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Due to her parents financial situation she spent her life moving and receiving her education in different districts such as Clovis, Sanger, Central, and Fresno. As a result, she experienced not every family or child had a sense of direction on how they could expand beyond community lines. Because there were educators who sincerely advocated for those families and children, she was able to see herself breaking through those lines. She oversees the grant funds and compliance of 14 after school programs.

She has worked in the after school program field for 10 years. She started as a tutor, advanced into a program coordinator and now serving as a project specialist. She is devoted to creating and providing resources that will allow every child and young adult access to new learning opportunities. Tania Pacheco-Werner, Ph. She is a medical sociologist by training and received her Ph. Her areas of research include policy analysis, neighborhood health, maternal and child health, and methodology.

Pacheco-Werner is also currently conducting a longitudinal study on the role of stress and resilience among Latina pregnant women. She lives with her husband and son in Sanger, California. Dezie Woods-Jones, Ph. Dezie is married to the Reverend Carl L. Jones, an ordained minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

She has one adult son, Robert Jones, Jr. Carole Goldsmith, Ed. Carole Goldsmith has been recognized on state and national levels as an expert on workforce development, contextualized learning, and career technical education. She has spent over 20 years in a variety of educational leadership roles, most recently as President of Fresno City College. Goldsmith has extensive expertise in building collaboration among faculty and industry, workforce investment boards and postsecondary educational agencies in order to identify and provide opportunities for students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge for future employment in high demand fields.

Goldsmith is a talented grant writer and educator. She has been called an evangelist for education whose efforts has led to a better life for thousands of students and families in the San Joaquin Valley. She was also recently named Woman of the Year by the City of Fresno.

Goldsmith is the first in her family to graduate from a university. Amanda Reeve, M. As she finished her training, she wanted to start a family and decided to come closer to home. She began working at Kaiser Permanente in and has been here ever since. Reeve says that Kaiser Permanente has given her the ability to care for a broad range of patients, but also to branch out to do more than just office work.

In these roles, she has been able to implement local programs to advance the health care opportunities of women at Kaiser Permanente in Fresno and also in the community. Reeve is also the lead gynecological surgeon at KP Fresno and has been working to improve and advance minimally invasive surgery. The facility has been performing one hundred percent of our hysterectomies using minimally surgery for several years.

This is truly something that has made huge impact on care. The ability to perform minimally invasive procedures allows women to have less pain and shorter recovery times if they should need surgery. She believes that an educated, invested and involved patient allows her to better care for them, but also to better care for themselves.

They all share a passion for jazz music. Sabrina Kelley, M. A longtime Fresno resident, Sabrina has spent the last 8 years of her career in community development and social impact sectors in Fresno County focusing on elevating public health and community development issues in poor, disenfranchised neighborhoods. Kelley is an advocate for quality affordable housing, walkable neighborhoods, and access to green space and play areas. Nicole Hill, M.

From there, she went to UC Irvine for medical school, and stayed there for her General Surgery residency. At UC Irvine, she developed an interest in cancer care, and completed a clinical and research fellowship at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. She is excited to be a part of the exceptional surgery and cancer care teams at Kaiser Permanente Fresno. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, traveling, reading, and most of all, spending time with her husband and two children.

Sanchez joined Merrill Lynch in There are also sales offices spread throughout the country. In total, Ruiz Foods employs over 3, Team Members. Martha plays an important role in ensuring that standards of care are applied equally across all company locations.

Martha received her Human Resources training from the University of Phoenix. She and her husband Rick have been married for 31 years and they have two sons, Steven and Shawn. Ramona has been married to Joseph Manuel Prieto for 22 years. Her greatest professional achievement, by far, is her education. An education is the foundation for becoming aware of how little we know, and to rely on that one fact to stay curious and excited about learning.

Her greatest hopes are to instill her passion for family, education, and entrepreneurship to her kids and everyone she comes across. Together, with her husband Brent Wilson, the two have operated the Fresno franchises for nearly ten years. Dutch Bros prides themselves on community and giving back and their outstanding commitment has enabled their success. She was the first in her family to attend college. After college, she worked for Northrop Grumman, for an environmental satellite system program.

As she was yearning for more, Brent was pursuing a future franchise opportunity with Dutch Bros. Genesis left to help pursue the business with Brent and has never looked back. There were many obstacles to overcome to get the business to the success it is today, but the duo was able to see each others strengths and apply those in order to make their business what it is today.

She is also a member of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce. It is important to both Genesis and Brent that their company be a force for good in the community. More important than their monetary donations, they work very hard to teach philanthropy to their employees by regularly involving them in the giving process.

Since they are not Fresno natives, Genesis and her husband have worked to immerse themselves into the community they now love and call home. They currently reside in Clovis with their two children Trent and Layla. In , they moved their corporate offices to a renovated warehouse in downtown Fresno and are excited to keep expanding within the city and surrounding areas.

Financial Freedom Now! Elise began her career in the financial services industry in , after graduating Cum Laude from St. Elise has built a reputation based on professional integrity and the highest level of personal service.

When not volunteering with local non-profits, you can catch Elise getting her Zen on at a hot yoga class or spending time with her adorable pooch, Henry. Besides her many television appearances, Debi is best known for being an explosively funny comedian who takes her audiences on a high-energy, heart-warming roller coaster ride through the perils and delights of life, relationships and marriage. Peppered throughout her act are powerfully candid moments that seem to reach into the lives of everyone in the room — tugging at their heart strings, nearly bringing them to tears.

She currently resides in central California with her husband Steve and step-son Charles. With boyfriend in-tow, she relocated to San Francisco to attend art school—or more accurately, a number of art schools—and continue to foster her creative career. Since returning, Suzanne has focused her time and experience on projects that make a positive difference for business and in the community.

She opens up about the toughest year of her life so far and shares the lessons learned on the pathway to healing her broken heart. Lindsay has led the organization since February , spearheading efforts to help working families thrive. The work focuses on the intersecting and comprehensive supports and services in the areas of financial stability, education, and health. After returning to Fresno in , she started a successful local intermediary organization called the Central Valley Afterschool Foundation that continues to thrive today.

A passionate advocate for children, youth, and families, Lindsay commits her spare time to promoting the Fresno community. She is a past president of the Junior League of Fresno and also sits on the board of directors for several local organizations. I try to travel as much as humanly possible, and one of my wedding vows because this is just so me is that I vowed to plan the absolute most amazing trips of our lives without my husband having to lift a finger.

Sounds selfless right? But how does all of this relate to my journey with Ladies Leading Ladies? How does this set me up to help you and your teams in your leadership journey? She has worked in victim advocacy, workforce development, social services, economic development, and philanthropy. She brings this breadth of experience and passion to her everyday challenge of helping women find their voices and lead both professionally and personally.

She excels in guiding her clients through the often confusing maze of financial and legal decisions to create plans that ensure the well-being of their families and the accomplishment of cherished family goals. Her considerable legal expertise includes family protection, wealth preservation, and values-based planning, as well as planning strategies for unmarried couples and divorced individuals.

Whether you are married or single, with a traditional family or blended one, just starting out or looking back on a life well-lived, Heather will help you to craft a plan that achieves your goals for your loved ones today and for years to come. She also served a term as Production Editor of the Law Review. Heather was honored to receive the Leon S. Peters Leadership Award, Woman Lawyer Scholarship, and recognition for superior academic excellence in two legal research and writing courses.

During law school, Heather worked as a Certified Law Clerk for two years for the Tulare County District Attorney as well as provided one year of litigation support of a Petition for Habeas Corpus for a federal post-conviction challenge to a death sentence. Having worked as in-house legal counsel for a non-profit for four years, Heather is experienced in all aspects of advising small businesses. A frequently requested lecturer for private groups on a variety of topics including family wealth planning, wealth preservation, and asset protection of inheritances, Heather enjoys educating her community.

Heather has chosen to concentrate on the Trusts and Estates area because she is passionate about helping families create happy and secure futures. I grew up the youngest of four children in the then-small town of Citrus Heights near Sacramento. At sixteen, I entered the University of California at Berkeley. I started out taking engineering courses, but signed up for anatomy for fun.

I took the first step and majored in molecular and cellular biology. I then decided to go into medicine, because I desired interaction with people and not just the science I learned in the laboratory. I graduated with honors from Berkeley and went to medical school at the University of Southern California. I soon met a physician by the name of Alexandra Levine; a world recognized hematologist and specialist in HIV lymphoma. I even got the opportunity to work alongside of the physician who had cared for me when I was young.

I found the mentorship new doctors received comforting, the camaraderie commendable, and the medicine practiced outstanding. At Kaiser Permanente Fresno I felt at home with both the staff and the city. My practice is based on two-way communication. I believe the patient knows when something is wrong and I listen to that closely. I am much like a guidance counselor who will make treatment recommendations based on the clinical trial data, but encourage patients to tell me where their views differ from mine.

I treat all my patients as though they were my family, because I remember what it feels like to be a patient. Her mother fostered her creative side by teaching her the basic skills of painting, drawing, knitting, and sewing. Erin meticulously envisions interiors with a fashion forward aesthetic.

She challenges the idea of what is standard, and pushes the boundary of beauty with her uniquely designed interiors. In Erin decided to move home to Fresno and open her own residential design firm. Her business grew by word-of-mouth and she quickly became a sought-after home designer.

Today, Erin leads a collaborative design firm, EMID Design Group, specializing in healthcare, hospitality, and residential interior design. Seeing the world through an artistic lens has allowed Erin to experiment in a number of different styles.

Everything she does with a space is deliberate. Every piece has a purpose and has been thought about, from color, to position, to scale in order to create the most unique and personal spaces for her clients. She is a top Personal Trainer for the Central Valley, motivational speaker and worksite wellness coach who specializes in health and fitness programs for business.

She motivates and gives inspiration to everyone who wants to gain a higher level of health and fitness. Practicing in the Central Valley for nearly 10 years, Dr. He earned his medical degree from St. During his free time, Dr. Grossman enjoys spending time with his children, going to the gym, trips to the ocean, scuba diving, cars and mountaineering. He once summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Felicia Haecker is proud to be a female veteran who served in the U. Air Force for over 12 years and deployed three times in support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In both her consulting and CEO roles, Dr. Haecker teaches women how to not only identify their passions and life ambitions, but to gain clarity behind their intent, and craft strategies to reach their intended goals.

Haecker believes that by empowering women, she is helping them take the necessary steps to live the lives they have envisioned and deserve. Haecker has been featured in print and broadcast media including Good Day Sacramento, Fox 40, in Excelsior Life Magazine, Behind the Uniform podcast and Badassery Magazine as an upcoming leader to watch.

In each appearance, she shares her expertise on handling life transitions, reaching goals, and a variety of issues that impact the veteran community. Haecker holds an Ed. During the hostilities, non-governmental organizations asked for technical support from the scientific community in the project to gather the experiences of witnesses and victims in databases. From to Dr. Martus: Software for Human Rights Groups. We then broadened our investigations to examine If you self-subscribe to our list, we will never share your contact information.

We will never subscribe anyone who does not explicitly agree to a subscription. Over the course of a year, we mail quarterly letters and fundraising letters, as well as one or two updates as events demand. If, during the course of a fundraising campaign, you make a donation, we will do our best to remove you from the remainder of fundraising mailings that year.

We may use your contact information to invite you to Since then, we've published a blogpost about it and fielded a few recurring questions. Here they are, along with our responses. Do your findings still apply given that PredPol uses crime reports rather than arrests as training data? Because this article was meant for an audience that is not necessarily well-versed in criminal justice data and we were under a strict word limit, we simplified language in describing the data.

Revisiting the analysis of event size bias in the Iraq Body Count This post is co-authored by Patrick Ball and Megan Price In a recent article in the SAIS Review of International Affairs, we wrote about "event size bias," the problem that events of different sizes have different probabilities of being reported. In this case, the size of an event is defined by the number of reported victims. Our concern is that not all violent in this case homicide events are recorded, that is, some events will have zero sources.

Our theory is that events with fewer victims will receive less coverage than events with more victims, and that a higher proportion of small events will have zero sources relative to large events. Also, please feel free to pass on this link to great people.

Job Title. Technical lead with a hacker's heart Location. You need to be on-site with us. What we do. Our work helps bring dictators to justice through data analysis of human rights atrocities around the world. Over more than 20 years, our small team has developed technology and statistical techniques to take disjoint, incomplete, and inaccurate information from conflict zones and process it to identify Over the last year, HRDAG has deepened the national conversation about homicides by police, predictive policing software, and the role that bail plays in the criminal justice system.

Our studies describe how the racial bias inherent in police practice becomes data input to predictive policing tools. In another project, we are shining light on the iniquities of bail decisions. TEAM Click each team member's photo for full bio. Here's the team on Twitter.


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