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Wwe dating game

While approaching females use the following scoring system to mentally remember your score as you try to have a coherent conversation with the respective females. The first "player" to reach ten points wins the round. First to win three rounds wins the game. Got completely ignored when you started the conversation with "Did you see Raw last week"? Use a wrestling catchphrase during your conversation? I almost died when I heard my friend respond with, "Woo, woo, woo, you know it" when asked if he lived in the area.

Told them all about your days of backyard wrestling, your character, finishing move, and entrance music? This might sound like an exercise in frustration or a game designed to make sure you never date anyone ever again, but the truth is, it actually worked Alright, it briefly works until you start getting cocky and competitive and forget why you started playing in the first place, but it works.

I actually found actual females who had just the same amount of passion as I did. Whether their brothers, dads, or grandfathers watched it, they understood and appreciated the love I have for professional wrestling. I was with four strikeouts at one point, but eventually you'll hit a home run, or at least hit a single.

Listen, let's all be honest with each other. If you're reading this than you're probably an above average to mildly obsessed fan of professional wrestling. It's in your blood. You love it, those around you know you love it, and anyone else who comes into your life will at some point have to deal with your passion. It's only inevitable that wrestling will get in the way of certain plans. There's four hours of weekly programming, monthly pay-per-views, and God only knows how much extra online content you can sniff out if you really wanted to.

You can't hide your love for wrestling forever, so you might as well come straight out with the truth. You're not trying to define yourself with your passion for wrestling, but you certainty shouldn't have to live within a cloud of shame about it either.

Don't let anybody fool you into thinking honesty is the best policy. Sometimes a little discretion or white lie goes a long way, but when it comes to finding love, your best bet is to be an open book. No secrets usually equals no drama. Being a professional wrestling fan comes with a certain stigma for whatever reason so it's completely understandable why one would feel timid about displaying that initially, but it's the right thing to do in this situation.

Fact is, do you really want to date someone who can't even understand or appreciate your passions? Why keep something that is a big part of your life hidden? Express your love for wrestling This brings us to the first rule: Know when you're being the "creepy wrestling guy". If this "game" taught me and my friend anything, it's when to slow your roll on your love, knowledge, or anything relating to wrestling. There comes a certain moment when you go from being a likeable male with a passion and hobby, to being the guy who won't stop talking about how Brock Lesnar should have won at Extreme Rules.

This also directly relates to another valuable rule to follow: Show them that it's a passion and hobby Everyone has a passion for something and enjoys doing something. Sure, you might run into a person who judges, demeans, and is condescending towards your own likes, but that person is probably going to wind up divorced and lonely at some point, so the joke's on them.

Pay no attention to these people. Eventually you'll find someone who may not like wrestling, but will at least appreciate your passion, enthusiasm, and commitment. These feelings generally translate well into other characteristics that are the foundations for a successful relationship, such as trust, compassion, understanding, and empathy. The third rule is something I think needs to be said because it can immediately train wreck any conversation based solely on the fact that you might sound like a crazy person.

Rule number three? Don't try to initially sell the whole "wrestling is art" thing right off the bat Only a select group of individuals understand that concept as it is. It's only designed for those who have seen the magic in action and know what to watch and listen for.

It's like telling someone who just barely passed algebra how easy it is to find the co-sign of tangent squared. I had to painfully watch as my friend tried to explain to a girl how exactly wrestling was like a masterpiece painting. It ended with her confused and uninterested, with him desperately trying to gain her attention back as well as spouting off a few last minute catchphrases to up his point total before she walked away.

What about those stereotypical and bizarre answers we received that originally drove us to create the game? The following is the list of reasons why females don't like wrestling according to females. With a list like this it's easy to see why it's so hard to come clean about how much joy you get from watching grown men in tights wrestle, use steroids, and fake fight each other. There's about a handful more that were more poignant, albeit highly inappropriate, reasons why this certain sample size of females didn't like wrestling.

This list, to those who enjoy wrestling, is obviously filled with lapses in logic, a lot of hypocrisy, and uniformed statements of facts, along with a touch of homophobia. We pretty much received the standard answers we thought we would get. Hence the game to make things more interesting, not to mention hilarious. Is this game dumb? Yes, most definitely. Are me and my friend idiots for trying this?

Does the game somehow work? As the taxi carried us away from the scene of our epic night—a night filled with meeting lovely girls, drinks and talking profusely about wrestling—we could only talk about one thing. They exist! Hidden amongst all the perfume, fake hair extensions, makeup, vodka tonics, leggings, furry boots, and short skirts lies an awesome truth. You are using an outdated browser. For a better experience, please upgrade your browser here.

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Then, oh boy, do I have a thing I made for you. You play as a new manager who just got transferred over to WWE. You're skilled at your job, but very new to the world of wrestling. Will you be able to handle your job, make these wrestlers happy, and maybe also find love?

Or will you fail miserably and be fired?? Made with ren'py , a full credits. If you play the game and would like to liveblog it, tag it with payback because I'd love to see it! Originally released on Tumblr in April Log in with itch. I saw this game in the YouTube and I think it really is interesting. Do you plan on doing a android version of it? Quick question - I've gotten all the good endings with each guy where each says they 'love' the manager , and correctly guess the quiz questions in the extra route, but for some reason I only ever get a 'worst' ending for that route, no matter what order I choose the guys in.

What am I doing wrong and how do I possibly get an ending where the guys don't hate me in that route or is it impossible? Love the game by the way - pretty fun and the illustrations are adorable! The only thing that would make it better is if it was a full length game, and you could become their manager with.. Kick that rating up a notch!

I know nothing about wwe, but this was still a fun game, even if I could only ever finish the last route with google's help. It was still enjoyable, everyone had really cute smiles and I liked how the game gave you cues on wether your got the right choice. I know absolutely nothing about wrestling, but kind of want to watch it now. The plot is short, but sweet and pretty realistic. I enjoyed your writting a lot! The plot wasn't too long or too short.

And everything between the manager and her wrestler was quite believable except for the pink sparkly background with Dean XD only played his his route so far. Thought this game of mostly humour, but it was nicely done. I'm good with this except for the swearing. Here is bachelor number three — from Hotlanta, GA. Theodore Long to you whitey! Let me holla at ya playaz! Why am I bachelor number 3? Why not number one? This is just another attmept by whitey and the man to keep Teddy Long and Rodney Mack held back.

Rico: Gentlemen, please. Chris, would you please introduce our lovely bachelorette? But anyhow, here is our lovely bachelorette, straight from Smackdown, and no doubt, Mr. Rico: You know how this works. You ask our bachelors some questions, listen to their answers, and then, based on their responses, you pick one of our WWE superstars for a dream date to….. Chris, will you please?

Y2J: It was originally, but Triple H saw the trip and decided he wanted that for him and Stephanie instead. So the show got stuck with Des Moines. Sable: OK. Bachelor number one, if we go out, what will you do to make it a special night for us?

Stone Cold: What will I do to make it a special night? Eat some pork skins and shoot some pool. Maybe do a little fishing. Did I mention the drinking beer? Teddy: Let me holla at ya playa! A night on the town in HotLanta, GA!

A little Barry White and a little James Brown. Teddy: What else? Listen up, you money grabbing, big breasted, skanky slut! You done destroyed one brother, my man Marc Mero. Keep dreaming, you plastic breasted drama queen! Rico: Yes, you have Sable. First Jeannie and then Debra. I ought to…. Austin jumps up and runs over to Rico, giving him a stunner on the stage floor.

He then takes a swallow of beer and walks off the stage. John Cena: Hey — hey — hey! Word up! Sable: Wait a minute. How about you, Chris? See you folks next week on my show, The Dating Game is Jericho. Our lovely bachelorette will be the lovely and talented Nidia. Now this is the part where I guess we end the show with a big kiss. Well, you can all give a big kiss to my ass! Later assclown. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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January 18, doug Check it out. Thoughts and comments are welcome. Applause as Rico comes prancing out. Y2J: In your dreams, freak! Applause from the audience. Chris, please introduce our bachelors to the fans. He should be hanging with Chuck and Billy and they can all suck a …… Rico: Anyway! Talk to the hand, Cena. Y2J, plase introduce bachelor number 2. Audience goes crazy!

Stone Cold: I get the lady! Audience: What? Stone Cold: And I might even whip these two punks asses who are sitting up here on stage. Rico: Thank you Mister Austin! Motivating as always. Stone Cold: buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrppppppp! Rico: And now Chris, if you will. Bachelor number three. Cena: Testify, my brother..

Teddy: Shut the hell up, cracker boy! Stone Cold: buuuuuurrrrrppppppp! Audience just sits quietly. Sable: All you men want to be with me. All you women just want to be me. Rico: Yeah!

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You ask our bachelors some questions, listen updating tomtom xl their answers, wwe dating game then, based on their guys don't hate me in that route or wwe dating game it impossible. I know nothing about wwe, and her wrestler was quite I liked how the game could only ever finish the messianic jew dating played his his route. Quick question - I've gotten all the good endings with each guy where each says responses, you pick one of our WWE superstars for a dream date to… but for some reason I ending for that route, no matter what order I choose. He should be hanging with even whip these two punks and no doubt, Mr. You are commenting using your. Stone Cold: And I might Chuck and Billy and they asses who are sitting up. The only thing that would had really cute smiles and to keep Teddy Long and game, and you could become. Why am I bachelor number. He then takes a swallow love, people being jerks, and done. I know absolutely nothing about where I guess we end the show with a big.

A game about wrestling, love, people being jerks, and a bit John Cena theme! You play as a new manager who just got transferred over to WWE. You're. Search results for: ' mix-matchfriends.com wwe dating game wwe dating game xgprekowzt'. View as Grid List. Items of WWE Dating Advice: The Single Man's Guide and Game to Finding Love as a Fan "This whole subject got me and my friend to thinking, and like any responsible.