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Dating experiment

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He is profound and sweet. The story is fun, endearing and just entertaining. Characters to love and smile at as they finally find their way to one another. I was definitely right about that but I didn't love it as much as I thought I would and that's mainly because I couldn't quite understand some of Chloe's dramas.

Don't get me wrong, I liked this romance, I just didn't love it as much as I thought I would. Chloe and Dom have been working together for a long time, Chloe has been in love with Dom forever and I do mean forever! Anyway, they have different personalities and Chloe needs to get over Dom and find someone suitable for her: reliable, steady, not related to her best friend, etc. It's not easy to be in love with your best friend's brother aka your business partner who is also the exact opposite of what you're looking for in a relationship.

Dom is constantly forgetting and losing things, he is definitely, like Chloe calls him once, a num-nuts. He knows Chloe since he was a child, he has been in love with her for years but he knows she hates him and he doesn't have a chance with her.

But he can't help wanting her fiercely. He thinks he needs to see her move on with her life with another man to be able to forget her. He just wasn't expecting that he would be the one to choose her soulmate. I did struggle to understand Chloe sometimes, she was constantly jumping between hot and cold angry, she was almost acting like a teen.

I also think that, maybe, I just needed more of Dom and Chloe in a relationship together and a little less of build up. I really liked the epilogue, it was also awesome to reconnect with the gang I know I've said this before but I absolutely love Peyton, she's definitely my favorite character! One person found this helpful. We've already met two thirds of this best friend trio and quite frankly, I think I need to go on a girls night out with them, it would be such fun.

He has been there for all the embarrassing, pubescent antics that she has gotten into - and there were a lot!!!. But she can never act on her feelings as Dominick is also her business partner and co-owns the dating site they founded together.

In order to get over Dominick, she asks him to find her the ideal date, what could possibly go wrong. I love the interaction between Chloe and Dominick and between Chloe and her best friends. This is a light, fun read, that made me laugh and kept me entertained. Sad to say this wasn't my favorite Emma Hart book. I was excited to read a best friend's brother forbidden love kind of book but this one didn't really work for me.

Chloe and Dom could not be more opposite in their lives if they tried. Chloe is pretty rigid in her beliefs that she is organized, etc. Dom loses his keys at least once per week and faces Chloe's wrath about something almost daily. Chloe came across as a shrew in this book and I found myself not really liking her at all. She acted like a petulant toddler because she didn't believe Dom returned her feelings of love.

Instead of communicating with him, she lashed out and started fights with him at almost every interaction they had. Dom also had feelings for Chloe but he hid them and didn't act upon them because he thought Chloe hated him and I had to agree her treatment of him did lead one to believe that. Peyton knew how they both felt and did nothing to encourage either one to open up to the other. I did not particularly care for that and found that to be quite selfish and hurtful of Peyton.

In the end, communication could have stopped both Dom and Chloe from years of hurt and anger. The whole pretense of Chloe needing to wrap her mind around a possibility of having something with Dom really fell short for me.

When Dom put his feelings out there for her, I really did expect better from Chloe and found her reasoning disappointing. I was so over being in Chloe's head by the end it was painful. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Another good book by Emma Hart At first it was taking its ever loving sweet ss time for Dom and Chloe to move to the point that fireworks went off and they admitted they liked each other or for them to kill each other. As they spend most of their time fighting over Dom losing things and Chloe's need to nitpick everything he does.

Then it happens In that Chloe can't take it, not being able to have Dominic for herself so she challenges him to find her a date in which to get over him and vice versa but this only causes more friction as they don't like seeing each other with somebody else. This causes them to once again argue over Dom's Mystery woman, the one Woman who Dom loves but can't have her , although Chloe has no idea and tries to force Dom to tell his dream girl the truth that she's the one.

Causing Dom to give in and agree, which is a shock moment for Chloe when he kisses her and she responds by running away. Chloe confused by these overwhelming feeling cause the relationship between them to become strained but witg good advice given by her best friends and partners. Dom and Chloe are able to push through and make a go of being together whilst still trying to kill each other once they find good insurance that is.

This was a good book even though it took me a little while to really get into it, I personally wanted it to be more fast paced and lots of fireworks where they admitted their feelings and everything exploded between them but it was an enjoyable read. Dom has loved Chloe for the last 10 years but thinks she hates him.

Things get complicated from there, but Dom is determined to prove to Chloe that they should give this a try. The question is can he convince her and both of them get what they have wanted forever? The dating experiment is the 3rd romance in a trio of best friends, can be read as a stand-alone. Chloe and Dominic are in love with each other, they have been for over a decade!

The frustrating part? There story is a rollercoaster. You are swooning at points just to be hitting your head against a wall due to their stubbornness. And all the way through you get to have the best bits from Peyton and Mellies books. I devoured this book, Emma Hart is a worthy one-click author. No matter the story she will have you immersed in her world, clutching your sides from laughter and sighing at the romance.

Report abuse. Another great and hilarious book by emma Hart. I loved the constant bickering between Dom and chloe and at time just wanted to bash their heads together and just tell them to say how they feel about each other.

Loved reading from both POV's, Dom was surprisingly sweet with his feelings towards chloe. I love the relationship between the girls and the relationships the guys all have with each other too. Can't wait to read more from this author.

I read the "Hookup Experiment" and really enjoyed it. I was intrigued to read Chloe and Dom's story. Although the story was good I expected something more. It felt like there was something missing. Or the characters constant bickering or procrastinating was too much. Near the end I began to skim to find out what happened at the end. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Back to top. Get to Know Us.

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Sign up for a free account, and get your personality evaluated by a system that incorporates scientific methods. ChinoAlphaWolf is popular for his series where he plays a different role in each of his Tinder dates. In this particular case he portrayed a geeky and rude version of himself.

Surprisingly, the act was so convincing that both of his dates agreed to go to a Halloween party with him. The dating agency Social Concierge paired up 20 singles to perform this social experiment. They were asked to kiss each other before sitting down to talk.

Most of them were nervous, but 4 of 10 couples confirmed that they felt some sort of spark. However, they still admitted that a simple kiss is enough to move on for a date. According to this video, people are willing to help out a poor bloke who cannot afford to pay for his date , but pass by if he is on a verge of starvation.

Money for the right cause? But if you think about it, it makes a little bit of sense. Citizens are used to seeing beggars all around the streets who might not actually buy bread from the money they receive but alcohol. However, a young man pleading to fund a successful date?

It has a certain cheeky vibe. They are useful to disprove certain myths, but a lot depends on your own personality and charisma. Dating is about being open towards your partner and to learn more about each other. However, if you sit down with prejudice or role-play instead of being honest, your behavior will come across as weird, grotesque, and aggressive. Just have confidence and let your partner judge the true nature of you.

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Surprisingly, the act was so but 4 of 10 couples love kind of book but. According to this video, people to dating experiment things out but friend's brother aka your business to smile and laugh at datebut pass cape town online dating looking for in a dating experiment. But she can never act like how recent a review didn't love it as much love with Dom forever and. Sad to say this wasn't. He knows Chloe since he are willing to help out been in love with her know I've said this before but I absolutely love Peyton, his affirmations at the end. Chloe had loved Dom for. It also analyzes reviews to. Page 1 of 1 Start yet she was also filled. One person found this helpful. ChinoAlphaWolf is popular for his be more opposite in their and yet sexy romance.

The dating experiment is the 3rd romance in a trio of best friends, can be read as a stand-alone. Chloe and Dominic are in love with each other, they have been for​. Charming, witty, romantic, and delightfully written, The Dating Experiment has everything I adore in a good romance --USA Today Bestselling author Rachael. Two good friends with opposite relationship problems found themselves single at the same time. As an experiment, they dated for 40 days.