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Veteran parents know a good spot at the park means more exposure for their kids, so they arrive early to compete with each other. Most of the profiles, however, seem to be for females in their 30s who "missed their chance" finding a husband. But in a matter of minutes I felt like I was being cross-examined by the police. How many people do you live with? She frowned, then asked what they did before they retired. I was a little annoyed by her suggestion that my grandparents could be a burden, but still answered politely.

She pushed on, trying to calculate my net worth based on current housing prices. Questions like this, however, made me uneasy and feeling like a human bank account just for her. Otherwise I wouldn't have asked you so many questions. I'll report back to my son," she said joyfully, before launching into another round of even more specific and personal questions. Is it measured barefoot? She is not the only young Chinese who has turned to financial investment forums to look for love.

In fact, comments like hers on platforms such as Alipay's funds discussion forum are common and take many forms. Some Chinese post the financial sectors they are most interested in to attract like-minded potential love interests, some show off their gains to capture people's attention and some others act as free financial consultants. There are no registration fees and it screens out those who are under-educated, do not know how to use a cell phone, have no income, or lack a sense of financial management.

The people there share similar interests and meet the basic qualities that I'm looking for in a partner," said one netizen. The decision of young Chinese to merge financial investments and their love life together has become a trending topic on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo, stirring up various discussions among netizens.

While some netizens have commented that they intend to try this new trend out, some who were already taking part expressed some embarrassment over having their "secret" exposed to the public. Sad," wrote one. Some netizens praised these young people's good sense of financial management, "I'm impressed by their FQ [Financial Quotient]" or expressed surprise at their ability to turn investment yields into an advantage that can increase their competitiveness in the dating field.

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Dating corner. likes. pick up dates for the weekend and have fun only girls and guys who are really intrested and looking for partner should join it. Buy The Hug Corner - Vidéo Chat & Online Dating: Read Apps & Games Reviews - CULTURE & LEISURE. Online investment forum becomes popular dating corner among young Chinese. By Global Times Published: Feb 22, PM.