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My Interests: Love spending time together as a family and doing things together. I like 4wd driving picnics fishing camping. Watching sports rallying and pretty much anything as long as it's not voilence and harming me or my child I'm pretty open to activities if I can manage to do them I will try anything once if my body allows me too.

My child us my life and never asked to come into this world so always number one NEVER ask me to remove her from my life. What I am looking for: Slow and steady wins the race, so getting to know each other through dates or just hanging out seems like a pretty good place to start. I'm looking for my best friend in life and love - someone who will stand by me through thick and thin, as I will stand by them.

I'm looking for someone who has moved beyond superficial ideas about sex and looks, and can love me for my flaws as much as my strengths. I want to respect you so much that I value your input in all things, while knowing you have the strength to see me go my own way. About me: I'm a library assistant, but don't you go thinking that makes me conservative!

I'm a switched on, liberal woman, open and curious about the world. A free spirit and a survivor, I've come through some rough times - possibly because of my habit of making my own mind up about things. I am willing to approach people and situations in a non-judgemental way, but have also learned to be conscious of where I spend my energy.

My Interests: My curiosity extends to food, so I love going out to dinner and having something unfamiliar or decadent. I also have two beautiful cats judge me, I dare you , and just generally enjoy all critters of all kinds. I'm mostly an indoor animal, but do like to get out occasionally and get leaves in my hair or sand between my toes Waterholes, camping, fishing etc - definitely would like more of that in my life.

What I am looking for: Someone caring, honest, loyal and who doesnt judge a book by its cover. Also someone who likes to be shown alot of love and give love in return. Someone whos not fake and only says what they mean. Someone who would like a lifetime partner to share their life with and support each other through lifes challanges. About me: Larger woman with blue eyes and long hair. Very caring, loving loyal and honest, looking for a long term relationship with someone whos open minded and is willing to see whats on the inside without judging whats on the outside.

Love to treat my men like a king and show them that true love still exists. Love a good conversation and a good laugh. My Interests: Family time, gaming, fishing. Good movie and cuddles and music. I like watching sports and reading a good book. Love comedy movies but dont mind any type of movie. Love tattoos and enjoy going to see live bands or concerts.

Love animals and would like to oneday travel. Also love to help people. What I am looking for: I would love to meet someone who is positive, intelligent and practical. Someone who loves me for me and is confident and happy with who they are. Someone who is not depressed or needs to medicate their mind on a daily basis.

Someone who wanted to build a life long successful relationship, enjoys teamwork and a good laugh. About me: Love to keep active, healthy and learn new things. Love to share laughs and experiences with my 7 year old son, friends and family. I am not mainstream and do not watch TV. I love footy, cricket and other sports - watching and playing often poorly. I enjoy creating things and solving problems.

I am not a stereo-typical woman but I like a lot of old school values - such as wholesome family morales. Getting into gardening and enjoy getting out in the sun and outdoor adventures. I am not into drama or emotional baggage. I like things that are not main-stream.

My Interests: I love listening to all different types of music and eating food from most countries. I am creative, so I like building, design and making things with my hands. I enjoy having a go at many sports, my favourite being touch footy. I enjoy gardening and being surrounded by greeny. I like to learn new things - both theorectical and practical. I enjoy catching up with family and friends.

What I am looking for: I'm looking for a friend in my partner, someone I can trust with my life, I want to share my secrets and know they are shared in confidence, I would like a caring and honest man, who shows me the same respect as I do him.

I would like a country bloke a man who doesn't mind enjoying some of my interests,. About me: Im an honest and caring private country girl I love to take a picnic to get out and see this beautiful country we are blessed to enjoy, I am a mother of 3 teenage daughters, they are loads of fun I enjoy riding my push bike and my horse banjo aswell, a big animal lover we have 2 dogs cats, horses, goats and free range chooks.

I enjoy gardening making myself self sustainable, its very rewarding to have grown something to share on the table I love cooking and trying new healthy hearty recipes, eating is the best part I grew up on a farm so are only naturally attracted to a country man or similar interests would be awesome.

I work as a carer a support worker in disabilities and aged care environment, I totally love helping vulnerable people and share the care where I can, it is very rewarding to me Enjoy to go camping some place along side a river or creek taking in the peace and quiet of nature My Interests: I enjoy all types of food and cooking a variety of meals dining out is something I enjoy but a home cooked meal you cant beat, I love bike riding, horse riding, bush walking, taking picnics, anything to do with the outdoors, I love to camp and try my hand at fishing, just being with the special someone to enjoy my interests would be awesome.

What I am looking for: Omg another 50 words. We dont live in an ideal world so how can we describe our ideal partner. I would ask that my partner be a blokey type of guy, dte, great sense of humour, respectful, dont mind tatts within reason and dont mind if he is into motorbikes. One must have is he take reasonable pride of his appearance and personal hygiene. Must be an animal lover. Not much really lol. About me: Retired but not retired from life.

Funloving active and younger than my number says. Quickwitted with somewhat dry humour. Love intelligent conversations on many topics. One-man girl. No BS! Omg hard to make up the 50 words lol. How can i possibly ramble on about myself i ask!!! Anything else lol! My Interests: Love seafood and love trying different cuisines. Am a music lover of most genre. Enjoy live concerts. Love markets, sightseeing, old towns. Been around motorbikes in the past.

Pet lover. Walking my pooch frequently. Puzzles such as crosswords, sudoku, am i there yet lol. This is so ridiculous yes. What I am looking for: My ideal partner would have similar values to mine. Someone who is hard working, honest, easy going, loyal, caring, kind and someone who has a good heart. I Wouldn't mind someone who socially drinks but would like someone who is not a big drinker. Someone who is family orientated, affectionate and just an all round great person.

About me: I am a caring, kind, independent, easy going, patient, honest and loyal person. I have great values and am hard working and always put family first. Looking for someone who has the same life values and morals to spend time with and get to know. I do have a son who is my world. Love spending quality time with my son and quality time with good friends. What I am looking for: Oh my god, you want 50 words again for this. Where does one even begin. A man with a pulse would be good.

I like big guys, mixed race and black guys. Sense of humour is a must and okay with me having kids to other guys maybe want kids of his own to. About me: I love cooking, baking, driving and watching Netflix movies etc. Used to work, used to travel, now just enjoying mum life and hoping to have more. Honestly I have no idea what else to write, and 50 words is a lot to come up with on the fly… Sheesh help me fill in the gaps. I love music, movies, food probably a little too much fast cars big guys.

What I am looking for: I would like to meet someone who is easy going with liberal minded views. Someone who is open and honest and loyal and emotionally mature and independent and intelligent who knows the real meaning of unconditional love and commitment, Someone with no hang ups or mental health issues who doesn't abuse alcohol or use any highly addictive hard drugs.

I would like to someone who not only sees me as their lover but totally respects me like their best mate who is just as independent and capable as they are. I would like to meet someone who is hard working but also knows how to have some fun.

I'm looking to someone who is willing to go on wonderful exciting adventures together. About me: I'm an easy going very laid back fun loving gal who grew up on the land. So I'm very independent, capable, resourceful and intelligent woman who also knows the true value and meaning of 'unconditional love'.

I've got three adult aged kids who have all left home. So I like to spend my time keeping myself busy, being creative in my hobbies and interest, but also like to relax and unwind with my music or watching good documentaries and movies. You would find me to be an adventurous spirit who loves exploring new places and meeting down to earth honest people who have no hang ups or insecurities. You would find me to be very passionate and loving lady.

My Interests: My interests are music, playing guitar and singing, photography, woodwork and metal fabrication and welding, basic motor mechanics, 4 wheel driving, geology, gold and gemstone prospecting, bushwalking, boating, fishing, swimming, scuba diving. I'm not a fan of horror films or dramas or soap operas. What I am looking for: My ideal partner would be a man who is upfront and honest about himself and is open minded and intelligent. I would like a partner who loves and appreciates life and demonstrates this by seizing opportunities and staying physically active.

My ideal man would enjoy the beach, camping and travel. About me: I am a numeracy teacher in a Correctional Centre and a driving instructor. I am the mother of three fabulous children , one still at home. I have been single for six years and am now ready to meet someone new I think.

My friends describe me as brave, capable and independent. I also love live music and stimulating conversation. I play piano when I'm in the mood and I regularly practice yoga. I am an animal lover with two dogs and three horses at home. What I am looking for: I want someone is similiar to me, loving caring and romantic Has respect and enjoys having alot of fun. I want someone who is there for me and enjoys my company. I also like a down to earth person not someone stuck up. Wants the good things in life and is not boring.

About me: I am a loving and honest person enjoy listening to music and I am a very family orientated do anything for anyone. I work in retail enjoy what I do. I would love to travel when I can and socialize when I can. I enjoy walking on the beach very relaxing. My Interests: I enjoy music any sort except heavy metal, I enjoy cooking, dancing entertaining going for walks My passion is dancing enjoy it immensely I enjoy been with family and friends which I enjoy there company.

I love the good things in life. Like watching netflix on my spare time and have time out for me. What I am looking for: My ideal partner would be a guy i can trust and is loving and caring and just wants to hang out and have fun and be my adult company I don't have want some that is just hear for me if I need them to be and I'll be here for them in return.

About me: Hi im a single mum of 4 kids looking to meet some one to spend some time with and possible relation ship if find the right guy. My Interests: I like going fishing and camping watching movies and listening to music I want to meet some one I can trust and can just hang out and have a good time i can be a bit quiet at first untill I get to no the person just wana find some adult company I guess.

What I am looking for: My ideal partner will be taller than me I'm 5'6. I prefer a man with dark hair, brown is nice. I would like a man who has his own money, as I am a struggling musician and writer. I like man who dresses neatly and wears a watch. Someone who shares a kind word and cultivates satisfaction. About me: Hi. I love adventure and comfort in balance. My favourite things to do are to have music, massage and aromatherapy. I like to collect crystals. New age music is my favourite. I love to eat deserts a lot which makes me rather easy to please.

Some who has similar interests to me, such as healing, and nature, music and books would be ideal. I enjoy hyrotherapy and it would be nice to have someone to have an intimate spa with. What I am looking for: I looking for a caring, compassionate person to share my life with. My ideal partner would love to go walking, travelling, and enjoy spending time together. I want to be with someone who can have fun and also be dependable and likes to snuggle on the lounge. Some who is able to look to the future.

Liking camping is a bonus. About me: Its about what is on the inside for me. I am an outgoing, loyal, compassionate, adventurous, loving person looking to share my life with the right one. I loved reading Harry Potter and am a big fan. I enjoy walking and would love to have a companion to travel with. My Interests: I enjoy being outdoors and love to go for a walk.

I am a bit of a dare devil so love to try new things. I play in a bowling league and also represent Qld at the Nationals. I enjoy camping and would love to find someone to travel with. I enjoy being with people and love to hang out with friends. What I am looking for: my ideal partner would be honest loveing loyal woman who is a one man woman who is interested in some of the things that i am interested in and find things that interest both of us to do together except have more children gee i think that is all i can think of at the moment lol.

I do smoke , i have tried to give up for years but don't seem to be able to give it up lol. My Interests: I love to visit my children and grandchildren I try to fly to adelaide at least once a year to see them I like going to the. What I am looking for: My ideal partner is a woman who seeks a strong man in her life who is able to provide for her, teach her, motivate and mentor her to find her inner self through self expression and strong desires for fulfilment.

A woman who understands the need for male guidance through patience and love and an equally strong desire to live a good life. About me: I am a semi retired professional man who lives in East Melbourne. I am seeking a woman who needs a strong influence in her life and who understands and wants to achieve her own self expression in all things and acknowledges the need for male guidance at every level.

Someone who loves to travel overseas or within Australia and is not anchored by young children or an fulfilling career. Someone who has imagination and desires the fruits that an uncomplicated life can provide. My Interests: I have many interests across the board without any real preferences of music, theatre or hobbies.

I keep my self active on a daily basis and my mind open to new things and activities without any negativity. Life is to be enjoyed and to succeed with that desire requires an open mind and the ability to put into practise anything that stimulates.

Not really looking for serious relationship and also isn't assuming that there's going to be any alcohol and drug usage when we meet, that's not the main reason why we are meeting anyway. A lady who is looking for a guy, to have a casual fun with, nothing serious and nothing permanent.

About me: There's a lots of that I've done till now, so it's hard to say which one was my favourite, but probably what I'm doing now, preparing my resin masterpieces, would be it. Came from Europe, have been in Australia for last 30 years so am proud to say this is my home. My main interests are discovering what does tomorrow has to bring and see how will my resin answer back : Also am interested in having fun and being happy, but doesn't have to include alcohol and drugs every time to get to there, if you get my point What I am looking for: Oh no here we go again.

Im looking for someone i guess that i have a connection with, both physically mentally as well as emotionally, but all that does take time obviously , and getting to know someone, that first few days, weeks ,months is normally fun and exciting, well from what i can remember it is, I was in a 20 year relationship so off the dating scene for a while.

About me: Hmmmmm about me hey. Well for starters, i guess I am the same as most people and absolutely hate having to tell people about myself, I would be much more interested as what the other person had to say.

My last relationship was over twenty years so its been quite sometime for dating for me, and boy have things changed. I live on the Sunshine Coast and work as a mail contractor as well as running my photography business and looking after my website. Im very easy going, not much phases me, im a lover more than a fighter and i love a good laugh, you know them ones where you start to snort or nothing comes at all.

I dont dislike much, i love heaps of outdoor activities as well as sitting in and watching a movie with a bottle of red and so im pretty versatile you could say, i think thats enough for now. My Interests: Well i have lots of interests , my main interest being photography.

I shoot landscapes, seascapes, artsy fartsy sort of stuff and have been doing that for 20 years. I have a website where i sell a bit of my work from and have a blog etc. I also do portraits but im not a big fan. I do like my Rugby League but i wouldnt say i was a mad crazy NRL fan, but i do like to watch a good game both live and on the tv.

I love dogs, I love dogs so much, sometimes i think we dont deserve them, i have a Jack Russell and love him to bits. Anyway i think thats enough interests , because if i keep on blabbing on im not going to sound very interesting :. About me: Single fun friendly easy going love camping boating family and friends speedway my ski boat the river and the lake going out for dinner movies football game drinks with friends and family just a cozy night in kissing enjoying your partners company having a lazy Sunday morning sleep in cooking a nice quiet dinner.

My Interests: Meeting new people camping in the swag bbqs having fun naked swimming in a ssecluded area lol keeping a nice clean home long drives footy going for a nice drive walking along the river or lake Sunday breakfast out or in watching a good movie love to meet a pretty mature woman to go out with.

What I am looking for: I am looking for someone who is honest, open and loving, well spoken and educated, who hopefully would like to travel and share in my planned adventures. I don't mind if she is shy, but hopefully will open up and become a true friend and partner at some time. Hopefully one day she might like to try and crew for me on my two handed sailing dinghy in a world championship regatta. Joined the navy at age 15 and served over 20 years, travelling several times to Japan and the Far East.

Married a Japanese girl early in my naval career. After leaving the service, I became a technical teacher, teaching electrical and electronics to navy technicians. Now retired and recently widowed. My Interests: I love Japanese food, listening to 50's 60's rock and roll and country music.

During my time in the navy, the sea has gotten into my blood, and I love to take long ocean cruises. I am very much into racing a small sailing dinghy at my sailing club every Saturday during the summer months. I am also into fiddling with electronics and upgrading my computer, as time and money permits.. What I am looking for: I am looking for a happy lady that has little or no baggage, happy in her own skin, she would need to be a caring person who loves animals, and have good communication, one who enjoys being spoilt and can show affection and enjoys a glass or two of wine and is independent.

About me: Hi , I have a great sense of humor, I like to dress for the occasion, love fishing, camping, the great out doors, I enjoy short trips away, love cooking,dancing and DIY projects, I am a very caring person warm and honest, I like finding out of the way coffee shops, I am a happy person looking for the same,.

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