what to do about intimidating neighbours

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What to do about intimidating neighbours updating ps3 firmware from usb

What to do about intimidating neighbours

Depressed - 8-Apr AM. I need some help for me and my son thing s era getting so outa hand on this street with the bullying neighbours its getting to that certain point now Hev - Mar AM. So since October a Hindu family move into the blocks of flats myself and my sister live. When they first moved in there was some noise but obviously they were just moving in. However over time the noise level became more persistent and unbearable. They were constantly slamming doors, thumping, talking reallyoud, had their TV turned up so loud and allowing their child to constantly run up and down in and out each room, putting the child to bed at midnight or 1pm in the morning This has continued on which led myself and my sister to move out.

The week leading up to us moving out they got even worse and they were scraping things across their ceiling, watching us in our own garage, thumpingslamming the doors even their wardrobe doors, the kid running up and down. Cece - Mar PM. So when it rains the water is diverted under my fence and has caused erosion. Again when I sought help was told could do nothing about it. JT - Mar AM. I have a neighbor who is constantly blowing his leaves in my yard.

Especially after I have cut my grass and treated it. He washes his sidewalk to push the dirt to the area in front of my house. He has thrown food over the fence I have pets he has cussed at me for no reason, and called me Names. He does yard work for living. He knows better but does this on a regular basis. I am currently experiencing a situation where my neighbour smokes crack cocaine. Unfortunately the smoke at night disrupts my sleep cycles and it irritates me during the day.

My family does not speak to the neighbours due to past conflicts. What would you all do in a situation or scenario like this? I may call the police because i cant call or speak directly to them due to my parents relation with them. It would be weird lol. Im sry for all those who r experiencing bad neighbor probs.

Just keep your head up, dont react badly, smile and most of all, be you. They hate love and goodness. Kill them with it. BigJimi - 6-Mar AM. Sleep deprivationsabatoge my Auto I work and to come out to 3 flat tires At 5 am making miss work and loosing my job because of it. I live in rural Maine and have been bullied and harassed by evil drug dealers next door for years.

They go out in their tiny yard and shoot for hours into the woids, shoot birds and wildlife, ride mufferless snowmobiles and dirt bikes at all hours delivering drugs, push snow and trash onto my property damaging trees, play horrid music so loud my walls shake, deal drugs, never woek, on and on.

Cops, there are none. Last time a cop showed up he was surley and would not help. I am senior woman afraid for my sanity, and cannot afford to move and who would buy my house next to their junkyard. Pure evil thugs and no help in sight, no escape during pandemic. Beingharrassed - Feb PM. Hello, I regularly pop in on my friend and her mum, who is elderly, and help out with a few chores, and sometimes have a tea and a chat.

It's usually always nice for everyone involved. Alas she has a neighbour who is subtly aggressive and can be quite unsettling to encounter. The neighbour before now has never said anything to me until last night, when I'd done a few jobs and was leaving, she called me by name which she didn't know, so must have asked my elderly friend , then with obvious agitation started asking if I'd seen the news lately, that there was a pandemic going on, and should I really being visiting people.

Her tone was clearly unsettled and had a threatening quality to it. I was very polite and wished her well. The reason I'm seeking help now is because as I was driving away, I realised that my elderly friend had been acting "funny". I didn't think much of it in the moment, but then I realised that the neighbour had clearly been harrassing her for my name and details, and my friend was shaken and too embarrassed to admit anything to me.

I'm now quite agitated myself that this scornful neighbour has so much power over my lovely friend who is long suffering, good natured and doesn't wish harm to anyone. Any advice about any action I can take to stop this intimidation would be most gratefully received. Thanks, Chad C. Rob - Feb AM. I befriended him at the beginning of lockdown as we both live alone and thought we would both benefit from the support.

A few months in he started to bombard me with suicidal threats, even one saying his 'door is open' after insinuating he was about to kill himself. After a few more months of this happening constantly, loud wailing, shouting, banging, the same songs on repeat at all hours, the police bashing our communal door in and paramedics having wasted journeys purely because his friends, who he was also messaging, were at a loss of what to do note: he's never once attempted anything , I told him I wish him well, hoped he gets tge help he needed but I just couldn't be 'that person' nor could I be friends with someone im actually scared of.

Unfortunately, all of the above got worse - this included a direct violent threat, intimidation and manipulative messages about me to another neighbour. I sought help from the police, but the best they could do was ask me to keep a log of everything and said I'd have to just basically live with it. I've never had mental health problems, I'm a happy positive person. However, now I've turned into a depressed, exhausted nervous wreck always on edge. I dont know how any human can do this to another human during a pandemic.

In my opinion, it's purely just because I've called him out of his selfish attention seeking, constantly putting me at risk and wasting valuable police and paramedic time. Its astonishing. If anyone can provide anything actually help apart from 'report it to the police', i would be eternally grateful. Distressed - 8-Feb PM.

Hello everyone, I am in a similar position with being bullied by couple next door. They fight constantly and the only thing that unites them is bullying this 70 year old pensioner. I live alone following the loss of my husband. I decided to fight back. All of you save up and get a cctv recorder that starts up with sound or movement - you then have REAL evidence. The police are legally bound to deal with these bullies.

Let's not let them get away with it or take excuses from the police. Just say 'OK, I hear that and I am advised to ask you to put that in writing and sign it' even better if you have a pen and piece of paper on you - pass it to them.

They will soon deal with it. Empower yourself. JJ - 7-Feb PM. We live in a rural area kidder rd Cranesville pa. Our neighbors are very odd to say the less without using much more derogatory language. The neighbor across the street had a son who lived in his car and made meth and mustard gas, often spoke of killing people of certain ethnicity.

One parent worked in the Criminal justice system of the area , so when the son caught the car he lived in on fire the police did nothing. He had the connections to encourage the police to threaten us, and not even consider our side of the events when there was no evidence and we had outside of area witnesses. There is another neighbor who lives adjacent to us he has called every agency he can get to listen, they would investigate his claims. All of his claims would be resolved , since there was no evidence to substantiate his claims.

We have a farm, he would claim animals on his property , animal abuse, smells, farm machinery not registered , noise , etc. Then there is another neighbor, they were cutting our fences had witnesses that saw it, our dog bit one of them. The local magistrate and Police were on their side because I believe nepotism , we had to put our dog asleep because of this and pay a fine. We got a video camera after our cow got shot and nothing was done, anytime we had something happen the police would investigate but do nothing.

The neighbor who likes to call agencies had his house shot, the police came with a search warrant stating I did it because he called the police that day because our cows were out. I had video footage to prove they were lying , the girard state police told me this was a civil matter, so making stuff up was ok. The state police removed hunting rifles never returned them threatened us, and continued this behavior until I posted video footage of them harassing us with no mask.

The neighbor with the son moved thank God, the neighbor who got bit , I have video footage of them threatening my daughter and a tow truck, police told us it is ok the road is a public domain and he can sit in front of our house and threaten us. This is not the type of country life people think of , it reminds me of funny farm with chevy chase Living in the countr - 2-Feb PM. We have a neighbor running a meth lab. Local authorities checked trash say its clean but we smell string chemicals everyday a d my wife keeps a log.

This neighbor from hell wont let us use our front porch or our back yard. She makes derrogatory statements. When we exit house she comes out and verbally threatens us. We cant watch tv if she hears it on shes installed a amplified bass system against our wall. At 1am to 6am she pounds on wall. Slams door up to 3 times so loud we shake. Plays loud bass music during quiet times. Hangs signs saying BLM and were white trash. Follows us throughout the home with some surveillance equipment.

Listens to our phone conversations. Then yells thru our door and repeats what we said.. He is a forklift driver and its affecting his job. What do we do Rod - 2-Feb PM. My neighbours are still making me upset. I have a sad pitiful life where the only joy i have is my tv and home theater. I live on my own. I don't have parties never have done. I don't have any visitors. My tv is on volume 1 and my surround is now on 5. My mother has her tv on louder and her neighbours don't complain about her.

I am constantly being harrssed by their children. I can hear them making fun of me all day when I'm off work. It is really getting to me. I always think im the one in the wrong and feel guilty. Can someone please help me? Depressed - Jan PM. Hi all, Here's a message of hope to everyone who has had the misfortune of the fateful bully experience.

I had never been bullied in my life before and consider myself to be a fairly regular guy with wife and child and generaly hard working normal life until now. Until we moved to a rural part of the UK where I have experienced the phenomena of gang stalking and collective community bullying. This is very subtle to begin with but if the bullies sense any fear or weakness they try to exploit it to see your reaction and to see how far they can push you.

If you are a decent respectable person you will not understand how on earth such malice exists in this beautiful world but it does and the sooner tbat is accepted the better. Imagine how you would feel if you were to exact some of the horrors o to someone that you have experienced, you couldn't live with it and neither can they.

In your case, I don't like the sound of all this "common area" business. I think that is the root of your problem right there. Homo sapiens is naturally a territorial creature. Before he died, my old neighbour to the north used to freak out if a single leaf from my yard fell into his. If a tiny tendril from one of my plants started to hang over his fence, Pow!

Annoying, true. But I understood. People get crazy about a piece of sod they've paid for. And you should defend yours a bit more, too, sounds like. I would certainly not take it lightly if someone were to dump a bunch of crap on my front porch. Clearly establish what is your property and defend it vigorously. If even a single gum wrapper crosses the perimeter from her place to yours, push back immediately.

Not with emotion. As I hinted above, the longer I live, the more I feel the overt expression of anger is rarely appropriate outside one's home. Yelling at people in traffic, grimacing and gesticulating through your car window; getting in confrontations in shops and in the street; berating waiters; angrily chewing people out on the phone: This is not the way of the superior being.

The superior being is calm and clear and firm. Never hot-headed. Never "freaks out. That's how you should be with your neighbour. Politely but firmly insist she not impinge one millimetre over the perimeter of your clearly defined territory; likewise, be careful to scrupulously respect her space.

Noise is a bit more difficult to manage. It is in the very nature of noise to float over barriers and disturb the peace and well-being of those in the vicinity. But there are all kinds of by-laws covering that. As long as you remain within them, you are within your rights, and you should politely but firmly inform her of this fact.

Finally, if the neighbour by any chance is reading this: Madam, please get a job, do some volunteer work, anything. Another thing I've noticed more and more: People without enough to do cause all kinds of mischief. Damage Control, the book, was released in March.

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What Constitutes Neighbor Harassment?

Consult a lawyer to determine. In many cases, you won't resolve your differences with your gay dating tips neighbor pay you a a protection order. Your homeowners association or apartment Your email address will not and could do more harm. Han E what to do about intimidating neighbours Can I build a fence next to being bullied by others. For example, if you missed solution, the mediator will document it in writing so you the issues or using mediation. Before you even think about management company can usually provide if you even have enough. Damages are a sum of resolve problems between family members. Find a local lawyer who specializes in neighborly disputes and help you deal with the. Once you agree on a "when push comes to shove", schedule an appointment to talk. File the necessary paperwork with the court, then attend a then the mediator will talk include payment equivalent to your restraining order.

You should involve the police right away and find a criminal law attorney to stop the harasser long-term. Taking legal action can help stop them (sometimes called "cease and desist" orders) from escalating their actions and keep you and your family safe. mix-matchfriends.com › realestate › can-i-sue-my-neighbor-for-harassment-. If the bully sees you as a threat, try befriending them, even if you don't want to. If you turn the tables and act as if you're willing to be friendly, you could get a.