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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Come and join us on our winter sun holiday to the beautiful Canary Island of Lanzarote. Why go? Walk the sandy beaches of Los Picollos Modern resort with plenty of bars and restaurants Witness a landscape like nothing on earth!

Winter sunshine Staying in the modern resort of Puerto del Carmen, our 4-star hotel is within walking distance of restaurants, shops, nightlife and bars aplenty - perfect spots to enjoy the evenings as we linger on the palm-lined promenades. A great combination Carefully balancing tourism with tradition, Lanzarote has retained much of its original character, peppered with charming white-washed houses nestled in pretty villages adorned with bougainvillea.

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Or, call our friendly team on Invalid Input. Invalid phone number. Privacy Policy here. Enquire Now. Want exclusive deals on singles holidays? Please enter your title. Please enter your forename. Left photograph cart-ruts are marked by us in red color.

There are extensive studies of many of the Malta cart-rut sites which are nowadays identified and some of them are studied in deep Trump , ; Bonnici They have been constructed by man and not by Nature because of their intentional skewing and steps and also their sometimes strict parallelism, convergence or curve perfection in many cases Trump They started to be built at Malta around Bronze Age or before at Temples Age Trump , ; Bonnici and they may have been continued to be built in later periods Trump , ; Bonnici At present, scholars only think practical and present day terms of usefulness.

It is widely accepted that both Malta megalithic temples and cart-ruts belong to Megalithic Culture Trump , ; Bonnici ; Bonanno and that some of them may have been built in more recent times. Bonnici which has widely studied cart-ruts in Mediterranean area and different authors explain their discoveries and views.

However this multi-author study Bonnici is missing cart-ruts extant in the Atlantic Ocean, i. In the present paper, we aim: 1 To show cart-ruts discovered in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote Canary Islands, Spain ; 2 To offer a Malta cart-ruts independent ancient dating by comparing them with Maltese dated prehistoric pottery decoration which could represent cart-ruts, and 3 To compare this cultural trait cart-ruts of prehistoric Maltese and Canary Islands together with other prehistoric Canarians traits.

On the other hand, volcanic rock-carved strips and hollows from Lanzarote Fig. Lanzarote Is. Interest is on a prehistoric monument at Lanzarote marked inside a red square : Fuerteventura Island is placed below Lanzarote. These are volcanic islands million years old. It is possible that if "Quesera" is ancient enough, an observer from this point might have seen Sun rising at Tahiche mountain slope or vertex in Antiquity because Ecliptic obliquity is diminishing about 0.

Middle: Sun rises at middle sea horizon, both at Autumn and Spring Equinoxes green line. Right: Sun rises at right sea horizon at Winter Solstice grey line. At least three different measurements were taken for each value. Also, a Sony Camera Cybershot Its software was calibrated each time after one single use and several measures were taken in three different times; also reverse direction measurements were taken for assessing data.

Lanzarote Study Marcial Medina was born in Lanzarote. He is a sailor and had knowledge of astronomic measurements. We have examined three of them. First one was placed at San Gwan City center Fig. In fact, removing bushes and grasses it was possible to distinguish 6 rock carved channels and 6 strips Fig. Second site was placed at Ta Cenc area on the southern part of Gozo Is. This structure that was more isolated than the first one studied at San Gwan City center Fig.

A third cart-rut site was studied at San Pawl tat-Targa because it also had a convergent stem of cart-ruts that had been cut because a modern road has been built from Salina town to Naxxar town , see aerial photograph of part of the complex in Fig. This site showed a big water ancient cistern entrance and a channel that cuts a cart-rut for facilitating water flow into the cistern; it was done for diverting water directly into big cistern Fig.

This may indicate a function for some of the cart-ruts, consisting of picking up water. This has already been suggested and discarded by most authors Trump , ; Bonnici because these cistern structures have not been found in most cart-ruts places. Notwithstanding, they might be found if looking for them. In fact this cistern is very similar to that found close to Temples of Mnajdra and Hagar Qim 3,,, years BC , see images in Arnaiz-Villena et al.

It is a hill slope. Yellow dot: place where an apparent site to collect water in a big cistern is found cut into rock. Probably it was a prehistoric water tank, like others already found and related to Malta temples of Mnajdra and Haggar Qim. Ceramics No representation of these Malta cart-ruts has been described either by a wide group of international archaeologists in a European Project Bonnici or other cart-ruts researchers Abela ; Trump , , ; Bonanno However, a detailed look of extant and dated ceramics shows that some pottery could have cart-ruts drawings.

At Gozo museum Victoria, Gozo Island, Malta , pottery may be observed that could bear cart-ruts representations. Putative cart-ruts are underlined in red by us in Fig. A Pear- shaped jar is also shown in the same Gozo museum Fig. It was found at Xaghra City Gozo Is. Assigned data is about 4,, years BC Fig. Ggantija North Cave. Gozo Is. Victoria Museum. Left: Plain photograph. Right: Photograph with decoration marked in red by us Fig. Right: Photograph with decoration marked in red by us.

In addition, ceramics shown at main Malta Is. Archaeological Museum at La Valletta has also been examined. Many fragments may represent cart-ruts; however we have only shown some of them in Figs 10, 11 and La Valletta Museum Fig. From Skorba Temple 4, BC. A wide survey throughout the last twenty years has been carried out in Lanzarote by Medina and components of free-lance Lanzarote archaeologists detailed in authorship and in acknowledgements sections.

One of the cart-ruts complexes has been observed and described in Tenezera or Tenesera Mountain. Cart-ruts are placed and depicted in Figs. Mountains: AMt. They are all recorded on hills which are volcano slopes or tops on the eastern part of the island except in the case of Tenezara which is placed on West. These volcano-mountains sites have not been covered by historic Lanzarote eruptions AD, AD. C in Fig.

These prehistoric Iberian graffiti need an explanation; origins of Iberian script may have been shared between northern Mediterranean and North Africa, both Atlantic and Mediterranean. Arnaiz-Villena et al. Fuerteventura has not been thoroughly searched for cart-ruts, in contrast to Lanzarote Is. However, in Puerto Lajas Beach, close to the capital Puerto del Rosario, structures which may be identified by cart-ruts were also observed Fig.

However, a geological study must discard that this structure has not been made by sea waters. These structures are covered by water when tide is high. Cart-ruts in Malta and Gozo Islands are described that either come into the sea water or are abruptly cut on high cliffs. Ceramics A wide survey of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote ceramics has not been done. Pottering has been shown in Prehistory to be a image of society important facts as shown in Greek pottery and Iberian one Arribas, However, pottery studies have usually been underestimated by scholars, because they tried to think in modern terms of pottering adorns being only made for making the particular piece nicer and easier to be sold.

When only exchange and no money economical practices existed, religious, ritual or useful decorative motifs seem to have been favored. Thus, overlooking lines on vessels found in Malta Archipielago where presence of cart-ruts is overwhelming seems to be a mistake. This is the reason because we decided to take into account all available pottery with lines decoration which could represent cart-ruts in Malta.

This pottery is dated on the fourth and fifth millennium BC 3,, years BC , which would be concordant with Trump studies concluding that Malta cart-ruts belong to Bronze Age at least or even at Temple Period Trump , , ; Bonanno This would not mean that all described cart-ruts over Mediterranean and Atlantic areas Bonnici were built at the same time, only that some of the many Malta ones were built by this time period.

Ceramics cart-rut painting would also mean that were important for the Prehistoric society on every day usefulness, religious or ritual bases Arribas In addition, the fact that Lanzarote Is. Paul tat-Targa, Malta Fig. Use of ancient Malta cart-ruts is much debated but picking up water, associated to cisterns, should not be overlooked.

Dating may be variable but the fact that some cart-ruts on Malta Island go into the water and others are abruptly finished in Gozo cliffs has suggested that some of them were built when sea water was at a different level than present day one at Last Glacial Maximun about 20, thousand years ago, it was about meters lower.

Trump , and concludes that they may have been constructed at Bronze Age based on different archaeological and historic parameter which he was studying during 30 years in Malta. Conclusions of Conjoint European Union project specific for cart-ruts, only reflects the lack of a broad view of some specialists Bonnici Thus, the outcome of such a big cart-ruts problem solution in such a big study Bonnichi is poor and it almost limits to report previous authors conclusions.

In our opinion, ancient Bronze Age cart-ruts may represent measurements of space and time studied by Archaeoastronomy Arnaiz-Villena et al. This was very important for religious and everyday life of Prehistoric Man, as shown in Eurafrica Atlantic coast and different American cultures. The possibility that different cart-ruts in different sites may have been built up in different times and for different purposes is highly possible. However, the finding of Malta Archipielago cart-ruts ceramics which are dated at Bronze Age or earlier would be the first independent objective evidence that Bronze Age cart-ruts existed in Malta.

Cart-ruts in Lanzarote Is. Lanzarote Island has been thoroughly inspected by Medina and his group of freelance archaeologists during more than 20 years. Nowadays several extant cart-ruts have been found by them. Exact placement and photographs are shown in Figs. None of them seems to have been done by Nature but a detailed geological study is deserved, i. Also, they are made on mountains volcanoes tops or slopes. All mountains and cart-ruts are facing East, i.

If this cart-ruts have something to do with star observation they are placed in the proper sites, including Mt. Tenezara which is in the West part of the Island but has a wide eastwards view since a preceding big plain permits also a clear eastwards observation.

This would be a year or seasonal Sun calendar important for agriculture and other daily religious or ritual life events of Prehistoric Canarians. Other simple instruments i. Astronomical measurements could be related to some cart-ruts. Tenezara places Fig. Prehistoric Canary Islanders knew how to establish solstices and equinoxes, both in Lanzarote and Gran Canaria Islands at least. Also, while searching for other archeological artifacts, Medina observed the cart-ruts structure depicted in Fig.

This structure is seen only when tide is low. It means that if it could be constructed by rock carving men and the time of building would have been when Atlantic Sea waters had a lower level; however, a geological study should be done to discard that these ruts have not been done by Ocean waters. The same phenomenon has been found in Malta in some cart- ruts which finish under Mediterranean sea waters as pointed out above Trump , , Cart-ruts as space and time markers.

Culture Present paper describes for the first time independent measurement for dating cart-ruts in dated Malta ceramics show at both Victoria Gozo and La Valletta Malta Archaelogy Museums.

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