unprofessional to realize this simple fact is one of many reasons you failed. You can't put it all on Greggo. Hell, the Hardline prospered when he was exhibiting similar behavior on their watch. Years ago ya'll did a bit in Dead and Gone about some horses that died in a barn fire.

That was probably the funniest radio bit I've ever heard! It's a shame that sort of "magic" never lasts long, but it's probably best to be grateful for the ride rather than placing blame for its demise. Then again, in the culture of sports and media that's just par for the course. Best of luck to you both.

That sort of magic doesnt last long? Ever heard of the Ticket? Williams is a compulsive, diabolical liar I neither trust, respect nor want to work alongside ever again. Our firing was the climax of a downward spiral, one that commenced on Nov. Maybe you are the person that can wake him up to this fact before he does something to hurt himself or others. Gavin once told me at a meet and great with the nation that he thought you had a huge heart and would do anything to help a friend Sorry to hear this, but I have to say I suspected something like this happened.

Tell Sybil "hello! The most interesting part of all this is somehow you went back in time to to have this website designed. Good to be back, looking forward to many blogs from whitt, and hopefully a blog or two by you! Thanks for checking in. I'll be on here daily maybe to respond to comments and to ignore your criticism. Or sling mud right back atcha. This is gonna be fun. Let the nut kicking begin!

By the way, your writing is much much better when it is the only thing you do. So please don't get another gig that interferes with it, like you did in the Observer days. Honestly the show didn't stand a chance. Greggo and his Ticket fame is why the few that listened to the show ever gave it a chance. Greggo is Bottom line is the fan and espn will shuffle guys through until something sticks. And until cumulus makes many very poor decisions and self destructs The Ticket, no other station will be able to come close to threatening their market share.

So, Chris Chris. I mean Richie. When are you going to show the Ticket how it's done? If it weren't for their guys posting this article most wouldn't even know you were gone. Glad to have you back RW. You'll always have my support.

I'm also glad that this new blog looks to have the ability to not have comments censored. You got it sister! Day one'er on the Old, Old Sportatorium. Read the last version of it even though it was a bit neutered because of the censored comments. Looking forward to another long, entertaining ride! Missed having the voices of reason and wisdom on the air. Glad I could be a grain of sand on this fine beach. All of you were to blame. Greggo is an incoherent addict and you were a snoozefest on the air.

It's all about ratings and potential. Thank goodness they got y'all outta there Ben and Skin has been boring so far. I'm trying to give it a chance now. RAGE made me listen to LOL Ben and Skin beating anybody in the ratings. It's funny how The Fan says "not too inside" with their promos, most of the jokes Ben and Skin make are inside ones only they understand and none of any of their jokes are funny. There's a reason these guys were only weekend fodder at the Ticket.

Ben and Skin will be replaced by some other crappy show down the line. I was at Papa G's that day. I don't recall anything out of the ordinary. Greggo was a ticking timebomb. You knew he was going to crash and burn, you just didn't know when it was going to happen. This was his last chance to grab the brass ring, but the monkey on his back got there first. Ignore the haters, Richie. Personally, I look forward to hearing you back on the air someday. Hopefully, without a partner walking around with a grenade in his pocket.

If Greggo was all that.. Like a few others here, I didn't think much of you as a radio guy it seemed forced. I have always thought you were a grade-A writer though. I dug your blogs on the Observer yes, there was a lot of nut-kicking from me and the rest of the regulars, but I still dug your stuff , ignored the blogs for CBS once they became censored an "interactive" blog that isn't "interactive" is a waste of time , and hope to add you again to my daily read.

For now, my friend, you get a bookmark. Welcome back. Very cool how Richie waited until he had advertisers lined up before he let his version of the truth come out. People only listened because of the both of them; certainly not only because of Richie. Now he's trashing his partner.

Obviously Greggo is troubled and the fact that he'll never work on radio again should be enough but Richie the classles prick just piled on. I hate to see that you guys are on bad terms. I really enjoyed the show, and was saddened when it was taken off air.

No doubt Greggo has a lot of issues. It's amazing to compare your side of things to his; he puts all of the blame on Gavin Spittle. So sorry to hear that. So not fair to you or Syb. I dont like most girls on sports shows but Sybil was actually good. I wish you had taken the high road though and not said bad things about Greggo in his time of need but I would probably have done the same thing in your situation so I don't blame you lol.

RW: Greggo's "issue" was one of the worst kept secrets at 75 and Fitzhugh. Sucks that you all had to take a bullet but that's how radio works at times. You are one heck of a great writer so you'll do fine. Remember, as one door closes, it's usually just a short walk down the dark hallway until the next door opens. You both take care I was skeptical about that romance, for the sake of the show, but am happy for you two. Damn Richie, thanls for finally breaking it down for fans.

It kinda makes sense now and puts things together. I was growing tired of RAGE on the air, but when I heard you and Shan do a show together, it brought another side of you I kinda liked. I didnt agree with you a lot, but I do wish you luck, and would listen to you at your next venture. Good luck to you and Sybil.

I am having a hard time having much sympathy for you. If you recall you once wrote an article throwing the Ticket personalities under the bus for their treatment of Greggo and then about 3 years ago talked about how you two were going to show the Ticket how sports radio should be done. Now you understand why they treated Greggo the way they did and why they will have nothing to do with him now.

The irony is interesting. This is a great point. Richie, go back and read everything Mike Rhyner told you about Greggo. Seems like you agree with all he said now. Here's the huge difference. The Ticket guys that turned their back on Greggo didn't lose their jobs. I did. Totally different animal. In my opinion. I personally spoke to Jennifer about ten times during that day period and I know what kind of shape she was in. Spoke to her? Did you actually see her? It's easy to lie for someone if you're hiding a secret, no?

Idk, speaking to someone and seeing them, 2 different things. Point is, anyone that listened to Greggo over the past 4 years on different stations, there was always at least once a month it seemed that Greggo was out "sick". Even at the Ticket it was a running joke about "getting off the sick. So it has nothing to do with the fact that you have no talent, your show and station absolute suck, and your ratings were in the tank?

It's all Greggo's fault? You're just like Greggo. It's always someone else's fault when you fail. Personally, I'm glad your spare show is no longer on the air. Good riddance. You forgot your salutation. If you're gonna be "sports panties", you need to go all the way!! This reply was brought to you by me, your mother's favorite personal lube, Sports Panties Glad you waited after Part 1 of a 5-part series to make your mature judgments. RAGE sucked in the ratings but Greggo was at least responsible for the few viewers it got.

Richie chooses to put a ton of the blame on Greggo for reasons they milked for entertainment on air: remember valium Greggo? I remember quite a few giggles and laughs at Greggo's incoherence on air that are apparently not so funny now that Richie's out of a gig. Bottom line: the ratings sucked and now RAGE is gone. You were on The Fan which is crap! Your show was a grasp and a weak attempt at something worth listening too.

I couldn't even watch you guys on TAX 21 and I don't have cable! Sorry for you guys Richie I mean the Weather Channel is better than what's out there now. Gerry Day. You knew that, which is why you wanted him as your partner when you were well aware of all the "baggage" he carried around.

Way to kick a man when he's down. Greggo hasn't said one bad thing about you, it must be great to be perfect. You're just another tool, Dick Whitt. At least Greggo has the balls to not censor his blog. You're not on the air anymore dude, this is the internet, where shit is uncensored. So value a guy who cusses, which allows you to overlook his habitual lying and drug abuse? I totally get it.

Maybe you should pick up the phone and apologize to the men of The Ticket. You dogged them out for speaking the truth and supposedly turning their back on him. Sometimes you have to cut people out of your life who cause nothing but chaos and damage Again, none of those guys lost their jobs.

Totally different scenario. Had Greggo been fired April 15 but I still had a job I'd totally talk to him. Ha ha. I bet Little Ritchie didn't expect zero support. Maybe he should go to another market that doesn't know good radio.

A town without The Ticket. P1's rise up! This guy is Chris Chris. If you fire one guy, he sues. If you fire them all, he doesn't have a leg to stand on. I could definitely tell the Hammer had checked out the past few months because you always had to say his name to prompt him to talk. I believe Greggo was the main reason people listened to your show, but he was never there. If your star player is always out, of course you'll lose the game.

I'm amazed Greggo still has apologists. He's a drug user! Holy fuck! He's a user and a liar! And my god, the flamboyant dress, too? Dude needs psychological help, but there ain't nothin' gonna break thru that malevolent narcissism. What in the fuck? Looks like what Whitt's written, and it's only part one of five, has spooked Williams so much that he's shut the whole operation down.

Twitter: silent. Podcast: cut off after 12 minutes with the mumbled "get me outta here. Things seem to be coming home to roost. I wouldn't want to be Richie when Greggo's money runs out. Yes, The Fan sucks now! ESPN has always sucked. I liked all four peeps on RAGE.

I guess I will go back to listening to The Eagle Shit happens, I guess. Richie, do this for a good reason, not for attention. Greggo may not have been a good teammate but he is more talented and easier to listen to than you are in my opinion. Though you may be right, and I believe you are, in what you said about Greggo, the fact of the matter is if you were a good radio host Richie, the FAIL would have kept you.

Best wishes, Guilty. The whole ting was awkward from the beginning He stroked Greggo like crazy, sounding just thrilled to be there. It was more like a reporter interviewing a star Then Greggo became Greggo, becoming absent over and over and over again. Hell Greggo even missed 2 days and had a fill in, in his first week of his blog. Richie, the only thing I want answered is, what was the deal with the lost voice for weeks and the Greggo computer? That was absurd. Greggo says it was due to his botched lap-band weight loss surgery where stomach acid was going back up his throat and affecting his voice.

I could be wrong, but it seems like a reasonable excuse and I doubt he was lying about that at least. I'm more interested in the week and a half of work Greggo missed in February due to his mysterious ailment that he wouldn't reveal. I remember Richie made some cryptic reference around this time on Whitt's End about, to fuzzily paraphrase, not being able to trust people who continuously let you down. I wasn't sure what he was referring to at that time, but in retrospect, seems like he was clearly talking about Greggo.

RAGE was a great show that made my day. Richie drove the bus well, no doubt. I don't have the facts to back this up but Richie and Newey were pretty mediocre radio. Richie probably put a lot on the line to get Greggo that gig. Richie was well aware of Greggo's internal struggles when he took that risk. More than likely it wasn't a favor for Greggo but for Richie to save his own job.

Greggo thanked Richie for taking that risk on-air many times. Greggo's content was more fan friendly and entertaining that anything else on Richie may have got Greggo the job but Greggo saved Richie's job. Instead of blaming Greggo for his firing which would have come much earlier , Richie should be thankful for the 3 years. This first segment was shameful and classless. We all have our crutches and weaknesses, even on-air.

Hope your house isn't made of glass Why are you not still working at the Fan Whitt if you are so talented? Answer that question you piece of shit. It's radio, I enjoyed greggos craziness. You and sybils love affairs ruined it for me. And im sure cbs didnt like co-workers dating. Come on duude. Face the facts Whitt. The only reason Sybil lowered herself to be with a 50 year old ugly dude like you is you both like to party and drink. She will wake up one of these days. After all, you will never see any kids you might have even drive a car.

What are they going to call you, grandpa? All that did was to drive up that blown up ego of yours and made you even worse on the radio. Dude, do you ever look in the mirror. Rage failed because Whitt was terrible and had an ego bigger than Jerry Jones.

Sybil brought zero to the table. At least Jasmine in the morning had some sports knowledge. Drugs or not, richie was full of himself when he nabbed up sybil. Never let greggo really say anything. And maybe that was the reason for greggos drug addiction. Whitts got the ego of a superhuman crackhead. Awesome stuff. I love a good train wreck. This is the beat reading I have had in years.

Hope all is well with you and The Sexy Side Kick. You've got the metroplex hanging on every word! It's a sad tale I obviously wish I wasn't having to tell. Yes, a great "tale" told by no talent loser. If you had any talent, you would still be on the air at the Fan. It's a tale that does not have to be told, but you're going to tell it anyway, right? No one's going to benefit except because we're reading this from your perspective you.

Like a lot of others who are saying the same thing, you're kicking Greggo while he's down. It's one thing to try and explain what happened to the show and relationship with it, but ultimately it was because of ratings. Not sure how this will help anyone but you. Whitt, if you took a poll of listeners of Rage when the show was on the air and ask who was the most popular person, Greggo would of won hands down while you and Sybil battled for last place. Contrary to your delusional thinking, most listeners thought you were an egotistical piece of shit who was so full of himself it was amusing.

Rage failed because the show was getting stale as the ratings reflected. And yes Whitt, you were a BIG part of the failure. If you polled this listener, Williams wouldn't have won any popularity contests. Only because I don't have much appreciation for supposedly right-wing, drug-addicted liars with an arsenal at his disposal. Greg brought little to the show and his lists were terrible. I don't bother listening to sports talk anymore, but, i'll come back when Richie and Sybil do.

Richie, glad to be reading your stuff again. Couldn't get on board with RAGE, but writing is your bread and butter. You can still care about an addict, but at the same time be done with them. It's a sad place he's been in for such a long time and unfortunately, I see nothing good coming out of it. I would like to know your relationship with The Ticket guys, now that you've found yourself in the same place they were years ago.

You weren't too kind to them along the way, and looking back, they handled the situation appropriately, if not mercifully. Difference is The Ticket guys didn't lose their jobs over Greggo. I did. But thanks. You lost your job at the fan because people just didn't listen to it.

You can blame greggo all you want, but let's be honest here Richie, radio is not your forte. Stick to writing, it's your gift. Whitt was the main reason Rage failed. Sybil brought nothing to the table except her so called sex appeal.

And when the odd couple got engaged, Rage was doomed. Listeners were tired of hearing about them when they could stop laughing about the pair together. Whitt has this huge ego laughable at best and that contributed heavily to the failure of Rage. If it wasn't for Greggo, Rage would of only lasted six months or so. The guys at the Ticket on the Hardline kept their jobs because they had talent. Whitt and Sybil had no talent. If they did, they would still be on the Fan. The two rode Greggo's coattails as long as they could.

You keep saying the difference between when greggo got fired by the ticket and now is that you lost your job and they didn't lose theirs? Doesn't make a lick of sense in the context of your answer. Greggo getting fired from the Ticket had no impact on your job at that time, but it didn't keep you from ripping the Hardline over and over, basically calling them snakes for their treatment of Greggo.

So by your logic now if you had kept your job when Greggo was fired then you wouldn't have a problem with the Ticket guys attitude towards Greggo all those years ago? Now I have something to look forward to at I feel so duped. The voice. The weight loss. His girlfriend left when? Richy i really liked listening to you on the radio,Dont let these other fools dog on you!! I liked you with newy better Wow Richie,I listened to the fan when you and newie were together in fact you took my first call to a radio station about t.

Then Greggo came along and I didnt always agree with your views so i always favored him I was addicted to pain pills hydrocodone for 5 years Ive been clean 4 months and have a long road ahead of me but after reading this its very clear you are stating the truth its sad but a addict will lie and do anything they have to with no care in the world of who it affects and who it destroys! At first i read and was thinking ok maybe Richie is going a little over the top but sometimes people need to see the cold truth noone who has those problems with drugs will stop till they figure its time to stop!

I know i didnt! Im sorry for ever thinking you were just a cocky a hole you tried helping a man who is hell bent on self distruction sadly! I hope nothing but the best for you and Sybil in all your journeys in life! You drove me to drinking with some of the stuff you said on RAGE, but damn you can write brother!

Whitt blasts Greggo for his so called drug use but we all know Whitt has a drinking problem. Whitt was almost fired from Rage by Dan Bennett for his drunken spree at a road show when he went on the air drunk. Bennett doesn't work at CBS. He couldn't fire Richie any more than I could. Airing the dirty laundry of an addict should make you feel just about as good as kicking a guy in a wheel chair. The vindication you feel is so worthless.

Consider the source who is airing dirty laundry. That is all he has. If he truly had any talent, Whitt would still be on the air but three strikes you are out and out of partners too. Whitt will get his and it is coming very soon. Great stuff, Richie. The only part of today's article I can't side with you is about Greggo not wanting to tow the Cowboy's line by attending that meeting.

I doubt media greats like Hansen, Galloway, and Rhyner would have attended any such absurd finger wag session for simply saying what the local fans are already thinking. It's sickening enough to hear the Fan repeatedly spoon feed Cowboys apologia ad nauseum. Otherwise, Greggo seems to be in a bad place and it doesn't sound like he's too interested in getting better.

I hope he can finally get the help that he needs. The true media legends in this area do not kiss Jerry's or the Cowboy's ass. I believe the Fan is the flagship radio station for the cowboys. Hansen, Galloway and Rhyner can say what they want because there are no financial penalties for what they say about the cowboys.

So the answer is to censor yourself for the sake of the Cowboys? Hansen used to do radio for Cowboy games and was fired because he wouldn't kiss their asses like Jerry wanted. Rhyner never kissed the Cowboys ass when the Ticket was the flagship station either. Greggo may be wrong about a lot of things, but his stance against being a Cowboys puppet isn't one of them. Hansen was fired for calling Jerry a liar on the air. Get it straight. Dale kissed plenty of Cowboy ass over the years.

Dale kissed nobodys ass and Jerrah's ego couldn't handle it. The truth is Richie, you and Sybil were horrible on the radio. You tripped over your ego daily, were drunk on many Rage shows and brought very little to the table. Now you are trying to put all of the blame on Greggo for the demise of Rage which is ridiculous.

You recruited Greggo because your career was going down the toilet and his name alone revived your radio career for three years. Yes, Greggo has problems but so do you but your ego will never let you admit your shortcomings and what you contributed to the failure of Rage.

True professional. I enjoyed RAGE much more when it was you and Fisher , you had me fooled into believing you had a good relationship on air. Great writing so far! You, Fisher and Sybil need to get a show. Also when can we get some Buzz Pizza?

They would not have a room big enough to hold the egos of Fisher and Whitt. Sybil is non-factor. The show would fail in a matter of months. Why doesnt this "anonymous" guy put his name and info out there? What are you afraid of? Anonymous is Jenno. You can tell by the similar writing styles and themes here and on her Twitter account.

Richie you are a great writer, I have enjoyed your take on things since you started with the Startlegram years ago. Too bad the characters in this saga are real folks from where we live, its probably a good thing you waited a couple of months to tell this tale. Looking forward to the rest of the story. Richie is just a big cry baby. He never has done anything wrong. Myabe Richie should look in the mirror.

People don't like arrogant ass holes. That's why your ratings sucked and you lost your job. You are one pathetic dude. Greggo might be an addict but you will always be a rick with a P. Richie is an arrogant, egotistical short piece of shit who blames everybody else for his failures.

Rage failed cause he sucked. But at least he hooked up with a drunk Mexican half his age. Hair plugs boy. I talked to jenno yesterday she said you were belittle others to make yourself look good. Any how, i love you sybil! How does Jenno know that whitt belittled others. Greggo and Jenno never went any where outside the show. U must be a drug head too. Reading these two entries, I have come up with an observation While Greggo may have his own demons, it is Mr.

Whitt's self denial of his own failures which fuels this blog "series". That should be enough. Well Well Whitt, good to see you writing again, sucks its about Greggo These idiots saying you shouldnt be airing an addicts demons is bullshit. He has pulled the wool over all of DFW's eyes more than once, and anyone that defends him at this point are just addicted to Greggo. I know you are not supposed to leave an addict when they are at the deepest depths of their addiction but when that addiction costs you your job and hurts you personally time after time there is no choice but to separate from that person and have a new beginning.

Keep writing too, we miss nut kicking you over at the Observer. Very intriguing, I'm literally hanging on every word! Sorry this happened though. I always respected what you did fro Greggo, but I had no idea that it was this bad. Does any of this change your mind about what went down at the Ticket? How do you feel about Rhyner now after you got a taste of what he went through?

Whitt recruited Greggo, Greggo did not recruit Whitt. Whitt recruited Greggo because of his name and the number of listeners that name would bring to the Fan. Whitt used Greggo and knew of his past. Whitt and Sybil were constantly drinking in front of Greggo. I saw Whitt so hammered at a Fan roadshow at a local lake he could not stand up and still went on the air and made a complete ass out of himself. How did that help Rage? I have heard Whitt and Sybil so hung over on Rage that they sounded like they were going to puke.

Putting all of the blame on Greggo for Rage's failure is ridiculous and typical of a gutless little punk. Whitt's days in radio are done. Whitt is the only reason Greggo got a third chance. Whitt had a show before Greggo got on board. Dude I followed Greggo from the Ticket, but the last thing that he needs is people making excuses for him. I think it's funny all Richie's haters post anonymous.

Big tough internet bullies. Greggo has a great radio voice. The more I read, the more I feel conned for even liking the guy. Betrayed for believing in a guy, in his story of redemption. What right does Greggo have to mock Josh Hamilton, say HE hasn't hit rock bottom, when it's obvious Greggo hasn't overcome his own demons. I guess it's not my place to judge. Love the story so far. It worked. I liked the show, I miss it. You were an arrogant prick sometimes, but the kind of arrogant prick I would enjoy arguing with, rather than hating.

And as others have stated, your true passion of writing is obvious, keep it up. WakkoSorensen -Twitter. Before you criticize anyone, you should get an education of the local radio. Greggo was the most popular radio personality in the DFW area for years but was fired because of drug use.

Whitt knew of Greggo's past but still got Greggo hired at the Fan because of his fame in an attempt to revive Whitt's radio career which was going down the toilet fast. Whitt had just come off a show where another one of his partners was fired because of low ratings but in reality Whitt's partner was good, Whitt was horrible and should of been fired. Greggo made Rage and it lasted three years. If Whitt had any talent he would still be on the air at the Fan.

The truth is Whitt should of been gone from the Fan years ago but Greggo and his name extended Whitt's radio career. I think Kidd Kraddick may have something to say about that. Greggo wasn't even the most popular at the station. Greggo was part of something amazing but he was far from the most popular. I think Gordo has held that title for nearly 15 years.

I would say Greggo was most popular. Come on bro! You need to pay attention. May I ask you where Richie ranks in most popular????? Enough said dumbass!! Idiots like anonymous no. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty familiar with the story of Greggo, the little Ticket, and the Fan.

I don't see how I misrepresented that, you may want to re-read. The guy who posts anonymous talks crap on me. My name is Scot House. I can't stand arrogant pricks like Richie Whitt. So Mr Wakko Sorrenson. What now?? A Richie and Fish show would last 3 months, much less 3 years.

Richie makes big radio money for 3 years and now craps all over Greggo. Greggo has plenty of flaws and no doubt sounds like a bad radio partner, but to say Greggo was a significant reason you got canned and ignore the low ratings seems sour grapes. Well said. Instead of dumping on Greggo, Whitt should thank Greggo for three good years.

But being the classless, egotistical jerk Whitt is, he is trying to put the blame on Greggo. Newy could of dumped on Richie if he wanted to but Newy has class, something Whitt can barely spell. Bottom line, if Whitt had any talent he would still be on the Fan just like members of the Hardline are still on the Ticket. I'm a Greggo fan. I also dig Richie's work, so I'm doing my best to keep an open mind when reading all this, and see it from all sides.

At the same time, I was married to an addict for 7 years, and all of this sounds way, way too familiar Check out Greggo's podcast from yesterday. He made it into his normal one our podcast before he flipped out and walked off. Perhaps there's a very distinct possibility, that's his normalcy whenever he doesn't have partners to cover for him? Did you get permission to post the private conversations?

He absolutely did not get permission to access Jennifer's twitter account or to post any personal messages from that account. I'd like to know the ethical justification for this. Whitt is apparently to fucking stupid that he is opening himself up to a lawsuit.

Twitter, and Facebook for that matter, is a public forum. It has privacy settings, but is by no means private. What Richie did might be sorry, but not illegal. Who cares how he got the messages? It doesn't change the fact the Greggo and Jennifer lied to get him out of work.

I'm glad we got to see the curtain pulled back on their deceitful ways. People are sooooo stupid. Its like the thief saying the store violated his privacy by using that surveillance tape to bust him. This is good stuff. How did you get the screen shots of the DM's btwn Greggo and Jenn? Corby and Greggo? Is there not some kind of ethical issue with posting someone's DM from twitter without their consent? Its only unethical if he stole them without permission, how do you know they were given to him?

I have no idea how he gained access to them but it certainly was not through Greg or Jenn. It came from one of their accounts, maybe greggo left his twitter account logged on a work computer, or was using work computers and phones to communicate, in which case CBS has a right to read any and all transmissions from company equipment, and if they needed that to prove his lies, they have every right to do that.

They own the equipment, they have a right to see everything you do on it. Elizabeth, you are being duped by Greg and his girlfriend. Only good thing about it is that there are only about 10 people left in DFW who are still falling for their schemes.

Face it Plus dating Sybil probably wasn't the best professional decision. But in the end This isn't a sequel of the Hard Line because the Hard Line handled it professionally and continue to still be on top because their show is actually good. We know that you're an attention grabber and need the hits on here for advertisement purposes.

O well Good job! The SB shows were all about Whitt's and Sybil's drinking and partying which is what there life is all about and the only reason they are together. The Hardline did NOT handle it professionally. They've been bashing the dude on the air since the day he left. Just stop. Just hate the fact that he blames Greggo for the outcome. This market belongs to the Ticket and that seems to be hard for others to comprehend.

In the end Richie benefits because people like stories and will come here to read his blog. Getting clicks and making money by any means. It's funny that Greggo calls Corby a buddy when Corby will be the first one to hit a Greggo drop on air and laugh about it. Just Saying. It seems to be a constant thread through these comments about The Hardline being a "great show" Those guys are unlistenable They rarely even mention sports anymore.

Rhyners is the biggest in Texas. If you like racist, sexist, potty humor to go with your e news, community quick hits and concert line-ups thats the show for you. If you guys haven't noticed. Whitt only needs you guys here for clicks to get paid by his advertisers. I hate Corby a little less after reading today's installment. Go figure. So every anonymous poster that hates richie the prick is not real?

My name is Scot. Most people do hate Richie. He is a d-bag. At least Greggo is a fuckup and admits it. Hi, my name is Roy I'm actually Greggo. For all the Anons out there ripping on Whitt and calling him a liar, all you have to do is cruise over to Greggo's podcasts and watch them. It's a train wreck, he's obviously on something. I'll admit as some others have on here, I don't and haven't agreed with all of Richie's views and takes on things, who has?

He's been consistent though, whether right or wrong. Before radio he was a reporter and I'm hoping to see more of his writing because that's what got me following him. Ask yourself this: If Greggo was so successful, why did the Ticket drop him? Why did ESPN drop him? But now the Fan and RW are liars? When Greggo said after the Fan fired him that he'd never work in radio again, it wasn't because he doesn't or didn't have the talent, he's burned everyone that believed in him, including the listeners.

It was weak of Greggo to act like his firing was unjustified when there is probably even more to the story than RW is telling. CBS can't tell us if it was something health related or drug related, because of Greggo's privacy rights. In any case, thanks for pulling the curtain back. I feel like a fool for believing anything Greggo wrote post-firing. To Greggo's minions that keep on posting here: Posting a reply to every response trying to belittle Richie won't suppress the truth.

I would suggest maybe commenting on Greggo's site? The comments per article are getting about replies. Greggo might have been, at one time, better at radio than Greggo, but Richie is a better writer hands down. I have to agree. It's obvious something is going on there. His blog post today about having "technical difficulties" may very well be the worst spin job in the history of spin jobs. Sadly, it appears he and his minions posting here are naive enough to think nobody sees through it.

His podcasts are bad because he is spending all his time putting anonymous comments on here. I too started following Richie because of his writing. When I listen to Rage towards the end and what seems to be in Richies's time line Greggo was just annoying, and I thought several times to myself while listing "I can't believe Greggo is sober". Turns out He wasn't. I hope he gets help. Hey recruiter, greggo carried RAGE and you know it!! What's the difference between greggo abusing drugs and richie abusing alcohol??

Pretty much the same bro. At least Greggo doesn't talk shit on his friends. You think richie was so great on the radio?? Do a poll and find out who was most popular on that show. Hands down, greggo would win. Could you argue that???? He was the reason it was on the air that long.

Get a clue sister!! Richie missed zero - 0 - days because of alcohol. Explain to me again how you "carry" a show without actually being on the show? You were just drunk at work. Good point. You know that greggo brought more listeners than you ever brought. Are you that arrogant?? You probably are. You're right. You missed numerous days because you were getting hairplugs.

We get it The Hammer is a fraud and Richie Whitt is soooo great and unstoppable! Do we really need 5 installments of this? Seems like Whitt is just embarrassed for stubbornly trying to stand up for Greggo all these years and is now trying to make up for being late to the party. This is the bed you made by bringing him into that business again. Just chalk it up as a loss and move on. That's exactly what I've done. Welcome to me "moving on. Confirmed: Cowboys' receiver Dez Bryant has torn ligaments in his finger and will have season-ending surgery, be placed on IR.

I'm breaking news snitches! First in DFW baby Greggo's supporters didn't seem to mind when he did the same exact thing. You are a bunch of sad little Greggo trolls. If you all don't like what's being written, don't read! Simple as that. Awfully convenient: Mr. Our sound was horrible. I could never regain my audio and had to leave show. I feel I am cheating my diners and myself. I feel like the blog can put me in blog mix and the podcast will be popular.

Everything will be addressed and accessed. Quite frankly, I am embarrassed at the quality of video. The next few days will be dedicated to cleaning site, fixing audio and visual issues and contracts with new clients. My arrogance got the best of me and I opened too soon. This site and podcast sucks. Give me until Friday then be prepared to rock. Look at how many advertisers Richie has on his blog compared to Greggo. Richie seems to be loved by Advertisers than Greggo. And trust me as a guy who has run a website or two its hard to get advertisement, Especially when you start.

It's only Richie's 2nd day! It's sad that sports fans who listen to sports radio don't understand that when you have a divided team, it is never good. The Beatles are a prime example. And the truth hurts Greggo Fans. If I ran the Fan, Greggo would have been fired a long time ago. Regardless if he is a recovering drug addict. I would show him the door, tell him to go get help, and wish him the best.

The Beatles brokeup when they were still great. RAGE was no Beatles The Hardline kicking out Greggo is like the Beatles tossing out one of the big two maybe. The current Hardline will never be as great as the original lineup that peaked in the late '90s. So really one more??

Greggo sucks we get it Has nothing to do with him. The Fan is a failure in the radio market and changing heads every year because they think change will create new market. Richie is a smart dude but in the end An advertiser like an employer needs to know a guy is going to show up to work every day. The reason this site has people like Vandergriff is that every week, Whitt drove to Vandergriff and repped The Fan. Meanwhile, Greg was ruining a sponsorship with Dallas Can Academy by failing to show up as the scheduled speaker for the graduating kids.

Let's quit arguing about which guy is talented. Refer back to page 3. The lettering in the text exchange is clearly different as one is more dark, clear, and altered Also, how did you get Greggo or Jenn's phone to steal their DM? I smell fake. Richie thinks the Beatles suck and sang "One is the Loneliest Number". Richie prefers pimply faced teenage boy bands like Linkin Park and Korn. For those asking how I got access to DMs: 1. I'm not smart enough to be a hacker. They were handed to me on a silver platter.

I get that you feel fucked over by Greggo, but this shit is low dude. I hope someone "gets access" to pictures of you playing with your butthole and posts them on a blog for everyone to see. Karma is a nasty bitch, and I will laugh when yours comes around. Therefore, your first point is mute.

Damn Richie this is some good stuff I always listened to Rage since day 1 but I never thought it would end like this. I find it amusing that Greggo hasn't had an unkind word to say about Richie, in fact he's been very kind toward Richie in the aftermath of RAGE's demise. It was apparent to everyone that RAGE lost it's edge the minute Richie and Sybil began their very public romantic relationship.

It was like listening in to junior high dating radio. Could Greggo write that in so doing, their conduct was unprofessional, and that it damaged the show? Could Greggo write a blog post about Richie's lackluster talk radio skills that might have contributed to the downfall of RAGE?

Newsflash, you aren't very interesting on the radio! Why do you think the Ticket didn't hire you? At least Greggo had a track record of being elite. You were always third-string. Greggo might be a damaged guy, a flawed guy, maybe he's everything you say he is, but at least he seems like a kindly person who is struggling mightily.

You come off like a bitter douche-bag with short-man syndrome and mid-life crisis hairplugs. Classless douches run around screaming and blaming everyone but themselves. You know why Greggo hasn't had an unkind word to say about me? That's why. I did nothing but help him. Why would say anything against me? Give you a million dollars if you can pinpoint when that was. Rage is no longer on the radio Justing saying You speak of dollars because only d-bags flaunt money as if that gives you power.

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