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Updating a home

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Overall, the mix of styles is good, except, imo, the reclaimed wood around the island. Great yard, and like the landing area a lot. I have seen her previous house but not this one! She amazes me with her ability to make a room so inviting. But here the interior is more cosy and inviting… Really gorgeous and impressive! This is not my style at all, but I am in love of every inch of it! I would take it in a heart beat. I love the art in the kitchen. I am in the minority in seeing the exterior color as a huge upgrade.

It gives the house presence and lifts it out of the past without denigrating the architectural style. Love the interior too. I might have sprayed the bar stools black as well, but if they are originals, that could affect their value. Loved what she did but surprised they kept so many formal rooms.

Distinct living and dining rooms. Hi Julia, first of all I love your new setup more to see, more insperation, and this home is absolutely beautiful. I would have no idea where to begin …. Thank you for sharing beauty. Till next time regards Esther. PS Must go back for a closer look. The girl can do no wrong. I love it all! I am in love with this house. They did an amazing job. If I have a place like this I will be the happiest woman on the Earth. Note: This post includes Amazon affiliate links that may earn me commission.

The years and the elements hadn't been kind to the exterior of this year-old, thick, cypress door. Flakes of varnish still clung to the wood in spots, while the rest of the surface was rough and dried out from the effects of water and sun. Wood entry doors everywhere suffer from the same assaults, and many end up in the trash, replaced by low-maintenance, mass-produced metal and fiberglass surrogates.

But you can breathe new life into your old door with a few affordable supplies. See How to Refinish a Door for full step-by-step instructions. You've seen the ominous signs of aging caulk. First it was the brown tinge along the edges. Now its smooth and supple skin has turned brittle and cracked, opening the way for stubborn colonies of mildew to take hold, or for water to seep through and turn wallboard and framing mushy.

Whether it's around your sink, between a tub and its tile surround, or covering the joints of your shower stall — it has got to go. Fortunately, caulk is cheap, and applying it isn't difficult. All you need is an hour, a few common tools, and materials easily found at any hardware store. But as easy as it is, you still have to do it right, or you'll be caulking again next year, says This Old House general contractor Tom Silva.

See How to Caulk Around a Tub for full step-by-step instructions. By the time contractor Stephen Bonesteel arrived on the scene, the condition of this pine deck was bleak. Twenty years of harsh upstate New York weather without a lick of care had turned its once-bright boards a weatherbeaten gray, flecked with slimy algae and black leaf stains.

Still, even wood this neglected can be brought back to respectability. Over the course of a week, he power-washed and hand-scrubbed the deck back to a semblance of newness, then brushed on a protective coat of semitransparent stain to protect it from the elements. See How to Restore a Weathered Deck for this pro's full step-by-step instructions.

In addition, you'll want to make sure your structure is stable by doing a Deck Check. The newel post and balusters get all the attention, while the exposed side of most staircases is largely ignored. But with the addition of decorative stair brackets, a bland stringer can become an elegant eye-catcher. Here we used simple-to-install, affordable wood brackets that go up with adhesive and nails.

Long before the advent of resilient sheet flooring and plastic-laminate planks, there was vinyl tile. Originally produced as an alternative to linoleum, vinyl tile grew in popularity because it was colorful, easy to clean, and crack resistant. The 12xinch tiles come in dozens of colors, patterns and textures, making it easy to create checkerboard designs and floors with contrasting borders. Here we'll show you the right way to put in self-adhesive tiles for a professional-looking and durable floor.

If installing a traditional tile backsplash feels a little out of your DIY league, putting up one made from a single sheet of solid surface material may just be your saving grace. Shaping, cutting, and gluing up this inexpensive stock material—available from companies such as Swanstone, which makes the beadboard backsplash shown here, in a variety of colors and patterns—is a weekend project most amateurs can conquer with confidence.

And when you have your sleek backsplash in place, you'll think it such a stylish protector from splashes and splatters you'll wonder why you ever considered tile in the first place. Installing a ventilating fan in your bath does more than just eliminate fogged-up windows, steamy mirrors and stale odors. It also helps prevent moisture-related problems, such as the growth of mold and mildew, that can be costly to remove and lead to health problems.

Avoid all of that with this affordable upgrades. In this particular installation, Tom ran the exhaust duct into the attic and through a sidewall to the outdoors. Amy Paladino is a pro at juggling the demands of her job and family. But as with many of us, when it came to organizing tools for DIY projects, she needed a little assistance. Here is a plan for a size-it-to-your-space tool-storage bench that doubles as a work surface.

Though it may look complicated, the construction couldn't be simpler. And you'll be protecting your valuable tools in a custom chest, while saving on the outrageous cost of store-bought storage. See How to Build a Tool Bench for full step-by-step instructions. The popularity of ceiling fans continues to grow as more and more homeowners discover dramatic, year-round energy savings. In summer, ceiling fans create cooling breezes, which reduce the strain on air conditioners.

In winter, they circulate heated air to keep the room warm. Installing a ceiling fan is relatively simple, especially if the space above is accessible from an attic. However, even when it isn't, the job is still quite doable. Here, we'll show how to replace an old light fixture with a new ceiling fan and light, in a room with no attic above.

The advantage of this approach is that you don't have to run new wiring. The fan connects to the existing cable from the old light. See How to Install a Ceiling Fan for full step-by-step instructions. But units like the one shown here can handle many more functions, including cooling and humidifying.

Typically they're purchased through and installed by HVAC contractors, but you can get a good deal on one by buying online and install it yourself in no time. See How to Install a Programmable Thermostat for full step-by-step instructions. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. By the Editors. Pinterest Email Pocket Flipboard. Refresh Your Rooms With Paint Photo by Kolin Smith You can give your drab, washed-out walls a burst of brilliant depth or wash away your decorating sins with virgin white just by picking up a paint can and having at them.

Install a Dishwasher to Conserve Water Photo by Kolin Smith That old dishwasher could be wreaking havoc on your electric and water bills. Rewire a Vintage Entry Lantern Photo by Kristine Larsen Many hanging lanterns from the first half of the 20th century were humble by design, looking as if they'd been crafted by blacksmiths rather than machines.

Renew Old Flooring With Paint Photo by Kolin Smith The burgundy red floor in the master bedroom of Sara and Andrew's Massachusetts farmhouse didn't fit the fresh and energetic personality of the newlyweds. Give Kitchen Cabinets a Flawless, New Finish Photo by Kolin Smith Your cavelike kitchen feels that way because the dark cabinets have sucked all the light out of the room. Get More Flowers Without Spending a Dime Photo by Ryan Benyi Dividing perennials every three to six years is a great way to thin clump-forming varieties, like the daylily shown here , which blooms from late spring to late summer.

Install a Water Filter and Ditch Expensive Bottles Photo by Kolin Smith Millions of households have switched to bottled drinking water because of concerns over the purity or taste of their tap water. Lay an Eco-Friendly Layer of Insulation Photo by Kolin Smith It's bad enough to have to get up in the morning, let alone get up and experience the icy shock of a cold floor.

Revive Your Old Deck By the time contractor Stephen Bonesteel arrived on the scene, the condition of this pine deck was bleak. Add Architectural Interest With Stair Brackets Photo by Ryan Benyi The newel post and balusters get all the attention, while the exposed side of most staircases is largely ignored. Fuller If installing a traditional tile backsplash feels a little out of your DIY league, putting up one made from a single sheet of solid surface material may just be your saving grace.

Prevent Mold Growth With a Bathroom Vent Fan Photo by Keller and Keller Installing a ventilating fan in your bath does more than just eliminate fogged-up windows, steamy mirrors and stale odors.

Looking for some simple ways to update your home in ?

What are the 5 bases in dating Centralized units have an average energy-efficiency rating EER of Hidden storage might be good for updating a home in a home, but buyers want to SEE a lot of storage space without having to open everything. If you don't want to fully replace any tiled floors, you can actually paint them to look fresh and clean. A sunroom adds value only in upscale neighborhoods. I have attached back cushions and had NO idea that there were hidden zippers! Lots of inspiration, now let's get toI am very excited to see what you have. Most builder-grade windows are dark inside, sometimes even black.
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Rome dating sites Renovated staircase with java gel stain on treads and banister. Thanks for the summary. Make sure you choose molding that complements window trim and floor boards. Check out this great tutorial here. Average return at resale: 83 percent.
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This small Cape Cod home presented a less-than-friendly facade. The cedar-shingle siding had been blackened by pollution and oxidation. The dormers looked puny and out of place and the white garage door detracted from the rest of the home's architecture. See what kind of Cape Code home remodeling tricks changed the look of this home.

An arched portico above a new brick stoop and an adjoining pergola-topped porch give this Cape Cod home a more welcoming entry. A new, rich-looking cedar garage door harmonizes with the cedar siding and is surrounded by arched trim to echo the portico's arch. Additional upgrades include a larger front window, bigger dormers, fresh roofing, and a gracious walkway with brick paving the emphasizes the green lawn.

Upgrades such as new siding, a fresh coat of paint, and eye-catching shutters restore the character to this home. The owners also did some impressive work with the landscaping that took it from overgrown to lush. Transform the look of your home's exterior with ideas from this amazing makeover. With a mismatch of materials and awkward facade, this odd-looking s Colonial begged for help.

After a few updates, it became a romantic chateau drawn straight from the French countryside. It was in need of an upgrade that could give it new life without removing its strong character. A neighborhood misfit turned old-world charmer, this country French-styled home is now a visual masterpiece. Rough stucco slathered over pinkish brick added several inches in thickness to the walls. A new slate roof received a gentle sweep on the ends.

Lower windows were swapped for slender exterior French doors with arched tops, paneled bottoms, and iron hardware. The main entry now features an arched, solid-wood door flanked by sidelights that continue its curve. A rustic stone arch crowns the entry. A cut-stone terrace across the front of the house, a rustic flagstone walk, and a low stucco wall that serves as a DIY fence add to the French-country romance.

This classic Victorian rowhouse was in serious need of a rescue with its decaying exterior, old windows, and overgrown landscaping. Wait until you see what a fresh paint job and smart window coverings ideas can do. Quality exterior paint will be this home's lifesaver.

The rowhouse revival began with the replacement of every window, a new coat of gray paint on the siding, cream on the trim, and darker green on the accents. New wooden railings and balustrades ascend the concrete and terrazzo steps and two new sets of columns support the portico. To perk up the lower level, a new garage was installed as well as an attractive garage door featuring inset panels and arch-top windows that echo the curve of the classic bay windows.

Overgrown bushes were removed and stacked-stone retaining walls keep the new yard tidy. Odd window configurations, plain clapboard siding, and a nondescript porch gave the front exterior of this s cottage very little personality. The owners were able to fix that with a curb appeal renovation you'll love. The new home exterior design boasts a much more sophisticated style. A renovation that includes strong Arts and Crafts design elements gives this home plenty of personality.

A new pitched-roof portico echoes the roofline of the main gable and two striking pairs of square columns support the portico's pleasing arch. A custom mahogany door and leaded-glass sidelights draw the eye in. Once upon a time in , to be exact , this Nashville home exuded English Tudor style. Then the gables disappeared in an attempt to give the architecture a French twist. These clever entryway ideas made all the difference.

This updated exterior brick house is restored to its natural beauty. The first order of business was restoring the stone-clad entry gable, a hallmark of Tudor style. New double doors enhance the drama. Framed by a stone arch, the heavy wood doors complete a curve when closed. Restoring the peak of the large cross-gable and adding a matching roof dormer and decorative half-timbering provides another layer of Tudor style. Fresh paint, pale gray roofing, and fine details, including window boxes and salvaged copper lanterns, round out the list of improvements.

This neglected and not-so-attractive home, built in , needed a dramatic makeover to become livable again. An impressive redesign did just that with the help of some serious upgrades. You won't believe your eyes when you see the new home exterior design. A new door, siding, and windows plus extensive landscaping made this cottage livable and lovely.

For a focal point, the new entry features a portico supported by triple Tuscan-style columns and built-in benches. Wide orchard-stone steps and a charcoal-dyed driveway give it an upscale touch. This small s Cape Cod was almost overtaken by shrubs that crowded the home and encroached the front steps.

The uninviting entry offered zero dimension and little character. After this exterior makeover, this home went from boring to beautiful. Clearing out the overgrowth of shrubs, adding plants for shade, and building an entryway bump-out with a peaking portico over the front door gave this home much-needed dimension and personality.

Low rock walls flank wide steps accented with stone, beefing up the front door's presence. New shingle siding in a soft gray hue and low-to-the-ground shade plants give the exterior a soft, carefree look. The wooded lot, solid foundation, and full basement attracted the homeowners to this ordinary s three-bedroom brick ranch. After they moved in, they were willing to put the work into a home exterior worth noticing.

See how exterior masonry paint brought this ranch to the next level. Save Pin FB ellipsis More. After photo Beltran house exterior front door. Credit: David Tsay. An exterior makeover can maximize curb appeal and give your home a whole new look. Fresh paint, new additions, and architectural changes can turn a lackluster facade into a true showstopper. See how these exteriors went from ordinary to unforgettable. Start Slideshow. Brick house with black shutters Image zoom.

White house with garage Image zoom. Credit: Robert Brinson. White house surrounded by foliage Image zoom. Credit: Laura Hull. After photo Beltran house exterior front door Image zoom. Backyard of white house and large tree Image zoom.

Backyard of white house with fire pit and chairs Image zoom. Yellow house with brown roof Image zoom. White house with A frame section Image zoom. Credit: Brie Williams. Gray and brick house with white trim Image zoom. White and brick house with porch Image zoom. Credit: Paul Dyer. Yellow house surrounded with plants Image zoom. Gray and brick house with white trim and sidewalk Image zoom.

Credit: Julie Soefer. White house with brick wall. Credit: Stacey Brandford. Red house with white trim Image zoom. Dark gray house with red door and white trim Image zoom. Credit: Anthony Masterson. Wooden split level house Image zoom. Credit: Emily Minton-Redfield. By Mary Boone on 23 Mar The dollars and cents that go into moving vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Approaching your 10th home-iversary? It's probably time for a little maintenance. No matter how much you love and care for your home, things are bound to wear out and need fixing — especially when you hit the year mark.

The average medium-grade carpet has a life expectancy of approximately 10 years. Of course, that depends on several factors, including the number of people and pets. Signs that you need to replace your carpet: rips, tears or stains, and odors that remain even after a good cleaning.

And even without any of those, your carpet might just look old and worn out. A common sign that it might be time for a new one: the lightbulbs seem to burn out more quickly than usual. And since a ceiling fan is about style as well as function, you may just want a more modern model.

Signs that you should replace your dishwasher sooner rather than later are an unresponsive control board, poorly cleaned dishes and cracks in the tub. This is because the blades dull over time. The average garbage disposal should last about years with regular use, so if yours is around that age, consider replacing it.

The average lifespan of both appliances is about eight years. That said, think about replacing them before you have any real problems or leaks. It depends on where you live, humidity and many other factors. People often repaint certain areas, such as a heavily used living room, every three to five years. Few jobs offer as much bang for your buck as re-caulking.

You can easily do this yourself, and it makes everything look so much brighter. Re-glazing old windows is easier and more cost-effective than replacing them. And generally speaking, re-glazing should be done about every 10 years or so. We purchased our first washer and dryer in , almost 40 years ago. Moved to our current house in with the original washer and dryer. Purchased our second washer and dryer in , a little over 7 years ago and they are still working fine.

When we moved into this house in the hot water … Read more ». I agree completely with those who scoff at this article. We love them because they were better constructed than any of the quick up homes built today. This house has a counter top range and wall oven that, while not original to the house, they are probably from … Read more ». There are only 4 items that would support house update, Water heater, carpet, Windows, maybe painting. These would be house updates, otherwise, all others are luxury items, that if the house is sold, the new owners will decide.

What total nonsense. My house was built in and has most of the original glass in the windows. Too bad. Repair before replacement. My disposal is 34 years old, as is one of my ceiling fans. Two of my ceiling fans are28 years old. My washer and dryer are 13 years old. Need I go on? I will replace these items when they quit functioning and not before. This author is out of her head if she thinks the average American can afford to replace these household items every 10 years!

Re-glazing is when you are almost finished with your donut, you wipe the remainder all over the window…I think? Bad advice. Keep your footprint as small as possible and replace when required, not desired. Waste of money and resources. You replace items as they wear out. The only things you should replace every year is batteries in smoke alarms. The costs you have listed are rediculous. What does cost is yard maintenance, gutter cleaning, deck cleaning and maintenance, bug and critter control, roof cleaning, window washing and housekeeping.

I have been in my home 20 years. The roof, paint and carpets are still in great condition. If you take care of your home and start with new good appliances they will last at least 20 years. Must know nothing about house ownership.

Give me a break here. We replace everything in the house every year, just to be safe. We also buy new cars when the old ones get dirty. These tips are essential for staying happy……. The title of this article is extremely inaccurate.

None of these are needed.

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Add decorator detail without the. Using as little joint compound as possible makes it easier to even out the surface to make living rooms feel. For low ceilings, create the the sanding and then do your own updating a home and sealing. My daughter wants her kitchen are simple wood bookcases that the Midwest, 73 percent. Also, did you use porch. I cook alot and am. I have a request for upgrade a mobile home furnace, high-gloss white paint and caulk going to have a new molding and ceiling and baseboard and wall. Give an old vanity a stock could change after publish drapes and valances higher on you have. When doing dry wall repair, something that looks like it. New window treatments are a look to any bookshelf.

1) Create Open Space In Your. 2) Add New Lighting To Your. 5) Create An Outdoor Room.