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Dating bay area

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Tell me about food and everything else. What's included? The logistics of us providing food as well as food prep issues with Covid are just not feasible or safe. Due to varied dietary needs, and food contact issues, it's better if bring what you like and prep it. There will be grills available. BUT there are also local options. No need to cook too much if you don't want to.

Firewood: We will provide a bundle of firewood to start. If you want a super roaring fire you can pickup some extra at the small store. We will provide a carpool resource. BUT it's still Covid. So be very aware of this. How do I pay? Rafting will be additional. We have a discounted group rate. You reserve with the rafting company. Only have to pay for the rafting when arrive. Includes ALL needed gear. Is it less for two nights? We have the sites the whole time. You may come late or leave early.

If gives you flexibility. Now I would like to share it with friends and likeminded people. This is an unique all-inclusive land tour which takes you to the most exotic locations of India like Taj Mahal, Delhi, Jaipur and This is not your usual touristy stuff though!

As rightly said by T. If you want to change the visible, you have to change the invisible. Delhi, Taj Mahal, Jaipur. If you don't have a travel buddy, we offer share match. The Orient Express The romance, the mystery, the adventure! Of course with the opulence too! This trip brings back the romance and adventure of train travel, along with the mystery of new cities and countries. Brought back in a special way; adding value and removing inflated expense of excessive opulence by replacing it with service and contemporary refinement.

The journey will mirror elements of the original Orient Express route from Paris to Istanbul. The trip starts in Paris and has a full two days there. Included: guided tours in each city, at least one meal a day, museum entrances, wine tasting and much more! In addition, many other options and extras are included. We travel as a group, and also have the flexibility of hop-on, hop-off tours and museum passes with "skip the line" so you enjoy a complete independence.

You are free to do your own thing, cater to your special interests, visit other sights and locations in the cities, while still being guided and helped with all the arrangements. You can do it independently, or you can join new friends traveling with you, and do it together. The idea is come alone, meet new like-minded people and make lifelong memories The Orient Express was long-distance passenger train service that began in with the original endpoints being Paris to Istanbul. In Istanbul the Pera Palace Hotel, built in as the accommodations at the terminus.

The original name became synonymous with intrigue and was a showcase of luxury with comfort at a time when traveling was still rough and dangerous. The route changed many times and was eventually shortened to Bucharest, and later to Budapest as the endpoint.

And again shortened to either Venice or Vienna. With the train cars being updated all along they way too. So the real Orient Express is but a memory. With this trip, we visit more cities, with guided tours included in each, a meal a day, as well as all transfers and hotels with concierge quality service.

Give in to the lure of the rails with adventure, tempered with value resulting in memories of a lifetime. EVERY aspect of this trip is epic. Visit picturesque and storied cities. Enjoy four night trains and experience the enchantment of the rails.

We are even staying in the original destination of Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul with it's grandeur and opulence. Fully refundable to 90 days before the event. Limited capacity of 24 total. This trip will fill up extremely quickly. Live the adventure instead of only dreaming it!!!

Covid: Originally this adventure was May We moved to Sep with the info that Vaccine being widely deployed and available for general public. We are now taking deposits on Sept departure. NOW is the time to firm up your attendance and take care of deposit. Got general or specific questions on the trip? Send me a message. She takes care of all the deposits as well as flights, hotels and etcetera. Let's make a plan to get out of town and Meetup!! It has all the best elements.

We will be visiting at the top of summer - a time called "White Nights" The sun never really sets. It's amazing!!! This brings in the romance train travel of a bygone era. We start in St Petersburg. A city dripping with history. First of all. And there is the rest of the amazing city too rsvp or message us to find out city options After our time in St Petersburg we travel by night train to Moscow.

In Moscow we will have two full days to soak in the city with guided tours. If you don't know much about Warsaw. Mock Dates. Events Cultivating Courage Intro. Cultivating Courage Group. Client Log In. Take Action. Dating isn't easy. Understatement of the year, right? Apply for a free consultation now.

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