updating setup files

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Updating setup files lithuanian dating sites

Updating setup files

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The internal logic that uses UpgradeCode to search for other versions of the product allows a range of version values to be used. More on this later. Figure 5shows the values in the Upgrade table in the MSI file. The VersionMin and VersionMax values show the range of values for which to search, but Visual Studio does not allow you to specify this version range, which starts at 1. If you are partial to versions before 1. Recall that a Just me install will not upgrade an Everyone install.

In Visual Studio. In Visual Studio setups the default install is per user, so a RemovePreviousVersions upgrade will not upgrade an Everyone per-machine install because it is still in the default per-user mode when it searches for the previously installed versions.

Visual Studio does not have this issue. Custom actions in RemovePreviousVersions upgrades may also give unexpected results. In a Windows Installer major upgrade, custom actions are called in the same process space. NET assemblies. The first custom action called will be the uninstall custom action from the older, already installed version. Windows loads the associated DLL and calls the custom action. Later, the install custom action from the new product is called. This has some interesting effects.

So although it might be awkward, I recommend that you change the name of your DLL in these cases. The main advantage of such patches is that they are small. The patches function as a delta between one version of an MSI file and another-the difference between the MSI tables-and new versions of the updated files.

In the optimizations that produce the smallest patches, the patches contain binary patches to individual files. In cases that are less optimized for size, patches contain the entire file that has changed. In particular, the generation of patches is sensitive to the name of the internal CAB file and associated streams embedded in the MSI file.

A mismatch between old and new versions will give you error when you apply the patch. The reason that setup programs require extra care in design and implementation is best illustrated by comparing them with other programs. A typical application program processes input data and produces some result for consumption by humans or other programs. If it breaks, you replace it on the system by putting a new copy out there.

It makes changes to the system, many of which are in sensitive areas such as the Windows registry. Perhaps the closest analogy to a setup program is an application program that updates a critical database. If the program breaks, the database is corrupted and you need to restore a previous version of the database or find a way to undo the damage. If you install from Orca. MSI files are transparent-you can see everything except for the content of binary files used in the custom actions that Visual Studio generates.

To see what happens, take a look at the InstallExecuteSequence table of an MSI file in conjunction with a log from installing that MSI file with this type of command line:. Visual Studio setup projects offer a limited but capable introduction to Windows Installer-based setups. They give you the basic functionality of a Windows Installer setup with MSI files, but to do so they hide some of the more complex functionality of Windows Installer.

Hopefully, this series of articles will help you use setup projects successfully. Fortnightly newsletters help sharpen your skills and keep you ahead, with articles, ebooks and opinion to keep you informed. View all articles by Phil Wilson. Federal Healthcare Managed Service Providers.

Home SQL. Third in a series on Visual Studio setup This article explains how to install a new version of your setup project using the Windows Installer update mechanism. Select yes. Set the RemovePreviousVersions property to true. The product upgrade Another Guid, the UpgradeCode, recognizes that a previous version is installed see Figure 1.

Got my game install disk from midnight release, and was stuck in this loop. The first fix got me goin, thanks a bunch!!! MoP beta never worked, D3 beta never worked, D3 game client never work and spend hours reinstalling and what not….. I had this problem on Windows Vista. What I did to solve the problem was let the launcher run, then closed out of it, opened up the task manager, went to applications and ended the agent.

I had two of them running, and also the blizzard launcher application I ended. Looks like the Blizzard bnet servers died after trying to let the entire world log on at 12am PDT. Hi, I tried all 4 fixes and they did not work. Perhaps this should be fix 5. Thanks a lot, 2 hours of frustration solved. Fix 1 solved the problem — install screen was up within seconds of setting option to automatic had been disabled.

Many thanks to you! Fix 4 ran for me absolute genius! Thank you so much was tearing clumps of hair out over this very silly problem. None of the 4 fixes have worked for me. Guys also something that works Open Internet explorer select tools tab and make sure the work offline box isnt ticked. Tried everything and this fixed the issue for me hope it helps someone else.

Otte-o Brilliant suggestion! Got me past the loading screen, just gotta make it through the install. Much apprecaited!! OK so firstly I want to thank you for getting me to the screen which enables me to Install. I was constantly getting stuck at updating files as so many others of you were. I am trying to install the game, but every time I encounter the same error. OpenRepackTarget:: execute. I looked online, trying desperately to find an answer, but sadly nothing seem to solve my problem.

Tried all the fixes and none worked for me. Fix 4 worked for me. I did exactly what it said, walked away from the computer for a couple of minutes because I was afraid to look, came back and the installer was up! Thanks for the fix! Did they finally cave to just ship the game this time around? Are there other bugs within the game that people found in the beta that still remain in release? Have our standards for how buggy a game is at launch gone down?

Are we really more willing to just find our own fixes and workarounds than go to the developer and demand better quality from the get-go? I am on Vista 64, none of the above fixes did anything good for me. This one just starts up and runs without any worthless frustrating fucked up errors or crashes. Hope it is helpful, enjoy your D3! Still no luck, going to just wait for the first patch for the game at this point.

Tried it all was closest to wrok with 4 cause i worked all the way and it said launching installer when i removed the agent then after 10 sec it automaticly starts again and goes back to updatig install files.. Set compatibility "ticked run this program for compatibility mode for… I'm use Win7 , Ticked what window you used.

A big tip to u guys if u have friends that got it to work Have them copy the full Battlenet folder, pack it into a rar have him send it to u someway extract and replace ure current, this worked for me!!! Thanx guys, fix 2 worked for me like a charm! I used tskmanager. Right clicked on Agent and went to open fil location. I backtracked to battlenet and there were 3 different agents to choose from including one with a blueish logo wheras the others were red.

I clicked the blueish one and then ran it and it worked perfectly. Ok guys im on windows vista 64bit ok the worst windows os ever. Anyway this is how I did it. Ok what you do is this. Ok now right click it and hit Open File Directory. On when I say open around 8 of them I mean keep them all running there will be about 8 agent. Ok now that I was stuck all I did was end all the agent.

I opened the install file back up and it starts at the install screen now, no more update files portion. Good luck it must work it worked on Vista…… Good Luck! Vadim try what I did keep opening Agent. Run like 8 of them see if it pushes through. Make sure you have all updates for direct x, firmware, bios, graphics card, etc, run a defrag, restart and install. Fix 1 worked right away, thanks a million! I was waiting around for that setup for half an hour. Right click the download client.

Click properties. I clicked that and it now goes past the dreaded updating setup files screen…only to lead me to errors during the actual instal. Still progress though! This worked!! I tried all the fixes I could find online, read so many forums, submitted a ticket and everything! Just had to replace the battle. Thank you so much!!!! Disabled my anti-virus and […]. It worked!

I have tried all of the fixes without resolve. I am running Windows 7. I have tried combinations of the fixes, multiple restarts, even waiting several hours while it simply remains stuck. Any ideas? OMG — Thank you, 5 worked for me. I was going stir crazy for 2 hours trying to figure out if the issue was somehow server side, that I possibly missed a blizzard file, I even copied the entire contents of Diablo 3 to my HD since that was the problem I was finding with Starcraft 2 Installation.

Tried all the steps and the updating setup files was getting further along with fix 4, but didnt seem to fully work. I just kept trying, giving each try about 5 mins at the spots it was freezing. Has Blizzard even responded to this? All you have to do is copy and replace the battle. Thanks SCH so much :X. Thank you so much!! Scratch that.

Daniel: Can you delete the battle. Let me know. Yes you can. If you do, when you try to start the game is goes right back to Updating Setup Files just like when I tried to install the game. It never launches though. Starting the foreign Agent before launching the game makes no difference either. None of the solutions you suggested worked for me.

Once again, I assume absolutely no liability for the info I provide below, however, the described solution was the only one that worked for me. Killing Agent. I had to do this several times while Setup was running, because I noticed that Setup was creating new files whose flags were rwx—— i. To have any confidence in using this hack for your purposes you must have a rudimentary knowledge on unix ok, if you like, linux and so CYGWIN.

My apologies about this very long post, but I hope this is useful for at least some people. You are a legend. Number 5 did it for. Tried all the others, but fix 5 is what did it for me. Fix 5 worked for me. Just wanted to say that i tried fixes along with a few fixes from other sites and none of them worked. Im running vista btw. Worked first try. Hopefully 5 has no virus or anything… someone should have verified it first… but oh well.

Had the agent issues and updating setup files problems, as did my cousin. My own issue i fixed after hours of messing about with agent processes, disabling firewalls and pctools. Really unacceptable issues because Blizards torrent based installer looks like malaware to any of a variety of threat assessment software. Anyway i didnt want to spend all day sorting out my cousin too since mine only worked after some repeated very hit and miss process stops and restarts.

So i went for fix 5 which i would not normally do as downloading files from random internet users is asking for trouble. But it worked. Copying the battle. I am grateful to the user, but i am not happy that blizzard makes something as risky as this necessary. I love you with all my penis. All homo P. S 5 worked for me. I have windows vista and i tried fix1 and it didnt help. The problem is i dont even have a battle. Info: I have Windows Vista bit.

I was like, what? I used Windows Updater and all of the other fixes to no avail. Without opening Windows Updater, I tried D3 again, and sure enough it worked just fine. Keen you are awesome!!! I bought the digital version from battlenet ofcourse…. Fix 5 did the trick. Perhaps they contributed but when I did 5 it worked instantly. I have it on windows 7. Stuck at this point any tips? Fix 1 is there a way for it to be done on W7? I went to Blizzard, and saw a post that mentioned that you had to set a rule for the Windows Firewall in order for the setup to fully install.

For me, I had to also make sure the Secondary Logon Service was enabled. Some people may have to restart Windows in order for this to fully take. Make sure you point your firewall to whatever Diablo Setup. Many of them require Internet connections and will slow the upgrade process down. The setup initial process should take anywhere from about minutes before it kicks into the final Diablo installer.

For me it took about 5 or 6 minutes, but that was mostly because my gadgets were likely slowing things down. If it is, things should be working smoothly at this point. The only thing that should stop you or slow you down at this point would be either slow or patchy Internet connections. Once the initial setup finishes, it will launch the Diablo installer, and also connect you to Battle. Net, so you can log in to your BN account and create your Battle Tag identifier.

You will also need to activate your game using your license code. You can do this while the Diablo game is installing. BTW I run windows 7. So if you know anyone who installed it with no problems, copy that persons battle. Fix No. Tried all fixes except 5 twice, and restarted my computer numerous times. Still nothing. Currently hating life … help! Thanks alot! After two days of scouring the internet looking for a way to install my copy of diablo 3, fix number one worked for me the first time I used it!!

Foreshame Blizzard. Thank you so much for posting this fix; I scoured the official forums and several different places, nothing worked until I tried the simple fix 1 that you posted and it works like a charm. Thanks for the fixes, and fix 5, is there any diffrence beteween the EU and US version? If so, which version is that file? All you do is download the Battle. None of these are working for me. Try running the downloader again, Ben. Usually that means there are still.

PART files needing to finish. You cant download it from Fix 5 anymore, maybe its just me but I tried it from multiple PCs. Okay, here is my situation. None of these solutions work at all. Ive used every method its not work.. Thanks a bunch for the fix. I think mine was a little of 4 and 5. I noticed I had a good 4 agents running.

For those on windows 7 have been able to make it work , can you tell if your windows is Home, ultimate, etc and if is 32 or 64! Hi, wondring about the Fix 1. I think this is the right sulotion but i cant find the.. In my agent file for one of the fixes i have 2 agents, with different respective numbers, such as Agent and Agent There is not executable file to be run, only applications, logs, ect.

EDIT: how do i replace his version with my version? Updating setup files wont finish. Nothing works to fix this problem. Blizzard is zero help too. After many hours searching on D3forums and the web, I found to this site and Fix 1 worked like a charm, thank you sir! Just wanted to say many thanks — solution 4a worked fine for me after trying a lot of other suggestions. Find your agent. Run the Diablo 3 installer, wait till it gets close to being stuck then quickly run the agent. I bought the digital retail copy and I still have this problem… Non of the solutions worked for me!

This totally fixed my problem, been at it for hours trying everything under the sun. The new problem with this damn program is the patches. Fix 1 worked for me. I looked at the previous solutions and tried the download one, except there is no need to download the zip file. Ok enough of the gibberish. Installed normanly. I just got a new faster hard drive.

I was having this problem with Mists Beta and SC2 and switching secondary logon to auto fixed them both up. Thanks man! I thought it was just taking ages, Waited for 1 hour and nothing happened! If there are any more? I have tried all the solutions i could find on the web including these from Keen and Graev with no luck. I finally got it to work this way on Win7 64 bit:.

Type msconfig in run and choose selective startup mode, then go to the tab Services and choose to hide all Microsoft services. After this unclick all other services so they wont start. Click apply and then restart your PC. After restart disable your firewall and delete your battle. Make sure that the service Secondary Logon is running. Now you can run your install and it will update. The progress bar in the launcher may not move but you will see that the directory you install if it is a re-install will grow.

None of this is working for me. I end the agent and it goes to Launching Blizzard Launcher, then goes back to updating. Hello, My brother works at Blizzard and he said that everything you wrote here is a waste of time. I am sure you use Mozilla or Chrome. Close the Internet Explorer window and now you can start Diablo 3. The update process will do just fine.

Just make sure that when you start Diablo 3 you have administrator privileges. There is no black magic in this. They are pretty serious about their public image. Best regards! Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Get the latest episodes of QuickCast straight to your inbox! Subscribers are also eligible for subscriber-only bonuses and listener goodies.

Right Click the Icon, Run as Administrator. Fix 4a — Clarification for Fix 4 by GarytheOak 1. I will add more fixes as I find them. Feel free to share one that works for you. Previous Post The Road to Diablo 3. Had no problems whatsoever on my windows 7. Same problem here on Win 7 Ultimate x Enabling auto secondary logon helped here. Thanks, I had disabled the secondry logon service myself at some point and enabling it helped. Zederok: I did not get in beta. Sandis, Toby, Maukka: Glad it helped.

I had to restart my computer to be able to delete the data file but then it worked gloriously. I am submitting your name for the Nobel Peace prize. The first fix works on Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.


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This issue might occur if the Windows Update services are not running and you might have deleted the Windows files during disk clean up. Method 1: Restart the Windows Update services and check. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password or click Continue.

Locate Windows Update and check the Status. Close Services. Method 2: R eset Windows update components from the following link and check. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Thanks for your feedback. In addition, if confident your hardware is modern enough to meet the Windows 10 Specifications including unsupported feature deprecation, then you can bypass Get Windows 10 app in the System Tray to Install Windows 10 using the media creation tool - Windows Help.

Now you have media for reinstalls or needed repairs. If asked do not insert a Product Key at any time, just click Skip or Next. If you want to really maximize chances for a successful Upgrade, then choose to Save Nothing so the Upgrade has much less to choke on. Make sure your files are backed up separately and you have your program installers and any Product Keys for programs like Office. To improve the Upgrade's chances turn off everything at Startup:. Then click Apply, restart PC when prompted.

In Windows 8. Uninstall any anti-virus except Defender. Stick with built-in Defender in Windows 10 for best performance and adequate protection. If you get infected add the inexpensive Real Time protection from the best-in-class free malware scanner Malwarebytes. You can also use a more flexible imaging program like free Macrium Imaging which allows recovery to any partition position on the hard drive.

Recent Blue Posts 2 days ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: Stuck at "Updating setup files Stuck at "Updating setup files Reply With Quote. Tried to reopen the file in administrator mode? Originally Posted by Ducon.

Originally Posted by warex Deleted the battle. Works now. Last time I tried updating those Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas. Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

Right Click the Icon, Run as Administrator. If not, see Fix 1. If still nothing search your computer for agent. Mine was just looping and looping and was fixed instantly. My girlfriend is running on Windows XP Right now; tried all 3 options for the Fix listed above, and none worked Is there anything else we can try? Glad you got it working!

I just installed mine too. Smooth sailing Grr waiting. Retired Avatar and Signature by Shyama.


What's new New posts New media New media comments. Media New media New comments Search media. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter direfire Start date May 16, Net Member. Hi, Diablo 3 is a nightmare! But that is nothing I'm OK with that. I'm stuck on "Updating setup files" like I had with the beta. And the support ticket is 3 days old and no reply Fearhad Diabloii.

Make sure the beta is uninstalled before installing Diablo 3. Try running the client downloader again. It will verify your download is complete. If not it will resume where it left off. If that does not work right click on the diablo installer exe and select run as administrator. Many are reporting success. An user on the battle. Net folder and uploaded it. All you have to do is replace his version with your old version, and hopefully everything should work as it did for me.

Check the folder you downloaded your files into for any that say. PART as the presence of a. Right Click the Icon, Run as Administrator. If not, see Fix 1. If still nothing search your computer for agent. Mine was just looping and looping and was fixed instantly. My girlfriend is running on Windows XP Right now; tried all 3 options for the Fix listed above, and none worked Is there anything else we can try? Glad you got it working! I just installed mine too. Smooth sailing Grr waiting. Retired Avatar and Signature by Shyama.

Are there any other fixes for this because i am STILL stuck getting this god damned error and it is getting annoying. For a brand new game on the market we started off on the wrong foot. Initial installation i did over a week ago worked now i have to download a 65 meg file to run the game which i already downloaded and unpacked. Get up in the morning to try the new game and spend the next three hours trying to run the bloody thing. Spent time on forums trying to figure out WTH is going on.

Get your shit together Blizzard! Step 3 fixed my problem, but now i feel like i am using a "broken" product because i had to go through this procedure for a game released today Last edited by mmoca10a2d67c5; at AM. I'm glad the fixes worked for some. I should have mentioned that fix 1 worked for me on Windows 7. Originally Posted by dreamlore. Running the installer, and while stuck in the "Updating files", kill agent.

Try it.